How do we genuinely spread the Zohar? It is the removal of our ego that empowers and accelerates the sharing of Zohar throughout the world. There were many negative people in history who abused the Zohar. Therefore, we must realize that our consciousness alone is the key to activating the transformative, protective powers of this Book of Light.

Sharing the Zohar involves responsibility which includes allowing your ego to be trampled upon and dedicating yourself to finding your darkest, negative traits. Most people do not have the strength or courage to truly dig deep and confront their inner demons. Some people do. Each one of us is at a different level of courage and inner strength when it concerns hearing all about our dark traits and experiencing the chaos that comes as a result of our dark traits with real certainty. Each of us has our own level of certainty when we weather the storms that are brought on by our ego. Keeping our certainty and knowing that we are the exclusive cause of our misfortune is how we cleanse and remove the ego that left us in the dark to begin with.


Ultimately, we are not here to share love. We are not here to share the warmth and positive blessings in our heart. Rather, we are here to find and uproot our ugliest traits and admit them—AND THAT is what allows the love and blessings that are already here to shine forth! The love is here. The blessings are here. The Messiah and immortal paradise is here. But it’s the ego that blocks it like a blackout curtain blocking out the sun.

This is a key and  fundamental paradigm shift. If we are not being pushed to the point of quitting this path because our ego has been distressed by our teacher or by the difficulties of life, then we are not growing and thus we are not “sharing Zohar.”

Here’s a secret: The books of Zohar go out into the world in direct proportion to the amount of transformation people have made prior. It’s all dependent upon how much ego is uprooted in the world.

All the Zohars that are out in the world today are on the merit of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg whose story of transformation has never really been told. But we should at least understand that the change the Rav and Karen underwent is what powers up the Centre and the sharing of Zohars. In addition, all of the changes that the Kabbalah Centre teachers have made throughout the years and the transformation of the close students who have allowed their egos to be pounded and pushed to the point of quitting—and then fighting onward—THAT is what continues to allow the Zohar to go out into the world.


About ten years ago Kabbalist Rav Berg invited me on a long walk in Central Park. The Rav was wondering if the world had the merit to receive the Zohar based on someone else’s transformation or donation of money. The Rav deliberated over this point for a few hours, concerned about the concept of Bread of Shame. After all, if someone donates $50k to spread the Zohar to a specific region, what about the Bread of Shame and merit of the people who receive the Zohar? What did they do to merit its revelation in their own life? (Bread of Shame refers to each person earning the Light instead of receiving it for free)

The walk that I took with the Rav some ten years ago took place between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. On Yom Kippur the Rav then told everyone during the Rav’s lecture that Bread of Shame was now over  after  over approximately 5760 years of suffering. All the pain endured over those centuries was enough for humanity to have “earned” the Light of the Creator and remove the Bread of Shame. The Rav was telling us that we can now share the Zohars on the merit of someone else’s donation of money.

Soon after, the Zohar Project was born.

This is the consciousness we need to strive for when sharing Zohars. We need to know that each time we allow our own ego to be smashed, each time we persist on this path when every bone in our body says “enough,” that effort of fighting onward is as powerful as someone donating $100k to send Zohars all around the world. Think about that next time your humiliated or trying to win an argument.

Make no mistake, the Zohar does not need us to share it. And the Zohar does not need us to tell others to share it. We are the ones that need to share the Zohar and participate in the dissemination of Kabbalistic wisdom in order to bring ourselves protection. It’s about ourselves. Only ourselves. And if we remove our own ego, that is how we help others and contribute to this world. We don’t help others by sharing Zohar. We help others by losing the ego and that is how we merit the sharing of the Zohar which then helps others. Ego transformation is the cause, the spreading of Kabbalah is the effect.

We can now understand that we are not here to preach to others to share the Zohar. Instead, each time we remove our own ego, that bit of Light that now shines in our soul inspires another person to want to connect to the Zohar and then share it. It’s not our words, it’s not our intentions, it’s not even our actions of running around and dispersing Zohars. Rather, it’s the amount of ego that we give up in the process. Again, any Zohars that are in the world right now, protecting Florida, protecting individual people anywhere in the world, it’s a result of the profound, deep and epic transformation of ego by the Rav, Karen, the family, the teachers, the students and yourself.


