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From the Kabbalistic perspective, the problem in America, at this precise moment, is stunningly simple, but profoundly difficult to overcome.

What’s the problem? Both parties—Democratic and Republican—are putting their party’s interest ahead of the nation’s interest.

This is how it’s been for a long, long time.

Further, each member of the party, puts their own needs ahead of the party’s need.

In other words, everyone, at every level of human thought, behavior and action, is under the negative force known as the selfish and self-centered, Desire to Receive for the Self Alone.

This is an actual force of consciousness, which manifests as the human ego, which tries to sabotage our lives by making us sacrifice the long term benefit for short term instant gratification, which always comes at a deadly cost.

All of us have a hidden agenda, either consciously or sub-consciously, and this is what motivates our actions and our behavior.

Identifying this hidden agenda, which lies at the core of human activity, is the key to transforming the world and unleashing profound positive change, miracles and wonders in our world. Literally.


There are two ways humanity can move forward:

  1. Pain and suffering, emotionally and/or physically.
  2. The internal battle against our selfishness and hidden agendas, which hurt the ego, but benefit our lives, our countries, and our world.

Either way, we move forward. Either way, the world evolves with new technologies and new developments and new laws and changes in society.

One path is painful and filled with judgment. The other can be pleasant and filled with blessings if we have the wisdom and courage to take it.

Choosing one or the other is basically our only genuine free will in this world. In other words, life will evolve either way and reach the predestined end-game, which is the end of pain and suffering and the arrival of  a peace beyond our wildest dreams.

Our free will is to choose if we get there through trial and painful error, where mankind wages war against one another, on every level of human relationships; or do we get their by waging war against the true infidel, the true terrorist, the true enemy, the true saboteur—the human ego.


Kabbalists tell us that the ego was created by design to challenge us. To test us. To use any and all means possible to trip us up and ruin our lives. This is to give us free will and to allow us to become the cause of the paradise and happiness that we seek. We become the cause when we finally figure out after countless lifetimes and generations, that external war, external arguments and blaming others never works. Never!

We cannot fight darkness with darkness. We might win the battle, but we create added darkness and thus we lose the war as the consequences eventually come back to haunt us. It’s blowback.


The same way the human body is made up of diverse organs, each one serving its own unique function, the body of humanity was set up the same way. Each nation, each culture serves a purpose and has a unique function. We are not here to convert people. We are not here to convince the other side that we are right. How stupid is that? Imagine kidney cells converting heart cells into kidney cells and the heart slowly withers away!

We are here to develop interrelationships, the same way as our organs do, to produce a world of peace and innovation and paradise beyond our imagining. We do that when we find the good in others, the truth in others and they find the good in us and the truth in us and then we mix all together so that two sides come together to create a third column of human consciousness.

The middle.

Both sides contain truth.

Both sides contain mistakes and falsehoods.

We need to find the truth in others and discard our own mistakes and falsehoods.

We do not give up our own identities. We don’t relinquish our own culture and beliefs. Rather, we build of a bridge of mutual dignity finding what is beneficial to the world from the other side, while retaining our own essence. The heart remains a heart, the liver remains a liver and the brain remains a brain. They just work together in perfect harmony.

And so, we are NOT here to sell our truths. We are here to find those gems of truth in the other side. And the other side must find the truths that we offer. That is the hurdle we must overcome. That is the test of human consciousness. This is how we build the middle ground.

And do not blame the other side now and say, “Hey what about them? Tell them that! They just want to hurt me and this world!”

Read my previous article to understand why you see negativity in the other side.


The ego wants us to teach and preach and tell and sell our truth to others. Instead, we should overcome this egocentric impulse and find the bits of truth that exist in the other side. This is how we unite. This the only way to unite. We must remove the space that separates two sides by merging into the middle. Now there will be no space for darkness to enter and ruin our lives. There is only truth when two sides find the truth in each other. This is how you create the middle ground where there is no darkness.

Guess what? The ego is designed to make us doubt this truth as well. The ego’s function is to make us doubt its very existence.


If everyone, for just five to ten minutes, on both sides of the political spectrum, and everyone in the world, started uprooting their own hidden agendas and looked for the good and the bits of truth that exist in the opposite arguments of the other side, and we stayed focused on that goal, resisting the compelling impulses of the ego, the sun would suddenly begin to shine all over the world.

It’s just like when we take off in an airplane during a rainstorm. At first it’s cloudy and dark and bumpy and stormy. Then, minutes later, we rise above the clouds and there is instant sunshine and smooth sailing! The sun was always there. It was the storm clouds that created the darkness and chaos.

The human ego and our hidden agendas are the clouds that darken our world.

If we rise above the influence of our ego, our world changes as quickly as a jet rising above the clouds to find the sunshine.  We just need to demonstrate the courage to let go of all the cynicism and fear known in Kabbalah as the overriding, all-consuming Desire to Receive for the Self Alone.

Sunny skies and a world of Light would explode at once, igniting new technologies and innovations and discoveries that would change our world overnight!

Or we can live in a world that will explode in darkness and smoke and fire and then the changes will come slowly and painfully, as they have for thousands of years.

