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I never talk about politics. Ever. Politics does not lie within the domain of Kabbalistic wisdom. But all of this Trump madness and rabid behavior in response to all things Trump provides a profound opportunity to share some world-changing, life-changing practical wisdom. What I will share applies not only to Trump but also to your co-workers, or boss, or employees, or friends, or partner in a marriage and everyone else in your life that triggers a reactive response from you. A reactive response includes anger, envy, resentment, judgement, intense disagreement, a difference of opinion that you just can’t let go of, and the like.

Are you ready? This is going to hurt. But you do not have to accept what I share. And it’s not my opinion, either. It’s the age old wisdom of the Kabbalists. But I can tell you that when I’ve had the courage to live this bit of wisdom at various points over the last 30 years, it worked. Miraculously.

Okay, here we go:

Without getting into the exact numbers, about half the country is passionately for Trump, while the other half is intensely against Trump. For the most part, there is no middle ground. So what is going on here and how can we relate this to our personal lives?

Why is Trump polarizing the world into two extreme sides?

Allow me to quote the Kabbalists, specifically the Kabbalist known as the Master of the Good Name (Baal Shem Tov in Hebrew). He lived about two and half centuries ago and he is a revered figure and the source of profound wisdom and life lessons.

This great Kabbalist said, and I paraphrase:


“Whatever you see wrong in others, WHAT EVER IT IS, make no mistake—none whatsoever—that the negative trait and insolent behavior that you are witnessing is ALSO inside of you and THAT is why it angers you so much. Further, there is NO POSSIBLE WAY that this other person will be able to change until you first begin to search deep within yourself and find that trait inside of you, however it may be disguised. And as you uproot that trait in yourself, and you begin to mend your ways, then the other person who angered you in the first place will change in equal measure.”



All the Kabbalists throughout history, and of course the ancient Zohar, tell us that we must live our lives as if the entire world was created just for us. Do you know why? Because it’s true. This is not a nice metaphor or some noble, idealistic way to interpret life. No. There are an untold number of parallel universes running seamlessly at this very moment, and we are responsible and accountable for the one we find ourselves in. Each of us has come into this world to transform ourselves using this world as a mirror of our inner selves. This is not spirituality. This is life. This is reality. This is the way it is, whether we are ready to accept it or not—according to the ancient Zohar.

Do you know what this means? Sit down. Take a big breath. Let go of all anger. Here it is:


Often, we are compelled to judge someone else—in this case Trump. Guess what? The people who have committed the same sort of negative behavior (in large or small measure) or spoken the same sort of negative words at some point, they are the ones who become the angriest and most judgmental when they see it in Trump. Period. If we start making excuses, it’s the negative force that Kabbalah calls the Opponent that is blinding us, no matter how correct or genuinely righteous our points of view and opinions are.

In other words, If Trump spoke like a pig, it means I spoke like a pig at some point in my life. Or someone close to me, like my own partner, spoke like that and I never dealt with it. Either way, I need to accept that and fix it, however it is manifesting in my own life. Oftentimes, just accepting this point is 90% of the karmic correction. Read that last point again. It’s deeply profound and significant.

It’s the same with those people who judge Hillary or Putin or Obama or Netanyahu or their boss, neighbor, business competitor or that irresponsible creep who just cut you off on the highway and laughed about it as you honked your horn at him or her.

They are all a mirror of ourselves. Of me. Period.

Trump is you.

Trump is me.

If something is gnawing at you, driving you nuts, it means the universe is holding up a mirror. Likewise, if the media attacks Trump, beyond the honest questioning of a President, it means that particular news anchor or pundit or reporter possesses the same negative trait that they see in Trump.  If they lose their impartiality because of what they cannot stand in Trump or what he stands for, and this anger has compelled them to cross the line of journalistic integrity, they have the same troubling traits in their own characteter make up.

And if they, or me, are absolutely blind to the bias, it means the trait is of an extreme nature.

Now follow closely: I have no right to call out a specific news reporter. Why? Because when I see a reporter or news anchor cross the line in their judgment towards Trump, only searching for and focusing on the bad in a situation, then it means I HAVE THAT SAME TRAIT IN ME. It means I am doing the exact same thing, in some way, somewhere in my own life. Now, if I can accept that easily, without pain, without huffing and puffing, without guilt or denial, and I actually feel good about this opportunity, chances are that trait is already under control. Either way, I still have to look for it and improve myself in all of my day-to-day relationships.


