The renowned Kabbalist Rav Berg had one portion of the Torah that was unquestionably his favorite. In Hebrew, it is called “Pinchas” (Don’t sweat it if you cannot pronounce it properly). This particular portion of the Torah radiates an intense flow of Light and Energy that heals and cures. Do not underestimate the power of this last statement just because 99% of the world has no clue about it.

In addition to healing, this portion also conceals the underlying cause and true origins of heart disease and brain ailments and all sickness and disease. Even more startling, these ancient healing secrets are identical to recent insights emerging from the medical-science community.

But a literal reading of Torah tells you nothing.

There’s only way to unravel the secrets of healing concealed in the Bible.

You need to open up the Zohar.

Here you find all the secrets, such as the origins of heart disease. They are right there in the Zohar. And you need the teachings of Kabbalist Rav Berg to grasp the opportunity and understand the tools that are available on this unique Torah portion. Without the Kabbalah Centre, without Rav Berg and Karen Berg, the world would have no clue as to what kind of healing forces are available to the world this coming Shabbat.

In regards to the stunning secrets about the origin of heart disease in the Zohar, Harvard trained cardiologist Dr. Artur Spokojny commented upon the Zohar’s 2000 year old prognosis as to the cause of heart disease as well as liver function. You can see that comment in the video at the end of this article.

In order to uncover these extraordinary secrets, lets turn to the ultimate book of secrets — the ancient and Holy Zohar. Here we will find the Holy Grail of medicine — the genuine cure to all disease and human illness.

Are you ready to learn the true cause of sickness? Are you ready to discover the ultimate remedy for healing and curing all disease?



Let’s now open up the ancient Zohar and reveal some of the most compelling insights into heart disease—and all forms of sickness. Oh, by the way, sickness also includes a sickness in a business, an ailment in a relationship and all emotional illnesses, such as anxiety and depression. In other words, fixing our financial woes, solving our marital woes and mending our mental woes are all considered part of the healing process, according to the Zohar. It is simply our personal karmic debts that determine whether “disease” strikes the body, the business, the bedroom or the brain. Try telling that  to your local doctor, accountant, marriage counselor or psychiatrist.

One last thing before we peak inside the Zohar: keep in mind that this is only a glimpse into the depth of wisdom and power that lies deep within this Torah portion. The idea here is to share with you one example of the Zohar’s incredible insights so that you will begin to grasp the Power of Kabbalah and its ability to heal and transform our lives and this world. To find out more, simply read the red English Zohar, Volume 20 — especially the sections called “Relevance of this Passage.” The “relevance” paragraphs precede each Zohar section and they help explain the passage. The ones in Pinchas are pretty mind-blowing.


Let’s begins with some simple insights into Heart Disease:

Consider this: Only a few short years ago, medical science had no idea that cholesterol levels were related in any way to heart disease.

The year was 1959. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) published a report that said:

“The role of cholesterol in heart and artery diseases has not been established. A causal relationship between blood cholesterol levels and these diseases has not been proved.”

It took until 1964 for Konrad Bloch to win the Nobel Prize.

For what?

For figuring out that cholesterol causes fatty deposits in the arteries.

It took until the 1980s for science to finally figure out that cholesterol, fat in the blood and blockages in our arteries were definitely related to heart disease. And, it was only a few short years ago that science confirmed that there were TWO kinds of cholesterol: The Good Cholesterol and The Bad Cholesterol.

The year was 1984.

In a report published by the United States Government, the National Institute of Health, entitled:

“Lowering Blood Cholesterol To Prevent Heart Disease. — 1984, Dec 10-12″

They basically stated the following: Cholesterol is a fatty substance and there are two kinds:

• LDL cholesterol is known as ‘bad’ cholesterol as it tends to clog blood vessels.

• HDL cholesterol is called ‘good’ cholesterol and can actually help unclog the arteries.

In the NIH report it states:

“The LDL particles, when present in excess in the blood, are deposited in the tissues and form a major part of a buildup in the artery wall to form atherosclerotic plaque. Atherosclerosis narrows the channels of the coronary arteries, the vessels that furnish the major blood supply to the heart muscle.”

In other words, an excess of the bad cholesterol blocks our arteries thus constricting blood flow. It’s like chunks of mud inside a garden hose blocking the flow of water.

A lack of blood flow can cause heart attacks, strokes and death. Science soon figured out that the good cholesterol can actually help prevent heart attacks because good cholesterol actually removes the bad cholesterol from the arteries. Then, just a few short years ago, science also figured out that there are two kinds of fat — good fats and bad fats. Good fats are called omega-3 fatty acids.

Now check out this quote:

“The higher the omega-3 fatty acid intake, the lower the likelihood of coronary heart disease. This relationship was even stronger for coronary deaths.”

