Why the heck would Moroccan Jews mourn a Muslim King? I will tell you why. They loved him. And they loved his father. Mind blowing when you consider the hatred out in the world today? Sephardic Kabbalistic Jews enjoyed warm relations with Muslims and Christians throughout history. How come no one talks about this?

I started in Kabbalah over twenty-two years ago. You know what blew my mind after about a year of learning at the Kabbalah Centre?

There was something shocking about the Holocaust the no one talked about.What blew my mind was that most people didn’t even know there was something shocking to talk about.

What blew my mind was that 99.9% of the Jews slaughtered in World War II were Ashkenazi Jews.
What blew me away was that Kabbalist Rav Yehuda Ashlag, founder of the Kabbalah Centre in 1922, wrote a letter. Yes, he wrote a letter warning the Rabbis of Eastern Europe to spread the Zohar. To study it. To read it. To disseminate it. As fast as possible. To all the Ashkenazi people.


What blew my mind were Rav Ashlag’s words of warning when he told the Rabbis why:

“There is a black cloud hovering over European Jewry, unlike anything mankind has ever seen before.”

What blew my mind was that this letter was written in the early 1930s.

What blew my mind was that the Rabbis ignored his pleas.

What blew my mind was that German Jewish scholars, Rabbis, Orthodox, Conservative, Reform and Secular all trashed and bashed the Zohar and Kabbalah. Just like they do today.

What blew my mind was that there was a place on earth where the Zohar was studied. And revered. And loved. And shared. And scanned. And meditated upon. Even though most people did not understand a word of it. Not a word!

They chanted it. And visually scanned it.

Like in the city of Casablanca. Andre Chouraqui was the former mayor of Jerusalem. He used to live in Casablanca. He wrote a book and said people chanted the Zohar 24 hours a day in Casablanca. Without understanding a word.

What blew my mind was that they meditated on the Zohar—in relay teams!

And this didn’t just happen in one location. Or two. Or three. There were at least five locations in the city of Casablanca where people chanted and scanned the Zohar 24 hours a day. No one laughed at them. No one protested. All the Rabbis of Morocco loved the Zohar.

Now here’s what really blew my mind: The Moroccan Sephardic people escaped the horrors of World War II.


Even more mind-blowing was that the famous Nazi General, Field Marshall Rommel invaded North Africa. He demanded that the King of Morocco deport 250,000 Sephardics.

What blew me away was that Morocco was no match for the awesome Nazi war machine that was the German army.

Nonetheless, the King simply said no.

To quote King Mohammad V, exactly:

“There are no Jews in Morocco, only Moroccans.”

Ready for this?

You sure?

Okay, here it is.

Rommel turned around left. Without a fight. Without protest. Picked up his war machine and said “okay, see ya later.”

Even though the destruction of Jews was  the single highest priority of the Nazi High Command.


No matter what anyone says. No one has an explanation as to why the Moroccan Sephardic Israelites were sparred.

Except for the people of Morocco.

I interviewed some of them. Below is their story.
 After hearing it, get a Zohar.

Get another for a friend. Because the Zohar saves lives. It protects people. Transforms darkness into Light. Don’t listen to those who scoff at the Zohar. Times are changing. Look around. Storm clouds are gathering.

The Zohar itself says that in times of judgment, the Zohar will serve as Noah’s Ark.

Watch this then climb aboard.

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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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12 Responses

  1. Rachel Yesenia says:

    Thanks for sharing this secret MIRACLE!
    I hope everyone that reads this will contact The Zohar Project or Kabbalah centre and get The Zohar.

  2. Rina Rachel says:

    This is the Power of the Zohar!

  3. Miriam Steinau says:

    The Zohar IS powerful beyond any 1% reason imaginable! What I can tell you is this…St. Louis just experienced what should have been a devastating tornado on Friday, April 22. However, with our airport hit and shut down for all intents and purposes, and with 700+ homes damaged (and over 250+ homes destroyed to the point of uninhabitability)–there were NO FATALITIES!!! Why? The only explanation that I can find is that many of us in the St. Louis study group were scanning the Zohar during the storm, and because the Zohar Project in St. Louis has distributed Zohars throughout the City and County, and we have plans to plant more Zohars during Lag B’Omer. The City of St. Louis may not understand this protection, but I have seen it in action with my very own eyes. The Zohar does for us what we are not capable of understanding…and in my fair city, lives were saved. I have no doubt about that.

