The Zohar says that the world will enter into the sixth millennium (the year 1840 in the western calendar) and then the gates of knowledge will open wide. Here’s the quote from the Zohar:

“In the 600th year of the sixth thousand millennium, the gates of wisdom on high and the wellsprings of lower wisdom will be opened.

This will prepare the world to enter the seventh millennium…”

Look what has happened since 1840:

1849 The telephone was birthed (Charles Grafton Page) with further developments in 1854 (Meucci) and 1876 with Alexander Graham Bell.

1884 The first electromechanical television was patented.

1879 The light bulb was invented by Edison.

1886 The birth of the modern day automobile by Karl Benz.

1887 Henrich Hertz conducted the first ever transmission of electromagnetic waves.

1887-1900 the foundations of quantum physics are being discovered by Ludwig Boltzman, Heinrich Hertz, Max Planck and others.

1891 The first motion picture camera was invented by Edison.

1895 The the first wireless telegraph occurred.

1897 The electron is discovered by J.J. Thompson.

1902 The first modern air conditioner is invented.

1903 The Wright Brothers took flight.

1905 Einstein publishes the first special theory of relativity.

1907 The first audio was sent by electromagnetic waves.

1913 The first refrigerators for home use were invented.

1913 The structure of the atom is discovered.

1914 The first commercial airline flight took place.

1920 The first radio broadcast takes place.

1920 The proton in the atom is named.

1920s Home appliances appear including vacuum cleaners, spin dryers, electric shavers.

1923 The television camera is invented.

1925 Quantum physics is further developed.

1926 Televised moving images took place.

1931 The neutron in the atom is discovered.

1935 Plastics and nylon are invented leading to the birth of nylon stockings.

1939 The first aircraft to fly with a jet engine took place.

1931 The first individual room air conditioner sitting on a window ledge is invented.

1945 The first electronic computer is invented.

1951 The first color TV program was broadcast by CBS.

1952 The polio vaccine is discovered.

1953 The double helix structure of DNA, the building block of life, is discovered.

1961 The first astronaut orbits the earth.

1969 Man walks on the moon.

1990 The software for the world wide web is invented.

Present day — iPhones, tablets, 3D movies and all the rest. Just look around.

Scientists also now realize that consciousness plays an active role in quantum physics and that particles are both waves and particles at the same time. Yes, true reality, the quantum, subatomic realm of the universe, according to physicists, is made up of infinite waves.

STAGECOACHAnd so, with all of our inventions and knowledge, we now realize that we have experienced more progress and transformation in the last 100 years than all of human history combined.

Exactly as the Zohar stated.

This was the real reason why the Zohar was revealed to the world for the first time in history by Kabbalist Rav Ashlag at the dawn of the twentieth century. It was the Zohar’s Light that permeated humankind’s consciousness that allowed us to see and perceive what we failed to perceive for the last 5000+ years of history.

Think about it. All the raw materials and knowledge to create our modern-day world was always present. But only in the twentieth century (the sixth millennium in the Hebrew Calendar) did all of this technology and knowledge reveal itself to us. The Zohar was the candle in the dark that allowed us to see.

The Zohar even told us 2000 years ago that all matter is really composed of energy waves. Further, these energy waves are actually waves of consciousness, like brain waves.

So whose consciousness is permeating all of reality?

The Zohar says it’s God’s consciousness. The brain waves of the Creator.

And God is thinking only One Thought:

To create pleasure for all mankind. Infinite pleasure. Endless pleasure. Paradise.


So where is this infinite, unending pleasure and paradise?

It’s right here.

Imagine a picture puzzle of paradise taken apart and scattered about. Order has now become chaos.

Here’s the problem:

The Zohar says that we are not here to make our dreams come true. We are here to make other people’s dreams come true. And then there will be billions of people working only to make your dreams come true.

When we are governed by ego, the puzzle of paradise is disassembled. Why? We are thinking about ourselves. That creates a space between me and my neighbor. A space between me and my competitor.

Therefore, even though all the pieces of paradise are here, the puzzle pieces are separated by space which creates chaos out of order.

When we remove space between people—especially between ourselves and our enemies—we remove the space between the puzzle pieces that will create paradise.

When we achieve this new state of consciousness, says the Zohar, there will be new technological breakthroughs and advancements that will make the last hundred years look primitive and antiquated. And they will explode onto the scene fast, changing our world from pain to paradise in a heartbeat.

Immortal biological existence and true reality will be revealed to all humankind.

The only thing standing in our way: Ego.

There is no way to truly elevate our consciousness out of the realm of ego without the tools of the Zohar and its profound technology.

This is why the Zohar was revealed in the sixth millennium.

And this is why we must share it, and study it and walk the path.

It’s the one path that is the fast track to paradise.


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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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