— Journal of the American Medical Association

So, in a nutshell, we have science telling us that good fats and good cholesterol (which is also fat) can actually help reduce the risk of heart disease and that excess bad fat and bad cholesterol can block our arteries and thus cause heart disease.

The ancient Zohar, when commenting upon this incredible Torah portion said the exact same thing:

Check this out:

According to the Zohar, heart disease, brain damage, and death will occur if our arteries contain high levels of the “impure fats”.

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon (or cardiologist) to figure out that “pure fats” are the good fats/good cholesterol and that the impure fats are the bad fats/bad cholesterol.

Pretty amazing stuff.

Here we have a two thousand-year old text talking about good and bad fats, some 20 centuries before medical science arrived at the same conclusions!

According to the Zohar, our negative emotions, notably anger, rage, ego, envy, and all reactive impulses, manifest in our liver and this is the underlying cause behind heart disease and death.

A remarkable insight is given by the Zohar:

The Zohar says that the gall:

Amazingly, gall is defined by Merriam Webster’s Dictionary as BOTH “bile” and “bitterness of spirit” or “rancor.”

Did you get that?

Gall refers to a person’s bitter spirit and it also means the liver’s “bile”.

Now guess what?

The liver secretes gall (bile), and its primary component is cholesterol! Heart disease occurs when bad cholesterol “overcomes” and clogs our arteries. Once again, you have an ancient manuscript telling us that cholesterol and fat, blocking the arteries, is the cause of heart disease. The Zohar also says our behavior — bitter or kind — determines whether our liver “offers the heart” the pure fats or the impure fats.

First of all, science did not even figure out that the liver removes fat from the blood until Swiss biologist Albrecht von Haller discovered that the liver’s bile helps to digest fats in the 19th century — some 1800 years after the Zohar.

On this subject, the Zohar states:

What a powerful statement, medically speaking! The Zohar is describing the function of the liver centuries before medical science discovered it.

The Zohar also states:

The Zohar is also teaching us that when we behave with ugly ego, the liver offers up more bad cholesterol to the heart. The negative forces that dwell in the liver then rob us off the pure fat, thus lowering our good cholesterol. When we resist our egocentric and reactive impulses, then the liver offers the pure fat, the good cholesterol and the pure blood to the heart, and the liver digests the bad fat and toxins from the blood.

These Zohar insights are quite awesome, profound and revolutionary!


The Zohar offers dozens of more powerful passages that explain liver function, heart disease, cancer etc., but for obvious reasons, I cannot record them all in this one article. I suggest you read Volume 20, of the English Zohar, called Pinchas, and you will find a wealth of medical knowledge and healing remedies.

So what is the origin of all disease? It is our behavior towards others. It is our degree of reactive, egocentric-driven reflexes versus our proactive, selfless actions.

There it is.

Like it or not.

It is not the foods we eat.

It is not our diet.

And in the end, it is not really our DNA or our genes.

Those are merely the WEAPONS, used by the negative forces to inflict judgment upon us when we create openings—judgment that we aroused through our own actions of ego and intolerance.

But who pulled the trigger to activate disease and to allow these foods or genes to kill us?

Ourselves. You. Me. By virtue of our behavior towards friends and foes.

In other words, the Zohar asks: Why did a soul choose a body with a specific DNA and a predisposition to disease in the first place? And why do some genes that cause disease get activated and sometimes they remain dormant? Why does one person who smokes 4 packs a day get a heart attack, but another person who smokes 5 packs a day lives to 110?

Here is the Zohar’s answer by way of a simple metaphor:

An unknown assailant shoots someone in a dark alley and kills him. Suppose the final police report only described how the gun works and operates; How air pressure moves the bullet through the chamber of the gun etc.

Pretty useless information, right?

Why? Because the next week, the murderer strikes again, shooting and killing someone else.The gun is only the weapon. The bullet is merely another weapon.

Instead, we want to know:


Once the police the catch the actual murderer, the root cause of the killings has been terminated. All those endless medical reports that we read about each day in our newspapers concerning the causes of heart disease miss the point entirely! Totally. Completely. They merely describe the various weapons that were used to kill us, be it our DNA or greasy pastrami sandwiches.

Second, the Zohar explains that “blockages in our arteries” can also occur in other areas of our life. Ultimately, all the ills of society have one root cause. Essentially, all of our relationships in life are “arteries.” Therefore, the blockage can occur in a marriage relationship. For instance, when this particular artery is blocked, love and passion can no longer flow between a husband and wife. Call it a heart attack or death in a marriage.

Our various business relationships are also arteries. The money that flows to us through the deals we make, the relationships we have and the work we do, travels through these arteries. When they are clogged, then good fortune fails to flow to us. Or if we cheat in business, the blockages might end up in our physical arteries in our body. We might prosper in business, but we pay for it with hardening of the arteries and a triple bypass.

