It’s time to end and put to rest the term “Jewish”. There is no such thing as a Jewish religion. No such thing as a Jew in the context of religion. It does not exist. There is much social and religious conditioning (aka brainwashing) that has to be undone because it’s difficult for most of us to accept, embrace and, most important, comprehend that the word has zero meaning in the context of Moses, the Torah, the Zohar, and the arrival of the Messiah. The original term as used in the biblical writings refers to the Tribe of Yehuda, not to a “Jewish” religion.

And the word Judaism also does not exist in the Torah or within the thoughts and revelations of the ancient Kabbalists.


The true name of the people who Moses led out of Egypt and who are supposed to embrace the pathways and teachings of the Torah generation after generation is “Israelite” or the “Children of Israel.” Which leads to a question: If there is no such thing as Jewish, then what about all those Jewish organizations out in there world? Well, for starters, most have been founded and are run by self-appointed people who, on their own accord, decided to become spokespersons even though no one asked them to. Now, if you believe in the nonsense that you are Jewish, then you already fell into a trap and now you think that these people, right or wrong, are speaking on your behalf when you read about them in the news. Whether they have a right to talk for you is a separate matter for the moment. Make no mistake, they have zero right to speak for anyone, except those people who allow them to speak. But the fact is, there is no Biblical group known as a Jewish people.

And the Torah and the Kabbalists tell us that no one, but no one, knows who is a true Israelite except for the Messiah and Elijah the Prophet. Fact is, there are tens of millions of Christians all over the world who are true Israelites, whose families over the centuries assimilated and converted to Christianity and they lost their connection to their genetic and spiritual roots. Now get ready for this one — there are many people in the world, according to the Torah, who are not true Israelites, even though they call themselves Jewish. They are actually descendants from the ancient group of people who the Torah calls “the mixed multitude” or “Erev Rav” in Hebrew.


The Zohar says these groups of “Jews” or Mix Multitude are the ones who “Build Yeshivas (religious schools) and synagogues and they put a crown on top of the Torah but they do it for their own honor, praise and profit.”  According to the Zohar, they are the cause of all chaos, destruction and hatred in the world.

These are strong words. And if you are offended by them, please do not complain to me. I am just repeating the teachings of Zohar and the Kabbalists and trust me, I am holding back a lot of other frightening comments from the Kabbalists of history, who literally place all the blame, ALL OF IT, on the door step of Jews.

What then is an Israelite? Who is an Israelite?

In this week’s Torah portion (Nov 30-Dec 6, 2014) known as Vayishlach, the Torah tells us that Jacob the Patriarch battled the negative angel of his brother Esau. Jacob battled all night long and finally defeated the angel. The Zohar says this angel was none other than the dark force the Torah calls “The Satan”, which means literally, “The Adversary”.

After Jacob defeats the angel, the Torah suddenly changes Jacob’s name. To what?


Israel is the name of Jacob AFTER he conquers the angel of his brother Esau.

Well, the Zohar also tells us there is no devil and no horned creature who creates evil in the world. “The Adversary” is our own ego, the dark counter intelligence that battles us each and every day. How? For instance, we want to be happy, but this force makes us worried, sad and full of fear. Where do you think you fears come from? Why, if there is a problem in life, do we immediately begin worrying instead of feeling invincible? Who programmed us that way? Why is that the so-called natural response to a difficult obstacle? Why is fear and worry the innate human reaction to real problems? Only one reason—the Satan. The ego.

Here’s another example: We want to be optimistic about our life, but this counter intelligence and adversary makes us pessimistic and uncertain and downright depressed. Why is it so easy to feel depression and anxiety and so darn difficult to feel naturally happy and ecstatic and full of bliss?  How about those moments when we decide that we want to start eating right and living healthier lives? Only a few hours later this force whispers into our head, “start the diet next week, eat the chocolate cake and the double burger right now.”

This counter intelligence that ruins our lives and undermines all of our good intentions, is the ego or the force called The Adversary.

The Zohar says that Jacob’s fight was actually against the Satan himself, the root of all human ego. You see, the story is about us. We are Jacob. And the angel or Satan is our own stupid ego that sabotages our life.

Now here’s a big secret:


We just discovered that Jacob’s name was changed to Israel AFTER he beat the living daylights out of the angel Satan. Follow this closely: The name Jacob in Hebrew (Yaakov ) has a numerical value of 182. The Hebrew word “Satan” has a numerical value of 359. By defeating Satan, Jacob literally conquers the Adversary and recaptures all of the Light that was lost to him. Therefore, Jacob adds Satan’s  numeric value to his own name. Now he acquires a new name: Israel. Guess what? The numerical value of Israel is—541!

Get it?

Jacob (182) and Satan (359) = 541, the exact same value as the word “Israel”.

This is an amazing secret and profound understanding. This is why the Twelve Tribes that descended from Jacob are called, The Twelve Tribes of Jacob and/or the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Israel IS Jacob. And Jacob won the name Israel by winning the fight over the Satan, the ego, the inborn self-interest and darkness inside all of us, especially those who descend from Jacob. They are known as the Hebrew tribes. They are not known as Jewish people.

And when these Hebrew tribes and all of their descendants use the Torah to transform and defeat their own darkness and ego, they too win the name of Israelite, just as the father and patriarch of the twelve tribes Jacob did.

An Israelite is anyone who follows the Torah path and defeats the Satan and conquers the ego, recapturing all the blessings and Light that were handed over to the dark side. This is why an Israelite never, but never, points the finger of blame at anyone else. There is no outside enemy. Any enemy that despises a so-called “Jewish person”, is simply a direct reflection and a mirror image of the internal ego and Satan of the individual person—you and I. Period.

When we defeat our inner Satan and ego and all of the self-interest and victimhood that goes along with it—just as when Jacob defeated the negative angel earning the name Israel—we too becomes an Israelite in both body and soul. And then the external enemy will transform and love the Israelites and cherish the Israelites and there will be peace on earth.


Kabbalist Rav Berg explains that Esau was coming to kill Jacob. He wanted to wipe him out. But when he finally approaches his brother, he kisses him on the neck instead of assassinating him. Why? This is the power of becoming a true Israelite. Your external enemies are transformed the minute you defeat your internal enemy, the ego. Our enemies will come to kiss us instead of kill us when we strive to become true Israelites.

That’s how the game of life works. We are not here to be Jews and live inside some Jewish religion. We are here to become Israelites by following the sacred and profound path of Torah and living its teachings. The path of the Torah, infused with the soul of the Torah, the Zohar, is the ONLY tool on earth that has the power and technology to transform people into Israelites. There is no other way to reign in the ugly, pathetic ego of man.

Whoever decides to live the teachings and walk the path of the Torah, this person is on the path to becoming an Israelite.

But the force called Satan created the idea of religion and the concept of “Jewish” and it confuses the hell out of us. It’s probably confusing and bothering a lot people right now reading this blog. That’s because  we have been brainwashed for 2000 years.

Over these last twenty centuries, the Kabbalists attempted to bring this provocative truth and wisdom to the people. Every time they tried, the Mixed Multitude unleashed a torrent of hatred and opposition against them. Though the numbers of the Mixed Multitude were few, their voices were loud; their positions in society, extremely influential. The Zohar says that the Mix Multitude are in the government, the courts, the halls of justice, the synagogues, and they control all the power and wealth. Please remember, these are the words of Rav Shimon Bar Yohai, not me!

But we cannot point the finger at anyone, not even at the Mix Multitude, if we want to become a true student of Torah, Kabbalah and transform into an Israelite.

The way we weaken the power of negative people in the world is by weakening our own ego and learning to love unconditionally—even loving our enemies.

This truth is why Jesus, Rabbi Akiva, Rabbi Ishmael, Rabbi Gamalial, and other great Kabbalists were slaughtered like lambs. They wanted to bring the power of Kabbalah to the world.

But it wasn’t time. Why not?

Because the regular people—like you and I—refused to become accountable and make the inner change necessary to eradicate self-interest, narcissism and egocentricity. Thus, this failure to change is what empowered the corrupt religious establishment to this very day.

We can change all that now. Once and for all. We can share the Zohar, diminish our ego, give up the selfishness, strive to be kinder and lose the victim mentality. None of us have to be perfect. But if enough of us reduce the ego and take the pain a little bit, we can tip the scales and the true Israelites, the people of the Zohar, will bring tremendous Light to all the nations, as the Torah commands us to do, and we will witness and experience the End of Death and Pain and Suffering in our life time.

So the first act that we can perform that is guaranteed to hurt our ego is this: Lose the word Jewish for good, and start looking at people’s souls and our common spark of humanity, instead of their religion.

