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Jews around the world sing the praises of Israel. Muslims sing the praises of the Arab and Islamic world. Christians sing the praises of Christ and Christendom. And all sides point the finger of blame at others for the bloodshed that perpetually drowns the Middle East and for the abundant chaos that inflicts all nations throughout the globe.

In the US, Republicans denigrate Democrats. Democrats cast blame upon the Republicans. Emails and articles are circulating on the Internet trying to prove points and cast nations and individuals on a higher moral ground than the o†her to win the support of the rest of the world.

Everyone is finding fault in the other, right or wrong, makes no difference.


From the Kabbalistic view-point, this is a recipe for death and destruction and darkness. And as Kabbalist Rav Berg has said on countless occasions, we have 2000 years of history to show us that this approach never works. Never. Ever.

It does not matter who is right or wrong in a dispute. That is a trap from which humanity can never escape and has never escaped.

Karen Berg offered the Kabbalistic solution to genuine world peace, prosperity and global transformation and it’s stunningly simple but unquestionably not an easy state of consciousness to achieve.

In short, Karen tells us that when an Israeli mother feels the pain and sheds tears over the death of an Arab child and an Arab mother feels the pain and sheds tears over the death of an Israeli child, then peace will come. This same principle holds true for all people, in all conflicts, including religious, political conflicts.

There is no “but” and no posturing or looking outward at the other opposing side. The moment we do, we all lose. We can be right and utterly miserable, or we can let go of the concept of wrong or right and, instead, turn on the Light to remove the darkness.

Being right never, ever flips on the Light.

This world, by design, was created with polar opposite viewpoints, ideologies and belief systems. The truth is never found on just one side of an argument. Each of us holds a small piece of the truth puzzle. Truth is always found down the middle, incorporating the best sparks of wisdom from opposing sides.

However, you can never get to the truth through intellectual debate.

The only way to get to the middle ground and to the ultimate truth is by feeling—not thinking.

When we focus, 100%, on feeling the pain of others, miracles occur in our minds in terms of a sudden higher understanding and a perceiving of higher truths that were not evident before. And that is when simple miracles occur on earth, like stunning change in the world without having to resort to violence and bloodshed.

Make no mistake, intellectual arguments, politics, religion and activism have never and will never bring about authentic peace without violence and unspeakable bloodshed.

Only miracles can change our world through mercy and peace.

And the greatest miracle that will bring about this domino effect and tipping point for generating more miracles, is the miracle within!

That miracle within occurs when we are feeling the pain of our enemy to the point where we can no longer inflict pain upon our enemy because it hurts us just as much.

That is the true underlying lesson of the Torah which says, “Don’t do unto others, that which is offensive to you.”

As we strive to practice this mindset and behavior, we eventually reach a level called “Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself.”

That is the endgame.

But to get there, we must first strive, no matter what is happening around us or to us, to live “Don’t do unto others, that which is offensive to you.”

We are not here to be perfect. We are here to practice. To try. To strive. To feel, if even only a little, the pain of others.

Feeling is the way to paradise. Thinking is the way to war. Look at history.

When we feel, we raise our consciousness and great discoveries will then take place. When we think, we become intellectually smarter but not necessarily kinder and gentler and more loving. Men of madness and darkness can be brilliant. But someone who feels the pain of others can never inflict pain upon others.

Start striving to feel the pain of others.

Start with the people in your own life. Friends. Foes.

Because that will lead to loving others unconditionally.

When we share unconditional love, we feel and experience and receive the love as well.

It circulates around the world.

It’s like standing in a pitch dark auditorium with lots of people groping about in the darkness. Each individual is holding an unlit candle so the room remains in blackness.

Suppose one person’s candle is lit. And that person then shares their candle flame with another person’s candle. And then those two people share their flames with two other people.

Remarkably, your own light is not diminished no matter how times you share your candlelight. Your candle simply continues to shine.

Even more remarkable, the more people who share their flame with others, the greater the light that shines in the darkness. As people continue to share their lit candle with others, the overall darkness diminishes for everyone. Soon, a threshold is achieved where suddenly there is more light than darkness.

This is the power of authentic sharing.

And the greatest act of sharing is to simply try to feel another person’s pain. Just a little.
And then watch what happens.


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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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5 Responses

  1. Thank you Billy Phillips! The reconciling force is easy to idealize and hard work to make part of one’s inner landscape.

  2. Sue says:

    Dear Billy, You are right but it is hard ! However, thank you for reminding us all.

  3. Michael Cawthorne says:

    Nice! Thanks.

  4. alex says:

    You speak truth Billy. However, your words only serve to confirm that, sadly, there will probably never be peace in this life because while we live in a world of plurality (carnality and spirit), there can be no absolute truth. Until we shed this carnal garment, mankind will forever be at odds with one another. The Tree of Life seems to confirm this. One pushes against the other. As the scriptures say: Only God is holy. For even if the conservative puts down his sword, the secularist will continue to spread his seemingly-unrestrained way of life more and more to the left (as we are seeing today). And if the secularist puts down his sword, the far-right will pull so far to the right that life becomes so restrictive as to push us into an unfulfilled estate, similar to death (as we see in the actions of the ultra-orthodox theocracies of this day). It would almost seem that peace is not possible unless each side determines not to change the other, but to resolve to live separately, in peace. This seems to be the example of the Christian Bible. Moses brought the perfect word of law and Justice while Jesus (also a Jew) brought the word of grace and mercy. In this dualistic world, they work together; perfect law tempered with perfect mercy; perfect balance. When the Left moves too far to the left, the Right is there to bring it back towards the middle and vice versa. Perfection, by God’s standards, may not be what we comprehend as perfection.

    • We don’t need to change the whole world. only a small group can reach that critical mass that will change everything. Only the negative force incites doubt within us. 19 people changed the world on 9/11. The Berlin Wall fell without bloodshed and without warning in one minute. Consciousness creates reality. If you believe it likely won’t happen then….IT LIKELY WILL NOT HAPPEN. Consciousness is an all powerful force. The Kabbalists say we only need a handful of people. What that number is, no one knows. Some say only ten people. Some say more. But we don’t need billions or millions. Remember, one person on a material level has the power of enormous wealth, greater than hundreds of millions of people. Bill Gates. Warren Buffet. The same HOLDS TRUE with spiritual matters. A handful of great spiritual souls can have the same influence as hundreds of millions of people. Do not let skepticism influence you. All we need to do is change ourselves. Truly change. The more pain on the ego the more miracles we will see around us. we are not here to change others so stop worrying about the people out there. It’s a trap. The only war is the war within.

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