Scientists say they have seen a thought. And it sure looks familiar. Read on and you’ll see what I mean.

The Kabbalists and Zohar have been telling us for twenty centuries that consciousness is the sole reality. And consciousness flows from the 99% realm into our 1% world. That is the origin of our mind and thoughts.

Specifically, we know that there are ten dimensions (11 when you include the sephirot called Daat) but only the lower seven dimensions affect our physical world. That’s why 7 colors. 7 seas. 7 musical notes. 7 continents.

Got that?


So our thoughts flow to us from the lower seven dimensions, code-named by the Zohar as the Tree of Life.

Now read on….

Science is again catching up to the Zohar. They are now detecting the seven dimensions—and the higher three dimensions—in their research as it relates to the process of consciousness, human thought and the interconnections between neurons that manifest our thoughts.

That’s right, check out the cover of this week’s New Scientist magazine. And check out the quote on the cover:

“WE’VE SEEN A THOUGHT–The Secret Seven-Dimensional Life of Your Mind”

Other quotes from the article:

“Consciousness may itself be a shadow of a higher-dimensional structure.”


And check out the shapes of the thought dimensions and neuron connections that science is finding in the attached picture.

They look oddly familiar dontcha think?

The shapes are based on tetrahedrons, which is the shape of the Tree of Life, the very Ten Sephirot that is the origin of human consciousness according to he Zohar.

And remember, each of the ten dimensions contain ten within and so on.

What’s the take away?

Realize that our negative thoughts and our judgments against others create the very negative reality we are reacting to. Rav Ashlag says Armageddon is not hail and brimstone and nuclear explosions. It’s a war of our internal negative consciousness versus our internal Light consciousness. Our ego versus our soul.

Two choices in life:

Keep reacting to pro and anti Trumpers and all the darkness you see on the news. Keep trying to change the world instead of trying to change your consciousness. Keep pointing the finger of blame. Keep thinking you are right. The results of all this will be more darkness and chaos.

Or, instead, realize there is but one war and it’s between you and your inner opponent. Period.

As we change and become accountable for everything, the world will change around us. When we reach a critical mass of transformed consciousness the curtain hiding true reality will finally be torn down.

I will go into a lot more detail in an upcoming article on my blog.

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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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4 Responses

  1. Joseph Rocha says:

    How does the Kabbalah, and yourself, explain the long battle between Israel and Palestine?

    • The Zohar says that the Israelites correspond to the heart of humanity and other nations, including Palestine, correspond to the other organs of the body of humanity. The role of the heart is to furnish Light to all nations, including Palestine, and Muslims and Christians, the same way the heart nourishes all the organs with blood. The battle is due to the lack of Light in the world and the Israelites were chosen to become the Light Unto All Nations. If we don’t generate Light, then there is darkness and this is the root of all conflict.

  2. Gregory Minkovsky says:

    “Consciousness may itself be a shadow” doesn’t go with “Consciousness is true reality”. Elaborate on “seeing the thought”. Seems like the article spoke about neuron structure. You take the “shape of ten sfirot” literally?
    Zohar is catching up to science by taking advantage of being printed and wrapped into plastic.

  3. Tziporah says:

    Billy, this is fascinating. I have a book referring to anthropological ring formulas (called Thinking in Circles by Mary Douglas), which was written by an absolutely brilliant scholar. Albeit, the book is an unconventional one, whose late author risked ridicule by the acedemic establishment for writing a book about her observations. Much of her writing is about the patterns (established by certain literary points) found in the Torah and Shakespearean literature. What I have most significantly derived from it, is the fact that the patterns she writes about are an elaboration on the tetrahedrons you speak of, not to mention Star of David-like formations. It sounds crazy but these patterns, in the literary-sense, have so far been observable to me in any sort of writing holding a sort of spiritual message. The Harry Potter books are even structured as such, as are the Chronicles of Narnia. Not ALL books are structured in such a fashion, however. It seems that these sorts of books were written by authors who had in some capacity, intentionally or not, been influenced by kabbalistic ideas — interestingly enough, both Rowling and Lewis, British authors of Potter and Narnia, both almost certainly consumed information influenced by the Christian kabbalists in their country who’d played a part in the Zohar translation, way back. I’m sure that given the kabbalistic wisdom you possess, this isn’t at anything new but I thought I’d share. I know this sounds crazy on my part, but I think it’s cool that many works of great literature just further back up what kabbalistic teachings I’ve learned at the Centre.

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