The way we unite forever Christians, Muslims and Israelites is for us to lose the ego by losing the word Jewish and by winning the name Israelite by recapturing the Light lost to Satan.

What an amazing formula for peace!

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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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88 Responses

  1. Ahalel says:

    WOW! OH MY! NO WORDS! Yet deep inside I connect to this and agree and know it to be so!! Thanks for clarifying! This was awesome and hoping you share the other comments you are holding back on so we can move forward even further!!

  2. Guillermo Del Solar says:

    Powerful post Billy ! I really hope this helps change poeple’s conciousness and for all of us to walk towards unity…

  3. Stuart Lewis says:

    Excellent, the basic message holds true within my soul.
    Have a lot to say about this, but at least for the moment
    I will hold my peace.

  4. John Simoncini says:


  5. Inga says:

    What is the reason for “mix multitude” in the world. Whats is their role and how they became one? Why Torah is the only way?

    Thank you.

  6. Yishai says:

    You keep repeating that a true Israelite never, ever points his finger at anyone, and yet your entire argument is one continual exercise at pointing the finger. First at Esau (one of the handful of non-sinners in the Bible) at Satan, with the implication that Esau=Satan, at the mixed multitudes, at the ego with the inference here that ego=Satan=Esau. The contention that there are no Jews nor Jewish people, using Jacob as the progenitor of the argument in his winning battle against his brother after stealing his inheritance, conveniently ignores Father Abraham’s existence entirely, he who is universally recognized as the first Jew and the original signer/holder/worthy participant of the Convenant with G-d It is hard to contemplate whether your argument for there being no Jews just Israelites, makes much sense in a modern day post Holocaust context, when the world all too often seems on the brink of wishing Israel and the Jewish people out of existence. Your argument almost sounds like your ego is looking for a convenient way to for Jews to disappear (for their own safety?). Am Yisrael Chai, and so thankfully and eternally do the Jewish People live!

    • Yishai, thank you for commenting. There is zero finger pointing. Esav and the angel refer to our own ego. Period. And Abraham is never called a Jew in the Torah. He is the patriarch of the Children of Israel and Israelite nation and the father of Islam and Christianity as well. The article is suggesting the removal of a word, not a people. A change in consciousness. And THAT is what will ensure life, peace, safety and continued existence for all peoples, including the Children of Israel. Again, these are the views of the Zohar. Not me. I am sharing what i have learned and studied over the last 22 years. And also what i have experienced. I have seen Muslims, and Christians embrace Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg over the last two decades and saw miracles happen. The King of Morocco studied Zohar with the Rav in his palace. Grand Mufti asking the Rav for blessings to heal his own child who was ill. Countless stories of Kabbalah and this consciousness of “israelite” breaking new ground in terms of building bridges and removing anti-semtisim and hatred. I am afraid you did not understand the spiritual message and Kabbalistic insight of the article. But that’s okay. Took me ten years just to begin to grasp a little bit of this ancient teaching and insight. Only Kabbalah explains the true significance of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and unfortunately, there is not enough space to here to explain. So i suggest learning Kabbalah (and so do the Kabbalists and Zohar) for they tell us that ONLY Kabbalah will remove all hatred and conflict and destruction between people. Remember, there is no worse destruction in the world than the destruction one human being inflicts on another in the name of religion. No hurricane or earthquake compares to the destructive forces we unleash on one another. Kabbalah offers a way to bring peace to you, me, and all the world. How can you argue with that? Wishing you blessings in your life.

  7. Rachel Yesenia says:

    Amazing wisdom Billy!

  8. Brindusa SES says:

    For those of us, really serious about finding out the TRUTH about our beginnings we are going deeper in our studies we will find that Abraham (Abram was his name before he encountered the Creator in Haran) was a Chaldean coming from the city of Ur, in S Mesopotamia (in Chaldea region)and he was not a Jew, a Christian or a Muslim. These religions started to appear later after his death. He was the one to become the Father of all nations. He was a Chaldean astrologer and his father was so called an Idol Worshiper (worshiping the Gods of Sumeria). Moses later was studying among other things astrology!
    Abraham had the knowledge been given to him and he wrote the 1st Kabbalasitic Astrological manuscript known in history called as Shepir Yetzirah (The Book of Formation). It was written in Chaldean language that is has the same letters of the alphabet as the of the letters of Aramaic and Hebrew language which came in existence after that when a group of semitic people incorporated the Chaldean alphabet and created the Aramaic and its sister language Hebrew from it around Abraham historical times. Jesus spoke Aramaic, the Zohar (The Book of Splandor), the main book of Kabbalah is put in writing later in Aramaic language.

    But lets look closer from where the doctrine of Kabbalah comes from…soon we’ll all SEE that has nothing to do with any JEWISH people, tradition, religion or dogma.

    “We are seriously informed by commentators that the doctrine of Kabbalah was first taught by God/Creator to his select angels who formed a school in Paradise. Then, after the fall, it was communicated to man that by its means he might regain his lost estate. From Adam it passed to Noah, then to Abraham, on to the Egyptians, from whom it reached to Moses.
    Moses was further instructed regarding it by an Angel, during his 40 years in the wilderness. Then Moses injected the doctrine covertly into the first 4 books of Pentateuch and initiated Aaron and the Seventy Elders into its secrets. From them it handed down through an unbroken line of priesthood succession which included King David and Solomon, to the time of the destruction of the second Temple; when for the first time it was committed to writing.” This writings are nothing else then the Zohar book, known as the Book of Spendor,which the Heart of the Bible. The Torah scroll is the BODY and the Zohar is the SOUL of the Bible.

    “The Kabbalistic knowledge was a teaching concerning the origin of the Universe, man’s proper relation to God and all other entities, why man entered material conditions, and how he might through partaking of the Three of Good and Evil ultimately regain his spiritual estate and also partake of the Tree of Life, and so attain Self-Conscious-Immortatity.

    From the Children of the Golden Age, the tradition relates, this information was handed down by word of mouth, as allegorical stories, to more material times. And thus it came to be an essential part of the wisdom for which the ancient lands of Atlantis and Mu are renowned.

    Before the last cataclysm, in the Bible referred to as the flood of Noah, when the last of these two older continents sank, The Priests of Stellar Wisdom, perceiving through astrological cycles the approach of such a disaster, had encouraged the establishment of colonies in what later were to become the seven centers of civilization: Egypt, India, Crete, Peru, Mexico, China and Chaldea. And to these colonies then established, that the ancient spiritual wisdom might not perish from the earth, they sent those to reside who were familiar with it.
    Just when the colonies from Atlantis and Mu reached their various outposts is not clearly defined. But in Egypt, Moses educated by the priesthood, came directly in contact with their teachings, and in his wilderness wanderings received further communications from higher intelligences; all of which become a part of the doctrine held by the priests and handed down to later times in the form of abstruse allegories.

    It seems certain that none of what now is known as Jewish Kabbalah was written until after the commencement of the Cristian era. The first to place any of this traditional knowledge, in writing is reputed to have been Ben-Ha-Kanah, about 70 A.D., rabbi Ishael be Elisha wrote about 121 A.D.
    Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai is the channel through which the Zohar appeared about 150 A.D in writing. It was revealed to him and another two rabbis putted in writing, Rabbi Shimon just channeled the information. Abbi Shimon bar Yochai is the reincarnation of one spark of Moses’s soul! He was Jesus’s teacher!

    However as a matter of historical research, it is found that the Kabbalah first put in an external appearance in the seventh century, apparently through Neo-Platonist and Neo-Pythagorean channels. The main body of the Zohar seems to have been unknown, except in the secret schools, until the 13th century of our era.

    The early writings on the Kabbalah include a work called Palaces, describing God’s throne and His angelic household,a work of the Dimensions of Deity, and the Alphabet of Rabbi Akiva. In this letter each Hebrew letter is taken to represent a primordial spiritual idea.”

    Now we can see closer from the beginning of our immaterial times how the knowledge arrived to us now in the 21st Century, in the Age of Aquaruis.

    For those of you who have to Zohar in English_Hebrew translation read more insights about this school of Angels and how the knowledge been handed down in Vol. 1 Beresheet A, in verse: 472, 474.

    Enjoy the bliss of finding out the TRUTH.

    a kabbalah student & an Atlantian old soul

    • GLORIA says:








      MUCH !!!


  9. Yishai says:

    From the decidedly Jewish book, The Pirke Aboth, The Sayings of the Fathers, there us this little gem for all who dwell within this christian kaballah cult of questionable morality and substance of the moment, and it is this:

    “Error in teaching us tantamount to intentional sin.”

