Rabbi Jason Miller wrote on his blog (see below) that Yehuda Berg was “sent packing by Newsweek” because he was no longer on list of the top Rabbis in America. And then Miller questioned whether or not Rabbi Yehuda Berg was actually a Rabbi. This is sad, tragic, slanderous—and at the same time absolutely comical!


Besides being a once-in-a-generation Rabbi, and a prolific Talmud student (he and his brother Michael were always at the top of their class), Yehuda single handedly created the most profound Kabbalistic prayer book (Siddur, Hebrew) in all of human history, without question. I’ll repeat,  the most powerful, authentic Hebrew prayer book in history! And if anyone denies that then it merely reveals their  profound ignorance of the Torah and genuine Kabbalah. Because any Rabbi who knows anything about Torah would be floored by the siddur. As a scholarly and sacred book of Kabbalistic and biblical wisdom, detailing the inner significance and practical applications of the traditions and spiritual technologies gleaned from the Torah, it stands on its own.

Yehuda’s Weekday, Shabbat, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Shavout and Passover Siddur’s incorporate the most advanced and erudite collection of meditations from the Kabbalists in history. And just as important, all the prayers and the inner meaning of every word and letter are explained in with stunning clarity.

In fact, do you ever wonder why your prayers go unanswered?

The Kabbalists of history will tell you the reason point blank: All the Hebrew prayer books out there are missing the Kabbalistic codes and sacred Names of God that activate the very power of a prayer. Lacking these Kabbalistic meditations and the Zohar’s sophisticated technology, all of the daily and evening prayer connections are considered useless. That is not a misprint? The very sages who composed the prayers, rites and rituals associated with the Bible will tell you it’s all useless without the Kabbalistic understanding and codes!  This is why the world has never changed despite all the prayers. It’s a hard truth. A difficult one to swallow. And if you don’t want to swallow it, then don’t. The Kabbalists believe deeply in the idea of free will. You can live in denial and keep on suffering, keep on praying in vain. Or give up on prayer all together. The choice is always ours.

It’s not coincidence that Yehuda Berg’s students and the Kabbalah Centre students are the ones who have the most poignant and striking miracles stories every year, over the last 30 years. But of course the world has no idea about this. The rest of the world just reads the lies and falsehoods that are printed to no one’s detriment but the people who write it and the people who read it.

Then there is Yehuda Berg’s Kabbalistic commentary on the Five Books of Moses incorporating the long hidden wisdom of the great Kabbalists of history. Never before has there been books of the Torah containing these ancient secrets that go back to Rabbi Akiva and his student, the giant of all Kabbalists, Rav Shimon Bar Yochai.

The people who study and live Kabbalah, using these various tools, we all get something from this technology. Every day. Every Sabbath. Which is why I, personally, continue to do so after 22+ years. Everyone I know who learns at the Kabbalah Centre and works hard at all the connections, like the Rosh Hashanah event, Passover event, etc., do so because we see our lives change. We experience the change. Year after year. It’s not easy. It’s actually deeply challenging and difficult, like a tough spiritual diet and a demanding spiritual exercise regimen. But it works. Incredibly! And so we all shake our heads at all those skeptics who speak cynically without ever having experienced the power that Kabbalah brings to everything we do. We experience the magic of this ancient wisdom, which is the de facto seed of the Torah, the New Testament and the Koran. Those few who slander do not experience this power and dramatic change. So who are the ones really laughing here and who are the ones really suffering?

Sadly, this has been the pattern throughout history.

And the true work of genius that is the siddur of Yehuda Berg is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of revealing his spiritual greatness and his breathless depth of wisdom. His knowledge of Torah Law (Halakha) is second to none in the world. I would put him up against any Rabbi or scholar in the world. His photographic memory allows him to read the entire Torah, the Scroll of Esther, the Scroll of Lamentations literally from heart. And if you want a deep, Talmudic and Kabbalistic explanation of each verse, each word and each letter, their are only handful of people in history — and less than that in our generation — who can share that with you.

Now, to be fair to the other side, they have no idea who Yehuda Berg is. Or Michael Berg. Or Yehuda’s father, the renowned Kabbalist Rav Berg. And no one on earth has any conception  of who Karen Berg is. But that’s because the persecution of the Kabbalists and the dishonoring of their character is part of their path.

But we students can speak up—if we care about the rest of the world. We are not here to justify or prove or dignify the ridiculous, foolhardy and comical negative comments. We are here to correct the lies and share the truth because we know the power of what Kabbalah can do in the lives of others. Even in the lives of our detractors. There is  too much judgement in the world. We need to share with mercy and love and “judge”others the same way we want to be judged. Inside, they too are sparks of the divine. And our own selfish egos is what helps give them power. So we too are responsible for their ignorance of the truth.

So make no mistake, Yehuda Berg makes himself an easy target for cynics, especially Rabbis who are ridiculed for the most part by the vast majority of secular Jews.

