The title of this article sounds like a shameless attempt at fear-mongering along with fire and brimstone preaching. Except, the headlines around the world, just days before the next blood moon, have the same ominous tone. How uncanny.

Take a look:


12 children have mystery illness in


CNN) — Another child in Colorado has been hospitalized with partial paralysis.

Doctors don’t know what is causing the mysterious neurological illness. They have identified 11 other children at the hospital with similar symptoms: limb weakness, cranial nerve dysfunction and abnormalities in the spinal gray matter. Four children in Boston also match the criteria for this illness, doctors say.

The mother of one of the Colorado children described the family’s “scary experience” at a telebriefing on Friday.

It started with a cough. Then the girl became lethargic and her fever rose.

Her mom took her to the doctor, but the girl’s blood work looked fine. Doctors sent her home to rest.

The next day, the girl complained of weakness in her arm.

“I thought that she was being dramatic and faking it,” her mom said, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

But over Labor Day weekend, the muscle weakness got worse. “She kept dropping her corn on the cob.” Almost two weeks after the illness started, the girl was admitted to the hospital.

Some of the children in Colorado and Boston have tested positive for enterovirus D68, a virus that has been sending children around the country to the hospital with severe respiratory illness.

99 in Uganda in isolation after

Marburg virus death

Kampala, Uganda — (CNN) — Three days after a fatal case of Marburg hemorrhagic fever was diagnosed in Uganda, 99 people are under isolation in four different locations across the East African country, as field epidemiologists and surveillance officers continue to closely monitor all people who got into contact with only victim.

More than 60 health workers form the bulk of people under isolation after they were identified as having contact with a 30-year old male health worker who died September 28 of Marburg — an Ebola-like hemorrhagic fever.

Asia sees spike in dengue fever


Hong Kong (CNN) — Southern China is suffering from its worst outbreak of dengue fever in two decades, with 1,000 new cases of the potentially fatal mosquito-borne disease emerging each day, according to official media reports.

Local health authorities in China warned the situation was “severe,” with six deaths and 21,527 infections recorded in Guangdong province in southern China by Sunday.

Spain ramps up Ebola response;

Norwegian tests positive in Sierra


Madrid (CNN) — Four more potential cases of Ebola were under observation Tuesday in Spain, health authorities said Tuesday, a day after a nurse’s assistant became the first person known to have contracted the deadly virus outside Africa in the current outbreak.

6.2-magnitude quake strikes off coast

of Mexico

(CNN) — A 6.2-magnitude quake struck Tuesday northeast of San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

The earthquake was about 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) deep.

The epicenter of the quake was off shore, between the Baja California peninsula and mainland Mexico.

Ex-Headmaster Charged With Child Porn

(DAILY BEAST) Christopher Wheeler, ex-headmaster at Tower Hill School, an elite Delaware prep school, has been charged with 25 counts of dealing in child pornography and faces at least 50 years in prison if convicted on all counts. The 54-year-old is on trial before Superior Court Judge Eric Davis, whom he has elected to decide his face. The case began after a Pennsylvania man and his younger brother made child sexual abuse allegations against Wheeler. Prompted by the allegations, Delaware investigators searched Wheeler’s home and office and found some 2,000 images of child pornography, according to police. Wheeler was paid more than $300,000 a year at Tower Hill, where tuition exceeds $25,000 a year, and which was founded by members of the du Pont family. He has remained in custody since his arrest last fall, unable to post $1.5 million cash bail. 

Ebola Contracted in Madrid Hospital Could Spread in Europe

(DAILY BEAST)Spanish nurse treating Ebola patients in one of Madrid’s best hospitals came down with the disease – and exhibited symptoms for days before seeking treatment.

Synagogues ‘hire armed guards’ as anti-Semitic mood grasps Germany

A surge of anti-Semitism in Europe, sparked by Israel’s 50-day war in Gaza, has forced synagogues across Germany to place armed guards at its doorsteps…

Anti-Semitism spike in Germany raising old fears

(CBSNEWS) FRANKFURT – Armed guards have been posted at synagogues throughout Germany for the start of Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. Anti-Semitism is once again on the rise in Europe, especially in Germany.

(UPDATE) And today, the day following the blood moon, the US stock market plunged 300 points.


Back in the middle ages, right after the Zohar was discovered and revealed publicly to Moses de Leon for the first time in ten centuries, there was a coordinated attempt to slander the Kabbalists including Moses de Leon and even Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. How? Those who were in a position of religious power claimed the Zohar was a fraud. The religious establishment and scholars claimed the Zohar was a forgery. People said Moses de Leon was making up the Zohar himself to capitalize on the popularity of Kabbalah so that he can make himself a fortune of money. They said it wasn’t authentic Kabbalah.