The Israelites on Mount Sinai refused to change. Moses did all the transformation necessary for the revelation of the Light of Immortality, also known as the “Or Ganuz” or Hidden Light. This Light was lost when the Tablets were shattered because the Israelites refused to change and give up the ego. The Zohar is that Light of Immortality, the “Or Ganuz” or Hidden Light. It is in the world today on the merit of Rav Ashlag, Rav Brandwein, all the Kabbalists who suffered before them, and the suffering, transformation and pain endured by Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen.

If we want more Zohars out in the world and we want to empower and inspire others, kill your own ego. Quietly. Take the pain. Give something up. Participate. We cannot let someone else do the work for us. We cannot allow the Sinai Syndrome—where someone does the work for us—to delay the transformation of the world. We must participate. We do that by giving up our reactive traits, especially the ones that we are not even yet aware of.

It’s so easy to say, “I love you, share the Light, share the Zohar, let’s send healing around the world and broadcast love to all.”

It’s much harder to admit and say out loud: “I love the attention I get when I inspire others to share Zohar. I hunger for praise when I share Kabbalistic wisdom because it feeds my ego. It makes me feel important, makes me feel righteous and smart. I love when people think I am wise. My ego is quite ugly, pathetic and very clever, because I am even enjoying making these statements right now. This makes me appear humble, when in fact, I am a phony. 100%”


The Rav once had me locked in a bathroom with him for three hours. The Rav was screaming at me at the top of his lungs. The Rav said, “You hate me! You hate me!” I responded with total certainty. I said, “I love the Rav. I don’t care what the Rav says or anyone, I know I love the Rav.”

That just made the Rav yell louder. “You hate me! You hate me!” I was convinced the lesson was certainty so I was not going to budge no matter how angry or loud the Rav was screaming at me. This went on for three hours.

Then I finally understood.

The next time the Rav shouted, “You hate me!” I said, “Yes, I do! I hate the Rav!”

The Rav then smiled. The Rav hugged me and said, “Do you know how much I love you!”

The Rav was teaching me that it’s my ego that I need to get rid of, not my soul. Of course my soul loves the Rav. Big deal. There is no transformation by finding the goodness in my soul. Transformation ONLY occurs by finding my ego. Of course my ego hates the Rav. My ego is Satan. Why was I spending three hours defending my Opponent? As soon as I found my ego in that situation and admitted it, the Light came in. What a profound lesson!

All we are asked to do on this path is find our ego. And admit it. The Light does the rest. This is why Rav Ashlag says it takes a lifetime to truly admit our own ego and put a spotlight on it. Because the hardest thing on earth is to admit our ego. We defend it. We protect it. Instead of killing it.

We are not here to share the love. We are here to find our ego. That is how we share the love.

When we dedicate some time to physically sharing the Zohar, and we work on giving up our ego at the same time, now we have an exponentially greater effect on our own lives and this world. That is the ultimate.

Let’s strive to give up a bit of ego, each day, each step of the way, and let that empower and accelerate the Zohar project in ways we never dreamed.


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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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  1. Johana says:

    Thank you Billy for sharing, your articles are always so inspiring.
    Here’s my situation and I have been thinking about it for a week now. I want to do the right thing…
    I am running the half Marathon and need to pick a fundraising cause. Now, initially I was not aware there were choices so I thought it was KCA and was really happy with it b/c I love kids and I know it is very important for them. Then the website with fundraising opportunities was posted and one of the choices is raising money for spreading the Zohar. I have a passion for the Zohar, I know it is very important for the World and this is my choice. And as I am writing, I don’t have a question anymore. I know the answer:) Thank you!

  2. Leah says:

    On the Eve of the New Moon of Virgo, this article is real, profound and timely! Thank you!!!

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