    Love and Light,

  4. Ligia Grande says:

    The video is amazing,thanks for sharing this incredible miracle. The power of the Zohar in beyond our wildest imagination.Ligia.

  5. erin gray says:

    ill be getting my very own zohar!thats for sure

  6. Paul G says:

    Science vs The Zohar

    It’s amazing how many people (including myself a few years ago) think the Zohar is a religious book, a “pseudo-bible” or worse, 23 volumes of mumbo jumbo. The problem is our ego convinces us that only a nut case would truly believe that the Zohar contains the pure distilled energy of the revelation at Mount Sinai, thousands of years ago – the key to immortality. Science has only helped support our ego. But what if people could see that in some ways we are going backwards in scientific evolution? What if science is only revealing that which was already revealed millennia ago? Take for example the greatest scientific conundrum of all time – The Big Bang. In spite of billions of dollars and years of research, the greatest geniuses of our generation are still pondering how or why our universe came into being. What a waste of time and money. For a few dollars they could have bought the Zohar, and this is what they’d have discovered:
    This is what the Zohar has to say about the Big Bang:
    “The Beginning extended itself and made a palace for itself, for glory and praise. There it sowed the holy seed. As soon as the seed entered, the palace filled up with light. From that light are poured forth other lights, sparks flying through the gates and giving life to all”.
    And this is what Science now has to say about the same subject:
    “In the beginning there was a seed of energy infinately smaller than a proton, surrounded by nothingness. In a fraction of a second that seed exploded into a blazing inferno of matter that cooled, and eventually formed galaxies, stars and planets”.
    Amazing! Just think about it for a moment. A group of Rabbis huddled together in a dark cave a few thousand years ago came up with virtually the same explanation of The Big Bang, as scientists would do some time in the distant future. But where did they get this knowledge from? They had no Google, no iPhones, no Facebook, no Twitter…just themselves and a few candles! The answer is simple. Divine Revelation. Nothing more, nothing less. Shimon Bar Yochai and his students were so devoid of ego, that there was no blockage to them receiving the total download of anything and everything there ever is, was, or will be. The Zohar contains the answers to every question we have, and even questions we haven’t yet come up with.
    So, we may ask, where does that leave us? How do we mere mortals also tune into the Divine Revelation Channel? The answer, of course, lies in the Zohar, for the Zohar carries within it perhaps the greatest power of all. The power to remove our ego, to open the curtains, to let the Light flood in, and then we’ll see the true reality. How do we do that? Open the book!

  7. Sarah Behar says:

    Wow! Billy- I heard this story so many times and of course I was amazed by it, yet this time your post triggered the Wisdom of Kabbalah that Rav Berg spoke about in his book “NANO” —“Sharing the Zohar with another human being is without question, the greatest act of sharing a man or woman can achieve in this physical reality. THIS WILL LEAD TO THE ERADICATIONS OF THE INTERNAL WARS FROM MATERIALIZING IN OUR LIVES.” -Rav Berg
    OMG!!! I finally see a BIG PICTURE of how the Zohar protects and saves lives across the board! By having the Zohar the Moroccans prevented the biggest WAR of our time from materializing in their country- in their lives. And it grants us the same merit…wow!!! World Peace is Possible and Achievable. Thank you for the inspiration it has allowed me to SEE the Power of the Zohar in a whole new perspective as well as the devotion I will have in spreading it. Shalom.

  8. Celso M. Elemento says:

    How we wish to acquire at least 1 volume to start with that Book of Light the Zohar. We are more or less 5 families here in Mindanao Phillipines who were enligtened the message of Billy Phillips. We pray and 100% support his mission to spread the instrument The Zohar that would bring unity to all mankind and the spark of Mashiach.

  9. John Wallach says:

    What exactly would have been the logical outcome of quickly studying the Zohar for the millions of Ashkenazi Jews slated for extermination by the Nazis? How would that study have protected those Jews from the gathering wolves in the few years between Rav Yehuda Ashlag’s warning letter and the outbreak of war in Europe? What would have been the practical, life protecting and saving results of such a study, results that would have changed the minds of Nazis determined to carry out their program of extermination?

    • Who cares what I think. I suggest you study what happened to the Sephardic Jews of Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria and Bulgaria. Read and watch the video in this article a second time, carefully. Study what the Zohar promises and what the Kabbalaists of history say about the Zohar. Now, I would like to know what you think the answer is to your question.

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