This is PART TWO of the Kabbalah & Christianity lecture I did on Kabbalah TV. This is a bit more advanced as it was part of a lecture on Lag B’ Omer, but it resolves the 2000 year old mysteries of Christianity including Golgotha (assocated with the death and resurrection of Jesus), the Trinity, the Son of God, and the initials INRI which is found on the top of all crosses. If you have not seen part one, I suggest viewing that first.

These are secrets concealed by the ancient Kabbalists throughout history. They said when these secrets are finally revealed, it means we are in the End of Days and the arrival of the age of Messiah, which means the end of death and the emergence of world peace.


If you have not seen the first lecture, which is PART ONE, you can watch it below.

Keep in mind, the Zohar is the original teachings of Jesus, as taught to his closest disciples. The Christianity we know today are the parables that Jesus taught to the masses. Now we can share these original secret teachings of Jesus with the world so that they can be empowered with Zohar, the Light lost on Mount Sinai.

This is how we bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth. This is what Jesus tried to do 2000 years ago. His mission was to bring these teachings it to the pagans while Rav Shimon bar Yochai was to reveal it to the Israelites.

It’s now in your hands. Share this.


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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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24 Responses

  1. Rod Borghese says:

    Wow – I’ve been waiting since Christmas to see this video. Excellent.
    Makes sense to me.

  2. Alfieri José says:

    I personally believe that something to be the source of another thing, must appear before, not after. The Zohar was writen after the death of Jesus (70 A.C). So, why could not it be said that the words and thoughts expressed by Jesus had a decesive influence in the writing of the Zohar?

    • The teachings of Christianity make no sense without Kabbalah and the Zohar and the Zohar is rooted in the Torah, the revelation given to Moses on Mount Sinai. The Torah also makes no sense without the Zohar. Second, the teachings of Zohar go back to Abraham, and his Book of Formation (Sefer Yetzira). Finally, the dates in history are all mixed up and changed as the history books were censored, altered and changed. If you do scholarly research you will see the manuscripts themselves are missing pages. You will find inconsistencies in Christianity with different gospels saying the opposite thing. The quotes of the early Church fathers if you watch my lecture provide irrefutable proof that it was Kabbalah that was being taught. Jesus and Rabbi Shimon were contemporaries. The war was fought in the history books and those books were changed to conform to the views of the religious establishment. Other gospels were left out of the Christian bible as well and those are also Kabbalistic. Kabbalah goes back 4000 years to Abraham. And even further to Noah and the book of Adam. So the Zohar’s wisdom has been on earth since Adam and Noah and Abraham. Most important, the Kabbalists themselves tell us that Jesus received his teachings from the Zohar. These are not my opinions. These are the opinions of the actual Kabbalists who knew the truth. The fact that Golgotha is completely not understood by Christianity unless you look in the Zohar is the proof of it. Reading Zohar and understanding it provides you with the self-evident truth of it being the origin of all religions. For the Zohar and only the Zohar explains Christianity, Torah, Islam, Buddhism and life itself, including the Big Bang origins of the universe, evolution and quantum physics. Duh. Only the Zohar answers every single solitary question we have about life, our purpose on earth, the reason for our existence, the reason why God is concealed, the structure of the cosmos, the structure of prayer etc. Even Isaac Newton and the greatest Christian philosophers and mystics knew the Zohar was the source of all wisdom. This is also why the Pope authorized the first ever printing of the Zohar in 1558. There is no debate once you know Zohar. There is only debate if you DONT know Kabbalah and Zohar. Son of God, Trinity, Golgotha, INRI, and every single teaching of Christianity is int eh Zohar and the Torah but you need the Zohar to see it and perceive it. If you did not find the proof after my lecture, then you did not understand what i said and perhaps you should watch both again. There is no debate. The proof is right in front of our faces.
      When Jesus was alive there was no Christian bible. There was no New Testament. There was only the Torah. Jesus taught from the Torah and the Torah makes zero sense without the Zohar to explain the inner meaning. And the inner meaning of the Torah concerns the Sephirot which are known by the terms, Golgotha, The Father, Son and Holy Spirit, etc. The Torah precedes Christianity and the Zohar is the inner meaning of the Torah. Jesus was an Israelite, not a Christian. There were no Christians during Jesus’ life. Jesus only studied from the Torah. Paul only had access to the Torah. The New Testament came way later. It’s so simple that we need to listen to these truths over and over again because we have been brainwashed for twenty centuries. But again, these are not my opinions. These are the secret insights of the Kabbalists that were hidden from the world for centuries. Now why would someone hide all this? I explain this as well in the First Lecture. Please listen if you have not yet. It will be up to you to decide if the teachings of the Zohar and the secrets about Jesus as revealed by the Kabbalists are true after listening to all the evidence.

