The Mission

It’s time the truth came out:  About Kabbalah. About the Kabbalah Centre. About our teachers. About the Zohar. From myself. From students. Truth about the controversy surrounding Kabbalah that has existed since the time of  Rabbi Akiva. Rav Shimon bar Yohai. And Jesus. Truths about the life enhancing benefits of Kabbalah and the Centre, that can only be truly found in the experiences of students from around the world.

The goal of this site to build a movement.


A movement of the real life stories; honest encounters of people who in the last 40 years have studied, have grown, have shared, have volunteered, have made friends, have become wiser; people who have seen miracles, have felt pain, have become better humans, better fathers and mothers, better sons and daughters, better lovers and friends, better husbands and wives, better bosses and employees, and better citizens of their communities and the world.

It is time to share the truth with your help.

The truth about the Kabbalah Centre, the truth about Rav Berg and Karen Berg, and Yehuda Berg, and Michael Berg, and truth about the incredible teachers and the communities of this unique and hard to imagine magical place.

The Rav (Kabbalist Rav Berg) used to say that when it comes to all things good, people have a tendency to say, “It’s too good to be true.”  The Rav then explained, “And with those words we make it so.”

The teachings are designed to help us awaken a profound universal truth. Nothing is too good to be true. We just need to elevate our consciousness, raise our awareness, diminish our self-centerdness and become more tolerant of others. Then anything good becomes possible.

So visit this site often and discover all that is possible. Read about the stories that reveal the good and the true. Comment on the articles. Share the articles. Register for the blog. And get others to join up. Because Moses, Rav Shimon bar Yochai, Rav Isaac Luria and Jesus began the work of bringing goodness and Light and the removal of darkness and death, but did not finish it.

Know why?

It’s up the people to do the work. It’s always been up to the people. Our parents taught us to ride a bike when we were kids by eventually letting go of the bike. They could not ride the bike for us. Likewise, our teachers cannot do the work of transformation for us. It’s time we rode this bike on the path to freedom and transformation on our own.

This blog is designed to play a major role in doing what the people were always meant to do: Share the wisdom. Change ourselves. And end chaos, darkness and suffering once and for all.

Be forewarned: The Zohar says there will always be those opposed to the teaching of Kabbalah.  There is nothing new under the sun. But the truth is transparent and is in the experiences of many, not in the lies of a few.

Please feel free to read and listen to what the many have to say. Then decide for yourself.  And if something inside you is moved, share it with others. Let’s not keep the truth to ourselves.

And in the very words of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai as he sat with his colleagues in a small cave known as the Idra Raba, words that inspired the Knights Templars themselves, let me say: “Gather your swords, lances and shields!”

He was referring to the Zohar, the Names of God and  the tools of Kabbalah. These potent weapons of Light are to be used against one enemy. The ego within.

And that is what will bring about the end of all darkness.

Thank you for visiting this site and for your open mind and heart. We welcome you.

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