According to the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah, “time” is an illusion.

“Time” is a phantasm created, in part, by the five senses.

“Yesterday,” “today,” and “tomorrow” are actually enfolded into one unified whole.


Sounds a bit trippy!

But guess what?

Some 2000 years after the Kabbalists revealed this bold and radical concept, Einstein reinforced it with his famous Theory of Relativity. Though it’s an intriguing and engaging concept nonetheless, for some unknown reason, we cannot revisit our memorable moments of yesterday. And we still fail to foresee the events of tomorrow. And a lot of us can barely cope with the present.


That makes for one impressive illusion.

But there’s a reason for it.


Einstein, and the world’s current crop of physicists, still have absolutely no idea what time really is. They have no clue as to why “time” bothers to exist.  They do know that “time” is like an elastic band that can be stretched or shrunk, but why time is in our face — that they have no clear-cut answer for. Well, you’re now going to discover what the greatest minds of science never could discover — the true definition and purpose of time. I recently gave this definition to one of the hottest physicists in science today. He gave a long pause and said, “Hmmmmmmmmmmm. That works.” It was Brian Greene. Look him up.

Anyway, are you ready?

Here we go…

Kabbalah defines time as: The distance between cause and effect; 

Time is: The separation between action and reaction;

It is: The space between deed and dividendthe span between a person’s behavior and the inevitable repercussion;

Time is: The divide between crime and consequence and distance between a good deed and its reward.

Within this temporary “gap” it is hoped that a person eventually becomes enlightened to the senselessness of his negative ways and to recognize the rewards associated with spiritual growth and positive, unselfish behavior.


Without time, a man would be instantly penalized the moment he behaved with self-centeredness, jealousy, intolerance, and other reactive emotions. Likewise, an immediate reward would appear with each positive deed and transformation of character. But here’s the problem with that kind of “timeless” instant feedback:

Animals can be taught to behave in a certain manner through immediate response training. In other words, a dolphin will happily perform a double flip for a handful of tasty, tiny fish. Or a French poodle will stop leaving puddles on the carpet if the pup is reprimanded each time there’s an “accident.” But, according to Kabbalah, a man’s soul is on a much higher level than an animal’s. Therefore, a man is imbued with the divine-like feature of “free will,” when it comes to changing his ways and ascending the spiritual ladder.

Free will can ONLY occur if the concept of time is injected into man’s existence and into the processes of life.

Okay, there’s a downside to all this: Because of time’s existence, we mistakenly believe that goodness and kindness go unrewarded while wickedness and greed go unpunished. It’s merely a delay tactic. Delayed responses permit freedom of choice between good and evil behavior. Keep in mind, evil behavior encompasses much more than just murder. A few unkind words to your neighbor, spouse, or friend sets the cause and effect principle into motion, as well. In fact, assassinating a person’s character is often as destructive as committing a physical homicide, according to Kabbalah. One destroys the body, but the other damages the soul.

Here is how it all works:

A man commits a misdeed: He cuts someone off on the free way. Or he curses at his wife or friend. Or a woman gives the wrong recipe to a friend on purpose. Or she reveals a secret told to her by her best friend. Or a person robs his partner blind! Or a someone bad mouths a friend out of extreme jealousy!

Get the picture? Okay. Now, according to the law of cause and effect, there should be an immediate negative payback. However, a chunk of time is now tossed into the cause and effect process so that the negative payback is delayed. The person now believes that they got away with their unkind action.

It can get even trickier: Suppose there is a wonderful reward in store for that person because of a positive deed they committed ten years prior, or ten months earlier. Follow this carefully: Now, at the precise moment of their negative misdeed, time is suddenly taken out of the cause and effect process that concerns their prior positive action. All of a sudden, a reward falls into their lap right after committing a negative action. It looks as though this person received a reward for their misdeed. It appears that this person got away with their crime and benefited in other areas of their life.

Or check out this scenario: A person decides to do a good deed. But then the negative payback that is due to them from a prior selfish action suddenly stares them in the face. Why? Because the chunk of time that was delaying their judgment is immediately removed from their process. So, after having performed their wonderful act of kindness, life suddenly gongs them on the head.

This creates the fantastic illusion that life lacks true justice and that goodness doesn’t pay off. It’s a simple but stunning mirage of chaos, disorder, randomness and injustice. This whole chaotic view of reality occurs because we are shortsighted people who allow time to rule and dictate our lives. We live and die by the moment and by the urge to immediately and constantly gratify our ego.