Yehuda has made himself a man of the people. He does what the great Kabbalist known as The Baal Shem Tov did—which is to embrace everyone, all the scoundrels, rascals, thieves, egomaniacs, and just plain ordinary folks from all walks of life. He talks with Presidents, dignitaries, religious leaders from all faiths, celebrities, factory workers and construction workers with the same intensity of love, attention and care for their soul, wanting zero in return.

Of course, no one has to take my word for it. What rabbi has millions of devoted and diverse followers, readers and students? Jealous rabbis come up with lame and pathetic excuses to justify their inability to attract a passionate and fervent local congregation, let alone a worldwide movement, by slamming and lying about the successful ones.

And make no mistake: Yehuda Berg is not just a “successful” Rabbi. His a successful human being. First and foremost. That is why he never refers to himself as a rabbi.
He is a teacher and a student. A friend and a mentor. An angel and a human being. Call up any of his students around the world, from Brazil to Israel, and among Christians, Muslims and Jews. And they will all say the same thing.

But what happens? A few uninformed people spew negativity and then a few papers print that negativity and that becomes the prevailing view among the people who could benefit most from the awesome, healing power of Kabbalah. How ironic. How sad. What a waste.

More important than all of his learning and all of Yehuda Berg’s impeccable credentials, is the man’s heart and his impact on the lives of people. He does not simply teach and educate students. After all, what good is being “smarter” and”educated” if one is still miserable, unfulfilled, sick, lonely, addicted or depressed. Or worse, in denial of any of these. Rather, Yehuda does what the Torah commands all Israelites to do for all nations:

Become a Light.

Yehuda Berg transforms lives. Period. Same way the great Kabbalists of Poland, the Ukraine, and Israel did in previous centuries. He dives into people’s lives head first, taking on their pain, their worry, their heart and soul, far beyond even what the person realizes. And then he helps effect a repair upon the soul. The effect that he had on my life,  my wife’s life, and upon the lives of our four children is simply too deep for written or spoken words. Anything I could possibly write or say would only diminish the truth and so I’ll say no more, but promise to share a few heart wrenching, soul stirring personal stories for another article in the near future.

Rabbi Jason Miller wrote that Newsweek had removed Yehuda from the list of Top Rabbis in Newsweek.
It wasn’t true. Whether Yehuda Berg was listed or not listed makes zero difference to the Kabbalah Centre or him personally. Zero.

The point being made is this is another blatant example of the falsehoods written about the true spiritual giants of our generation.

Turns out that another Rabbi caught Miller in the act of spreading falsehoods.

But the real question is—and it cuts to to the heart of why people like me despised organized religion when growing up—why did Rabbi Jason spend even five minutes of his life slandering another Rabbi in his blog? Why not share some Torah. Some pearls of wisdom. Some positive, healing sentiments. Perhaps some spiritual tools and technology that can help all of us remove our ego and our negative view of others. After all, if one is a true Rabbi, he can tell you that removing the ego, the evil inclination and all negative speech is what the entire tTorah is about. That’s it.

Yet here is a Rabbi that did the very opposite. Instead of preaching Love Thy Neighbor (which is the single most important precept of Torah, all other precepts are only a methodology for bringing us to that level of consciousness known as Love Thy Neighbor) this Rabbi did the opposite: He spoke ill will of another human being. Why was he rummaging through Newsweek’s list of top Rabbi’s searching for Yehuda Berg’s name? Why did he say it wasn’t there any longer when it was?

It was a lie. And he got caught telling it.

And then he redacted his statement on his blog. But he did not apologize.

And then he raised an ugly question as to whether or not Yehuda was a Rabbi. If Miller took 30 seconds to search online, he would have found out Yehuda’s credentials and he could also check out every single one of them. For the record, after being born and raised in Israel, Yehuda went to the United States, where he attended and graduated from the world-respected Yeshiva Rabbinical Seminary of America, in New York. Afterwards, he took up study at New York Yeshiva Shar Ha Torah, followed shortly thereafter by his ordination as rabbi from Yeshiva Knesset Israel in the Holy City, Jerusalem.

Now that all of this is cleared up, Rabbi Jason, apologize. Let’s find reasons to come together instead of finding false reasons for creating conflict between people just to elevate our own status.

Apologize and I will send you a set of Yehuda Berg’s Prayer Book for you and your family so that it will generate true blessings and healing and good fortune.

I know once you feel that Light, that spark of divinity that is inside all of us, will become enflamed. And then from a negative situation, we can turn it all around bring about healing, positivity and a glimmering ray of Light.

The ball is in your court. The darkness in our world is waiting for you to do your part; to light a candle by subjugating your ego as the Torah commands us to do.

And by doing so, you will repair a portion of this world and Jews, Christians and Muslims will feel it that glint of Light in their soul. Otherwise the Torah, the Zohar and the spiritual giants of history were wrong about everything.