A true “spiritual” person can find the good in everyone. This is why two people can hear two different tones and messages from a single Trump speech. My teacher, the esteemed Kabbalist Rav Berg, told me personally on many occasions:  People truly hear what they NEED to hear from someone who is talking or sharing a message, because it’s for their own particular tikun (a karmic opportunity to make a correction). He said that two people will therefore hear two different things from the same person. The Rav said he was not referring to two different interpretations. No. Two people will hear two totally different words, sentences and tones necessary for their own karmic correction. Therefore, we have to become accountable for what we see and hear with our eyes and ears if we want to change the world.

The Kabbalists say we would never react to something if what we were seeing was not inside of us. We just wouldn’t. That’s why emotion-laced denial is a total giveaway. If someone is angrily defending a criticism, it means it’s true. A person who has genuinely repaired a character flaw will accept unjust criticism of that repaired flaw by saying in total earnest, “Okay, thank you for sharing that. I”ll work on it.” It will not incite anger. Or guilt.

They will accept it easily. That’s the trick. That’s the secret of knowing what is inside a person. If they react, it means the criticism is true. If they can accept it easily and it does not bother them one iota, it’s fixed.


In other words, if we are reacting, if we cannot let go and embrace an opposite view and find a neutral state of consciousness regarding a Donald Trump, if whatever we are seeing is wrong— truly wrong—and it’s making us freaking crazy, it means we have it. We own it. We possess it. If all kinds of wild, angry, intellectual counter-arguments start running off in your head, that is further proof. This is the view of the Kabbalists, not me. And do not believe it. Try it. See if living this way changes the world around you.

Now, suppose we are seeing the good in a person, and someone else beside us is perceiving the negativity from that same person or situation. Why do we see something positive while the other person only sees negative? It means the negativity of this situation is no longer in our own character and karmic destiny. It means we already corrected it. THIS is why two people can perceive two different messages and tones and modes of behavior from Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton or the pundit on CNN or Fox News. Reread that last paragraph again. It’s powerful.

Please remember: it is so freaking easy to protest and blame someone else or some situation for what is wrong. It’s much harder to search inside when we see any type of ugliness in the world around us.

Does that mean we do nothing? We never take any action outside ourselves to improve a situation?

No. Of course not.

It  means we look within first, find our negative character flaw first, and then we can work on the outside without anger, without judgment, without reactivity, to fix what is broken on the external level. Just know, that when we fix it on the outside, that was just an effect of what we have already fixed on the inside.

If you are unsure of any of these points, feel free to submit questions below and I will do my best to answer.

And please share this article. The madness has gone on long enough and the disunity only creates a space for the darkness and negative forces to enter.

The world is going off the rails because of the disunity, NOT because of who is right or wrong.

Better we are wrong and unified than right and dis-unified.

As Rav Berg taught me, the NAZIS were able to destroy so much good because they had unity. Unified evil will always defeat good if there is some measure of disunity on the side of good. The negative force in this world that was created to test us and give us free will, its sole mission is to divide and conquer. Its sole mission is to incite the human ego so that we absolutely do not recognize its existence in our own character.

It is our ego that creates conflict between the truth and itself. If we accept responsibility for what we see, if we resist the urge to judge and realize it’s all about me, then there is no more space left for the darkness to enter.

And the final point, when we see the negative in others, we strengthen it within them. So our judgments become self-fulfilling prophecies. If we see the good and we look for it, we strengthen that goodness within the person.

Think about that next time Trump is on the news.

Easy to write about, but hard to live by.

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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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54 Responses

  1. BJ says:

    Bravo! What I feel/believe! Ditto!

  2. Jorge says:

    I understand what you are saying, but do you then mean that all of Trump supporters that only hear good things from him, even as he is clearly lying, don’t have that tikkun or have somehow overcome lying, cheating, etc?

