There are few key indicators that let you know if you are a true Kabbalah student. In other words, do you only talk the talk or do you also walk the walk.

You will know if you are a true student of this ancient, all-powerful wisdom if:

1. You create and “see” unity when everyone else sees separation and space.

2. You feel like quitting monthly, daily, weekly or hourly but you resist and let go of this impulse. You persist onwards, appreciating all that you have received from this wisdom over the nasty annoyances that always confront you.

3. You have doubts about your teacher or the Centre and experience strange thoughts, but you are able to separate this negative onslaught of consciousness from the Opponent from your true self. As Rav Ashlag says, we are not here to defeat the Adversary or negative thoughts. We are here only to create a space between these thoughts and our true self. We are in this world to recognize and identify the source of all negative thoughts and therefore, NOT react to them. The only reason we ever react is because we do not see that it’s the Adversary, our Opponent, that is pulling our reactive strings. The only reason we get angry with others is because we do not see the Adversary is also pulling their string. If we really saw the Opponent forcing this other person to treat us so badly, we would never, ever get angry at another person again. It’s all about identifying the Opponent. If that’s what you strive for, you are a true student.

4. The prayers drive you nuts but you connect anyway because you know the outcome will be an influx of positive energy into your life…even if that energy cleanses you first before warming you with pleasure.

5. You think everyone around you is nuts for dancing and jumping up and down at a Kabbalah event after hours and hours of prayer-connection. You’d rather be watching a movie or hanging out and chillin some place else instead of doing the connection with all of these Israelis, South Americans, Europeans, Canadians, Asians, and Americans.

6. You start letting go of that stupid guilt that arises when you missed or forgot to do a small action, or you showed up late. You begin to realize, it’s not about the ritual or action,  but rather, it’s about our consciousness behind the action. Guilt is religion. Appreciation for our tools and a sincere effort to use them to change ourselves is Kabbalah. Even when we are late or forgot.

7. You feel unappreciated, you want more attention at the Kabbalah Centre, and you think you know best how to share Kabbalah with the world. Then you let all of those feelings go because you realize that you are here to simply connect to the Light to benefit yourself and your loved ones first and foremost. We are not here to become popular or praised or to have our ego stroked. We are here to diminish our ego so that we can enrich and enhance our connection to the Light even more. Therefore, when we are feeling lonely and unrecognized and pissed, we are now HAPPY because it’s yet another opportunity to let our ego get smashed. Which means more Light. Which is the sole purpose of why we want Kabbalah in our life.

Please feel free to post your own suggestions below on how to know if you are a true Kabbalah Student.

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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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18 Responses

  1. Edlynn says:

    When people think your crazy by booking last minute intercontinental flights for Kabbalah events and conversations like this occur…

    Israel Immigration interview
    Officer: What is the purpose of your stay [in Israel]?
    Me: To attend Yom Kippur.

    Officer: May I see your boarding pass?
    (I show my Turkish Airlines boarding stub)
    Have you even to israel before?
    Me: Yes, May of this year.

    Officer: Where did you come from?
    Me: Los Angeles.

    Officer: What did you do there? You have relatives? Friends?
    Me: I attended Rosh Hashanah in San Diego.

    Officer: Do you have return ticket?
    (I show him my Royal Jordanian booking confirmation)
    Why is it a different airline? Where are you headed from here?
    Me: I live in Manila, Philippines.
    (Officer’s jaw dropped in disbelief and briefly chats with his colleague in Hebrew. I heard him mention “Kabbalah” & “Philippines”)

    Officer: Are you a Jew?
    Me: I’m a Kabbalah student…I know…it’s crazy!!!

    Officer: So you’re not a Jew?
    Me: I’m a Kabbalah student.

    • Sandra says:

      Awesome story

    • Same thing happened to me in a hotel in Jerusalem during David Berg’s Bar Mitzvah trip. A Jew on the elevator was trying to corner me on why I was studying Kabbalah if I was not Jewish. I told him if something works, why does it matter what you classify yourself as? I told him I am Israelite and what that meant….thought he was going to have a meltdown. And the poor guys at the mikve when I entered with my tatoos, particularly the one of Jesus being crucified on my back right shoulder. I don’t know who was more uncomfortable, them or me…but I have to laugh, because I don’t consider myself being anything but a Kabbalist.

