This Hebrew calendar month of Sivan is Gemini, sign of the twins. This month is also the month that Moses received the two tablets during Revelation on Mount Sinai. It’s not by chance that Moses had twin tablets, not triplets and not a single tablet, during the month of the twins. It’s really a connection to the energy that flows through the universe during this incredible period.

We also have a twin.

The twin within.

This twin is our negative, dark side — the opponent that opposes all of our good intentions, all of our positive thoughts and all of our dreams.

99% of the world is totally unaware of this twin within. Most of us are convinced that all of our worry, skepticism and our fear are rooted in our true self.

They’re not.

These negative thoughts and emotions are projected into our minds by the twin within.

The purpose of each month, of each astrological sign, is to help us use our positive traits that are imbued into us from our particular sign, to overcome all of the negative traits that we also inherit from our sign. The twin within us IS our negative traits. The reason there are no horoscopes in Kabbalah is because we do not believe that stars control our destiny — unless we hand that power over to the stars by allowing our twin within to control our behavior and consciousness.

This leads to an incredible secret.


This particular month is controlled by two specific Hebrew letters, as revealed by Abraham some 4000 years ago.

They are the Hebrew letters Reish and Zayn.

Usually, the two letters of a month do not spell a word. But this month they do. They spell Raz. Which means secret.

What’s the big secret this month?

There are many. But I will share one: Our consciousness creates our reality. Absolutely. Completely. 1000%.

So why don’t we have mind over matter?

We do!

The problem is, we believe that matter and this whole external world is more powerful than our mind. Guess what? Now, our consciousness imbues matter with that very power — ONLY because we believe it. We just created a reality where matter rules over our lives instead of our mind ruling over matter. Again, this is only because our consciousness believes it.

Guess what? We already have the power of certainty. What we believe will be. So what’s the problem? We use our certainty in the wrong way. We are certain in our doubts and worry, and so these doubts come to fruition through the power of our certainty and consciousness. We believe things are too good to be true—so they are! We believe in chaos, so it continues.

We don’t believe our consciousness creates our reality so our consciousness creates a reality where our minds have no control over matter.

So now that we know this first secret, why don’t we just change our minds about our doubts? Why don’t we just think paradise into existence?

Here’s another secret: We cannot think our way to paradise. We cannot think our way of out mess.

We need to purge our consciousness of all doubt, worry and pessimism because these dark emotions are too strong to overcome. The moment a doubt appears in our mind, the power of our consciousness and our certainty immediately gives power to our doubt. For instance, we believe in death, so death continues. We cannot just say, intellectually, that death does not exist. That is just denial.

And if we believe that this article is wrong, it will be wrong in your particular universe that you create for yourself.

Follow this next insight carefully: We do not experience the power and reality of mind over matter right now, because we DO have the power of mind over matter right now. We don’t think its possible,, so it isn’t. That’s mind over matter. We handed matter all the power of the universe with our disbelief. That’s the paradox. In other words, our minds transferred  this power over to physical matter because our doubts are telling us that matter is more powerful.

This is the danger of self-fulfilling prophecies and the challenge that is part of having the power of consciousness.

We need to elevate our consciousness into a realm above all doubt and above all skepticism and above all anxiety. Then we will know and perceive and experience that death is an illusion.

That is what this month and the entire path of Kabbalah is all about.


We need to remove the Opponent, the true source of doubt and worry, from every atom in our body.  Only then will we acquire and unleash the power to use our minds and consciousness to create the reality we truly choose. Our ego controls our mind so we create the reality that the ego wants. Chaos. When our soul controls our mind, our consciousness will create a blissful reality.

We must diminish and uproot the twin within so that only our true positive thoughts appear in our minds and thus, our minds will bring the true blissful reality into existence — not the false, chaotic dark reality imprinted into our minds by the Opponent.

Which leads to Mount Sinai and the connection known as Shavuot, which we will experience this Saturday night.


Traditional religion tells us that when Moses was on Sinai, the Israelites built a Golden Calf and that caused the shattering of the two tablets of Moses, which brought revelation came to an end.

Here’s another secret of the month: When Moses held the twin tablets, the world experienced immortal existence. The Light that shined was so bright, all darkness including death vanished from the world.

The Golden Calf was NOT the reason why we lost the Light of Immortality on Mount Sinai.

I repeat, the Golden Calf was NOT the reason why the twin Tablets were shattered, severing our connection to the 99%.

Even though religion has told us this story for 3400 years, that is NOT what really happened.

Here’s the final secret of the day:

When Moses went up the Sinai Mountain and he did not return immediately, the Israelites and the entire world, were still in a state of immortal existence. Spiritual Light blazed throughout the planet.

All the Israelites had to do was inject the power of certainty into their lives by trusting in their teacher and master Moses.

When Moses did not come back right away, doubt started to swirl in the minds of the Israelites.