    Can anyone who maintains that the Jewish people do not exist be a Jew, and since the answer is obviously no, then how can a non-Jew be trusted to teach Jews about their religion?

    Moderate this one on your comments if you have the chutzpah Bill. William’s surely not a Jewish name Bill. were you born catholic by chance?

    • I was born Jewish. I had a bar mitzvah. I went to Hebrew school. I never received an answer for anything. The only time i found answers was when I found Kabbalah. The answers often hurt. But there are answers. and they deliver results in your life. And once again, i am afraid you missed the essence and point of the article. First, these are the teachings of the Zohar. Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. Read the Zohar and see for yourself. Read what the Zohar says about the Mix Multitude. Second, the Torah never ever uses the word Jewish. We are the Children of Israel. In fact, read what Rav Isaac Luria says in next week’s portion about Jacob and the Israelites and also Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. From Abraham came Isaac and Ishmael. From Isaac came Jacob and Esav. Only Jacob had children who did not bring negativity into the world like his father and grandfather in terms of Ishmael and Esav. The Ari says this is why Jacob is the patriarch of the Israelites and has the name Israel and why the twelve tribes descend from him. This too, however, is a code and without Kabbalah you can never grasp the underlying truths. Any darkness from Ishmael and Esav is ALSO a result of our own inner ego. The Ari and Rav Ashlag refer to it as the external and the internal. Each “Jew” has both external (ego) and internal aspect (soul). The world is mirrored on this structure. The external world are the Ishmaelites and the descendants of Esav (Muslims and Christians, respectively). When Jews allow their external (ego) to dominate their soul, the world mirrors this dynamic and the Muslims and Christians dominate the Jews. When Jews transform into true Israelites (defeating the inner Satan/Ego) then the external world of Muslims and Christians no longer dominate/dislike us and instead peace blossoms and there will be unity between the three faiths. This is the burden that Torah, Zohar, The Ari, Rav Ashlag, Ramchal and every Kabbalist in history puts on us. How anyone can argue against the fact that we should work on transforming our own ego (evil inclination)? How can anyone disagree with the statement that we are here to be the Light to the other nations, and that we are responsible for both the Light and darkness in the world? To deny this is to deny the essence of Torah. Instead of you and I arguing over a term and word that does not exist in the Torah, why not come together in friendship, subdue our own egos, and look for ways to agree, instead of disagree? Removing ego is how we bring the world closer to Mashiach and remove anti-semitism. We do not bring the world closer by being right in an argument. We need to find our evil inclination and ego in every situation. I will go first. I have an ego, i have intolerance, i have a lack of sensitivity and i need to fix all this, especially as Rosh Hashanah approaches. Your turn. Lets do this without judgment and find a way to shake hands and even we can agree to disagree with dignity.

  10. Erin says:

    I think it’s really great to have people who don’t study kabbalah even taking the time to read all of this all of the dedication is inspiring thank you

  11. Aaron Goldaracena says:

    “Yisrael rejoice in their Father in heaven, NAMELY IN THE ROOT OF THE TREE, and they give a portion of the blessing to the rest of the nations, who can hold and do hold to Yisrael”.

    The Zohar

  12. Reuven Yisroel says:

    Well written article, Billy! But what about Mordechai HaYehudi? There is a Gemore in Tractate Megilla: Mordechai came from the tribe of Binyamin . Why was he called “Mordechai HaYehudi”, which infers that he came from the tribe of Judah? The Talmud answers that whoever denies idolatry is called Yehudi. The connection with the word Yehuda and one who denies idolatry is that the word Yehuda is related to modeh; to admit. In addition, the word Yehuda contains all the letters of Hashem’s name: Yud, Keh, Vav, Keh. Therefore Yehudah means: he who acknowledges the existence of G-d.

    • Mordechai was called HaYehudi, according to Rashi, because he was exiled from the Kingdom of Judah. It has zero to do with a global religion. The Torah is a pathway back to the Light of the Creator by virtue of inner transformation, for the Children of Israel, all those who were exiled out of Egypt and stood on Mount Sinai during Revelation. There are 600,000 soul sparks that stood at Sinai. These sparks continue to subdivide during reincarnation and this is how the numbers of Israelites expand throughout the generations.

  13. Also, regarding the name YEHUDA, Yehuda is about the name of the individual and the tribe, not a religion. What is really cool about this name, as you point out, is that its the Tetragrammaton (yod, key vav key) with the letter Daled added. Why daled? Daled has the numerical value of 4, which corresponds to the Tetragrammaton, strengthening this power of the name and the Name, and the daled refers to King David, who represents the physical reality so it helps unite the Tetragrammaton (spiritual reality) with our physical reality. It’s an amazingly powerful name as it has the power of David and the Tetragrammaton all in one condensed version.

  14. Reuven Yisroel says:

    In your excellent reply to Yishai you wrote: “How anyone can argue against the fact that we should work on transforming our own ego (evil inclination)? How can anyone disagree with the statement that we are here to be the Light to the other nations, and that we are responsible for both the Light and darkness in the world?” I agree but the RBS”O gave us “Jews” the taryag mitzvos to fulfill this mission! No?

    • The Israelites have this mission. The Torah refers to the people who left Egypt as the Children of Israel. And the Israelites are called on to be the Light unto the other nations. And Yes, its the Torah and the tools of Torah that transform us.

  15. Reuven Yisroel says:

    Okay, how then should Non-Jews have to play the same part in this transform process if they “only” have the obligation to obey the sheva mitzvos bnei noach and we as descendants and the seed of Jaacov AVINU must fulfill our duty – the 613 mitzvos?

    • Reuven, nice question. It’s a complicated answer so bear with me. Here we go: There are two realms, the external and the internal. The Torah is the external. The Zohar is the internal. The body/ego is the external. The soul is the internal. The gentile nations are the external. Israelites are the internal. Now, when Israelites allow their own external ego to control and dominate their internal, the soul, this will be mirrored among the external nations. They will control and dominate the Israelites. It’s up to the Israelites to transform by using the internal aspect of the Torah, the Zohar/Kabbalah, to gain control over the ego and unleash their soul. As they do, the external nations in the world will begin to transform and embrace Israelites. According to Zohar, anti semitism and hatred towards the Israelites among the gentile nations is because the individual Israelites allow their own external ego to dominate their internal soul. They allow the ritual dogmatic literal law of Torah to dominate the internal soul of the Torah, the Kabbalah. So the first thing we need to correct is to unleash the Zohar and round up the Israelites to start them on the path of transformation. As it happens, the world will change accordingly. Now, the question becomes, WHO is an Israelite? So, the Kabbalists explain only the Messiah and Elijah the Prophet know who is a true Israelite. Many true soul level Israelites are among the Gentile nations, having assimilated over the last 2000 years. And many who call themselves “jews’ are really just Erev Rav, the Mix Multitude. It is NOT our job to determine who is an Israelite or who is Erev Rav. Our only work is to fix ourselves. Period. That’s it. We must only open up the doors of Zohar and Kabbalah to all, and the true Israelites will come forth and find their way back home. There are millions of true Children of Israel among the Gentiles. They will find their way back. Now, as the Israelites truly transform, the truth about Jesus will also be revealed, according Moses David Valle, the Messiah son of David, in his generation according to the Ramchal. Now, Christians will come forth as the effect of the work of the Israelites, removing anti-semitism and they will start embracing the 7 laws and start loving the true Torah and the Israelites. This is EXACTLY what happens at the Kabbalah Centres worldwide. And it all begins with the man in the mirror. Me. You. Only fixing ourselves using the Zohar, Torah and all the path that was given to us by Moses and Rabbi Shimon. And as Christians begin to realize that the true teachings of Jesus was Kabbalah and Torah, they will also come forth. I hope i made this clear.

  16. too much to learn and to have clear from that article,poison for the ego and light for a brain that needs change

  17. Guillermo Del Solar says:

    Hi Billy, when you say “gentiles” and “other nations”, what does that mean ? that makes me think of non- jews.

    Also, what does “israelites finding the way back home” mean ? that also makes me think of jews having converted to other religions.

    Finally, what is the difference between hebrews and jews ?

    Thanks Billy

    • Other nations refers to non-Israelites. We are all one soul. But the one soul shattered into pieces. The big pieces are referred to Israelites. They require the most restriction in their lives because their desire is the largest. Thus, they are the most negative—until they transform through restriction which is the whole purpose of Torah and Kabbalah. The other nations are all the rest of the shattered sparks of souls. There is no such thing as Jew. Not in the religious sense. Hebrews and Israelites are the same. However, a Hebrew becomes a true Israelite after he has transformed his ego and selfish desire into selfless actions of sharing with others. This is why Jacob’s name is changed from Jacob to Israel in the Torah. It happens only AFTER Jacob defeated the negative angel of his brother Esav. The negative angel is our own internal ego.