  2. Angela says:

    Thank you Billy! Huge blessing!

    I would think of another one, as the years pass by you think you know a lot and you feel superior to new students, but then you realize you know nothing and you let go of your ego and grow humility when you start learning from the new students and the pure simplicity of their Light, plus you start realizing you don’t know anything Zohar class by Zohar class, books or courses.

  3. bruno siciliano says:

    I feel that a true kabbalah student should love, understand and feel all spiritual paths of the world: Thora and Ancient Testament, all Gospels (more than 30), Quran, and all indians, buddist, sikh, bahai, ancient american sacred books and spiritual paths, also the ancient one less know or unknow: so he/she can find Light in every sacred book and can feel that he/she is very closed to people of different spiritual paths, and bring a unity and peace message in this world. A true kabbalah student should to be able to separate sacred books and save them from the corrupt interpretations of ego that attacked them beyond the centuries, and should gard and protect them from ego, simply with a right understanding and consciousness. A true kabbalah student should understand that the Light that there is in sacred books of all traditions, is the same Light that there is in every human being, every animal and in all nature. A true kabbalah student should understand that Thora is the source of Gospels and Quran, and that Gospels (more than 30) are the confirmation of Thora (AS IT IS WRITTEN), and Quran is the confirmation of Gospels and Thora (AS IT IS WRITTEN): so the Thora is the Heart, and Gospels and Quran confirm Thora, they don’t deny or substitute Thora. And ESPECIALLY a true kabbalah student should be VEGAN.

  4. Tracyi says:

    i am learning more and more about my EGO everyday <3

  5. Christy Gardner says:

    You sign up for and plan on attending an event/holiday that is being facilitated by The Kabbalah Center, and a few days before you plan on traveling, an accident occurs such as being involved in a motor vehicle accident and your plans all go down the drain, so to speak. The doubt, the frustration, worry creep in, but somehow you realize that this “accident” is just what you need in order to push yourself more to get to the holiday/event no matter what. You hang onto that desire to go and allow the Light to get you there even when all the odds are stacked up against you. This is exactly what my personal experience was a few weeks ago…

  6. Sue says:

    Thank you Billy. xx

  7. Oh Billy, thank you, thank you, thank you. Really needed to see and resonate with this one. Sending out to all my Kabbalah peers. Yeah, think I will send one to my teacher, too. With respect, love and light for those who have gone before me….Micha’el

  8. penny says:

    Thank u for sharing,may the lite always be with u and yr love ones and thank u for loving the world.

  9. Nadia says:

    You know you are a true Kabbalah student when you find yourself even after Rosh Hashanah coming home and thinking the battle was won against Satan, only to find you’ve hit rock bottom in your spirituality and all chaos erupts around you. At first you think “Man I must have done something wrong with my consciousness during the connections.” Then you realize that’s just your Satan who has now grown stronger because so have you and so you push through realizing that you must keep absolute certainty that the Light is in every situation.

  10. Josh says:

    Hi Billy,
    Thank you for this website. I am living and learning the path of kabbalah everyday. I have also looked at the geometric patterns of creation (Fibonacci, phi, geometric shapes etc). This has been very rewarding. With respect to your articles (what’s the matter with our minds, etc) do you think that things that might seem impossible to people know could be possible? For example, time travel, immortality (like you say), controlling weather, travelling to other planets just to name a few. Does consciousness create our reality? What is the extent of this? I would like to know what your thoughts are? thanks,

    • Josh says:

      Also what about our relationship with animals, and the environment. I would really like to eradicate all suffering, and create a paradise. I am enjoying reading this. Hopefully, this makes sense. Thank you and peace to my kabbalah peers.

  11. Josh says:

    I find this new paradise impossible to comprehend.

  12. Samuel Alder says:

    Wonderful, thank you

  13. Mark Bradshaw says:

    Having complete certainty in the light of the creator. That is… no doubts about anything and knowing everything is in it’s proper place and there is never a reason to be afraid or angry or any other form of ego. And if there is any lack in any of that (which there most likely will be alot), asking the light for it everyday and making it your life’s mission with all of the fiber in your being.

  14. ANN says:

    Awesome! You read my mind…
    Many thanks. I thought I am hopeless case 😊

  15. peter says:

    i appreciate warmly,honestly kabbalah teachings helped me immensely especially ego management and the ability to see light in others

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