The Pope has his own special Papal Cross, also known as the Triple Cross. The three bars represent the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. The Cross is not about the death of Jesus. Jesus was hung on a tree, according to Kabbalah and to the New Testament. The Cross is about eternal Life because it’s the Tree of Life. The only thing that must die on the Tree of Life is the ego. When the ego dies we all achieve the Tree of Life.

So why does the Pope have a triple cross instead of the one bar cross like the rest of Christianity? All Popes knew the secret of the Jesus-Kabbalah connection and that the cross is really the Tree of Life. ALL of the founding Church Doctors and earliest Church fathers also knew the cross was really the Tree of Life.

The posters below are self-explanatory.

Just remember one thing:  This post is not about the Popes. It’s about the Cross. The Papal Cross. Which is the Tree of Life. And it’ about the fact that Kabbalah is the underlying foundation of all Christianity and all of Jesus’s teachings. And it was the 72 Names of God, and all the tools of Kabbalah that Jesus used to heal and perform miracles. And now it’s time for all the world to experience those miracles.

Forget about arguing over religion and politics. That was just the 1% chaos that to take place in order to had to hide all of these secrets because the world was not yet ready to receive them.

Now we are ready.

Let go of judgment. There are no enemies out there except our own ego and our own judgment. We can all have the power of miracles by revealing the power of the truth about Jesus and the truth about the Zohar. If every Christian on earth can achieve the Messiah and a permanent connection to Jesus, won’t they be happy? And if they receive endless treasures will not that fulfill them? No more greed. No more war and conflict. Everyone will have their portion. And Muslims will have an endless blissful connection to their Prophet. And Hindus and Buddhists will achieve never-ending expanding enlightenment.

The whole world is really one organism, one body made up of diverse parts that often perform opposite functions but for the sake of creating one healthy eternal body. That is what the Zohar and the truth will accomplish. It’s win win win for everyone.






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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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21 Responses

  1. Guillermo Del Solar says:

    Awesome compilation of evidence ..really there is only one thing left to say : “let him who has eyes see”

  2. Brindusa SES says:

    Thank you Billy for making this wisdom and illumination available to the world. It’s time for us to see, hear & understand deeply the real TRUTH, the Wisdom of the Truth and the Zohar to put an end to pain and suffering into the world, eliminate death itself and fire Satan for good.

    Since I was a little girl I did not stop searching, questioning and I knew deep inside at the soul level that there are CODES in the way we have “to read the Bible”.

    With the soul of the Bible, the Zohar (The Book of Splendor) now we can illuminate the whole world and bring the Final Redemption, the Messiah consciousness here in Malchut.

    Thank you for your efforts and dedication to the work of redemption.

    Love and Light,

  3. Carol Urtiaga Leahy says:

    Thank you Billy for your eyes that see, and your ears that hear! I have food to eat when you bring this Word. Like my friend Brindusa, I have been searching since I was a little girl. Thank you for bringing it to the masses of people, souls who are waiting for the time when we see clearly, as it were, Face to Face.
    Bless you in all things, and protect your work.

    Love & Light,
    Caro Diane

  4. Reuven Yisroel says:

    Another interesting aspect and worth a debate is the Christian fish symbol. In the writings of the Kabbalah, the tzaddik of the generation is likened to a fish (see Zohar III 42a). As we know water is symbolic of Torah and wisdom, as in, “Let all who are thirsty, come for water” (Kiddushin 30b), and, “The earth shall be filled with the knowledge of God as the waters cover the sea” (Isaiah 11:9). Thus, just as fish live in water and cannot survive outside it, the tzaddik, who is called a fish (like Yehoshua ben Yosef) is totally submersed in Torah and cannot survive without it. This is the aspect of Moshe/Maschiach. The Hebrew letters for fish (dalet and gimel) have a numerical value of seven. These correspond to the seven expansions of God’s holy names: four expansions of the name YHVH and the three expansions of God’s holy name Ehyeh and God rested on the seventh day and fish is being served.