    • Its not our business what other people’s tikun and karma is. The same way i said in the article that i would not call out the name of a news reporter to make a point about biased media because if I see something wrong, then its my own bias i need to work on. Same applies to Trump supporters. And the moment you said Trump is cheating and lying you are judging and thus you miss the entire point. We absolutely cannot do that. I can only focus on my own lying and cheating, and make no mistake, it can be super subtle. You could be cheating yourself. You could be lying to yourself. Some maniac out in the world who is spilling the blood of another person via murder can be caused by people shaming other people and causing the blood to rush to their faces. Perhaps it takes 50 people to embarrass other people to the point of humiliation causing the blood to spill into their faces and those 50 people become the cause and the tipping point for that maniac who now commits murder. It’s all connected. Everything. We can never make all the calculations. The cosmic computer does that. Finally, Trump supporters who choose to see the good in Trump still might see those moments such as when he might have lied or when he talks crudely about women. It’s not that they don’t see it. Perhaps they choose to not judge him about it and look at the good instead. So in this case, they have corrected their judgment, but not necessarily telling lies or cheating. Know what I mean? What could be happening is that they are more concerned with shaking up the political system and they realize that NO ONE ON EARTH is without the same “sins” and negative actions. So they know not to judge Trump over those same rude and cruel behavior that we all engage in to one degree or another and so instead, because the whole system corrupt, they focus on Trumps positive traits instead of his negative traits because his positive traits can shake things up. Maybe the net effect of his actions wind up improving our country. Maybe. And perhaps the Light of the Zohar is shining so bright in our world (as the Kabbalists tell us it will at the End of Days) that we are merely seeing in public the crude behaviors that all people still possess and all previous Presidents might have possessed, but it was all swept under the carpet for decades and centuries. And now it’s coming out in the open as a reflection of our own behavior. Perhaps we should not judge because this might be the way that the Divine Energy Force that the Kabbalists call “The Light” is operating in order to effect genuine change in the government as a result of the positive changes taking place among the individual people in our world. Maybe now the Light of Zohar is showing us what was there all the time and Trump is merely the channel and reflection of that. One thing for sure, his presence is shaking up all people, all over the world, and the Light’s intention is for us to wake up and take control and change ourselves and stop judging and look only at the good where he CAN perhaps make changes in the government, despite being negative in other parts of his life (like all of us), whereas the Dark Force’s intention is to divide us by focusing only on the negatives, ignoring all the positives and seeing only the darkness. It’s an absolutely stunning way to grasp life and this world in my opinion. This is why i have spent 30 years learning and living this wisdom. It hurts like hell. But the blessings are eternal and it only hurts my ego. 🙂

    • Jorge says:

      Wow thanks for the detailed response! Yes, I see what you mean. My question now is, what is the difference between looking at the facts (for example a proven lie he told), and judging? Can it be done? Because orherwise it feels like trying to ignore reality- an actual fact, to try and see something different, it feels like it would be biased. Lastly, with respect to his supporters who choose to see the good and therefore may have overcome judgement in this case- some of them harshly judged Hillary (some still do) for months, and now only see the good in Trump. Have they truly overcome judgement or does this fit better with their view, or perhaps as long as they were right he can do no wrong? I realize I am still judging, I just couldn’t do that myself, so trying to figure out a way to change without being hypocritical

    • I cannot speak about people’s personal karma and tikun. I have no clue. the point is to just worry about our own tikun and constantly resist the temptation to judge harshly, reactively, and angrily. We just need to be able to see both sides. We do not have to be perfect. We merely have to strive to be balanced. Trying/striving is 90% of the battle.

  3. Ramón Oropeza says:

    Is it possible to have this whole article shared in Spanish, I would love to share it and communicate it with the correct idea and sintaxis of the topic. to some of my hispanic friends

  4. Hi Billy Phillips, Is the Kabbalistic view then, that yes, you can take action to defeat what you see as wrong doing toward people as long as you aren’t reactive, for example the French Resistance against the Nazi occupation in France took covert military action against the Nazis. So, if they were working on themselves, was their violence spiritually acceptable? How do we know if our work to fix our inner reactivity produces objectively truthful results? Do we make our inner peace and proactively commit acts of violence? I seriously wish to hear your thoughts on these questions. Thanks!

    • Of course we can defend ourselves from an enemy and save lives. But at the same time, if we want to prevent this type of darkness from happening again, we must also ask ourselves, why did I find myself in this situation to begin with? And what did I do to contribute to the darkness that rose up in this world? We also have no right to judge the situation if we are looking at as observers. We have no clue what the karma and tikun is between two people who are caught in a situation of violence. Again, there are near infinite calculations that have to be made and so we are here TO ONLY calculate and judge our own situation, not the situations of others in a war, in a gang, in a divorce, in a crime or any other situation.