By engaging in this unconscionable act, they were denying Rabbi Shimon his blessings and Light and slandering Moses de Leon in the process.


The Zohar was revealed in the middle ages because there was an opening in the cosmos, a potential date for redemption and THIS is why Rashi, the great Kabbalist of the 11th century, authorized the search for the Zohar and its eventual discovery. The Zohar and the book called Bahir were then taken to Spain and France so they could be copied and circulated throughout the world. The reason was to spread this Light of Kabbalah so that we could bring our final redemption.

But as we just learned, there were opponents.

And they won.

They convinced people that the Zohar was a forged document and a dangerous one, at that.

Kabbalah never grew into the blazing candle of divine Light that it was meant to be for all nations of the world.

Now follow this next event carefully: Right after the anti-Kabbalists convinced the world to stop spreading Zohar, the Black Plague came and wiped out almost the entire world.

It was a major attack on the immune system of humankind.

The power of Third Meal on Shabbat was available at that time. As Rav Berg has told us for decades, the great power of Third Meal is the bolstering and balancing of our immune system. This includes our personal immune system along with the global immune system, including the ozone layer.

But the world never found out about this power because the Kabbalists were ridiculed. Kabbalah was kept from the masses. It was scorned and the people of this world were left in the dark.

The entire Black Plague was then blamed upon the Jews. During the Middle Ages countless people were subsequently slaughtered.

In our generation, Rav Berg spoke about anti-Semitism and the power of Third Meal and Kabbalah water and the Zohar as the way to prevent Armageddon, which the Rav said would be another attack on the immune system of humanity. The same kind of attack as the Black Plague.

History is repeating itself.

Our haywire weather system is a result of the weakened environmental immune system.

Marburg, Dengue fever, Ebola, Cancer, and this new respiratory virus attacking children are the manifestation of the attack against the immune system of humankind.


When we gossip about others, when we engage in evil speech—whether we are doing it to our friends or Republicans are speaking ill of Democrats or vice versa, or atheists are slamming religious zealots or religious fanatics are slandering non-believers—all of this weakens our collective immune system.

And the whole time—even right now—the Adversary (Satan, the dark, negative side of human consciousness) has but one job: make us doubt. Make us cynical. Make us wait for the CDC or the Government or the Military to save us from our ills.

Fat chance.

It’s up to us. You. Me. And every person on this planet. We must put value on the human soul and raise the dignity of each person and realize that negative speech damages a soul. The only reason we don’t care about talking trash about others is because we have lost respect and dignity for our own soul. If we truly felt the power of our own soul and true self, we could never speak bad about another person. So doubt in God, or in spiritual laws or in the existence of the human soul, is merely a convenient scapegoat giving us permission to continue in our negative ways. Blind religiosity is also an excuse to wage a war of negative words and bloodshed against others. Remember, spilling blood can occur from a bullet, a knife, or from our words when the blood rushes to someone’s face out of humiliation. The latter is even more damaging as it wounds the soul.

We felt the unity for about two weeks after the tragedy of 9/11. Then we lost it.

The next punch will be harder. Look around. Look at the headlines above. We always taste the desire for unity when tragedy strikes. Why should it take a tragedy?

If we can proactively change our ways, lose our stupid ego and start trying to inject a bit of kindness and respect and openness towards those who are opposite of us, we can create an opposite outcome to the darkness that is quickly consuming our world.

It is up to us to spread the Zohar, boost our personal immune system at Third Meal of Shabbat, and help as many people as we can to receive the same protection.


There is a difference between our generation and the ones that suffered during the middle ages. There is a difference between our generation and the ones that suffered 2000 years ago, when Rabbi Akiva, Rabbi Shimon and Jesus (Rabbi Yehoshua) tried to accomplish the same thing by bringing the truth of Kabbalah to the pagans and Israelites and all the world.

What’s the difference?

Today, we have a woman to lead us.

The great Kabbalist, Rav Isaac Luria, said that a woman will be the one who ignites the redemption.

Each night, the sun must set in order for the moon to shine.

When the sun blazes creating daylight, the moon cannot be seen.

The Rav (a Leo, the sign of the sun) has temporarily set so that the moon, Karen, can now shine in full splendor.

Our unity and support of Karen is how we can bring the redemption before viruses attacking our immune system bring us to our knees.

Treating others with kindness—especially when they don’t deserve it—sharing the Zohar and studying it, and using the power of the Third Meal with deep appreciation, is how we can achieve the Rav and Karen’s dream of ending pain, suffering and death.

We need to take it to the next level.

It’s time.

It has always been the time.

There was always a window of opportunity that opened throughout history.

We just never seized the moment.

Now we will.

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Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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