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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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44 Responses

  1. Rachel Yesenia Perez says:

    Dear Rabbi Miller,
    If you truly love and care about the world you would encourage people to read Yehuda Berg’s books! You would also encourage people to study Kabbalah. Do you have The Zohar, if not you should definately purchase the Zohar- this will fill you up with light and love!
    All the best,
    Rachel Yesenia

  2. Hannah Hernandez says:

    I’ve been a student for 6 years and I have experienced and witnessed the joy, love, miracles, unity, certainty, control over one’s destiny, and sense of purpose that you connect to when you take on the spiritual work through Kabbalah and its teachings and they are the ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

  3. Tony Dublino says:

    I thank G-d for all of the Berg family, and can only say that not only have they changed the lives of my entire family, but after 10 years of studying with them, I still learn each week in ways that improve my life, and inspire me to improve the lives of others. You are spot on when you ask why any Rabbi would look to spread darkness and negativity, as opposed to ANYTHING else, when my 5 year old (thanks to the Bergs) knows the negative ramifications of doing so on us all. Appreciate the chance to voice my appreciation Billy. Keep it up, and there’s hope for us all through living Kabbalah, and unity!

  4. Susie Wickstead says:

    I had the merit to spend Passover with The Berg family and the rest of the Kabbalah students from around the world , and I cannot even begin to put into words how amazing, light-filled, love-filled, and truly life-changing this event was for me and the other Kabbalah students I had the pleasure to meet and speak with! The love and unity at the event was mind-blowing to say the least. THIS is what the world needs so much more of. I sure wish that Rabbi Miller could have been there to hear Yehuda speak; because then surely he would see the TRUTH. Sadly, it is his (Rabbi Miller’s) ego speaking… who cares about a list anyway! This man (Yehuda Berg and The entire Kabbalah Centre for that matter) is helping to transform peoples lives all around the world! Rabbi Miller should sign up for a class at The Centre, or at least read one of Yehuda’s books. Maybe then he would see the truth and realize that we are all one.

  5. Rina Rachel Sondhi says:

    To whom it may concern,

    Having studied Kabbalah for 8 years now with Rabbi Yehuda and Michael Berg, students around the world, across nations stand in unity, to transform, treat others the way they would like to be treated, living each day on a path of true sharing in an open and dignified way.
    Millions of students across the world have been made aware if sone of the most ancient teachings of the world through the phenomenal translations, explanations and analysis of text carried out by the Berg family.
    Finally so many of us have found the gift of ‘light’ in our lives thanks to the efforts of all the Berg family…we have partcipated and visited many Tzaddakim sites, all thanks to their efforts. We are all on a journey of creating a wholly dignified world through transforming ourselves, our families, our communities…this is supported on a daily basis through regular consciousness classes, emails, teachings..,without the support and guidance of Rav Berg, Yehuda Berg, Michael Berg and Karen Berg, 90 per cent of us would not know how to live through true human dignity and respect of all that is around us…millions of souls have been affected by Kabbalah thanks to the Bergs efforts…the spiritual wisdom we have been given is Priceless!! How can anyone ever question anything about this very holy and honorable family! We are all blessed even those who condemn – as It was once said “forgive all those, for they do not understand” – “treat those as you yourself would like to be treated” – we forgive you for your negativity, judgements, jealousies, anger for you do not understand or have not become aware of the “light” !
    Love and light
    Rina Rachel Sondhi

  6. stacey sarah zimberg says:

    I’ve never seen or encountered a family like yehuda michael karen and harav work so hard to create peace in the world. All their time and effort is dedicated to help people, there mission is to end pain and suffering from the world. So let’s stop fighting each other and work together to do this mission that the berg family is trying to do. Thank you!

  7. Michael Eisenberg says:

    Kabbalah is a cult. Berg is a thief.

    end of argument.

    • Dear Michael, Is that what you got from this article? that was your take away? Millions of people’s lives have been profoundly touched by Kabbalah and Yehuda Berg and you just callously post such an ugly comment? Can you not respectfully and with dignity agree to disagree and have a different opinion? do you have zero care for someone’s family, and the lives of others that you so cruelly level such libelous statements?

      Did you know that the great Baal Shem Tov, and every Kabbalistic giant in history, tells us that no matter what you see in others, regardless of circumstances, one should know, without question and without doubt, that all negativity is merely a reflection of what is inside of you. The world is a mirror. Not metaphorically, but in actual fact. Look for that divine spark of goodness inside of u. Get rid of your ugly ego for the sake of your family, the world and most important, yourself. Why emulate the Jews of history who called Moses a murderer, and adulterer. The Jews who called the Baal Shem Tov an outlaw and heretic and Rabbi Moses Chaim Luzzatto a fraud and charlatan. Why not learn from history. Why not accept the hand of friendship that I offer and lets find the good in each other instead of the bad. Its there. I promise. behind your ego is your true self. And i promise you will find untold happiness and a miracle or two. Because that is what the Zohar teaches. When we effect a miracle of human nature, we ignite a miracle in mother nature. That is the key. And overcoming the ego and letting go of hatred is the most difficult character transformation of all. Wishing you a deep connection to truth and the Light of the Creator.