    • Avraham Berdugo says:

      Rav, Half of my family is Orthodox Jewish and others are Christians.
      I came to these conclusions from studying Zohar and New Testament and these teachings are harmonious with the Torah. I even have in position verses from the Talmud that will confirm your lecture is valid.

      But despite all of these proofs my question is: why do you think modern Judaism refuse to make the Jesus – Zohar connection? I am dying to share your video with my family in Israel but anything Jesus is not kosher to them.

  3. Rajel says:

    I grew up in private religious cath christian colleges, all what i’ve learned from kabbalah make and give sense to what i’ ve heard about Jesus done … Christianity was just a necessary step to give the human beings the opportunity to go throw highest ways of concience… In that time was almost impossible to understand what kabbalah is teaching about the energy and how the Creator is an energy… Thnks My Lor-d because u have gave me all what i need to live this life!!!Baruj Hashem!!!

  4. Guillermo Del Solar says:

    I grew up catholic in Latin america, no relation whasoever to Kabbalah or judasim or Israel or the Torah. What Billy says here is 100% true Zohar gives you answers to all the Christian “mysteries”, everything we have been taught to believe was a “mistery” (Holy trinity,resurrection, etc) really is not so. Just open your mind and listen, open your eyes and see. There is no hidden agenda here the purpose is only to reveal the truth but we have been so conditioned to believe otherwise that is so hard to accept it.

  5. david mizrachi says:

    this the silent bomb that will make jewish and christians and all others to reconsider as a big lie all that has been teached and known as history for centuries so what will be next?

  6. david mizrachi says:


  7. Inga says:

    Great! Thank you.

  8. Reuven Yisroel says:

    Rabbi Shimon ben Yochai gave assurances that through him the Torah would not be forgotten from Yisroel, as it is written (Deuteronomy 31:21), “It will not be forgotten from the mouth of his offspring.” And, as is explained in the Zohar (III, 124b): Because of this work, the Book of the Zohar, they will be redeemed from exile. Through the offspring of Yochai, the Torah will not be forgotten by Yisroel. This is because the final letters of the words in this verse “kI loA tishakhaCH mipiY zar’O” are the same letters as YOCHAI.

  9. Guillermo Del Solar says:

    Billy I watched it again and it doesn’t cease to amaze me, so many things I really didn’t pick up or understood correctly the first time. Yet please clear up something for me: you said that Rav Shimon Bar Yochai received the Zohar in written form in the cave, yet ..wasn’t it written later by one of his students ?

    • I don’t believe i said that. What happened is that Rabbi Shimon received a “download” from Elijah the Prophet and Moses while in the cave for 13 years. Rabbi Shimon then revealed the secret wisdom to his compatriots in the Idra Rabba Cave afterwards. This revelation took place in one day. Then Rabbi Aba, the secretary and colleague of Rabbi Shimon transcribed the revelation in coded form, writing in metaphor and parable and this is what produced the written form of the Zohar. Each new century produced greater revelations and insights of the Zohar because the act of revealing more, adding commentary, understanding the texts and adding new sections by authentic Kabbalists IS how the Light of Mount Sinai (the Zohar also known as Or Ganuz, Hidden Light) is gradually restored to our world. Rav Berg’s English books on the Zohar are considered to be greater insights into the Zohar and THUS they are part of the corpus of the Zohar and the act of further revelation of the Hidden Light. Rav Ashlag’s commentary and additions to the Zohar, filling in the missing texts is also considered to be the further revelation of Light into this world. It’s a process. Each time you understand more Zohar, this is part of the plan of reestablishing and pouring back the Light lost on Mount Sinai, back into our world. This is why sharing the Zohar is the greatest action a man can perform. And studying it and scanning it and learning as well.