All the relationships of the world between people, between business partners, between buyer and seller, between brother and sister, between husband and wife, between parents and children, between one nation and another, these are all spiritual arteries that can become blocked and cause disease when humans behave with intolerance towards one another.

Each time you interact with someone in your life, friend or stranger, enemy or family member, you are affecting the “arteries” in your life, and in the world. If your behavior in these relationships is governed by reactive impulse and self-interest, it creates a “fatty deposit.” If these blockages continue to grow and are left unchecked, “disease” sets in.

The “disease” can then manifest as poverty, war, divorce, kids on drugs, dysfunctional family, global terrorism, or a good old-fashioned heart attack! But in the end, it is our behavior that determines good health or disease.

You know what?

Sit down.

Quiet your mind.

Open your heart.

Let go of all your doubts, just for a moment.

Let go of all your preconceived notions about life and death, healing and medicine and all the social conditioning and pop-cultural influences that have impacted your life.

Be still.

Now read this carefully…

It is so easy to blame food, or diet, or fate, or nature, or crooked business partners, or genes, or drunk drivers, or our enemies for our pain and suffering. It is too darn easy to focus upon the weapon and not the true culprit. This kind of approach to life absolves us from all personal responsibility. After all, who wants to look in the mirror. So, how do we cure ourselves of disease?

Well, the first step is accountability.

This is, without question, the most difficult step of all to take. We must lose the victim mindset. We must realize that it was something we did, this life or past life, which caused the sickness. Once we accept responsibility — 100% — then, and only then, will the tools of Kabbalah arouse the Light of the Creator so that we can be healed!!!!

Now some of these powerful healing tools include:

* Hearing the Torah Reading every Saturday.

* Zohar meditation/scanning (especially Volume 20 and 21 called “Pinchas”)

* Attending the Third Meal on the Sabbath (Boosts the immune system according to the Kabbalists, in the most powerful way possible)

* Kabbalah Water (nurtures and heals the cells of our body, boosts the immune system, cleanses negative blockages)

* Give Charity (According to the Zohar and Talmud, charity — when it hurts — can save one from death. Need we say more?)

Perhaps the most powerful tool to heal occurs when the Torah portion called Pinchas is read aloud during the Sabbath once a year. Just listening to this Torah reading with an open heart and remorse for our prior misdeeds ignites the most awesome forces of healing. 99% of Rabbis have no idea this power is available. And all those people who spread lies about Kabbalists and the Zohar are preventing the rest of the world from receiving healing. This is the reason for anti-Semitism according to the Kabbalists. We have the power and solutions for the world inside Kabbalah and there are people preventing this wisdom from reaching the world.

You want to know the truth about the Zohar and healing? Can you handle it? If you think so, read this next paragraph slowly….

If we could truly see and perceive the spiritual forces and Light that is awakened during a Torah reading, we would all lose our free will in a second. People would be lined up for 40 blocks to get into the building to  listen. But we cannot see it easily. We are not allowed to. We asked the Creator to hide this Light so that we could work hard and overcome our doubts in order to reveal this Light. This way we become the cause of our healing and the cause andcreators of our own joy.

By the way, we touched on another critical idea — the idea of “remorse”. Remorse is intimately connected to the idea of responsibility and it’s a prerequisite for activating all the tools mentioned above. Without this, the tools do not work. Put simply, the Zohar says the key to healing and activating all the tools of Kabbalah is:

“a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart…”

Namely, we must attend the Pinchas Sabbath and hear the Torah reading with:

—Repentance in our soul for the indignities we’ve shown to others.

—A broken heart for the disrespect and incivility we’ve inflicted upon friends and family.

—Deep remorse and acknowledgement of our discourteous and abusive behavior.

When we drink Kabbalah Water, scan the Zohar, give charity, or attend 3rd meal on the Sabbath with a broken spirit and contrite heart, we then become clean and purified, having attained all the goodness, Light, and healing that are released through these awesome tools. And remember, each step of the way, the negative forces will be there to implant doubt and disbelief inside of you. The battle of doubt is yours to contend with. It’s connected to the idea of free will.

But at least, for right now, in a simple blog, you have been given the most powerful insights and tools in the world to truly heal your body, your soul, your relationships and this entire world.

The rest is up to you.


As we hear the Torah on Shabbat, know one thing with absolute certainty: The Light radiating from the Torah Reading, the uttering of the words and the soulful sound of the letters will pour through all of the arteries in our lives to unclog them, to clean them, and free them of all unwanted fat, plaque & waste. This Light and energy will peak at the Third Meal when the arteries that connect the world at every level of existence, will be built anew.

This is our meditation for the Torah portion of Pinchas. For us and for the whole world.

Remember, the more we pray for others, the more Light that flows into the world  to heal the arteries in our bodies, the arteries in our businesses, the arteries that connect us to our friends, and the arteries that exist between nations.

Healing, peace and prosperity will be free to flow by the end of Shabbat.

Expect and demand it all.

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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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