    • Michael Eisenberg says:

      sometimes people are blind to see what is actually good… No matter what it is, whether it be religion, food, entertainment, etc,.. if it consumes your life, it is no good. Kabbalah believers spending all their time looking for “the light”, trying to convince others of its beliefs. Why can’t you respect the choices of others, and keep your beliefs to yourself. One thing great about the Jewish religion is that we don’t go around recruiting others and trying to convince them that our beliefs are the right ones. Kabbalah Center, on the other hand, is willing to take anyone on board, and you may say its to enlighten them and teach them the truth, but I hardly believe that.

      Believe in Kabbalah, by all means, but don’t let it consume your life. Believe in nature, family, entertainment… why does everything have to come back to religion, and beliefs?… The world would be a better place if no one believed in religion at all.. it is the root of war, and is the root of hatred… We as a human species are not as “special” as we think, unfortunately many of us are born with this sense of entitlement.. We are just a series of biological coincidences that have allowed us to evolve to what we are today and be here on this earth. We live, we make the most of our time on this earth, then we die… That’s it, and if there is more, there is more.. but not one person, WITHOUT doubt, can say there is more to our existence… its all personal beliefs based on historical instances which we, as individuals, choose to believe are factual or not.

    • Veena Parmar says:

      If you had to be ‘consumed’ by something wouldn’t you rather it be by sharing and thinking of others, affecting world change, making a difference in people’s lives?

      So the Kabbalah Centre takes anyone on board you say? As opposed to… a 40 year old jewish man you mean? I’m an indian young lady do I count as just anyone then? The Kabbalah Centre, it’s wisdom and the Berg family have taught me the true definition of sharing and unconditional love – how many people can say that about you? Is this such a bad thing Michael? No one in their right mind can think that unity with ALL peoples is a bad thing!

      As for trying to ‘convince’ people of our beliefs – we try and convince no one – only free will is practiced. The spiritual path is not an easy one, everyday I question whether I am on the right path, and whether I want to continue. If Kabbalah is a brainwashing cult then this must be the only cult that I’ve heard of people wanting to leave!

    • Rachel Yesenia Perez says:

      Dear Michael Eisenberg,
      People that study Kabbalah have experienced MIRACLES that are not explainable in the mundane, robotic physical world that you are talking about! Kabbalah has taught people to love at a soul level, volunteer with happiness, give charity with excitement! Religion doesn’t teach this to people, Kabbalah does!

    • Susie Wickstead says:

      WOW, Michael! Apparently you’re the only one arguing… All the Best to you, whichever way you go about it in life…

    • Paul Goodman says:


      The argument is within you. It comes from your negative inclination, your “ego”. The good news is that we all suffer the same affliction, but there’s a cure. Open your heart, tell your ego to be quiet, and seek out the truth. In doing so, not only will you light up your own life, but you’ll add a chink of light to the chaotic world we all live in.

    • Michael Eisenberg says:

      all words of a brainwashed individual… why don’t’ you try to examine yourself… figure out when you went in the direction of Kabbalah. Without knowing you I can assume you weren’t born into this. I have to assume you found it one day during some sort of rough patch in your life. That’s what makes cults so appealing, they offer answers to individuals who are lost and trying to seek the truth.. the truth is whatever you want it to be.. You’re comforted by the concept of an all powerful being who has a plan for all of us…whatever makes you sleep at night. Here’s a challenge, try speak to me without referencing Kabbalah terminology. You sound like mindless robot spouting what everyone else in Kabbalah is saying..”ego”, “light”… let’s see if you can string together a paragraph without those terms.

    • Michael, this is a Kabbalah post. thats why the kabbalah terms. if you comment on a site about physical fitness, you will find related terms being used. so cut out your nonsense and contribute something beyond insults and silly, negative remarks. you sound foolish. childish. let it go. focus on the good. Do you really believe kindness, tolerance and looking for the good in people is cultish and robotic behavior? once again, you are seeing a reflection of something within yourself. i know dude, truth hurts. thats why you keep lashing out. you are a slave and robot to your own ego and you don’t even know it. period. the messages you keep taking away from these posts is a sad reflection of what is lacking inside of you. I asked you in my first response to find your true self and let go of ego and lets come together in friendship. You rebuffed the hand of friendship and you could not let go of your ego and opinion. that says it all. if you disagree with all of this, why you here posting? to save us? to enlighten us? Dude, you sound like the religious one. I have zero interest in paganism. zero. i disagree with it. but i don’t spend time writing on their blogs and telling them how wrong they are or agruing. i am secure in what i have and who i am. clearly you are not. ask yourself, if you have the courage, why you keep responding to these posts if you disagree? what is compelling you? why not walk away head up high and agree to disagree? dude, the answer is not just in kabbalah, its psychology 101.