Pay close attention to this next secret: The Opponent (The Satan) knew the Israelites had the power of certainty and the power of consciousness to continue creating a world of Light and Immortal existence—which meant he would be out of a job.

So the Opponent used the very power of the Israelites’ consciousness and their certainty to turn the tables on them! He used their power and turned it against them!


The Opponent called “The Satan” conjured up an image, as real as can be, of Moses dead, being carried up to heaven by the angels. This False Evidence Appearing Real (F.E.A.R) frightened the Israelites. Instead of rejecting this whole episode that was unfolding before them (in their consciousness), they believed in it. And because their consciousness created reality, they literally created death once again by believing in it.

The moment they allowed their consciousness to accept this mirage of a dead Moses being carried up to heaven by the angels, their minds manifested death back into the cosmos.

This was the cause of death’s return to planet earth. Their fall of consciousness and their belief in death snuffed out the Light of Immortality.

The Golden Calf was the effect, NOT the cause.

The Israelites built the golden calf only to try to reconnect to the 99% reality because they thought they lost their intermediary in Moses.

This month, whatever you see “die” do not believe it! If it’s a relationship, a business, a moment of happiness, a moment of contentment, anything positive that comes to an end, we do not have to give power to this illusion of chaos.

Remember, this is not an intellectual exercise. We cannot be in denial. We need to elevate our consciousness over the illusion and KNOW that is our Opponent that is causing all of this.

This month, through the power of the Torah reading on Shabbat, through the power of Shavout this Saturday night, and all the other daily technologies of Kabbalah, we can rise above the chaos with our consciousness. But only by purifying our minds from doubt. And doubt is born of self-interest, selfishness and intolerance.

So, in addition to using the tools, we must share, we must give, we must treat others with dignity. Then we can raise our consciousness and take control over matter instead of matter taking control over our lives.

In simple terms, the more ego we give up this month, the less influence that doubt will have in our minds.

The more unity, love and care we show for others, especially when we feel they do NOT deserve it, the more we purge our minds of ego, doubt and chaos.

Remember, we CANNOT beat doubt. If doubt is in our consciousness, the power of our consciousness will manifest this doubt and make it real.

We need to remove the doubt so that it will not sabotage our lives.

This is the month to remove the consciousness of death from our lives.



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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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7 Responses

  1. Felipe Bizarria says:

    Thank you for sharing, Billy. Amazing!

  2. Guillermo Del Solar says:

    Excellent Billy Thanks
    Very profound yet simple

  3. Clara Cogorno says:

    Thanks a lot…we have to work a lot, but we’ll have a better life all of us if we work in the right way.

  4. phil says:

    Hi, I don’t actively believe in this stuff but my partner put the link on my Facebook and persists in wanting to make me look into it and is in awe with its history etc. Funny thing is, Kabballah and all these words and letters contained within are borrowed from my ancestors the real architects of the Hebrew god, judaisim, the Hebrew language alphabet etc. I am an Assyrian who speaks Aramaic. All these letters, words i.e Resh and Zayin, Raz (secret)and even Kabballah which is actually Kiblah were borrowed from my ancestors. Kiblah has dual meaning: the act of offering and of receiving. The Abraham that the jews and Arabs believe to be their forefather came from where? Aram which is in Iraq (Mesopotamia.) What language was the documents/books/scrolls containing the secrets of the Kabballah translated from ?? Aramaic. The idea of the flood? Moses and the ten commandments? Garden of Eden? where were these ideas borrowed from? Sumerian (ancient Assyrians) read the story of Gilgamesh and the floods written 2,000 years before the Israelites even exited and you will see the parallels. I urge any Kabbalist, Arab or Jew to challenge me on any of this fact of history….Language, mathematics, law and civilisation began in Mesopotamia. The Jews came out of Mesopotamia. I have no hatred toward anyone…i love all…but am sick of ignorant people not knowing the true authors of civilasation, the truth to history and who the Assyrians/akaadians/Sumerians were and their massive influence on society today.

    • Hi phil,

      thanks for sharing. Kabbalah goes back to the first book given to Adam. It’s called the Book of Adam. So Kabbalah preceded yet includes all branches of wisdom. Adam received the wisdom of Kabbalah. All wisdom of the world, be it science, spirituality, biology, medicine, creativity, its all part of one tree and each is its own branch, true and right. Kabbalah is merely the seed that nourishes all wisdom. But we are all part of one. The branch is not separate from the trunk and the leaf is not separate from the fruit and all are connected to the root, from fruit to root. We are one.

    • ignorance is for free wisdom is also free conscience needs a litle effort and with some desire you bring light for kool.

  5. Roman Gerber says:

    Thanks Bill. It’s brilliant. Our consciousness made Golden Calf. All our problem are that we trying to fix what we see which is will be an effect and do not go for the cause – which always will be our consciousness.

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