Our free will is to choose which path we want to experience.

And the choice is this: Do we fight others, or fight with my own selfish impulses that put me ahead of everyone else?


We find our humanity when we take that battle inward. Each time we resist ego, we unleash the spark of what it means to be a human being.

We are mindless robots and slaves to the ego when we fight against others. We might think we are free, but we are truly prisoners to these impulses.

And this is why our happiness and the good times never last.

Listening to the ego has been a losing proposition.

It’s time to wake up and see who the real enemy is.

And then we all benefit.

It’s a win-win proposition.

Except for our ego.


And this is why Trump was elected. This is why Trump won. Trump has ignited a fierce and intense and rabid response from both sides. His victory has ignite heated passions, unbridled emotions and frenzied arguments and unchangeable points-of-view, and tightly-held strong opinions all around the globe in a way that has probably never happened before. Especially with the power of the Internet and the media to unite our world in the ability to consume the news moment by moment as it unfolds.

Both sides are hellbent on proving their points, winning the battle of ideas, and achieving victory. For their own side. And therein lies the problem.

It’s all for our own benefit and thus we are imprisoned to our own truths and opinions, which leaves no room for authentic free will. We are discounting the other side, where there are bits of truth and gems of wisdom that we must find.

That’s how the world was set up, whether our ego likes it or not. This is the truth we must grasp and embrace.

Likewise, the other side must find the bits of truth in our side—but’s not our job to show it to them. Again, we cannot sell or tell our truth to others. Rather, must find truth in the other side and meet in the middle.

The middle.

No matter how much it hurts our ego.

The middle is where the sun and immortal human existence awaits us.

Trump won so that we could have the opportunity become one.

It’s not about Trump. It never was.

It’s about us.

And the opportunity to overcome and rise above my own ego because that is where the Light shines upon all humanity.







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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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8 Responses

  1. Rick Breckenridge says:

    Except that the “pain” experienced by the democrat is the “pleasure” experienced by th republican. How is this cycle rectified by either? If I feel pleasure in your pain, I do not desire to partake in the second option since I feel pleasure. Where is the middle line?

    • Recognize and then resist these two emotions as you described for each side and start to feel the other side’s pain or pleasure. Feel the other side. If we felt someone’s pain, we would not be happy that they are in pain because we also feel it. if we feel the other person’s pleasure, then we don’t feel bad about our pain because it disappears from the pleasure we are feeling from the other side. Now THAT is an example of a perfect world. We are NOT expected to be perfect. Rather we are expected to TRY. At least TRY to feel the other person’s feelings so that there is no disunity. Trying and recognizing the important of unity and feeling the other side is 90% of the battle.

    • TL says:

      Rick, I voted Trump and derived no pleasure from the “pain” of those who didn’t vote for him. I don’t care, to be honest because I’m too busy with my own work on myself to sit around thinking about something like that. It seems to me that to think people are gloating means you’re stuck in your head. You think too much.
      If you want to worry about the pain someone is feeling, go volunteer at a homeless shelter and ask the people who live on the streets about their pain. Stop deliberating whether or not someone is taking pleasure in your pain. That’s your ego making you think everything is about you. And it isn’t.

  2. Doron Maizel says:

    Bingo Billy! Oh how sweet and delightful Truth is! Thank you for nailing it as usual!

  3. Alina Navarro says:

    Hi Billy, as Always thank you so much for reminding us to remove ourselves from that 1% and go inward.
    Audit Ourselves truthfully, Restrict and Invite the Light in so that we may work on ourselves.
    Thank you for bringing us back to the Center.
    I wonder, is there any way to get a Complete English Set or the Sacred Zohar into the White House??
    Would you happen to know if Marla is working on this gift to the Presidency of Our Nation?
    I pray we are able to get one placed there, and at Trump Towers.
    Again Thank You! xo

  4. Oh there Billy. You are so right on! Everything you stated in reference to our political parties and the humans in them is very accurately true.
    (When you see Batsheva Shouster please tell her Ken Pritz said hello).

  5. Anonymous says:

    Every article I read, I cry.
    I just want to tell you- I am incredibly glad God gifted you.
    It is a gift for everyone and I am happy you share it with us.
    I’m so HAPPY I am finally starting this journey.
    FINALLY! It feels like it has been FOREVER without my knowing!!!
    I want my need for God to grow so great it bursts through everything!

    • Jo Spiller says:

      This post is brilliant, and makes total sense. I appreciate so, “It’S not about Trump It never was.” Every distinction you make not only is truth, it’s law. You know? Each distinction. “This is an actual force of consciousness, which manifests as the human ego, which tries to sabotage our lives by making us sacrifice the long term benefit for short term instant gratification, which always comes at a deadly cost” At a deadly cost. “.Choosing one or the other is basically our only genuine free will in this world…” It is vital that we share the uncluttered wisdom of this post. May I share it? Wait…Of course I may. Dear author,…how very faithful to choosing life over death you are. This… are the real thing. Thank you for your sight, your wisdom, and your love..

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