    • Paul Goodman says:

      OK Michael, I accept your challenge. First, a little bit about me. I was born Jewish, but apart from circumcission, barmitvah and shul wedding, my only connection to religion, God etc was one of utter disbelief and ridicule. My idea of celebrating Yom Kippur was to eat more bacon! Yes, I confess my life had reached a low point…but who’s hasn’t? As to searching for answers, I didn’t. 3 years ago a friend invited me to a Kabbalah lecture. I thought it was a pile of bullshit and I only went so I could argue with the lecturer. A short time after I decided to do some research into Kabbalah, but only because I was determined to prove it was all mumbo jumbo. So I bought a couple of books, listened to a couple of audio files, and attended a few classes. Now here’s the weird part: the more I fought against what I was learning, the more I tried to prove everyone wrong, the more I started to change. Without even noticing. Until one day, a work colleague remarked that I wasn’t my “old self”. She said I wasn’t so arrogant. I was less rude. Less of a “big shot”, a little more kind, a little more tolerant. And when I reflected on her words, I realized I was also a little happier, a little more “at ease” with life. So, I delved deeper, and slowly slowly, some really cool things happened in my life, and the more I stopped my internal argument, the more good things happened. Not just to me, but to those around me. At no time did anyone at the Kabbalah Center try and force anything on me. If the Kabbalah Center is a cult, it’s a very unusual one, as not only were they NOT interested in converting me, but in fact they made it quite difficult for me to become involved. The effort to learn all came from me. So did I wake up a “convert”? Did I “see the light”, did I have a Halleluyah moment? No, no, and no! Just like you, Michael, I struggle to comprehend what life is all about. I still have doubts and fears. I have the usual ups and downs that most people have. Am I religious? Absolutely not. I question everything. I refuse to take anything a Kabbalah teacher says at face value without testing the system for myself. And the results of my testing? It works.

    • FUNNY !!


    • Michael, many would agree with you… And many more would not.
      If that is your ‘truth’, then so be it. One should always be ‘true to self’. We are after all ‘Free-will beings’ and you can think, feel, say, be and do and you see the world through your own eyes, perception and experience.
      Courageous statement;-)

    • Michael Eisenberg says:

      agreed, so why has it become kabbalah’s goal to spread, and teach its beliefs to anyone who will listen… why can’t you just believe what you want to believe and leave families and individuals who are “confused” alone?

    • Paul Goodman says:

      If I find something that has transformed my life for the better, why would I not want to share it?

    • Annie Burns says:

      If i were able to climb the most difficult mountain, and see the most amazing moving view in all the world,do you think I would sit there contemplating my naval fluff or do you think I might want to share it?

      If you don’t want to listen, there is always the door or the mute button.

      But if you do, you may (or may not ) even find yourself sharing in the exhilirating view…..

      just sayin’

      Annie B

    • Rina Rachel Sondhi says:

      Dear Michael Eisenberg, I would love for you to attend a Best Kept Secret lecture…not to ‘confuse’ ‘dictate’ or to brainwash you but purely to come with an open heart and see how much of kabbalah is a ‘way of life’ – it’s universal spiritual wisdom – when people come to kabbalah, they begin to see their own reflection and work on themselves from within and not in an external ‘cultish’ way…if people become ‘consumed’ then they are consumed with their everyday practicalities in their own life but learn to treat every situation, whether at a kabbalah center or not, with human dignity and sharing when it is difficult. kabbalah resonates with a lot of people because there are so many ways we can see ourselves in others and if we can stop ourselves from reacting in selfish ways and being judgemental, then surely our environment and our inner selves are going to experience more peace within. That’s all! Ask yourself this question “Are you happy?” (a question for your own benefit, no one else’s and please only answer it for your own depth and honesty within you) It’s an effort to be Happy and to see the good in everything…We are all enthusiastic and love the wisdom we are learning, what you feel from kabbalah students is passion and we want to share – we don’t sit on a mountaintop and meditate, we are learning to live in a practical world through a knowledge and understanding of the ancient wisdom – Im happy to have kabbalah in my life, I grew up as a Hindu but I’ve learnt more about life through kabbalah – I have asked over a thousand questions at the kabbalah center and the answers I have received have always made sense. That’s the Power of Kabbalah…I wish you a lot of happiness and hope to see you at one of our many Best kept secrets across the world! You will feel the energy of a Sharing and loving community! Period!

    • Javier W says:

      Just to sweeten some of the judgment in Michael’s words I have to remind everybody that the Talmud says that we should learn how to serve God from Children and Thieves. From Children we learn how to pray, the same way they never stop asking for something until they get it; we should persist in our prayers until we see the chaos disappear. From Thieves we learn how to study, the same way the thief gets up in the middle of the night when everyone is sleeping, and has the audacity to take something that it does not belongs to him; we too, should get up in the middle of the night to study Torah and with the same audacity, steal secrets that have not yet been reveal to the world.
      I know the Berg family for about 17 years. When you get to see the type of life style the family lives, you can only conclude that they have someone else write their books, as it looks physically impossible that they can have time to sit down and write a book, let alone dozens of books as Yehuda has written. However, I remember well when I lived in California, if you were coming back from a dinner party or a very late night engagement and happen to pass by that window on the side of the Kabbalah Centre, at 2, 3 and sometimes at 4 AM, day in and they out, you would see Yehuda and Michael studying. Many times with their father, Rabbi Berg, just as you say, stealing some of the most profound secrets, teachings that have change the lives of people all over the globe.
      You know Michael, the Kabbalist teach that there is good in everything, so I take your comment of Rabbi Yehuda Berg being a thief with great appreciation, as a matter of fact I think there have not been greater thieves than my teachers since the time of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai or the Ari.
      As for your “Cult” comment: I am a business man, have been the Exc. VP of a Financial Firm, have been a diplomat representing 26 countries in their foreign trade efforts and consider myself somewhat educated, you know, a typical “cult victim”. Perhaps if you ever visit a Kabbalah Centre you will find that most people that assist have somewhat of a similar profile, why don’t you come by the centre for an introductory lecture, you will find it at the very least stimulating and believe me, you won’t feel in Waco Texas. Obviously after 17 of been a Kabbalah Centre student it is hard to offend me with these types of remarks, I have heard them all over the years, however, it is just a shame that after all the work done we still see intolerance in the world, I thank you Michael for showing us that there is still more work to do.
      Michael, I send you all my love from the most southern country in the world and I apologize for my grammar, as you can provably notice, English is not my first language