Guess what? Everyone faces the consequences of one’s negative actions, large and small, at some point in the future. You can bet on it. It could take months. Years. Decades. Even a few lifetimes, according to the ancient Kabbalists. And guess what, you also have the free will to doubt this truth and trash this whole article! And by the way, to further support our free will, the consequences of our misdeeds will not always appear in the same area from which we initiated them.

Pay close attention: A negative and deceitful action in business doesn’t necessarily have to produce a negative consequence in the same area of business. Not at all. It might very well produce a negative repercussion in a family relationship or with a person’s health. And it may take place a few years down the road. Now it becomes even more difficult to connect the dots and perceive the underlying order and cause and effect relationship that governs our life.

Suddenly, these time delays and moments of payback appearing in other areas of our lives makes it seem that life is maddening, chaotic, random and totally insane!

It’s all part of the illusion, an illusion designed to give man the greatest gift of all — the ability to choose behavior that embodies kindness or cruelty and thus, become the cause and creator of his own fulfillment when he finally figures out that goodness pays off! Big time!


Here’s our problem: If we restrict our ego, if we rein it in, stop our reaction and we let go of our anger in a heated moment, we then expect an injection of Light and blessings into our lives. Why? Because we learn in Kabbalah that when we resist the ego, we connect to the 99% reality, the source of our good fortune. However, as we noted, time is injected into the process so that our  connection to the 99% is delayed. This is a test. The test of time. If we react and make the mistake of saying, “Why didn’t it work?” we just added even more time into the equation. We caused a further delay of the blessings that are due to us. We our reactions and our consciousness create our reality and directly affect the influence of time in our lives.

The key in controlling time is to not react to it. At all. If there is zero reaction on our part, we eliminate the influence of time and therefore receive the Light and energy that is coming to us. Of course, none of us have the power to have zero reaction and a perfect consciousness of certainty. But relative to the amount of certainty and non-reaction to the apparent “injustices” in our lives, that is the degree to which we remove the influence of time from our lives.

The test of time is to not react to the delays of our good fortune. The test of time is to not react to the “sudden” appearance of chaos.

Here’s a tool you can use: Imagine that you perform a powerful and dramatic act of restriction, resisting your ego and shutting down your anger, even though it is justified. Or you demonstrate total certainty when you receive some unfortunate news about a business deal. Instead of waiting for the positive result as a result of your act of restriction, realize the purpose of life is not the result, but rather the act of restriction itself. Next, pretend you have a crystal ball. You gaze into that crystal ball and you see clearly the wonderful miracle that is now coming your way down the road. How would you behave and react to the unfortunate news if you saw the miracle that was coming in the crystal ball?

You would be happy. Obviously.

This is how must behave when life challenges us. Behave AS IF you saw the outcome and result in a crystal ball.

If you BEHAVE as if you saw it in a crystal ball, then you will BE and you will HAVE (BE-HAVE). This is the power of proactive “behavior.”

In other words, fake it till you make it.

Now, if you’re wondering…

“Who established all these ground rules for human existence?

“What’s so meaningful about free will?”

“Does this “time” thing ever end?”

“Who or what is tossing time into the equation, and removing it at will, in order to create this maddening illusion?”

“What’s life really all about?”

…Then perhaps it’s time for you to delve further into the wisdom of Kabbalah. I suggest the book, The Power of Kabbalah by Yehuda Berg. A great place to start and a book that needs to be read a few dozen times. Also, check back here often as we share more insights that will answer a lot of these questions.

So why are all these ancient Kabbalistic secrets being revealed to the public for the first time in history?

It’s time.

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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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  1. Guillermo says:

    kabbalah wisdom never ceases to amaze me

  2. Rajel says:

    The only judgment we have is our own facts in fron of our Creator. Taking the responsability of my own facts… Thnks Jeff… Rajel

  3. Time does not exists.

    New formula of existence


  4. Brian says:

    Little know fact: The major theory of learning used by experimental psychologists is called Scalar Expectancy Theory. It proposes that animals (including us) learn about relations between stimuli and reward by comparing the time intervals between them. Put another way, the best theories of learning in psychology says that time is the most important fact an organism can know about the separation between action and reward. Another excellent example of how the Kabbalists were centuries ahead of the scientists.

  5. Time does not exist.

    People invented instruments to measure periods in between repetitive events but in principle there is no time said my Father, a watchmaker.


  6. Luisa says:

    That’s it . Tk u Billy .. I ll Look My Cristal ball !

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