  5. Jenni says:

    Totally get it, thank you for sharing. Now lets talk about the additional issues; specifically the legislation that is being instilled currently. Please give us wisdom on how to protect our unalienable rights. Please go deeper. Thanks!

    • As i said in the article, I never talk about politics so Kabbalah has nothing to say about legislation or policies. Those are the effects of our collective behavior. Decisions that happen in the government, as well as earthquakes, storms, disease, viruses, famines, these are all the effects of how we treat one another. Period. We can laugh, we can deny, we can blame it on Mother Nature. Human consciousness, according to the Zohar is the driver of all the processes and cause of all effects that unfold on earth. If bad legislation gets passed, change yourself. Change what? No clue. I am not here to change you. I am here to change me. Its up to you to figure out what is bothering you about the world and then look inward. Share more. Scan and meditate upon the Zohar more. Resist the desire to judge. Take responsibility and then, move forward into the physical world and fight the legislation with your new consciousness. You give up ALL OF YOUR unalienable rights the moment you hand over control to the external world around you. We have mind over matter right now. But we believe that matter and the external world are more powerful. Guess what happens? Our innate power of mind over matter now creates a reality where matter IS more powerful. We hand over the power to matter because we believed matter was more powerful. Why do we believe this? The ego. The dark force called the Opponent. He has control over the airwaves of the mind. Our work in this world is to resist those loud, angry, pessimists thoughts and fears and anxieties and by doing so, we reclaim our control and our unalienable rights as children of the Divine Light. That Opponent makes us skeptical and then our power of mind over matter turns our doubts and disbelief into a self-fulfilling prophecy. Any doubts you have about the wisdom shared here is caused by the Opponent. And that’s scary because you believe this wisdom will not and does not work, it won’t, because you will shut it off with your consciousness and the power of mind over matter. Consciousness is a powerful phenomenon and it comes with a great responsibility and high cost. Use it wrong and your world is full of chaos. Hope this helps.

  6. Most of the uproar Billy is caused by victim mentality. If we see ourselves as the victims then we are prone to rebel against what see see as the the violator. Some one who is powerful and wealthy will “push our victimhood buttons” so yes, you are correct – that’s on us, not the leader.

  7. Rose says:

    Hi dear Philips
    I live in Iran , we have this experience around 40 years in our country . for the first time people didn’t judge the mad leaders . the leaders in Iran created chaos only chaos and ruined all things . how can we accept people auch as Trump and Khamenei they play with people destiny . they creat war and war and war we don’t like war . we don’t like live with fear but we can’t not do anything because if people say something against the lose their lives . Iranian people if have hate of of the dictator it dosent mean they are like khamenei or Trump . Iranian people are victim not for their tikkun because they live in the land of oil

    • Again, as i said in the article, it is our personal interactions with one another that determine what leaders we get. Leaders are not the cause, they are the effect. We are not victims. Now, if you want to go a bit deeper, and understand wy there is chaos in our world, be it the Muslims world, Christian world or the land of Israel and for Israelites around the world, watch this video. It seems simple but there are profound and powerful truths in this. If you really understand it, you will see its also very provocative. Let me know if you have questions after watching this.

  8. Xio says:

    One of my kabbalah friends, who is a strong Trump’s supporter stated that you are personal friends to Trump. Is that accurate?

    • Not at all. I met him once. He came to my house to pick up Tiffany one Saturday night. We chatted for a bit. I am friends with Marla Maples so that is why Tiffany was at my house, hanging out with my youngest daughter. I also spent some time with Bill Clinton on two occasions, both involving Kabbalah projects. 🙂 So I had a “connection” to both candidates.

    • Josh says:

      Hi Billy, this is sooooo cool you are writing about Trump and the USA election. It’s just utter craziness. I live in New Zealand and everything I hear and see on the news, radio, is all about Trump. Is the world mad? People are protesting here. I never expected this kind of response. I am happy to see new faces getting involved in the political issues (law and order, housing, prosperity, peace) hopefully working for the betterment of our world. Awesome to read that you have a personal connection to both candidates. Bring on the messiah.