    Seven is also the number of perfection in Christianity, Paul lists seven gifts of the Spirit and Jesus spoke seven utterances from the cross. The number seven is especially prominent in the apocalyptic Book of Revelation, in which there are seven seals, seven churches and many other things numbering seven.

  5. Rajel says:

    How happy you have maked me feel!!! i knew it all the time! I just coudn’t explain it, but when i studiend in a cath college, i knew that there would be some more real truths in the case of Jesus, because all what ‘´ve learned about him have spaces in the puzzle!! My soul lead me and some day my beloved Rav Berg, and my master Yigal came to my life and my puzzle started to be fullfilled!!! Love you Billy what you are doing is so HUGE, BIG, AMAZING!! Soon there will be no more religions!!! Just one real spirituality teachings for the Adamic Generation!!!

  6. Mark says:

    What does this mean? SOrry for sounding ignorant but i am new to this. Any response will be appreciated!

  7. connie says:

    I am somewhat confused, however highly interested

  8. ayin says:

    I wonder. According to the Gospels, the INRI was the latin acronym for: Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaian (Yeshua the nazarene King of the Jews). This title (or charge for his execution) was written in Hebrew, Greek and Latin. So we assume the acronym was not alone on the top of the tree.

    How then is it an acronym for Shimon bar Yohai, when it only takes the final letters (and not the first) and it requires the Title “Rabbi” and the word “Bar” in Aramaic in order to match the acronym?

    • There was no Nazareth at that time. In the Torah, Rabbi Shimon’s father, Yochai is encoded in the Torah with last letters. This is common in Kabbalah, First letters, last letters etc. Second, the cross is really just the Ten Sephiroth. Father, Son and Holy Spirit is also in the Ten Sephirot as explained by Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai in the Zohar. The whole concept of Son of God and the Trinity is revealed by the teachings of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. It is right in front of our faces. it is blatantly obvious. Golgotha is also found in the stop of the Ten Sephirot and ONLY Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai explains the meaning of Gologtha. Its all there. Watch the lecture. Every single important tenet of Christianity is explained by Rabbi Shimon. Including repentence, and salvation, and resurrection of the dead.

  9. Mica says:

    The redemption is not until the end of this century. Please read Samuel Dael’s book The Christian Folly. It was just published. We need to go through the triple vail first before getting to the redemption, and we must redeem heaven on earth before the final tribulation. The resurrection will come after that.

  10. alice says:

    So who is Rabbi Shimo Bar Yohai? Please.

    • Rabbi Shimon is Rabbi Shimon. Exactly who the Zohar and all the ancient writings tell us who he is. 🙂
      On a deeper level, he is the reincarnation of Moses. Moses came to reveal the Body of Biblical Wisdom — the Torah.
      Then he returned to reveal the Soul of Biblical Wisdom — the Zohar.

    • alice says:

      thank you. i found out on your video on youtube.

  11. alice says:

    also, do you know, if there is any spiritual significance to the cross keys that are on the papal flag?

  12. Will says:

    Hi Billy,

    It is obvious that Rabbi Jesus was an important Kabbalist, yet he is never referenced at the Center. Why is his life and lessons left out and not discussed in Kabbalah? Growing up l loved listening to all the stories about Jesus. All the miracles, the healing, the love for all people. As a Kabbalist now I love all the stories of the Great Rabbi’s of the past,but I can’t help thinking was there a Greater Kabbalist than Jesus?

    • Because the truths about Jesus were hidden throughout history. The Kabbalists say when the truth comes out we are at the end of days. And now, the Rav began speaking of this around the year 2000. Which is why we have these lectures and articles.

  13. rodolfo p. dewara says:

    This is wonderful! We are seeing the fulfilment of God’s Kingdom on earth, as it is in heaven! Jews, Christians, Moslems, Hindus, Buddhists, and all those who believe in the Divine and the unity of all the children of God, UNITE!!!! We have nothing to lose but our chains and the raging wars driven by the forces of death!

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