Today’s portion of Emor, according to the writings of Kabbalist Rav Isaac Luria and the Zohar, reveal the secrets of Golgotha and the resurrection of the dead.

Golgotha is the place where Jesus was said to be crucified. Except Christian scholars and all the early founders of Christianity admit that the word is an Aramaic word and that they have no idea where Golgotha is or why this word is used for the whole idea of Jesus’s death and resurrection.

The answer can be found in Kabbalah.

Commenting upon this week’s Torah portion, Rav Isaac Luria explains how the spiritual dimension called  Atika Kadisha is the source of the “dew” that brings about resurrection of the dead. He further explains that the dew is really the three letters in the Tetragrammaton, Yod, Hei and Vav.


According to Kabbalistic numerology, the word “dew” and the three letters of God’s Name both share the same numerical value. So “dew” is really a code for these three letters  of God’s Name, which really refer to the realm that we call the 99% reality.

The final letter in God’s Name (Hei) refers to our world. This one letter  is disconnected from the first three letters. Therefore, God’s Name is not complete. God’s Name is not unified.

In simple terms, it means our 1% reality is disconnected from the 99% reality, the source of all Light.

The early Christian fathers and original Doctors of the Church all admitted that they could not find the word Golgotha anywhere in ancient Hebrew writings. They admitted they did not know why this word was used.  To this day Golgotha remains a mystery.

That’s because the early Christian fathers and founders were not permitted to look into the Zohar.

These are the mysteries Jesus taught ONLY to his closest disciples. These are the mysteries that only Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, Rabbi Akiva and their inner circle understood.

You see, the Zohar explains how Golgotha is the spiritual realm in the Ten Sephirot (Tree of Life) that encompasses Akita Kadisha, the place where the dew comes from to resurrect the dead.

In simple terms, Golgotha refers to the 99% reality. It was never about a physical location. It’s a spiritual dimension.

Rav Isaac Luria teaches only through repentance (inner change) can we reconnect to resurrect our happiness and resurrect what ever has died in our life. When enough individual people reconnect, then the gates of the 99% will open wide enough so that even the dead will resurrect and immortal existence (Messiah) will arrive.

This is the long-held Kabbalistic secret of the teachings that have surrounded Jesus for 2000 years concerning Golgotha, Resurrection and Jesus’ teachings about repentance.

Repentance really means in Hebrew, to return.

You might ask, Return to where?

We are returning ourselves and this world to the 99%. We are returning the final letter Hei, in God’s Name, back to the first three letters to unify God’s Name and thus, unify our world with the 99% reality.


The letter that the Hei reconnects to is the letter Vav. The Vav is called “The Son” in the Zohar . The first letter of God’s Name (Yod) is called “The Father” (Abba).

This further explains Jesus’ teachings that says one must connect to the Son in order to connect to the Father. It’s all about unifying God’s  Name, unifying our world with the spiritual realm of the 99%.

Now follow this: Next week’s Torah portion is Behar. This specific portion explains the secret of the phrase “Son of God” or “Son of the Holy One”.

As we just learned, The Son refers to both the letter Vav. But in Behar, we ALSO learn that the phrase the Son of the Holy One refers to the man who masters the Holy Wisdom of Kabbalah to transform his nature and achieve oneness with God.

So these two Torah portions contain ALL the secrets underlying Christianity’s most important tenets and they prove, without a single doubt, that the Zohar underlies Christianity and is the root of all of Jesus’ true teachings.

How appropriate that these two Torah portions always fall around Lag B’Omer, the day Rabbi Shimon revealed the Light of Zohar and left this world. This day, according to Kabbalist Rav Berg, is a mini Shavout, a mini revelation of Mount Sinai. Rabbi Shimon not only left the world on this day, but he also came out of the cave after 13 years of receiving the wisdom of Zohar on this same day as well.

The revelation of the Zohar is equal to the revelation of Mount Sinai and that is why it’s considered a mini Shavout.

Moses came down from the Sinai mountain with the Tablets bringing the world the Light of Immortality and Rabbi Shimon came out of the cave of the mountain with the Zohar which contains the same Light of Immortality.This Light comes from the realm of Golgotha and Atika Kadisha.

Now we can finally grasp the truth that the Zohar is the true source and root of Christianity.

Finally, Lag B’ Omer occurs on the 33rd day of the Omer.

Jesus left this world when he was 33.





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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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13 Responses

  1. Aharon Guttmann says:

    Unbelievable 10x

  2. Brindusa Ses says:

    The Truth been spoken. I LOVE YOU Billy!

  3. Roisin Halfar says:

    Wow! I kept pondering the idea that Jesus was/is a Kabbalist during the Lag B’Omer Connection last night. Are the 50 days of Easter, leading to Pentecost the same observation as Counting the Omer?

    • It’s all connected. Everything in Christianity was rooted in Zohar/Torah. And the Kabbalists say the pagan elements were added to attract the pagans into the fold over the last 2000 years.

    • Roisin Halfar says:

      Thank You Billy! I really didn’t know anything about the 50 days before Pentecost until a friend of mine, an Episcopal minister, posted about it on Facebook, just at the same time as the Counting of the Omer got under way. A light bulb clicked on!

  4. Batsheva Buchberg says:

    Billy, you rock! <3

  5. Peter Soby says:

    Billy… So mind blowing and interesting and inspirational. These facts and correlations are what I love about Kabbalah [actually, there i A LOT I love about Kabbalah, but your discoveries are a true source of inspiration]. I wish that you were able to teach a weekly class at the Kabbalah Centre. I assure you, I would be the first to sign up!!

  6. Ruth says:

    Truth is so cool!

  7. David Gaulden says:

    I just have ‘to second’ the above comments. Your insights & lessons are always edifying! As a Kabbalah Centre student (fairly new), I would also sign up for another weekly class if you taught one there. Thank you for sharing the Light!

  8. Very interesting post!

    “I [Shim’on bar Yohai] am able to exempt the whole world from judgment from the day that I was born until now…” (BT Sukkah 45b).

    עִיר וְקַדִּישׁ, מִן-שְׁמַיָּא נָחִת “And, behold, a watcher, a holy one came down from heaven” (Daniel 4:10). The initial Hebrew letters of each word in this verse spell שמעון Shim’on.

    “The Torah is destined to be forgotten from Israel” (BT Shabbat 138b).

    כִּי לֹא תִשָּׁכַח מִפִּי זַרְעו “It shall not be forgotten in the mouth of his seed” (Deuteronomy 31:21). The final Hebrew letters of each word in this verse spell יוחאי Yohai.

  9. Herman says:

    Very interesting!

  10. Herman says:

    Interesting, really BeEmet!

  11. Doron Maizel says:

    Sweeter than the honey on our lips on RoshHaShanah!!!

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