  10. Guillermo Del Solar says:

    Billy; I am a bit confused about the realms. how can we talk about “above or below” where there is little or no physicality ? Also, is Atika Kadisha = Chochma, or Keter or is it the upper three ?
    Thanks Billy

    • Rav Ashlag is clear about the language of Kabbalah — its known as the Language of Branches, meaning its metaphors because there is no real language or words to describe a reality beyond this physical world. So Rav Ashlag says do not take the words literally. Above means pure, or the realm purest and closest to true reality. There is no real above or below. And all the worlds are here right now. What we perceive is based on our own level of purity. This determines our “distance” from the true reality. When we remove the ego and evil inclination completely, we will perceive the true reality that is right in front of us.

  11. Guillermo Del Solar says:

    Billy another question I have is: the way I understand it from your lecture, seems that Christianity was a good thing, since it provided a lifeline back to Torah for those who converted and also connected the gentiles to Torah teachings and I get your point… yet, I also think how can that be a good thing, when it is the very thing preventing hundreds of millions of people from learning the real truth, not in the forms of parables, but pure. How many times I have been talking about Kabbalah and the fact it is not “christian” is a big impediment. Or also their believe in Jesus literally as the offspring of God , same thing. I post these teachings on Facebook or talk about them and many conversations hit a wall on this subject because they are not interested in watching the videos…
    Would like to hear your thoughts ..Thanks

  12. I never said it was a good or bad thing. I only shared what the Kabbalists state and that is, Christianity was set up to to provide the Israelites a place to be exiled as a result of their sins at Sinai which caused the shattering of the tablets and their sins 2000 years ago which resulted in the shattering of the two temples. The purpose was to fulfill the decree that Israelites be exiled into an idol worshipping nation and at the same time, provide Israelites and gentiles with a lifeline back to the true Torah. Taken literally, Christianity can be viewed as idol worshipping according to the Torah. Taken Kabbalistically, Christianity teaches the major tenets of Torah which is all about Love Thy Neighbor, knowing how to connect to the Golgotha/Atika Kadisha or the 99% to resurrect the Light that we lose each time we are negative, reactive and egocentric.

  13. Guillermo Del Solar says:

    Thanks !

  14. Guillermo Del Solar says:

    Billy another thing that came to mind is since I think the kabbalists at that time followed all orthodox rules for teaching Kabbalah(I don’t know if I am using the right terms but correct me if I am wrong), then Jesus must have been married right? ..I have read some authors (researchers, college professors) that support this argument, which to me makes perfect sense.

  15. Danny says:

    When I was growing up I was told or read I forget that when Jesus was on the “cross” someone stabbed him on his side in the rib area. What does this mean or maybe this never happend? Thank you your presentation it has cleared a lot up for me 🙂 I understand they wanted to hide the Zohar because, in that time age most people couldn’t comprehend it’s discoveries about the world and yourself but, why write a bible and change things around what was this purpose for? When Jesus died why not just go with life? Maybe this had to happen so that immortality can become are reality. Was Rav Shimon Bar Yochai Jesus teacher litterly or was Jesus the incarnation of Rav Shimon Bar Yochai? Thank you again one more thing why was I.n.r.i even even mention on the “cross” thank you

  16. Omar Milah says:

    How can i get a copy of the Kabbalah and Zohar to purchase, can i obtain a copy of the orginal text of both books, with references as well.

  17. Ryieznah says:

    This is a great revelation, so the liraetl ark and liraetl flood never happened? Or did the liraetl flood happen and people and animals were saved through the sacred words? Is the code the whole aramaic text of the Zohar? Also, the Zohar is made public today in our times to everyone does it mean we need the ark because the flood is near?By the way just before I opened this this Tikkunei Zohar today I told someone about the chayot (angels) that have been mentioned here.Love D x

  18. Trent says:

    I haven’t watched the video yet but I agree that Jesus wasn’t a Christian. In fact, in one of the gnostic gospels the disciples ask Jesus “Where do we tell people we’re from?” He said from the light. What I find even more interesting is when I quit telling myself that I’m a Christian but rather I”m from the light (understanding that the light is God) it raised my consciousness/vibration/energy. I personally think words are very important because there is a BIG difference sub-consciously telling ourselves that we’re Christians or Kabbalist vs saying I’m from the light and I study the teachings of Christianity or Kabbalah. Getting to the core of who we are strips away all layers of who we’ve told ourselves we are.

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