Trump ignites and enflames our reactive nature like no other leader before him.
Trump wakens our inner adversary (aka human ego) to the max.
And the divide between the pro and anti Trump forces is galactic in its size. This provides us with a rare galactic size opportunity.
The opportunity is the ability to choose to transform our consciousness, which is the sole key to bringing the Messiah (AKA world peace and the end of death and the arrival of biological immortality)!
First, we must understand a truth about the concept of Messiah. There is a two-stage process to igniting the Redemption of humanity and manifesting the Messianic world of perfection.
Make no mistake, there is no Messiah that is coming to save us. It’s been well over 2000 years already and it has happened yet.
Rather, there is a “messiah” consciousness that already dwells beneath our innate rational consciousness, which is under the complete control of the adversary (the reactive human ego).
Each of us must first transform and unleash the messiah within us. What does this mean? It means we must transcend our anger, envy, fears, our anxieties, our rage, our jealousy and our judgment until we reach a state of true inner happiness where nothing in the external world can trigger a reaction from us.
In other words, we must attain a state of mind where we alone control our own happiness instead of other people and outside events controlling our happiness. Not easy.
All of us our slaves. We are slaves to other people’s perceptions. We are slaves to everything around us. If we cannot let go of anger and envy, we are slaves.
The key to authentic happiness is to free ourselves from this slavery.
Here’s the good news: We do NOT have to achieve perfection in this endeavor. Rather we must strive. And we only need to reach a critical mass of people who achieve a certain measure of inner change towards this end goal.
Enter Trump.
Here’s the formula for transforming our personal lives, and, in turn, the world into perfection, beyond what we can imagine:
Whether you are pro Trump or anti-Trump, find someone who is adamantly opposed to your personal view. The more you differ in your views, the better results you can achieve. In other words, those of you who are pro Trump, find someone who is absolutely anti Trump. If you are anti Trump, find someone unchangeably pro Trump. Finding the exact opposite person is the perfect scenario for this formula.
Now, for ten minutes, each of you must relinquish your tightly held passions and opinions about Trump and you must now argue the opposite view point to the other person. You must resist your desire to say “no way I can do that” and, instead, find a way to do it, only for this one exercise.
You must truly adopt the opposite consciousness and genuinely argue the opposing view. The more it hurts you, the weaker your adversary inside is becoming.
There is only one enemy—the adversary within. If you care about the world, you must become the change you want to see. The more you diminish ego, the more Light and change will occur in the world.
We are not here to change others. That is so such an easy thing to want to do. Who doesn’t want to change the world. There is a hidden agenda of ego in that pursuit. Make no mistake. If we want to truly, authentically change the world, we need to change ourselves. We are here in this world to ONLY change ourselves.
And THAT is how we change the world!
So, if you are Pro Trump, you must sincerely argue and debate fiercely, but fairly, the opposite viewpoint and become anti-Trump. If you are anti-Trump, you must now argue and debate fiercely, but fairly, the pro-Trump viewpoint. And you must both strive for sincerity. You must truly find the reasons for your new point of view and feel them. Taste them. No matter how bitter. And strive to make that bitterness sweet.
The more you can do this, the greater the results in your life.
And the greater the miracles you will see happen in the world.
Each of you should do this for ten full minutes, or longer, until you begin to really feel the other point of view.
Then, when you’re both finished, meet in the middle. Do not go back to your original point of view. Do not adopt your newly argued point of view. Meet in the middle, with dignity and with an open mind that there exists in this world a higher truth.
We are not in this world to be right and win arguments. We are in this world to unite with opposites. The sole goal of the ego is to convince us that this is BS. The ego only wants to win. The ego is just a test, an opponent that we must defeat to earn the paradise and peaceful world of dignity and perfection that is our destiny. Figuring out that the ego is the ONLY enemy and that uniting with opposites and meeting in the middle is the short way and fast track to igniting the final redemption and transformation of the world.
When Kabbalah speaks about the middle it is not referring to the political middle. Here’s what it means: A light bulb has two opposite poles—a positive pole and a negative pole. If the two poles connect directly, there is a sudden bright and blinding flash of light as the bulb short-circuits. Light is generated for a moment but then the bulb flames out into darkness. This is our life. The world is short-circuiting now.
To create lasting light there must be a third element, the filament, which sits in the middle of the two opposite poles and creates…resistance!
When the filament resists the current of electricity, the filament glows and now Let there be Light manifests before our eyes.
Resistance is the key creating lasting light.
When a critical mass of people in this world truly succeed in resisting their existing opinions and passions, and ego and they embrace opposite view for a few minutes in this exercise, we will see the media change, we will see the government change and we will see the world change. The more individuals who engage in this exercise, the greater the results.
When we reach a critical mass of people who complete this transformation in the truest sense, we will witness the birth of the Messiah.
Kabbalah is all about uniting opposites.
This lack of resistance is what is preventing the Light of the Messiah and a perfect world from manifesting. This is the opportunity at hand.
The very purpose of our existence is to achieve this new state of consciousness, which is about uniting with people and opinions that are opposite of our own by resisting our inner adversary and treating others with dignity by meeting in the middle and only finding the good in others. Period.
Each time we see something wrong in someone else, — leader or citizen, friend or enemy, it’s a reflection of my own character flaw! Full stop.
Second, when we judge someone, we strengthen the negative trait within them that we are judging. If we resist this temptation, and we look for the good for the purpose of unity, then we weakened their negative and we strengthen all the good that we find in the person. So we are responsible for other people’s garbage as well through the power of our own consciousness.
But that’s too simple. That makes me accountable for all the crap in the world.
We can talk the talk, but if want change, we must walk the walk and BECOME the change we want to see. No if’s and’s or but’s. At least if you want to change things on the seed level and deal with causes as opposed to the emergency responders and the protestors who are forced to deal with the effects and symptoms of our lack of change.
The only discrimination I can truly heal is my own biases and prejudices, and we all have them to one degree or another. And if we deny that, then we are protecting the adversary, the ego within, and continuing the problem.
We are born, by design with all of this negativity and prejudice and ego so that we may correct it and transform it. That is how we earn a new world of peace. We have to participate by changing ourselves.
Only the ego makes us try to change and blame others. When in truth, I am the blame, and I am the one who needs to change. Period.
The ego is the one who makes it embarrassing to admit our own garbage. We would rather be self righteous and looked upon as pious people.
Ha! A true Kabbalist feels no guilt about his own garbage and ugly traits because he knows it is only the Adversary inside of him, only the opponent that was infused within us so that we may defeat him.
How does this inner opponent fight back? By convincing us that he does not exist and that the other person is the problem.
THIS JUST IN: We need a few courageous people who are willing to fight on this level.

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Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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