  8. Jennifer Berry says:

    As a student of Kabbalah, I am truly amazed by Yehuda and the entire Berg family. It’s easy to be suspicious of people and their motives, but they truly dedicate every waking moment to helping others transform. The love and acceptance they have towards all people, even those who speak negatively about them is inspiring. They can see the light in every person and every situation.

    Yehuda Berg has a GIFT for bringing the wisdom of Kabbalah to the people and connecting with them on a personal level. I am grateful for the sacrifices that he and his entire family have made so that I may personally access these truly transformational teachings.

    Thank you! Thank you! And may this situation reveal the truth about Kabbalah and the Bergs and open up the opportunity for many others to connect to the teachings!

    Love and light … especially to you Rabbi Miller!

  9. Oded Yosef Kassirer says:

    Rabbi Jason is another shameful example of self hatred. I wish him nothing but miracles and wonders and above all I wish he learn to love himself, so he can start spreading Love and Light.

  10. Paul Goodman says:

    Dear Rabbi Miller,

    I am both blessed and honored to have known Yehuda Berg personally for a number of years. His teachings and those of the Kabbalah Center have been the catalyst for real miracles in my life, and the lives of my family. Something which my Jewish religion failed to do. So it was with deep sadness and regret that I read your negative comments about Rabbi Berg. To be honest, I could care less about the petty nonsense about which Rabbi ranks where in a Newsweek popularity contest, but I’d like to offer you a two part challenge:

    1) Make an effort to open your heart and personally connect with Yehuda Berg and the teachings of the Kabbalah Center, and then make up your own mind, rather than slavishly follow Newsweek’s Rabbi Rankings.

    2) Ask yourself this question: With all the chaos going on around us, do you think your negative comments about a fellow Rabbi will bring more Light into the world…or more Darkness?

    I look forward to your response.

  11. You know the saying, “If you don’t like the message, shoot the messenger”.
    Of course the Berg family are going to come under ‘fire’.
    They are out there sending out the ‘Kabbalah’ message to the masses all across the world.
    Now you don’t see the Dalai Lama travelling across the world on the back of a Yak, rolling out his sisal mat to sleep on under a tree, he travels first class all around the world, stays in 5* hotels and ‘hob-knobs’ with celebrities, royalty and common folk alike and why???…
    To get the message out about peace, compassion, equality, forgiveness, to make this world a better place to exist in…

    It’s the same message coming from the Berg’s…

    Just as the D.L is the ‘face’ of Buddhism, the Berg’s are the ‘face’ of Kabbalah.

    And just as Buddhism is a philosophy and not an ‘organised religion’, same to Kabbalah.

    When you ‘step outside’ the box of ‘Organised Religion’ where the ‘followers’ are just that… FOLLOWERS… It presents a personal dilemma for those people, because they want to comfortably stay within the ‘safe’ perimeter of having a ‘relationship’ with God, via their ‘clergy’. Kabbalah is as we know, connecting to God DIRECTLY… NOT via anything or anyone.
    It’s a strong message and as we see, confronting for many people and so, referring back to my first line… ‘Shoot the Messenger’.

    I believe as ‘students’ and ‘representatives’ of Kabbalah, we should also keep bringing the ‘message’ back to the philosophical roots of Kabbalah and the message itself, not ‘spot-lighting’ who is delivering it. It is after all ‘Kabbalah’, not ‘KabbalahBerg’.
    As Kabbalah students we are ALL the ‘face’ of Kabbalah, not just the Berg family.

    The way to ‘represent’ Kabbalah, is simply to ‘Live it’ in your daily existence and show others by your example… Just as alllllll the great ‘Kabbalists’ of history have done!

  12. All these attacks on the Kabbalah Centre just shows me that I’m on the right path.

    I want to thanks Rav Berg, Karen Berg, Yehuda Berg and Michael, for making it possible that people in different parts of the world could have access to this powerful and wonderful wisdom.

    Felipe Oliveira
    from Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

  13. Caeleb says:

    The Berg family is the best thing that could have happened to me. I started studying Kabbalah 5 years ago when I was only 16. I had a man tel me once that I was too young to be reading the Zohar. The Berg family and the Kabbalah Center they have given us is the only source of Kabbalah I could truly connect to. I have always been respected and taken care of since I started studying. When I hear things like Rabbi Millers concerns it hurts me to think someone would attack such an amazing family and organization. This is all part of the process, Rabbi Miller thank you for testing my certainty. I have grown to love the center even more since all of this recent controversy.