  9. This is how I have lived my life for many, many years and also learned from Kabbalah. Makes so much sense and is so very worthwhile to learn. Thank you for the great explanation. 🙂

  10. Maru Altamar says:

    Excellent words and no better timing. For the people who were interested in translating this article to spanish I already did it.. Please let me know if you would like to post it here or is better to send it to an email addres

  11. Magdalena says:

    So, Nancy DeVos is just about to be confirmed as a secretary of education. I totally disagree with this decision. I think she is the least qualified candidate for this job. It scares me that the person like that could be in charge of my daughter’s education. I’m also absolutely aware, I’m not qualified for it either. It does align with what you wrote, but I’m not going to sit around and do nothing when someone so scary is supposed to be sworn it.
    I will make phone calls to senators. I will write letters to them. I will do my part to stop that from happening and I would feel horrible if I didn’t do that.
    I won’t sit back and try to work on my inner self when my child’s future is shaky. Are you telling me that by working on my inner feelings toward unqualified candidate I will make a difference in my daughter’s future? Is that what you are telling me?

    • Kabbalist Rav Berg told me about 25 years ago during a quiet lunch in New York. He said you can give your kids the best education in the world, as a parent you can read and master all of the best parenting books on the planet, after all is said and done, you have given your child only 1%. The 99% is the Light. The Rav said to me that i must always make sure to plug my kids into the Light and then they get everything, blessings beyond imagination. Now, when you, as a parent, change, grow, transform, all by diminishing ego in all of its manifestations like judgment and anger, you have a spiritual umbilical cord that is unbreakable and the Light you generate in your life flows to your kids. That cord is there forever. Does that mean you do not try to give your kids the best physical education? Of course not. We live in this world and we must be in BOTH places at the same time. But the Rav was telling me, make the Light and protection and blessings and true life wisdom the priority by making the 99% priority. If you call a senator out of anger, out of desperation and any reactive emotion, believing that Nancy DeVos or anyuone else is going to guarantee your child a perfect education, you are reacting and thus disconnecting. If you focus on your inner reflection, growth, change, sharing, for the sake of your child, and you use the tools of Zohar etc. and then you call the senator meditating to share Light with DeVos and the Senator, while at the same time trying to make things better on the 1%, that is how you effect true change. Hope this makes sense.

  12. Tziporah says:

    Great article, Billy. I think it was much needed! I also think that everyone worked up about the election just needs to take a nice deep breath and calm down.

  13. Linda Dunson says:

    Wow Thank you so much for the detailed explanation I really needed that, especially as a new student of Kabbalah 🙏🏼

  14. After studying Kaballah 4 years. I became aware that my silent or spoken criticsm of
    peoples faults were also my faults. This I felt emotionally, not theoretically or intellectually.

    Also, I experienced a “merger” of me and a stranger in a depth beyond 5 senses. We became one. I feel it means humanity is one soul divided. How I love or treat another is how I love treat myself.

  15. Rodolfo Vallarta says:

    Hi Billy!!!, I totally agree with your article, even this also applies to the same Trump and his team. So how can we actively help them succeed so that they shine in the dark?

    • By fixing in ourselves whatever we do not like about the him. Or anyone one. If we light a candle inside ourselves (which happens EACH TIME we diminish our ego and resist judging) then our “candle light inside of us” shines into the world. The more candles, the more Light that diminishes the darkness.

  16. Alex says:

    Since we all get what we deserve from our own evils. If trump has lots of evil within him wouldn’t that be the best exclamation for the negativity towards him?

    • Who says he has lots of evil in him? That is a judgment we do not want to make or else our consciousness strengthens those traits in the people we judge. If instead of saying that you say, i need to work on my own intolerance, my own ego, my own whatever-it-is-specifically-that-you-see-in-Trump, then you weaken those traits in Trump and the other people that you were going to judge. Hope this makes sense.

  17. Chris says:

    I am confused. How do you share your light with someone if their position in a government role will affect matters of my body, my freedoms, or to see a doctor when I am sick? How do I share the light to help that person make a better choice or to help us all as a whole? Volunteer at a women’s shelter? Help immigrants? The article makes it sound like there is nothing to do in the immediate future, but to sit back and let people make choices to stop health care, education, and freedoms for certain people and just focus on ourselves and our light? Isn’t part of our light helping those less fortunate than us? Sharing live and light to others?