  18. Jacob Steinberg says:

    “…the Kabbalists of history, who literally place all the blame, ALL OF IT, on the door step of Jews.”

    “This is why an Israelite never, but never, points the finger of blame at anyone else. There is no outside enemy. Any enemy that despises a so-called ‘Jewish person,’ is simply a direct reflection and a mirror image of the internal ego and Satan of the individual person—you and I. Period.”


  19. Yonathan says:

    All well explained, thank you Billy, but what about Minian ? Why in the Centre a “gentile” is not allowed to be part of it ? Why only “Jews” ? What about Brit Mila and Bar Mitzva for a “goy” ? and marriage between a “jew” and a “gentile” ?

    • Minians require Israelites because the Israelite is the one who needs to transform the desire to receive for the self alone into the desire to receive for the sake of sharing. That is how we generate Light for all the nations, which is why Israelites are required to be the Light unto all the nations, otherwise known as Chosen People. Gentiles are not required to perform the same level of transformation. But we are all one. But a kidney cell does not do the work of a heart cell. The Israelite plays the role of the heart. The other nations are the other organs. But we are one body. The Minian is how the “heart” generates the Light through the prayer to transform the Israelite turning the individual into a conduit and channel to radiate Light to the rest of the world. This is what the Torah and Zohar teach. Its quite simple actually. Same with marriage. You do not unite a kidney cell with a heart cell. You don’t ask a second baseman to play catcher. We are one body, with different functions. We are one team with each nation playing a unique position on the field. Hope that makes sense. Wishing you the miracles of Chanukah in your life.

    • Yonathan says:

      So a Kabbalah student who was not born “jewish” is an Israelite too ? In fact, that was my question 😀 Because a lot of the Centre’s students who were not born jewish don’t understand why ther are not allowed to be part of the minian, although they’re doing all the connections, keeping cosher, keeping shabbat and so on …
      It’s very intersting, when you compare the Centre with the early church 2000 years ago … seems to be very quite the same … uge desire to spread the Light and the wisdom of Kabbalah, but unfortunately some misunderstanding between “jew” and ‘gentile”, with sometime the bad feeling for the second one to be inferior because of the pride and almost rudeness from some of the previous one.

      Sorry if i bother you 🙂 i just need a strong answer from a advanced student, so that i can be able to answer the question myself if i’m being asked.

      Wish you and your family all the best and the miracles of Chanukah 🙂

    • Hi Yonathan,

      A person who transforms their nature and uses all the tools and teachings of Torah to do so, is called an Israelite when that transformation is made. Gentiles who practice various rituals of Torah are not necessarily Israelites unless a complete transformation and conversion is made. However, true gentiles are not required to become Israelites. They are required to become righteous gentiles which they do by observing seven of the Torah’s teachings/tools/technology. Remember, we are one body. But a body has different organs with different functions. We need everyone. Rav Ashlag says each of the religions is a connection to the Light. Kabbalah is just a universal technology that empowers Israelites while at the same time, empowering the other religions to enhance the world’s connection to the 99% reality. the point of my article was not to get into a discussion about who and who is not an Israelite. But rather, to lose the word “Jewish” and focus on the word Israelites and its true inner meaning which is to ONLY get rid of our own ego and nothing else. To win the battle against the inner darkness and selfishness as Jacob did when he triumphed over the negative angel of his brother Esav (Code for the inner ego). Jacob’s name was changed to Israel. By the way the first Hebrew letter of Isaac/Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca, Abraham, and Leah also spells Israel.

    • Avraham Meyer says:

      Hey Billy,

      Thanks for all your work and wisdom.

      As only Elijah and the Messiah know who is a true Israelite, why aren’t all men counted when we do a minyan?

    • Thank you for your comment. Let’s not over complicate this. The point of the article is to say that Israelite is the proper term instead of “Jewish.” So all people who call themselves Jews are really called “Children of Israel” by the Torah. Now, the second point which is an aside, is that the Kabbalists teach us that only the Messiah and Elijah know who is a true Israelite. It’s not for us to decide or judge. However, all those souls now among us who call themselves “Jewish” should just use the term “Children of Israel” for the reasons mentioned in the article. They are the ones who are called up for Torah and for minyan because their role is to become the “heart” of the one body of humanity. You do not ask a liver cell to become a heart cell and perform the function of the heart. The Israelite is to transform his selfish nature into a selfless nature by way of Torah and this is how we nourish the other nations with Light and spiritual “blood-flow.”

    • Rubens says:

      You said the centres worldwide serve the purpose to bring only the children of Israel, and the mix multitude should keep only the 7 mitzvot, instead all of them are teaching to keep shabbat, mikve, kosher, do kabbalistic prayers and other mitzvot as a tool. That’s what we really wanna know, why all of us are taught to keep mitzvot and still aren’t regarded as children of Israel.

    • Not sure I understand your question. But i can tell you that no one knows who is a true Israelite except the Messiah and Elijah the Prophet. And the Centre is not God’s policeman, as the Rav always used to say. It’s up to teach person to find their way to the Light. The Centre itself does all the connections of the Torah and the path of the Israelite. But the Centre never tells anyone what they must or must not do. The Centre shares wisdom.

  20. labe kagan says:

    Hi Billy, Happpy Channukah.
    I am Jewish and enjoy studying Kabbalah.In fact all the teachers that I have studied with at the Kabbalah Centre and the Tzadikim that I have learned from have also been Jewish. We don’t sell Kabbalha books written by non Jews. And it seems we recognize that the Israelites that are associated with having Jewish Mothers are encouraged by our teachers to adhere to certain connections not as essential to those that aren’t. It doesn’t seem right that its OK to be Chritian and Moslem but that there is something wrong with being Jewish. I agree with much of what you’re saying but the rituals we practice seem very Jewish to me.
    I think that there is enough negative talk about Judaism and that we don’t need more.

    • Hi Labe, Thanks for commenting. You say the rituals seem very Jewish. They are not Jewish. And that’s the problem. They are the Torah. The rituals were designed for the Children of Israel because the word Jewish does NOT appear in the Torah. Using Jewish and not Israelite and no Kabbalah for the last 2000 years has only brought about death, persecution and suffering. It hasn’t worked. Because its not part of the Torah. There is no Jewish religion. There is only the path of the Torah designed for the children of Israel to use to transform their evil inclination into selfless giving, loving and caring for others. This is what the Kabbalists and Talmudic masters of history teach. These are teachings of Torah, not the teachings of Billy.

  21. labe kagan says:

    Somehow between Israelite and Jewish, I fear we have a case of antisemantics.
    Love and Blessings.

  22. Thank you Billy, I totally get your article. I am a Christan, and I’ve been a student of Kabbalah for the last 6 months. I will do my part in refraining from using the terminology of ‘Jew’ or “Jewish”. I will also refer my friends of Israelite decent to your article.

    Besides, what’s so hard to comprehend??… The Torah doesn’t mention Jew or Jewish, and furthermore you explain the correlation of the same in the Zohar. I believe your research & delight in the wisdom you’ve shared. Thank You. Much Light to You!!

  23. Lezlie says:

    This is something I’ve NEVER heard before, obviously WE were taught both in Hebrew school, and from our Families, something quite different!
    It’s going to take a bit of re-thinking, and even re-wording of what we say/call ourselves – def. a challange!!
    I always thought Kabbalah was “Jewish” Mysticism – obviously not..
    I do have a pocket-sized ZOHAR w/the portion of the Book of Healing. I have in the past used the 72 names of G-d, but the rest of the book is in Hebrew, which I don’t understand.
    I’ve been on (free)calls that teach Kabbalah, and felt something VERY strong.
    I will have to get into this some more. Where is the best place to get an English version of the Zohar? Can I begin to learn just from that or do I need a class?
    Cannot afford to pay anything rt. now.
    Very interesting – thanls ~ Lezlie (Yafah)

  24. Elyshua says:


    First know history. “Jew” is a term that has 2 meanings 1) A person who was a citizen of the ancient kingdom of Judea 2) A person from the Tribe of Judah (One of the 12 Tribes). So to use the arugment that a person becoming a “Jew” or has Jewish lineage is somehow “evil” is ridiculous. A “Jew” is still a Child of Israel (Israelite) The difference between a “Jew” and “Israelite” only occured becasue of split in the Israelite Kingdom. This article seems to me like another famous case of more “Non Jews” that come across “Jewish Spiritually” and want to claim it for their own and discredit the source “Jewish” it comes from.

