This week’s Torah portion features the revelation on Mount Sinai and the two Tablets of Moses! This is easily the most famous portion because it features the Ten Commandments (the proper word is The Utterances, because God does not command).

Kabbalist Rav Berg said there is a profound reason why this most famous reading of the entire year, featuring the biggest event in human history, the giving of the Tablets, is called Jethro!

Jethro was NOT an Israelite.

Jethro was a gentile!

And Jethro became the father-in-law of Moses. Which means Moses married a non-Israelite. A gentile. I bet most people did not know what. In many families that would be a great crisis. And yet, the Torah not only reveals the truth about Moses marriage to a non-Israelite, but it actually names the most important portion after his father-in-law Jethro!

Think about that! Moses received the two tablets. Moses stood on Mount Sinai. Why not name this week’s portion Moses?”

Nope. It wasn’t going to happen.

A gentile received the honor, the distinction and the great merit to have the most important Torah reading named after him.

What’s the lesson?


It is through the sharing of the Light of Sinai, which is the Hidden Light called Zohar, with ALL the gentile nations that will bring about our Final Redemption and restore the immortality that was lost back on Sinai. The gentiles include Christians and Muslims.

The gentiles are required to be active participants if we are going to reintroduce the Light of Sinai back into the world to forever eradicate darkness, evil, pain and human suffering from this planet. When the Light originally shined on Mount Sinai during revelation and through the conduit of the two tablets, the entire world experienced immortality and paradise. Not just the Israelites. All nations, all peoples experienced the Light that shined into the world.

The hard fact of the matter is this: Only through the gentile nations we will bring forth our redemption and the Messiah. How? Through the power of Zohar!

This is what we, the Israelites, blew on Mount Sinai. We had immortal existence and heavenly bliss on earth when Moses had the two tablets. But we, the Israelites, brought death back into the world when we believed, mistakenly, that Moses had died. And then we built the Golden Calf as a result of that grave doubt and we surrendered our power to an external force, code name: Golden Calf.
This was the birth of organized religion, where we surrender our opportunity to connect directly to the Light and instead, we go through some external medium and have the external force do all the work for us. That is the INNER meaning of the Golden Calf. It means something outside ourselves brings us happiness and pleasure instead of us igniting it from with in through the transformation of our ego.

We lose all control over our own lives. This is what we did on Mount Sinai. We gave up our control because we were NOT prepared to give up our ego at that time. And that is why the Lights went out on Sinai. And that is why the Light of immortality went out for all the nations on earth. We blew it for everyone.


All the gentile nations that make up humankind, from that point forward, knew, deep in their subconsciousness, that the Israelites brought death back into the world when they doubted Moses and constructed the Golden Calf.

Thus was born the metaphysical roots of anti-Semitism. This was the seed of all hatred and the birth of organized religion.

The Kabbalists of history, and Rav Berg are clear about this:

The only way to restore the world and the peace that we tasted at Sinai, is for the Israelites to complete the job of sharing the Light of Zohar with all nations.


By removing our ego and sharing the books and the teachings of Zohar physically—and by us living those teachings. As we do, the scourge of anti-Semitism will evaporate. If we remain victims, the hatred and violence will grow and expand, and rightly so.

If we become accountable for our ego and let go of our self-interest and our excessive greed and narcissism, as the Torah commands us to, then we will nourish and nurture the gentile nations with spiritual Light and they will come forth to cherish the Israelites and help pave the way to the final redemption.

This is the power of Jethro.

And any counter-argument against this is to deny the truth of Jethro’s name and its meaning as to why Jethro was chosen to be the official name of this portion. Any doubt or skepticism to this harsh and difficult truth is to prolong the agony and hatred and death of all humankind. Never underestimate the power of ego and our Adversary, know as “the satan.” He lives within us. Not outside of us.

I miss the Rav’s lectures.

Below is a short video that shows how by using the central column free will force known as resistance, we can bring balance to the Christians and Muslims and restore the Light that shined on Sinai.

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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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  1. Doron Maizel says:

    Thank you Billy. Beautifully put.Can you throw me a couple crucial gematrias relating to “Yitro” and his relationship to “Ohr ha goyim”?

  2. Greg says:

    What is man’s traditions for x .

  3. clement fon says:

    Thanks alot Billy for the break down of this msg,let us knw which vol.of the hebrew zohar correspond with this Yitro for scanning

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