    • Sit back? Do nothing? The path of Kabbalah, the path of inner change, I mean true, authentic inner change, is the most difficult task on earth. An Israeli soldier who was part of a secret elite unit told me it was so easy to hate Arabs, to kill the enemy, to wage war against Muslims. He became a Kabbalah student. He said waging war on his own ego, trying to kill his own bias and prejudice and intolerance, he said the Israeli army was a walk in the park by comparison. You missed the whole point of the article and the answer to your questions are in the article. Please, open your heart and open your mind, drink a cup of tea and read it again, slowly. Real slowly and reflect on each point. If you are not a Kabbalah student, it might take a bit longer to grasp it. If you want me to recommend some Kabbalah books to read that explain why this world and how this world was created in the first place, this will help you grasp how we can create and cause genuine, real-life permanent change in this physical world.

  18. george says:

    Sounds a bit like scientology to me. Don’t think it helps to Kabbalah-splain when lives are on the line. Nothing personal. I say trump and government has too much power in its current actions and “war on facts” to reduce this to be interpreted as a personal weakness or “mirroring” trait of any one person.

    Yes, the US electorate has been “dumbed down” for years. The guy has demonstrated over and over again a self centered, vengeful, power/money lust that has hurt too many people for years leading up to this election. To take this “internal” view might have bearing on a “student of philosophy or psychology”, but more community action is needed to resist.

  19. Alex says:

    I don’t see anything in him. I have never posted anything in his favor or against. I’m just taking the other side of the coin of your logic. Without once own judgment and simple observation. If millions of people with deep this like and hate passionately him you or anyone… what would that say of the person? What truth would that be with your logic?

  20. Emily says:

    Absolutely brilliant, beautiful and spot on. Thank you ❤

  21. Ontheisland says:

    Absolutely loved this article. It resonates with me and I agree with all the points. As I looked at my own situations I can see where this applies and I will be more mindful now of when I do react to stuff and look inside to see what is in me that is causing the reaction. ps. I have no reaction to Trump at all oddly. None of the election got me angry or upset and I wonder why that is. I will be looking up more reading material on this, thats for sure.

  22. Judith says:

    So the 6 millions Jew and everyone else that had been killed,abused,tortured and ignored of their rights are justified because that’s their tikkun? Thier hate mirrored “for example Hitlers hate?
    Sometimes and in some instances I feel certain explanations are a cop out.

    • The collective negative and dark actions of mankind, large and small, according to the Zohar, accumulate over the years and decades and they can produce a massive cloud of darkness and negativity and then, the Zohar says, great destruction will come forth and if its truly a massive force of darkness, even the innocent can fall victim. Who are innocent and who are the culprits is not for man to judge. It is incumbent upon each of us to take responsibility if a destructive force like the NAZIS or ISIS rise up. I contribute to their power each time i am rude, intolerance and negative towards others. We all contribute. The NAZIS are the effect, not the cause, according to the Zohar. So please understand this is not my opinion. This is the wisdom of Zohar. Also, this same Zohar is a book of Light and protection and the Moroccan Sephardic Jews chanted and scanned the Zohar 24/7 all over Casablanca when World War ll began to protect themselves. They used the zohar as a “weapon of battle” and this is an historical fact. The Sephardics were never touched in Morocco. They experienced miraculous protection and one of the senior executives at the Simon Wiesenthal Centre told me personally that the NAZIS and General Erwin Rommel had all the Sephardic Jews in their grasps and yet there is no explanation why they escaped. The Zohar and the Moroccans will say it was the Zohar. The Moroccans battled spiritually as this article that I posted explained. They used the Zohar, its Light and wisdom as their weapon. Field Marshall Rommel simply turned around left Morocco when the King told him he could not have his Jews. Rommel had the Nazi war machine right behind him and Morocco had no army to speak of to defend against such a war machine. And yet Rommel turned around and just left peacefully, in the middle of a war and the holcuaust. There are lot more miracles of Zohar and Sephardics being protected in Tunisia and Algeria. The Zohar can protect all mankind from judgment. All you have to do is meditate upon the Zohar and uproot your own negativity instead of blaming others. There are countless Zohar miracles stories. Countless! We must share this wisdom and this sacred book of Light to help and protect our Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, and Atheist, brothers and sisters from darkness. The Zohar can protect every human being on planet earth. The only enemy is the human ego with its inclination to blame others and to be a cynic and skeptic.