    A Proud Jewish Woman

    • Hi,

      Thanks for sharing your comments. You proved my point. I said Jewish has no religious context whatsoever in the Torah. The word Judah refers to a Tribe, not a religion. It’s geography and tribal, not spiritual essence, soul and race of people connected to the Torah. The Children of Israel (Jacob) refers to Jacob’s descendants who embrace and walk the path of Torah and transform. We are Children of Israel. I know its hard to let go of “jewish” but if we let go of that, we also let go of 2000 years of global suffering, persecution and pain. When we become true Israelites, says Kabbalah, we bring Light to all the Nations and then the world will know peace. Why argue about that?

  25. Rubens says:

    How do we become true Israelites? If I was not born “Jewish” how do I become an Israelite. You said above that the review process should make a “conversion”, I never heard of this in the Kabbalah Centre, I would like to be light for other nations as well. Can you talk more about that?

  26. AVI says:



  27. AVI says:

    You cannot become an Israelite. Only a true born Jew is an Israelite. You cannot convert to Judaism, you can only be born a Jew. Remember where Christianity came from, from Christ who was a Jew. How can you possibly then say that there is no such a thing as a Jew, so then there is no such a thing as Christ.

    • The Torah NEVER uses the word Jew and therefore Jesus, who observed the Torah, never used the word Jew. The word the Torah uses is Israelite and Children of Israel, Bnai Yisrael. A convert receives a higher soul (Israelite soul) than those born an Israelite, according to the Ari, Rabbi Isaac Luria and the Holy Zohar.

  28. AVI says:

    Jewish is an English word, which is why it is not in the torah. Yehudi is the Hebrew word for Jewish, which came from Yehuda

    • Yehudi refers to a tribe, not a religion. That is my point. There is no religion called Judaism. Read the Torah. Yakov became Yisrael only when he defeated the negative angel of Esav, which is really our own evil inclination. We are the Children of Yisrael (Yakov) and the Christians are the descendants of Esav. Its quite simple. And the Muslims are the descendants of Ishmael. And when we unite together in love, dignity and respect, the Messiah will come and death will come to an end for all mankind.

  29. AVI says:

    Kabbalah is Jewish mysticism, and it came from Jews and was later discovered by Muslims, Romans, Christians and so on.

    • Kabbalah is not jewish mysticism. Kabbalah is the soul of the Torah, the inner secrets given to Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. The same way mankind would call a fax machine “mysticism” 150 years ago, the world called Kabbalah “mysticism” because it spoke of a round earth 2000 years ago, it spoke of ten dimensions and impure fats in the arteries causing heart disease, and it spoke of seven continents on earth. These were heretical ideas. Kabbalah is the science of the universe and the science of the soul, the very wisdom concealed in the Tablets given to Moses on Mount Sinai. In fact, Rabbi Abraham IBN Ezra, the great Talmudist from the Middle Ages says the Light on Moses face after he received the Second Tablets was ZOHAR! The Zohar is the Or Ganuz (Hidden Light). It is not mysticism. It is Light. Wisdom. the Light we had on Mount Sinai. Not my opinion. This is the opinion of ALL the revered Kabbalists of History.

  30. Lezlie Ely says:

    I get the idea of the ego being our main enemy however, you really think that JUST leaving behind the name “Jewish” – all other religions
    are going to come to Peace?

    • It’s about the change of consciousness. It’s about understanding what Israelite truly means. It’s about letting go of a two thousand year old negative consciousness.

  31. Such a poor word as “Jew” in such a impoverished language as English can certainly not describe a people as complex as the people of Israel that was reformed (!) in what we know as the “gift of the Torah” in “Mount Sinai”, just like that language can certainly not allow his people to understand such a subtle Language as the Hebrew Language composing the finest books of all. Now the lack of understanding of what is the people of Israel, widely infiltrated today by foreigners pretending/believing to belong to it, and whose many members are still assimilated among the nations, cannot be used to annihilate our precious differences that will allow one day the return of the Original Harmony between all men.
    Now the people of Israel is the Microcosm of all the people and what is true for Israel is of course true for everyone else, but again, understanding who we are requires to understand the Language the books that explain it were written in a long time ago by who should soon be recognized as the greatest thinkers of Mankind. Now I invite anyone that really want to understand all that to discuss it more openly and more deeply at the Torah’s Mirrors Group on Facebook.
    Ready when you are…
    Samuel Abucaya שמואל אבוקיה

    • Lezlie Ely says:

      So – after reading all of the above -I get it. The term/name Jewish did not exist in the Torah. A problem here – most of us out there have only known one name for ourselves, so just getting THAT concept across is intense on it’s own. The getting rid of our own ego on the other hand, is to me an easier one to grasp, since I believe that that is a big issue for MOST of us in the world – no religions excluded.
      Truthfully the name Jewish never bothered me, but the term Jew never felt right. I think though that saying I am an Israelite, will have someone then asking me – oh are you from Israel? So what do I say – not directly? Can I use the name Hebrew instead Israelite?
      Another question/comment: if in fact the only way to world peace is for us to drop that term, and then as you stated – When Jews transform into true Israelites (defeating the inner Satan/Ego) then the external world of Muslims and Christians no longer dominate/dislike us and instead peace blossoms and there will be unity between the three faiths. Sounds great, however unless most every person that calls him/herself Jewish, finds and follows the teachings of Kabbalah – this is most likely never going to happen!
      I’ve been to Israel twice (beautiful Country), and most Isrealie’s that I talked with, were much more into their Country than their being Jewish, and still Peace is hard to come by. I guess still,(on both sides) ego plays a role.

  32. John Mayor says:

    People from Israel are Israelis, not Israelites.

    • LezlieEly says:

      Yes I know that (as I stated above, although I spelled it wrong – ooops) as I went to Israel. But PEOPLE who hear the term Israelite will not necessarily distinguish that.
      Interesting that that was the only comment from what I said. What about what we have all been taught – right or wrong – most people I know of this faith, know nothing of all this.

  33. Moshe says:

    Please billy, if you can answere me i am anxious…… Read the book of esther and tell if there is the world israelite….. Mmmmmn not it says yehudim… Jews…… And yes all the kabbalists were jewish, if you say that illogical concept about the yeshivot; you should tell the kabbalah center calendar to take out rab haim from volojin that in deed he ordered exactly what to study in the yeshivot and how to study… Ok ok rav ashlag studied in a yeshiva, rav berg and both of his sosns too…. You say you read about the student of the ramjal, please before even saying his holy name READ His BOOKS!!!!! He say that if you want to be in the tree of bnei israel (israelite) you can CONVERT ….. So actually no one without conversion is israelite, even if their soul is a jewish soul, without conversion he cant even do shabbat… Please read the talmud about it or the zohar parashat vayakhel ( but in the hebrew edition) because rav ashlag says that anyone that doesnt have the brit (circumsition according to jewish law) represented in his body cant do shabbat….. Im ok if you want people to change , but please no more lies…. You know why any torah scholar rejects the kabbalah center, because of this kind of lies, just the people without torah studies can believe this ( me 5 years ago)…. If someone wants to know exactly where its written what i just post, send a replay and ill post it ….
    Im not against kabbalah… I just hate lies… You can show torah to every nation, but if you dont teach the truth,…. I dont know how this can affect their lifes

    • Thanks for writing Moshe. The word in the Book of Esther refers to the Tribe of Yehuda, not a religion. Yehudim refers to a tribe member. The Torah uses the term Children of Israel, and Israel is the name of Jacob/Yakov. Read the Zohar and see what the Zohar says about the word Yehudi/Jewish.

      You did not understand my article. I never said who and who should not keep Shabbat. I never said who or who should not have a circumcision.

      Also, no one knows who is a true Israelite (descendant of Jacob) except Elijah the Prophet and the Messiah.

      So my point was anyone who genuinely walks the path of Torah and transforms, meaning keeps the path, keeps the precepts and successfully transforms their evil inclination (desire to receive) into one of sharing (desire to receive for the sake of sharing) is called an Israelite. I don’t care if they are born to parents who are true Israelites, or if they are true converts. It’s not for us to judge anyone one. Only the Messiah knows whose soul descends from Esav, Yakov or Ishmael, but the term for the descendants of Yakov is not Jewish, it is Israelite or Bnei Israel.

      The only thing we can judge is ourselves.

      I am not sharing my opinion so you don’t have to call me a liar. I am only sharing what the Torah teaches and what Kabbalah teaches.

      Wishing you blessings and miracles.

