This coming Saturday’s Torah and Zohar portion tell us that Jacob the Patriarch battled the negative angel of his brother Esav. Jacob battled all night long and finally defeated the angel by morning. The Zohar says this angel was none other than the dark force the Torah calls “The Satan”, which means literally, “The Adversary.”

After Jacob defeats the angel, the Torah suddenly changes Jacob’s name.

To what?


Israel is the name of Jacob AFTER he conquers the dark angel of his brother Esav.

The Zohar’s wisdom also tells us that there is no literal devil, no double-horned creature arousing evil in the world. “The Adversary” is our own ego, the dark counter-intelligence that battles us each and every day. The Zohar says since the day of our birth and all through our life, this negative force that fills our head with negative thoughts remains with us till the die we leave this earth.

Only when the Redemption happens, when the Messiah arrives, will our minds be free and clear with the will of our soul, our true self and our desires.

This force is called the Opponent because it’s an opposing force of consciousness, an opposite frequency of consciousness that opposes our true thoughts, our true will and our deepest desires.


For instance, we desire to be truly happy, but this force conjures up worry, pessimism, sadness and fear within us the moment we wake up.

Where do you think our fears and anxieties and anger come from?

When there is a problem in life, we immediately begin worrying instead of feeling invincible and inspired to conquer the chaos!

Who programmed us that way? Why is doubt, pessimism and worry the easy natural response to a difficult obstacle? Why is fear and stress the automatic reflex human reaction to both small and large problems?

Why are we not automatically engulfed with overwhelming feelings of inspired optimism and total certainty in a pending victory over the chaos?

And how about those moments when we decide that we want to start eating healthy. Only a few hours later this force whispers into our head, “start the diet Monday, eat the chocolate cake now and the double burger and seasoned fries.”

The root cause behind all of this is the onslaught of negative thoughts the Torah calls Satan——our reactive negative impulses better known as ego.


The Zohar says that Jacob’s fight was actually against the Satan himself, the root of all human ego. The story is about us. We are Jacob. And the angel or Satan is our own stupid ego that sabotages our life.

Now here’s a big secret:

We just discovered that Jacob’s name was changed to Israel AFTER he beat the living daylights out of the angel Satan. Follow this closely:

The name Jacob in Hebrew (Yaakov ) has a numerical value of 182.

The Hebrew word “Satan” has a numerical value of 359.

By defeating Satan, Jacob literally conquers the Adversary and RECAPTURES all of the Light and Energy that was lost to him. Therefore, Jacob adds Satan’s numeric value to his own name, signifying his total control over him, instead of vice versa.

Now Jacob acquires a new name: Israel.

Guess what? The numerical value of Israel is—541!

Get it?

Jacob (182) and Satan (359) = 541, the exact same value as the word “Israel”.

This is an amazing secret and profound understanding. This is why the Twelve Tribes that descended from Jacob are called, The Twelve Tribes of Jacob and/or the Twelve Tribes of Israel.

Israel IS Jacob. And Jacob won the name Israel by winning the fight over the Satan, the ego, the inborn fear, worry and darkness inside all of us, especially those who descend from Jacob.

The descendants of Jacob are known as the Hebrew tribes. By the way, they are not known as the Jewish people.

There is no such word as “Jewish” in the context of a religion spoken of in the Torah. There is only the Way of Torah that was bestowed upon the Hebrew tribes who later became known as the Children of Israel, or the Israelites.

The actual word “Jew” in Hebrew refers to the Hebrew Tribe of Judah.

The 600,000 people who stood at Sinai were given the technology of Torah (not a religion) to transform and defeat their own darkness and ego. When they do, they win the name known as Israelite, just as the father of the twelve tribes Jacob did.

An Israelite is one who defeats the Satan, conquers the ego, recapturing all the blessings and Light that has been handed over to the dark side, by using the technology and path of Torah.


This is why a true Israelite never, but never, points the finger of blame at anyone else. There is no outside enemy. Any enemy that despises a so-called “Jewish person”, is simply a direct reflection and a mirror image of the internal ego and Satan of the individual person—you and I. Period.

This is NOT my opinion. The root of anti-semitism is explained in the Zohar and in the teachings of Rav Ashlag, the most consequential Kabbalist of the 20th century.

When we defeat our inner Satan and ego and all of the self-interest and victimhood that goes along with it—just as when Jacob defeated the negative angel earning the name Israel—we too becomes an Israelite in both body and soul. The objective of life on earth is to reach a critical mass of Israelites in our world.

And THAT is when the external enemies will transform and love the Israelites and cherish the Israelites and there will be peace on earth.

That’s how the game of life works.

The way we weaken the power of negative people in the world is by weakening our own reactive nature and learning to love unconditionally—even treating our enemies with human dignity. I have to get rid of my own ugly, disgusting ego in order to prevent Light and power from reaching negative people who only seek to hurt others. They are not the problem. I am the problem. We are all the problem.

We need to starve negative people of their power source by diminishing our own self-interest, taking responsibility, losing the ego, and becoming a true Israelite.

This truth is why Jesus, Rabbi Akiva, Rabbi Ishmael, Rabbi Gamalial, and other great Kabbalists were slaughtered like lambs. They wanted to bring the power of the Zohar to the world.

But it wasn’t time. Why not?

Because the regular people—like you and I—refused to become accountable and make the inner change necessary to eradicate self-interest, narcissism and egocentricity. Thus, this failure to change is what empowered the corrupt religious and political establishment to this very day.

We can change all that now. Once and for all.

We can share the Zohar, diminish our ego, give up the selfishness, strive to be kinder and lose the victim mentality.

This week’s Torah portion and Zohar give us this power.

None of us have to be perfect. But if enough of us reduce our temper tantrums, fears and stubborn behavior in our interactions with friends, family and colleagues, we can tip the scales and become true Israelites, bringing tremendous Light to all the nations, as the Torah commands us to do.

We will witness and experience the End of Death and Pain and Suffering in our lifetime.

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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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