Here is how the Opponent, also known as the Adversary (or the Satan in Hebrew as written in the Torah) operates in our world.

This is just one example and I will use the hottest news topic of the day to explain….

Trump is contesting the US election.

FOX NEWS was pro Trump for four years.

CNN was anti Trump for four years.

Republicans and Conservatives were all in on Fox. Fox was safe ground.

Liberals were all in on CNN. Safe ground.

So which side is the dark force of the Opponent on?

Both sides.

And that is how the dark force hooks us.

Allow me to explain and elaborate.

The media is the gateway of information-flow into this world.

This is like the “yesod” of the 99% world. Yesod is the spiritual dimension where all the information, knowledge, wisdom and Light from the Upper World is gathered and then funneled into Malchut, the Kingdom, our physical reality. Yesod is the entrance from the spiritual reality into the physical reality.

The media plays this role in our physical 1% world. Information (non-physical energy) is sent out to all humankind via the media.

There is a saying in the Torah and Zohar. “Sin” crouches at the door.”

This means at every entranceway, the dark force of the Adversary is waiting there.


Because a doorway is like the seed or beginning. If you infect the seed, you infect the entire tree and all the branches and fruit. If the seed is poisoned, the fruit is poisoned.

This is why Jews hang “Mezuza” on the door post leading into the house. It deactivates the dark force so as not to infect the entire house. The door is the seed or beginning of the house.

So the Dark Force strikes at the media because the media is the doorway into the collective consciousness of human civilization.

In a free country, the media plays the MOST important role in our 1% society.


Because no matter how much corruption occurs in the government and in society, the media has the power to question, probe and expose the darkness for the people.

But when the media gets into bed with the corruption, freedom and truth are banished from our world.

This is why the Adversary strikes at the media. Awakening self-interest, greed, selfishness, personal agendas, narcissism, collectively known as ego, within individuals in the media, you corrupt and infect Yesod, the media.

This corruption of the media is the work of the Adversary. Not the people themselves. They have the free will to reject the impulses and seductions of the power and money and prestige that is tempting them, but its the Adversary that is the cause of the temptation in the first place.

Remember, the greatest trick the devil ever pulled, was convincing humanity he does not exist.

The people in the media are not doing this on purpose. They are sucker punched by the Dark Force because the Dark Force corrupted the truth of its own existence by conjuring up stupid interpretations of the Torah word known as Satan. Satan means Adversary. The force called Satan is merely the human ego, which opposes our true self, our soul. It’s the force that says, “do it” even when we know better and don’t want to do it. It’ the force that says, “procrastinate” even though we know we should take action now.

It’s the Force of consciousness that makes eating junk food hourly an immediate addiction and steamed broccoli a difficult eating habit to acquire on a daily basis.

People do not know the Adversary exists. They do not know the true nature of the human ego, and so they fall prey to the influences.

So worse than corrupt politicians and criminals and organized crime and human trafficking, is the corruption of the media. Because the media can expose the evils of our society. Without an honest media, the bad guys continue spreading darkness.

And so when FOX news suddenly turned on Trump, as many are noticing, this is the proof that BOTH sides of the media are corrupt. Republicans are turning on Trump. In other words (and listen carefully) this is NOT about Republicans and Democrats.

This is about people. We are all susceptible to falling to the dark side REGARDLESS OF POLITICAL PARTY.

The Adversary does not choose Republicans or Democrats. He chooses people. ON both sides. On all sides. You see, we are all teammates in this game of life.

IT is the Dark Force creates separation between us. That’s why he never allows us to believe in his existence.

The Dark Force does not care one iota what your ideology is. The Adversary simply awakens your ego, the selfish desire-to-receive-for-the-self-alone, that narrow-mindedness and all of our reactive rash emotions. This Opponent just wants to trigger reactions within us. Because that is how the Adversary rules and steals our Light. He plays Republicans against Democrats. BOTH sides are under his influence.

So all you Conservative and Republicans stop lamenting over Fox News turning on Trump. Why? It means you were expecting FOX to be your savior. No network is going to save you.

You must save yourself. You must become the change you want to see in the world. You must target the real enemy, the human ego. The Dark Force within. AND THAT is how you starve the global version of the Adversary.


And here it is: There is one technology that gives us the advantage.


Darkness is powerless in the presence of Light.

The ancient secret text called the Zohar is Light. Literally. This ancient writing called Zohar  is the soul of the Torah, the soul of the Old Testament and the very source of Jesus’ secret teachings that he revealed only to his close disciples. And it’s also the sacred “mother of the Book” spoken of in Islam.

In other words, this radiant supernal book belongs to all people, the same way the sun shines on all people, regardless of religion, race or gender.

Jews and Christians and Muslims can eradicate the darkness and corruption by uniting and sharing the Zohar.

Simply by reading or meditating upon its pages and sharing it, you diminish the influence of the Adversary within and at the same time, you banish the darkness in the world at large.

You help others who are imprisoned by their ego and the Adversary. As you fix and transform yourself, your Light shines on others which gives them the strength to see the existence or the human ego.

Please share this.

And contact me at if you want to know more about the Zohar or how to get one.

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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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