  34. Ash says:

    The Zohar says: If one gives to all those who are uncircumcised even a single letter of the Torah, it is considered as if he devastated the world and was false to the name of the Holy One, blessed be He. It is all dependent upon this, CIRCUMCISION. One is bound to the other, TORAH IS CONNECTED TO CIRCUMCISION,

    Hillel and Shamai, who spoke so to Onkelos, but they did not reveal Torah topics to him until he was circumcised.

    Therefore we understand, to truly merit or study even a word of Torah, let alone Kabbalah, one needs to have the Brit and be a convert surely?

    • The Zohar and Kabbalists tell us at the End of Days, if Messiah has not yet arrived ONLY through the dissemination of Kabbalah can we bring the redemption with mercy. The Kabbalists like Rabbi Abraham Azulai explain that by the year 1541 we must bring Kabbalah to the world. Second, the 7 Noahide laws are Torah and they are for the gentiles. Third, spreading Kabbalah is not about making the gentiles keep the Torah. Only the Israelites keep Torah. Spreading Kabbalah means the Israelites get rid of their own ugly ego and self interest and transform into loving people and sharing the truth about the ONE Creator with the rest of the world. These are the words of Zohar and Kabbalists. The Ari says the only reason we are in exile is because the Israelites refused to bring Kabbalah to the gentile nations who are trapped in the darkness and Klippot. Only through our own transformation and sharing of Zohar can we uproot the gentiles. If we don’t, the Ari says, the gentiles will wage war upon us and THAT is the only reason we suffer. Not because God wants to punish us in the exile. The exile continues because we have not done our job.

  35. charlotte says:

    This incorrect as the Persians in the time of Esther referred to her people as Jews. In addition, in Esther 10:vs 3 it states that Mordecai was a Jew and that” he was great among his people the Jews”.

    • Incorrect. It refers to the Tribe of Yehuda, not to a religion. A Tribe is not a religion and there are twelve tribes, with twelve different names. But the Torah refers to the people who accept the Torah as the Bnei Yisrael. Children of Israel.

  36. Mot says:

    So lets accept the idea that anyone can reach the level of Israelite. Then we accept that a Noahide(as a spiritual concept) is the entrance level of connecting to the Creator and following the Torah path. Whats in between? Is it all or nothing? You said only Elijah knows whether a person is an Israelite or not, and given that Israelite is a state or level of the soul then how can there ever be a minyan? If we accept that Jew in the 1% may or may not be an Israelite, a Christian could, etc, then it would be impossible here in this world to ever align ourselves into any cohesive group!? If I see someone behaving altruistically then am I to assume theyre an Israelite. And then the opposite, a person behaving badly is a gentile….even if that person is a Jew in the 1%?

    • Thanks for your comment. You are complicating it. Simple. Whoever is on the path of Torah, 100%, transforming their Desire to Receive for the Self Alone, into Desire to Receive for the Sake of Sharing, they are called Bnei Israel. Those who accept the yoke of Torah. Its not for us to determine who and who isn’t an Israelite. Our only work is to find our connection to the Light of the Creator based on my own soul and soul root. Regarding aligning ourselves, I was just saying swap out the word Jewish (which has no basis in Torah in the context of religion) for the word the Torah uses, Israelite. And focus on the meaning as revealed by the Zohar and dedicate ourselves to the teachings of the soul of the Torah, Zohar, because that is the fast track to Redemption, World Peace and the Death of Death.

  37. Tony Martin says:

    Thats Not nice! “Jew” comes from the Patriarch Yehuda (or Judah) it means “Praise”. critisizingsomeonefor their beliefs is Not Praising G-D’s NAME or even ‘Praiseworthy for that matter. You were just attackinghim below the belt and judging him by his name. He is a human Neshama created in the Image of HASHEM. Who cares if he was born Catholic or not. He is still a Soul created in G-D’s Image. I think some apologies and True Tshuvah is in order here . I have to do Tshuvah every day, and in most moments. Let us not judge, or we shall be judged in the same manner. (which , by the way is a very “Jewish, Catholic, Muslim, Israelitic, Buddhist teaching by the way. )These are all just labels and devised by the Adversary to divide and conquer us which he is doing a ‘hell of a job’ doing! Shalom! Shalom to all of us! Shalom to the world<3 <3 <3 Love and hearts!!!

    • The article simply states that the word Jewish does not refer to a religion, according to the Torah and Zohar. Both the Torah and Zohar use the Hebrew rendition of Jew or Jewish as Yehuda, which refers to a tribe, not a religion. The same way the name Benjamin refers to a tribe and not the name of a religion. The word used by both the Torah and Zohar for those who stood at Sinai to receive the Torah is Israelite or the Children of Israel. There is no judgment in that statement. Its only a clear presentation of the facts. “Religious” terms that are man made and introduced into the path of Torah is what creates separation between people. By removing these terms, and sticking with the true words and their spiritual meaning, we bring all peoples closer together. The Zohar gives a wonderful discourse explaining how we are all parts of one unified body and the Israelites are the heart, responsible for pumping the “blood” (spiritual Light) to all the other organs (nations) of the body of humanity. This is what the Israelites were called upon to do when God said we should be a Light unto all the nations of the World. The rest of the article explains all the details behind the power of the term Israelite, its origin and true meaning.

  38. Lezlie Ely says:

    I STILL say – it’s an interesting thought – ” When Jews transform into true Israelites (defeating the inner Satan/Ego) then the external world of Muslims and Christians no longer dominate/dislike us and instead peace blossoms and there will be unity between the three faiths”, but what about the Ego’s of the Others? You think by JUST the Israelites defeating their Egos (not so easy to do – I’ve been working on it), that their will be total acceptance and Peace?!
    A little farfetched I think, and sounds like a good place to put blame too, when not everyone can rise to the challenge. I think you need to be realistic – on both ends.
    I am by the way studying Kabbalah w/a teacher from Israel, so I guess I am attempting to do my part. 🙂

  39. Lezlie Ely says:

    Ok – let’s for arguments sake say it IS the truth, please – give me your opinion then on the likeliness of this happening? That giving up the name “Jewish”, and the Israelites defeating THEIR ego, ( and no one else necessarily doing the same), is going to lead to world Peace – ’cause that’s what it sounds like you are saying. Sounds a bit one-sided to me.

    • If you are asking for my feeling, i can only share what i have learned. when a critical mass of Israelites truly achieve inner transformation, subduing the ego, self interest etc., and learning to share and bring Light to others, the world will transform. The same way 19 people changed the world on 9/11, a critical mass of Israelites transforming can also transform the world in miraculous ways. thats what Kabbalah, Zohar and all the Kabbalists teach. You don’t have to accept it, but thats what they teach. From personal experience, i have seen Muslims and Christians embrace the Kabbalah Centre, Rav Berg, Karen Berg etc., in ways that are stunning and profound. Throughout history, those connected to the Zohar were protected during times of harsh judgment and pain in the world. So i have seen the power of this path and the Zohar. But that’s experience and learning. Its up to you to find your own truth regarding this if it interests you. Never just believe. Test it. And then you will know. Hope this helps.

  40. Celeste says:

    Billy, thank you this commentary. So I do have a question about this? Why does Minion during all spiritual connections at the Kabbalah Centre have to be only Jewish men if there is no such thing. I’ve felt many times times that people of the Jewish religion that have turned to the Kabbalah Centre receive much preferential treatment. Please explain.

    • You are not understanding what i wrote. just replace the word Jewish with Israelite. Yes, a minion requires ten Israelites because they have the most ego and selfeshness and we require the path of the Three Column System which means the power of Resistance. To use resistance to reign the ego, to diminish selfishness and to transform our ambition for the self alone into ambition to help change the world for others. The minion requires a connection to the Ten Sephirot, which is the path of the Three Column System. Ten men connect to the ten sephirot. The sephirot are aligned into three columns. The Right column is sharing. The Left Column is Receiving. and the Central column is to resist receiving and instead, transform into sharing.

    • Celeste says:

      Billy, I totally get what your saying. I was simply presenting a question on observation and perception of human behavior…which is quite interesting. So a member of the minion is actually an Israelite that has quite of transforming to do, and their level of selfishness is akin to their vessel which is so large they have been given this as well as accept this responsibility.

