Tonight (December 3, 2018) is the death (immortal life) anniversary of a profound Kabbalist by the name of Abraham ben David of Posquières, known by the acronym RABAD. It is also the second night of Chanukah.

About 18 years ago, Kabbalist Rav Berg told me that he was the Rabad in his previous incarnation. At the time I did a little research and the Rabad seemed to be a pretty boring and ultra religious person to me. I couldn’t understand why the Rav would be just another Rabbi steeped in Talmud and traditional orthodox living.

Years later, after the Rav revealed secrets about the Holy Grail and other great secrets, I found out that a few scholars said it was the Rabad who was solely responsible for the opening up of the doors to Kabbalah back in the 12th century. Remember, Kabbalah and Zohar were unknown publicly since 2000 years ago. So another 1000 years had passed before the Rabad took this historic and epic step.

Further, these scholars said that the Rabad paved the way for the legends of the Holy Grail to appear, which happened in the same century and the following century with more legends of the Holy Grail being published. So the Rabad was the spark plug for the emergence of the Grail and the emergence of Kabbalah to the world in the middle ages.

Now it made perfect sense to me why Rav Berg was also the Rabad, Abraham ben David.

The Rabad was visited by Elijah the Prophet in the 12th century and he was instructed to open up the doors of Kabbalah for the first time since Kabbalist Rav Shimon bar Yohai, 2000 years ago.

Well, the Rav in our generation did the exact same thing. The Rav opened up the doors to Kabbalah (thanks to Karen) to all mankind and made the profound connection to the Holy Grail. All of those secrets and all the details the Rav revealed will soon be made public in the next few years.

I also learned that Rav Isaac Luria (the Ari), one of the greatest Kabbalists in all of history, and his chief disciple, Rav Chaim Vital and others, all said that the Rabad was one of the greatest Kabbalists in human history. Imagine, the Ari designating someone as one of the greatest ever.

As I said, now it makes perfect sense why the Rav told me that he was the Rabad. It’s the same life. It’s the same story. It’s the same magnitude of influence and greatness that is beyond measure. Both brought Kabbalah to the world after 1000 years of total secrecy and ignorance.

Even the traditional rabbis look at the Rabad as one of the greatest medieval rabbinical scholars in history.


So tonight, during this insane connection to Chanukah, which shines the exact same blazing and scintillating Light as the Zohar, the “Or Ganuz” or “Hidden Light,” we have an opportunity to connect to the Zohar, the Rav and the Rabad. With all of their help, we will ignite our Final Redemption and reveal the truth about the Holy Grail to all mankind, which is the end of death and the arrival of paradise and immortal existence through the universal power of Zohar, the book of Splendor.

It is this Light that has powered up this holiday season throughout history. Subconsciously, the world feels the goodwill and the feeling of a perfected world, because the Light of Chanukah, the festival of Lights, the Light of Zohar, seeps into the soul of all mankind during this period. It’s not coincidence that Christmas falls at this time. But we’ll share those secrets another time.


A few years ago, I was invited to speak in Denver to a global conference being held by the official modern-day Knights Templar organization. Their grand master invited me to speak and they trace their lineage back to the birth of the Templars at the same time as the Rabad — the Middle Ages.

They know all about the work of the Kabbalah Centre and work behind the scenes to help spread Zohar, goodwill, wisdom and universal peace to all peoples.

I also shared a lecture on Kabbalah and Holy Grail, as revealed to me by Rav Berg and a second lecture that I shared at NASA.

There were Knight Templars from Lebanon, Japan, Africa, the US, Israel and other nations and they were all blown away by all the connections and secrets.

This was the power of the Rav and the Rabad at work! It was the Rabad and Rashi (Rabbi Solomon Isaac of Troyes, France) also in the Middle Ages who orchestrated the first ever revelation of the Zohar for the world. Rashi himself met with the Knights Templar, specifically with Godfrey De Bouillon. No one knows the real secret of that meeting except for the Rav and the ancient and modern-day Knights Templar. I’ll be sharing that mystery in future articles and lectures and my course called Unredacting Jesus.

So with the help of the Rav and the Rabad on this profound, awesome and historic evening, may the Light of Chanukah, the Or Ganuz, the energy that shines from every atom in the book called Zohar, may it ignite a never-ending rain of miracles for all mankind and may the insanity of chaos that we are now witnessing give way to insanely positive miracles and blessings for every soul on earth.

It will happen in our lifetime. It IS happening in our lifetime.

The Zohar says, as the world gets crazier and filled with more madness, equal blessings will also appear and it means we are getting closer to the end.

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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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