  14. erin gray says:

    …Yahuda berg is a great teacher and im sure he is a great were all subject to making mistakes.However it is our responsibility to learn and grow from those mistakes when we realize that they were made and apoligze for any damage that we might have caused thank you erin gray

  15. TC Cummings says:

    Dear Rabbi, it’s good to see ownership of one’s err. A concern for you is the impetus for highlighting what you perceived as someone’s demise. From this readers view, you either celebrated what you saw as the “sent packing” of a dedicated spiritual teacher or you sought to elevate your self by standing on the fallen body. I believe neither is constructive for global unity. Good news is you were mistaken (this time) as was brought to your attention by a trusted friend (R. Spiegel.) Step up now and get the full benefit by apologizing for your err so that you can be an important global teacher for us all some day.

    Kol Tuv,
    TC Cummings

  16. Sarah Talmi says:

    my answer to mr. jason – can work for you dear michael too.

    “dono about you, mr. jason, but what I learned from one of my dearest of friends ever – Rabbi Yehuda Berg – is that being a “rabbi” means looking to set example of sharing unconditional love to every human being on earth.

    so sorry you and like you have time in your hands to do …. the opposite.

    not sure you and like you have learned that from the same torah Yehuda Berg and others like us that love cherish and learn from him are studying.

    the torah we study is all and only about love. love for others. unconditional love for others.

    “ואידך זיל גמור”

    “and the rest go and study for yourself” – said Hillel Hazaken when asked to teach the torah while standing on one leg. Love the fellow man as you love yourself – and the rest in commentary.

    real sad that ppl wear a crown that is supposed to represent the beautiful pure torah are too busy looking for others’ faults.

    yet. our pure torah does believe in teshuvah – (changing one’s ways) therefore mr. jason – when you’re done looking to put down those whom you may just not really know enough about – and want to find a place of true love. true friendship. tru torah – we are 100% open to accept and support you in practicing and promoting love in the world.

    knowing Rabbi Yehuda Berg closely for the past 20 years in a raw – I’m not sure you really know what and who you are talking about.

    If we had more Yehuda Bergs in the world – from my personal perspective – WOW. the world could look so much better – like it already is starting to – thx to… Rav Berg, Karen Berg, Yehuda Berg, Michael berg and their students.

    But, after all – not everyone is open to the practice of unconditional love to all God’s creation…

    One day all will.

    Much love and blessings to you.”


  17. Rachel Galas says:

    I thanks & bless the day when Harav Berg , Karen Berg ,Yehuda & Michael Berg open the doors of the Kabbalah Wisdom, born & growing in Tunisia, raise by the name of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai , I FINALLY connect to Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai throught the teaching and learning of Harav Berg, Yehuda & Michael Berg, today my life has a meaning and I will NEVER BE ABLE to give back to the Berg Family what they give me
    So I suggest that you go deeper and connect with Yehuda Berg in a different way, you will be surprise how it was needed for you to meet Yehuda Berg .
    Love & Light to you
    Student at the Kabbalah center since 1995

  18. Yehuda Berg has been the biggest influence in my life, a role model for continuous effort and endless desire to change and affect this world, he is the link and is THE ONLY person in this generation to provide the tools necessary to eliminate world caos. WE CITIZENS OF THE WORLD NEED MORE LEADERS LIKE HIM to end suffering, to eliminate selfish leaders in this world that are creating all the caos we experience.

    I dont understand why he is compared to orthodox rabbis, he is on a totally different league of his own, one of a kind. HE IS DEFINITELY THE LEADER OF THIS GENERATION. I think the term RABBI limits in an extreme way who he is, what he stands for and what he will reveal, for me a rabbi is a closed minded religious dressed in black and only relating to his fellow jews. YEHUDA BERG is a leader for all people, and for all religions, he is a KABBALIST and no religious minded person could ever understand this.

    MICHAEL BERG – whoever has connected to him or his teachings, its in a parallel universe, he is an angel, and its also an insult, a limitation, absurd to even compare him to a “rabbi”. the words coming out of his mouth are revelations , prophesies.

    BAH we have the merit of living in the same generation of this Living Tzadikim, May the whole world have this merit, so we all may have a shot on ending the caos and suffering.

  19. “You have sufficient revenge of the envious person that he grieves over you happiness & good fortunes.”

    —Kabbalist Ibn Gabirol, 11th century

  20. I read a lot of comments on Rabbi Miller’s websites from Kabbalah Students all over the world. They offered friendship, they offered him a chance to understand the truth behind all the garbage, they offered him a chance to meet Yehuda, to read our books and most comments just offered him love, blessings and a Happy Passover.

    This was profound because its now going to reveal the age old war, the degree to which the dark side and ego wages battle the same way the ancient Israelites who built the Golden Calf waged battle against the Light. Most people cannot fathom this ancient story. Now they should be able to. Why?