  41. Lezlie Ely says:

    So then this sounds like the main ingredient “when a critical mass of Israelites truly achieve inner transformation, subduing the ego, self interest etc., and learning to share and bring Light to others, the world will transform.” All I can say about that is – I am happy to continue to work on/at that, and share whatever Light I get and learn.
    In the meantime however, I hope Peoples from ALL walks of life are doing the same, because in my opinion it will take “a critical mass” of ALL OF US to get the job done! Understanding that the Main work needs to be done by US – the Hebrews/Israelites – the Bringers of the Light 🙂

    • Angela Christensen says:

      Many have come… I pray it’s enough, it doesn’t need to be ‘all’ .. but enough and we tip the scales…. (see comment below yours, I talked to seven spirits when I was a child, I was told many would come … I believe this to be true because I was shown my future before living it, then lived it and woke from what I’ve called a ‘soul sleep’… at any rate.. seeing the future, then forgetting, and then remembering, made me put much ‘faith’ in what I was told.. and I was told.. MANY would come” .. again.. I pray it’s enough..

  42. Gigi Krop says:

    The history of religion is a rich narrative filled with prophets, angels and spiritual leaders. Israelite, Jew, Muslim, Christian,etc. in Truth none of this matters. The essence of spirituality is much simpler. Every person has a personality, ego, heart,and soul. With our heart we are capable of many kinds of love. Our personality allows us to function, within our ego is the God-given right to choose good or evil.We are created in God’s image (He also has an ego, personality heart and soul). His heart and soul are omniscient and omnipotent and dwell within and without.. Our ego and personality dwell without and our soul dwells within. Our soul connects us to each other and to the Soul of God (Soul is God, God is Soul). Soul of God is the glue of the universe, it contains the energy of the One. This energy is found at the sub-atomic level, in the atom, in nature, the solar system,the universe and the infinite beyond. This energy dwells in infinite dimensions, in space and beyond time. Everything in the material world is made of atoms which are made of energy. Therefore, Divine Mind dwells everywhere. DM aka God dwells within in each one of us and without in everything that surrounds us. Therefore we are all part of the whole and one with God.
    Our body dies, but our soul is immortal because God is immortal. Some souls become angels, some spiritual guides, some return to their energy form and many reincarnate to continue their spiritual journey. Angels dwell in another dimension, spiritual guides dwell beyond time. Prophets visit our Reality as God’s teachers.
    There are many paths to the Truth. It does not matter which path we take, or what religion we believe in. I believe that all religions in their purist form, contain Truth and all their founders (Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mohammad etc) dwell in the light of the soul of God. There is only one God, it doesn’t matter what name you call Him, or what name you label yourself… In the end and the beginning we are all One.

  43. Angela Christensen says:

    When I was a child, I spoke to seven spirits on thrones… I recalled past lives, and I knew of ‘the other side’ and we discussed the various religions and books of this time at that time too, then I went into what I’ve called a ‘soul sleep’ and forgot all of the above, for 33 years i forgot… till I was woken on Easter 2006, at the age of 40… when someone I met online repeated words which made a flood of memories return. Talk about a ‘wild ride” … at any rate.. this feels “right” and “true” …. I know little of the Kabbalah and such things, at least in this lifetime, but this ‘feels’ true ….it resonates.. just sharing my own ‘2 cents’ … for anyone reading my comment… peace and love be with and within you always, and in all ways…

    • Lezlie says:

      As I re-read all – again – I get a better understanding of what Billy is saying. So although I don’t think I will stop using the term Jewish all together, at least not to those that consider themselves that, unless they are open to hearing what I have to say about it – I will just continue to learn Kabbalah…with a broader knowledge of what it/we are all about!
      So – thanks esp. to Billy & Brandusa for all that shared info.
      PEACE 🙂

  44. Dear Billy,

    How do you explain this?

    “Rabbi Yoḥanan said: Mordecai came from the tribe of Benjamin. Why, then, was he referred to as יהודי (Yehudi), a Jew? On account of the fact that he repudiated idol worship, for anyone who repudiates idolatry is called יהודי (Yehudi), Jew” (BT Megillah 13a).

    • We are still referring to tribal designation, not a religion. First, the kabbalists tell us that the tetragrammaton is the Four Letter Name of God. The name Yehuda, is the tetragrammaton with the insertion of the letter Dalet, which is the numerical value of 4, which refers to the 4 letter Name of God (the tetragrammaton, which makes the dalet a powerful self-reference to the Tetragrammaton and a fractal)! The Kabbalists say the letter Dalet is also a reference to King David. Malchut. King David represents the pure path of the Israelites and Kabbalah. King Shaul (saul) was called an idol worshipper according to the prophet Samuel, because his sins were that grave. Only Yehuda followed David when the tribes split whereas the other tribes followed Shaul. So being called someone who does not idol-worship can refer to those tribes who did not follow the “idol worshipper”, King Saul.

      Also, in the Book of Daniel, the tribe of Yehuda is referred to those who do not bow down to idols. This is tribal, not religious. This is from Prophet Daniel who’s father was also of the Tribe of Yehuda. 🙂

      Second, as i explained before, his mother was Yehudi. The Talmud explores this and debates whether Mordechai is from the tribe of Yehudi (mother) or Father (Benjamin). The point is, the Talmud is debating about which tribe NOT a religion. There is no religion called Judaism or Benjaminism. These are tribal terms, not religious terms. The Torah uses the word Israelite and Children of Israel. So does the Zohar. The Vilna Gaon also says Mordechai was a prince over all the tribes that are included under the name of Yehuda, which includes Benjamin and Ephraim etc.

      Finally, Rabbi Yohanan was referring to pagans in this discussion but not in terms of religion, but rather in terms of culture. And when he said the statement you quoted, this statement was never developed in the legal discussions of Jewish law according to scholars. But again, when Jacob overpowers the negative side, completely, and achieves victory, his name is changed to Israel. Period. Someone might not be an idol worshipper, he might be on the path of Torah, but it does not mean such a person has completely transformed yet. If it did, the Messiah would already be here. Its an ongoing process of earning the designation Israelite. Also, some kabbalists say the borders to the land of Israel will expand when the Messiah arrives to include the entire world. The scroll of Esther is the only document (meaning, the connection of Purim) that will remain in the Messianic time. At this point, perhaps the entire world will be called Yehudah, which is The Tetragrammaton with the insertion of the letter Dalet for King David/Malchut/Earth and that is why that particular verse was quoted by Rabbi Yohanan. All people on earth will no longer idol worship and all of Malchut (King David and the Tribe of Yehuda, which includes other tribes) will all become one unified Tribe of people, one body made up of diverse organs like the human body. Individual and united as a team, at the same time. What’s interesting is Rashi speaks about this and describes how Mordechai will not bow down to idols because he is of the tribe of Yehuda. But he uses the future tense to discuss this. So perhaps that is a connection to my last point. But that latter point is not cited by any kabbalist i found yet. So take it with a grain of salt. I will update this when i have more time to go into it further.

    • Very good. Thank you Billy! Hope you had a great Purim.

    • I did. very powerful. I hope you did as well. Miracles and blessings to you.

  45. Tony says:

    To the writer of this article: this post will be a lesson to you in futility. The world, in every way (Jewish included) will never accept your assertations. A Jew is a Jew, get over it. Offended? Get over it.

  46. Yosef says:

    Its funny how Rabbi Berg in his earlier publications uses the word “Jewish” to explain kabbalah as “Jewish Mysticism” and “Judaic Astorology” and wrote openly about Judaism the importance for Jews to practice mitzvot (kabbalah for the Layman). In his early recordings you can hear his allusions to Jews who were the majority of his audience. How confusing, now you’re saying there are no Jews? Are you willing to say that a man who is identified as Jewish person is allowed to get married according to halachic rules to a woman who is not known to be Jewish but follows Kabbalah teachings and the children will be “Israelite”? Is this Kosher?

    • The fact that Israelite is the correct word for Bnei Yisrael, the 600k people who stood at Sinai and their descendants throughout the generations, does not negate using the word Jewish in older books before this consciousness and suggestion to focus on the authentic terminology. The term Israelite refers to Torah observant people descended from Jacob/Israel and the 600K. That is my only point. I am not here to pass judgment on who can marry who for as the Kabbalists teach, only Elijah the Prophet and the Messiah know who is a true Israelite.

    • Yosef says:

      your Claim “The term Israelite refers to Torah observant people descended from Jacob/Israel and the 600K” is not true as in your article you say anyone who defeats their inner Satan and ego “becomes an Israelite in both body and soul.”

      What about the converts to judaism? Are they not also Israelites? Is there a difference between those who undergo orthodox conversion to Judaism with a Beit Din and those who “defeat their inner Satan”? Why does the Ari go into depth to explain how a convert gets a new soul? If there is no religion, what did he convert to? What is the “Nefesh of the Ger”? Does one acquire it simply by defeating their ego and practicing Kabbalah or by going to a bet Din like the Ari writes in Shaar HaGilgulim and going through the process? Why does the Talmud go into depth to bring laws of how to convert a gentile into a Jew if all they need to do is defeat satan? Why is there lengthy halachot written by the kabbalists on this? How should gentiles observe Torah rituals and studies when Kabbalsits and halachists (who were Kabbalsists) say gentiles are forbidden from learning or involving themselves in Torah or observing shabbat etc? This idea doesn’t seem to align with Halacha and traditional kabbalistic teachings.