  23. Judith says:

    I have read Zohar everyday for the past 13yrs since 2004. No question of the protection ,healing and
    miraclous energy.I’ve experienced like many firsthand.Nothing is more valuable to humanity as spreading Pinchers and Zohars What you
    explained and what the Zohar says all makes intellectual sense . Anger,lack,jealously and negative
    emotions are to be converted to taking action to meditate on tools,
    help,share,& restrict (from everything I learned studying Kabbalah).Yes weare all mirrors.It is just so frustrating at times to understand how innocent,vurnerable,beautiful souls are condemned Yes,I cannot judge the mission of others tikkun and what arrangement was made in the upper worlds before they / we decided to incarnate. Many times I hear that they “deserved it” because of karma and past lifetimes or their
    or sun sign.It is a helpless feeling that’ all.I understand nothing is what it seems in the physical reality. Hurt people hurt people as I heard recently in a class. God bless us all.

  24. Josh says:

    I often think that being killed or dying in ISIS held land would be better than staying alive there. Living in that incredible negative environment would make life so unbearable that death wouldn’t be so bad. Obviously escaping ISIS held land would be better. But I think that makes sense on why innocent people die with everyone else when negativity reaches a critical mass amongst people. Hope that makes sense.

  25. Tziporah says:

    I was talking to someone who leads a lot of volunteering programs and orchestrates all kinds of humanitarian work and she told me that so many of the problems we complain about and demand our government to solve, could actually be solved by us. For example, look at all those people who showed up to protest…if all of those people spent a mere 2 hours a week volunteering at women’s shelters, homeless shelters, ending human trafficking, etc…the problems would be solved. I’m so tired of hearing people pin this on an external force. We have the power to do so much. I wish people would stop complaining and go do something constructive. Again, great article, Billy! I agree with you 100%!!!

  26. Patricia Lim says:

    Billy, thank you for this post. .It is helping to clarify the true meaning of first looking at ourselves inwardly when we react in anger, rage, envy, jealousy towards others and Trump is there to mirror our reactions and hopefully we can learn to first look at ourselves internally.

  27. John Wallach says:

    I wonder how many Kabbalists died in concentration camps? Were they responsible for their own deaths? it would also be instructive to learn what the revered and wise Kabbalists were doing for themselves and for their fellow Jews just prior to being carted off to the camps. I’m sorry, but a good deal of what I just read sounds like blaming the victims for their own victimization. Would it really have changed the fate of 6 million jews to have attempted to see the good in those determined to exterminate them or to spend precious time in the saintly attempt to identify and root out any similar traits within themselves?

  28. Chris says:

    Hey. Loved the article and shared it. Cheers.

  29. Marcos says:

    I agree with you Billy. I can give another example, i am from Venezuela and for every budy who does not know the situation in that country i would like to explain from my point of view. In 1999 the president Chavez won the election because he was supoused to eliminate the corruption that it was present in former goverments. So he was a kind of shortcut to erradicate that behavior from the politics in Venezuela. So he diveded the country in two half more or less. And thouse who want it to do it in a drastic way, voted for him, and now the country is with the higest levels of corruption in the whole continent. But the message after reeding your articule is that previus Chavez, we were the ones who were behaving in a deshonest way, and the politician were the reflextion of us. At the moment the people in Venezuela think that we don’t deserve that, but the matter of fact is that is just a consecuence of our first desition “shurtcut” of elected Chavez insted of look into ourself and see what is really going wrong with us. I really hope that the people in the States where i live now, don’t need to go trough the process as we did in Venezuela and be able to see what is the main issued and change it in a personal level.

  30. Larry says:

    President Trump spreads misinformation and I believe is suffering from diminished mental capacity. It is not a matter of disagreement with his politics. I did not agree with George W. Bush’s politics, but did not suspect he was suffering from dementia. Like Ronald Reagan, this President is not operating with all his marbles. I have great concern over the future of our country under this dangerous man. It is not a matter of psychology but of mental disability. You tend to repeat the same principles in all situations without to regard to the actual situation, which in this case is dire. I am not reactive, I am analytic in my approach. Not all situations fit the model that you are stating as all encompassing. I would agree if this man was within normal standards of sanity and mental capacity, but he is not.

    • Brian says:

      Good points. I think there is a large spiritual delusion moving throughout religions right now. Christianity was hit hard, I’ve seen other spiritual groups also resound with an icon like Trump that is nearly 100% opposite their ideals and ethics… that for me is the worst part. Trump is just a physical manifestation that will dissapear in time. What people are doing right now is raping their own souls, their own minds. They say, “this is what I believe,” and then act contrary to it… and embrace something far different. It’s not (for me) about politics. It’s about people embracing a man who spreads lies, hate, talks about wanting to kill the families of enemies… Yet they hold philosophies that are solid against such feelings.