    Instead of apologizing, Rabbi Miller posted more slander and garbage in response to the kind actions of the students around the world. It’s exactly as the Rav taught me 20 years age and exactly what i learned studying the entire history of Kabbalah — and its a harsh, hard, devastating truth — that the Jews are the ones who bring evil and darkness into the world when they do not give up their ego and look for the good instead of spreading darkness to serve their own selfish purpose. This is why Rabbis hate Kabbalah. Miller is stiff necked and stubborn and blind for not being able to feel the care and tolerance of true Israelites (no such thing as Jew in the Torah) who study Kabbalah.

    His response is shameful. Any wonder why Muslims protected Kabbalists and Sephardic Jews during the Holocaust but the anti kabbalist Jews of Europe were slaughtered? The Moroccan Sephardics scanned Zohar 24 hours a day in relay teams. European Jews slandered the Zohar. Rav Ashlag wrote letters to Rabbis all over Europe before the Holocaust warning them. They ignored. Just like today. And the chaos is coming again but this time it will be worse, says the Zohar. Except for those who have the Zohar. Except for those who share the Zohar and reach out to others unconditionally to offer kindness.

    Its absolutely incredible.

  21. david says:


    very simple…. everyone shares something that they like. if i see a good movie i tell my friends to go see it.., does that mean i am brainwashed by the movie? does that mean the movie is a cult? you sound foolish

    the kabbalah centre does not by any means try and recruit people….all it does it open the doors to anyone who wishes to study…what a gift…. look at all the positive remarks everyone is saying….u have been brainwashed by your ego and unwillingness to be open minded…. you think life was a series of biological coincidences…..doesnt even warrant a respone

  22. eddie says:

    Rabbi Jason, aspiring comedian performing on TV. Rabbi Yehuda Berg, meeting with Presidents, Dignitaries, and Students around the world sharing Kabbalah. Who is the real joke here?

  23. Hector Muniz says:

    I belief there is two types of people in this world: The constructor and the destructor The ones that are looking for separation and the ones looking for unification. Kabbalah Centre and my teachers are on the construction and unification side.
    Peace be with you

  24. Annie Burns says:

    Jason Miller posted a reply on his blog that his source was a gossip site Imagine my shock! I thought I was writing to a scholar, one who delved deeply into the mysteries and sought the truth, being a Rabbi and all.

    Alas, it seems to me, that Jason Miller, is recanting 3rd party gossip without any substance of truth. Jason, in Australia, we have a saying “Put up or shut up”. Either you prove your words or you state an unequivocal apology to Yehuda Berg and the Kabbalah Center. If you do neither, then you expose yourself as the gossip without substance that you have characterised yourself as!

    I would still encourage you, to meet with Yehuda to find the truth of the man you blighted. Don’t you worry Jason, we all will welcome you with open arms and forget all that has passed when you come to realise the blatant error of judgement you have executed.

    The Kabbalah Center stands for Unity, Love, Tolerance, Truth, Wisdom and to bring Peace on Earth. If you stand for this, then come and join us! There is room for you here and the door is wide open!

    With Love and Light to you and your Family

    Annie B

  25. Jeffrey J. Phillips, PMP says:

    “Love thy neighbor as thyself. All else is commentary. Now go forth and learn.” – Hillel

  26. Ligia Grande says:

    I Am a student of Kabbalah, I love the Berg family, all my Kabbalah teachers from the Kabbalah Center, they all have changed my life, I admire them in so many ways. I’ve read all Yehuda Berg’s books and love each one of them, I am eternally grateful for Knowing them and learning from their wisdom, love and compassion.

  27. Paul G says:

    Rabbi Jason has at least corrected part of his error. Why not go the whole way and offer a full apology?

    Here’s what he said on April 18th:

    **UPDATE** – Somehow I missed the fact that Yehuda Berg is actually still on the list this year. He comes in at #37 (down from #14 last year). The Newsweek/Daily Beast gallery of the 50 Most Influential Rabbis shows Berg in a photo with Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. Amazing. Just amazing. (Hat tip to Rabbi Aaron Spiegel, CEO of Synagogue 3000, for pointing out my oversight)

  28. Anonymous says:

    Instead of calling names and pointing who is ‘right and wrong’ why don’t we all just agree to disagree on things and be at peace? I notice hostility from the people on this thread who ARE studying and those who are NOT-aren’t we supposed to be conpassionate? Just live life, be a better person and stop arguing-this is an example of how war is created-silly arguments. And in reference to Kabbalah study as being a cult? Well-IGNORANCE is bliss for EVERYONE— “CULT-noun. 1. a particular system of religious/spiritual worship, especially with reference to its rites and ceremonies.” AKA- EVERYTHING is a cult-my Catholic religion, other religions, my gym I go to, places I follow and admire. ALL A CULT. Does it mean it’s bad? No. I go to gym RELIGOUSLY and can ‘consume’ my life-but it doesn’t INTERFERE with my life and daily activities. Let people do what they want-as long as it does not harm the individual or anyone around them. When will people learn…SIGH.

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