    • Nice questions. Here’s the answer; the ONLY way to truly defeat the Satan, the negative evil inclination, body and soul, is through the technology of Torah. Now pay attention: We have NO RIGHT to determine, who is an Israelite, and who is not. It’s not our business. My only business is to fix myself using this powerful technology called Torah/Zohar (Zohar being the soul of Torah) to transform the negative into the positive for one purpose: Love Thy Neighbor. That is the only precept we came to fulfill. The other 612 are all designed to help us achieve Love Thy Neighbor. The gentiles must also be Torah observant via the the seven Noachide Laws. We are not here to convert gentiles into Israelites. Who ever has a genuine tikkun that involved conversion, they will find their way back to Torah, this life or next life. It’s not our business. And for the gentiles who are supposed to remain gentiles, they need only follow the 7 laws. But the key, according to Zohar, are the Israelites in terms of changing themselves in order to nourish all the gentile nations with Light, the same way the heart nourishes all the organs of the body with blood. We are all one body of humanity, playing a unique role. A liver cell is not supposed become a kidney cell. The only time there is conversion, from gentile to Israelite, is when its based on the soul and tikkun of that particular individual. But again, it’s not for us to judge. We came to fix ourselves, not others. And THAT is how we share the Light and nourish all the other “organs” and nations of the world with spiritual Light and divinity. The Kabbalists say, when we fail in that mission, that is the metaphysical cause of anti-semitism.

  47. Steven Maloney says:

    Been reading alot of your articles very clear and insightful.
    Here’s a brief study i conducted on Satan from the Sieges, Torah, Talmud, Zohar etc..
    Love to hear your thoughts. Thanks again.

    Demon possession is the control of an individual’s personality so that their actions are influenced by a demonic spirit. Most of those described as demon-possessed in the New Testament are adult men, but certain women were also delivered from the influence of evil spirits (Luke 8:2 ; Luke 13:11 ,Luke 13:11,13:16 ). We see a virtual explosion of demonic activity during and after the ministry of Yeshua.

    The signs of demon possession in the New Testament include: speechlessness (Matthew 9:33 ); deafness (Mark 9:25 ); blindness (Matthew 12:22 ); fierceness (Matthew 8:28 ); unusual strength (Mark 5:4 ); convulsions (Mark 1:26 ); and foaming at the mouth (Luke 9:39 ). Most of the New Testament references to demon possession appear in the Gospels and represent the outburst of satanic opposition to G-d’s work in Yeshua.

    Demonic oppression is the work of evil spiritual forces that urge us to indulge in the sins of the flesh, to deny Yeshua and God’s word and to feel spiritually dead and in bondage to sinful things. Oppression means “to crush or burden by abuse of power or authority” or “to burden spiritually or mentally: weigh heavily upon”. This oppressive work is performed by demons, which are fallen angels who resist God, and who sinned in their first estate (Jude 6).

    Demonic oppression could be experienced in various ways: Physical ailments such as sleeplessness, nightmares, strong anxiety, self-mutilation, addictions, and physical illness. Spiritual deadness that includes apathy and anger towards God, interest in false religious systems, emotional upheaval such as regular outbursts of anger, high and low emotional levels, self-justification, fear, hopelessness, abnormal fixations and unusual financial pressures. Sometimes numerous things go wrong all very quickly causing great strain.

    And you know that God anointed Yeshua of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power. Then Yeshua went around doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with him ~ Acts 10:38. Yeshua clearly cast out evil spirits out of many people whom He met (Mt 4:24, 8:16; Mk 1:32, 4:41). However, we are told of 6 cases in detail:

    1. The demon possessed Gerasene(s): Mt 8:28-34; Mk 5:2-20; Lk 8:26-39.
    2. A demon possessed mute man: Mt 9:32-34; Lk 11:14-26.
    3. A demon possessed blind and mute man: Mt 12:22-28.
    4. The Canaanite or Syro-Phoenecian woman’s daughter: Mt 15:22-28; Mk 7:25-30.
    5. An epileptic boy: Mt 17:15 -21; Mk 9:14-2 9; Lk 9:3 8-43.
    6. The man in the synagogue at Capernaum: Mk 1:21-28; Lk 4:33-36.

    Mary Magdalene was one of those that were healed from demonic spirits: And a certain woman, which had been healed of evil spirits and infirmities, Mary called Magdalene, out of whom Yeshua cast out seven devils ~ Luke 8:2.

    A genuine follower of Yeshua can not have demons in their spirit because the Holy Spirit lives there. For someone to be possessed they must willingly give control to a demonic spirit through the sins of the flesh as listed in Galatians 5:19-21. There’s must always be a legal entrance for a devil to come in and take possession over a person.

    The majority of people don’t want to be oppressed, they want it gone! But it won’t go anywhere until you tell it to go. The Bible says in Luke 10:19 “Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.”

    10 ways to recognize demonic oppression / possession.

    1. Compulsion to abuse animals or people.
    2. Sexual immorality and perversion (homosexuality, molestation, etc).
    3. A compulsion to abuse your body (drugs, alcohol, gluttony, abuse or misuse of other substances, etc).
    4. Seeking spiritual knowledge through Eastern religions and other counterfeit religious groups (Yoga, humanism, Taoism, Buddhism, etc).
    5. Involvement in occult practices (fortune-telling, Satanism, etc).
    6. Mental distress or oppression (anxiety, fear, anger, disorientation, etc).
    7. Psychological disorders (split and multiple personalities, paranoia, etc).
    8. Physical disorders may be demon caused (Matthew 9:32, 33).
    9. Lack of freedom or joy in the Lord (spiritual bondage).
    10. Inability or constant refusal to repent of sin, though you know you are sinning (rebellion).

    You cannot permanently terminate an evil spirit as they have no body nor life span but are a negative angelic energy from the Sitra Achra (dark side and the opposite of holiness). Neither can you cast out the flesh. You must crucify the flesh (Galatians 2:20) and its desires and cast out evil spirits (James 4:7). When demons or evil spirits are cast out, you need something to replace them, lest they return.

    When an unclean spirit goes out of a man, he goes through dry places, seeking rest, and finds none. Then he says, ‘I will return to my house from which I came.’ And when he comes, he finds it empty, swept, and put in order. Then he goes and takes with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter and dwell there; and the last state of that man is worse than the first ~ Matt 12:43-45.

    The Tanakh (Old Testament) is nearly silent about the existence of demonic beings. However in Jewish belief, the Zohar compares the domain of demonic powers to a vicious dog held by its owner on a long lead. The dog, though it appears to enjoy independent power, is pulled back whenever it is in danger of getting out of control.

    The Jewish Talmud also has much to say about demonology. Houses of study are described as being filled with demons when sexual energy is not properly channeled. It has also been taught that If the eye had the power to see them, no creature could endure the demons as they are more numerous than we are and they surround us like the ridge around a field ~ Abba Benjamin. Every one among us has a thousand on his left hand and ten thousand on his right hand ~ R. Huna. Fatigue in the knees comes from them. The wearing out of the clothes of the scholars is due to their rubbing against them. The bruising of the feet comes from them ~ Raba.

    Jewish belief also teaches that: Mazikim (harmful beings) could be seen as anything that causes decay, pain, and the depletion of life-energy and that demons are formed whenever a man improperly spills his seed a sin Judaism considers as heinous because it subverts the creative process. In the proper functioning of the cosmos, energy flows like a cycle: but when the energy is misappropriated, as in masturbation or rebellion, its intense power falls into the realm of shadow. Spilling seed is more severe then all sins, since he defiles his soul in this world and the world to come and he does not see the glory of the Shechinah. (Zohar Vayeshev).

    They made him jealous with strange gods, with abhorrent things they provoked him. They sacrificed to demons, not God, to deities they had never known, to new ones recently arrived, whom your ancestors had not feared ~ Deuteronomy 32:16-17.

    Your greatest need is to continually study God’s Word. Meditate upon the Bible day and night (Joshua 1:8). Put on the whole armor of God that you might be able to effectively overcome the forces of evil (Ephesians 6:10-18). Yeshua answered Satan with the Word of God (Luke 4:1-13). You can do the same. Pray without ceasing (I Thessalonians 5:17).

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