      Personally I don’t see this world as “real,” But I believe our reactions to this world hold severe consequence. To normalize something divergent from our ethics and say, “oh he’s a nice guy really… just look past that bit about wanting to kill families, etc,” is a tragedy I’ve seen in many faiths. That’s the real tragedy, they are harming themselves and deluding themselves into thinking they are growing spiritually…. saying “if I don’t see evil in person XYZ, it means I’m no longer holding aspects of evil in my soul.” Maybe… or maybe it means the person has sold out big time and refuses to see it.

      I know several bigots and racists who don’t see racism/bigotry in others. That in no way means they are above their issues… it means they have simply chosen to not see something they enjoy as something “evil.” They are avoiding introspection and self-judgement.

  31. Catherine says:

    Glad the community is working to explain the real world events with a kabbalistic lens . I often feel we are encouraged to live in a bubble.

  32. Alexis says:

    This article is amazing, thank you for sharing all this wisdom with us! As a student of Kabbalah, I understood every point and it helped me dig deeper into my inner self to correct my tikkuns. I agreed on how our collective behavior has a big impact/effect on our society. If each of us would change only one negative trait within us, the global effect would exponential given the fact that the world population is 7.6billion. That is 7.6billion of goodness into the world, with just changing one trait/habitant. Imagine if we correct more than one trait… In my opinion, how we can change the world is only by changing ourselves. It’s quite difficult changing our own negative traits ourselves. Imagine trying to change someone else’s- it’s impossible! We can’t change other people, because everyone has a different tikkun and a spiritual development process ( even Trump!). However, we still waste so much energy trying to change others when the work is within us.

  33. Brian says:

    The problem Billy is when small cups try to hold large things. The small cup, of human ego, attempts to hold the totality of God – and makes God a small thing. “God wants America to be great again,” they say… because their small cup only see’s things it can understand (politics, border boundaries, taxation, etc.)

    This occurs each time you or me try and talk about God. something eternal can only be experienced, not discussed. Our mental space isn’t capable of holding the totality of something eternal. So our minds make an image of it, so we can conceive it. That act – it creates a false God, a false icon. It may resemble something real, but it also reflects part of our own nature (as it’s held within our own mental space.)

    This is how the Christian evangelist proclaims that “Jesus wants to deport people,” or “it’s time for us to bring a war to our enemies.” Or how a “Christian” president can say, “the way to fight terrorism is to kill their families.”

    These are all wrongs and the fact I see them, doesn’t mean I am also afflicted with wrong… and the fact you don’t see it, doesn’t mean you’ve overcome your issues. It most likely means that you are self deluded into believing something is normal or good, when it is self-identified against your own ethical principals.

    It’s all the product of one thing: people have interpreted their God in the confines of a finite form of mind (the ego) – in that state they see God as themselves and their hates, bigotries have created a similar, likewise God.

    You have smily provided yet another excuse to normalize the problem and say, “well the reason people are reacting is due to their own nature. There’s nothing wrong that I see, because I’ve overcome.” Or, you might be self-deluded.

    • You didn’t understand the article. And the size of the cup has zero to do with true or falsehood or the ability to connect to the Light that emanates from the Divine Force we call God. If the sea is a metaphor for the supernal radiance of God, a small cup can hold water and a larger cup can hold a larger volume of water. But both cups, large and small are experiencing the Divine and thus can discuss divinity and Godly issues as it relates to them. You failed to comprehend the accountability that Kabbalah speaks about in regards to what you see and what you judge. That’s okay. You don’t have to accept it. Also, this is not my view. These are the views of the Zohar and the Kabbalists. They revealed good and bad fats in our arteries as the cause of heart disease 2000 years ago. They discussed a round earth rotating on its axis, seven continents, seven seas and different time zones 2000 years ago. They discussed the wave/particle duality. Since they got all that pretty much right, perhaps they are correct in the idea of accountability as to what we see and judge and our role in it. You kept using the word right and wrong. This has ZERO to do with right and wrong. It has to do with changing ourselves and removing judgment and becoming connected to the Light Force Energy, whatever the size of our vessel so that we can shine Light into the world, thereby removing a portion of darkness. When we reach a critical mass of people who become accountable to the point of changing and lighting their internal candle, the world will tip from darkness to Light.

  1. June 30, 2018

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