The corrupt people during the Tower of Babel incident in the Torah wanted to become gods ruling over this world. And because they were unified in their objective, they used the power of the Names of God in the Hebrew language to access the 99% reality and use that Divine Energy for their own selfish, narcissistic, immoral purposes.

They almost succeeded. Why?

Because unity is a powerful force. Unified evil will defeat the side of good if there is disunity on the side of good.

So God then mixed up the languages to confuse humanity so that the negative people could never access this raw naked energy in full force, ever again. They could never attain the same level of unity in the power of the Hebrew letter technology. To this day, no one knows the true power of Hebrew and Aramaic. They are tools of consciousness and consciousness creates reality. Connect the dots. I know, these are heady trippy ideas.

Once again, today, we have people who want to rule like gods over this world. Look around. They use advanced communication technology to control our thoughts and beliefs via the information we receive. It’s the war of consciousness and control over human consciousness. The digital world of information being transmitted by electronic ‘light’ waves, is like a reflection of the 99% spiritual reality. This is the Tower of Babel story happening all over again with people using this non material realm to gain total control and play god over the physical reality. Very important to grasp this.

Except some of us are blinded even though its right in front of our faces. Fear does that. Fear blinds us. Fear makes us cower. Fear makes us surrender.

The Golden Calf incident in the Torah was an attempt to access that same 99% Divine reality, using the technology of the Golden Calf to connect to that Supernal Realm of Energy and Light.

The problem was that the Israelites had surrendered their own control and their own consciousness to the technology of the Calf. In other words, the technology would do all the work for them, instead of them using the power of their own minds to accomplish their goals and change the world.

You see, the ego controls our mind. The ego is fear, self-doubt, narcissism, extreme megalomaniac high-self-esteem but it’s also extreme manic depressive low-self-esteem.

Ego operates at both ends of the emotional spectrum. 

And so, our INBUILT power of consciousness, which creates our reality every second, creates a fearful and chaotic reality. In other words, we believe matter is more powerful than our minds and therefore our mind now hands over the power called mind-over-matter, to the external world. Get it? You need to grasp this last idea in order to experience insanely powerful change.

We have total conviction and certainty in our doubts and pessimism instead of certainty in our optimism. And therefore, we create a chaotic and fearful world.

So here’s the solution.

In order to create a positive world, we must eliminate the ego from our consciousness. Period.

This is what we failed to do during Revelation on Mount Sinai.  This is the secret of the Golden Calf. Instead of sacrificing our ego, we surrendered our control to an external technology.

Once again, this is happening today with artificial intelligence, the computer, big tech etc.

Fear, laziness, selfishness, shallow-mindedness, the selfish pursuit of fame, celebrity, etc., all of this has created a world tailor-made to fill these desires. We create our own problems.


We already have artificial intelligence. It’s our ego. We are enslaved to our selfish desires and blind to the existence of the artificial intelligent human ego. It has been programmed to destroy our lives. Our mission in this world is to overcome the ego; to realize we are robotic people, programmed to sabotage our own lives, and THAT is how we connect to the Light of the Creator, the Light that shines in the 99% reality. That Light exists on the other side of our ego.  Now follow this next point carefully: Each realization of our robotic behavior establishes a connection to the 99%. Each time we transcend our ego, by resisting it, by recognizing it, we connect to Divine Energy. Period.

But this truth has been concealed for 2000 years. We have allowed our robotic egos and desires to make us chase after the material world, to treat others unkindly, to force our will and opinions upon others, and to seek instant gratification.

Look around.

With all the tech and toys and brilliant brains that we have, we are desperately lonely, deeply unfulfilled and hopelessly addicted.

There is only way to change the world: become the change you want to see in our world.


Target the reactive impulsive human ego, on BOTH sides of the emotional spectrum.

Those NAMES OF GODS that the ancients misused and abused thousands of years ago at the Tower of Babel, are back today. We now have them. We have the Zohar. THIS IS the ancient (futuristic) technology that allows us to access the 99% to draw down Light, Energy to eradicate the darkness inside of us.

As we change, the world changes. That’s it. Simple. But not easy.


The Kabbalist say, it’s NO LONGER dangerous to reveal the Zohar and the Names of God publicly. Why? Because the negative people will be so far deep into their own ugly egos, narcissism and the pursuit of technology, they will RUN AWAY from the spiritual. Sure enough, we see this relentless reliance on physical technologies all around us.

Does this mean we throw away our iPhones and computers and disconnect from the Internet?



It means we end our addiction to it, and use technology to spread the Light of the Names of God and Zohar, empowered by our OWN transformation of our egos and reactive nature.

The Zohar is now online. We can upload the Names of God and share Light. THIS IS WHY there is so much darkness online as well. The negative side is battling the Light that is now uploaded and available in the online, digital world.

We must keep fighting and sharing.

As we begin to live the wisdom of Zohar—by not reacting to fear, anger, by treating others with dignity and having total certainty in the Light—we inject positive change in this world.

If this is not absolutely clear, please ask your questions below and I will do my best to respond.

Finally, this post contains the wisdom of Zohar. Therefore, share this Light online. Share with as many people as possible.

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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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