The heated controversy surrounding Kabbalah has raged on for twenty centuries. The breadth and scope of it has been concealed from the public and its time to spill some of the beans as to the underlying reason behind it. Keep in mind, this is but a glimpse into the campaign that has been waged by a select few in the religious authority and among disenfranchised students in each generation to prevent the regular people, folks like you and I, from delving into an ancient wisdom. It’s a wisdom that teaches each of us how to connect to the Light of the Creator without need of a rabbi, priest, minister or any othe guru seeking to act on our behalf as an intermediary. Perhaps this is why the “intermediaries” of each generation so despised the Kabbalists. The goal of the Kabbalists is to put the religious establishment and themselves out of a job by empowering people with the responsibility and the technology for changing their lives and, in turn, this world.

Flash back. To the middle ages. The 13th century. Kabbalist Moses De Leon was called a fraud, a charlatan and an illegal profiteer who only wanted to cheat the public to make himself a fortune.

Flash back. To the Kabbalist Isaac Luria who was slandered and scorned in Safed in the 1500s.

Flash back. To the 18th century. Kabbalist Moses Chaim Luzzatto was called evil and a diabolical heretic! He was officially excommunicated by the rabbis and the courts in Italy and Germany. The Kabbalist known as, The Baal Shem Tov, was despised and declared a dangerous heretic and actually outlawed by the religious authority in the 19th century. In the early 20th century, Kabbalist Yehuda Ashlag, was badly beaten and bloodied on the steps of his synagogue for opening up Kabbalah to the world for the first time. And he composed the first ever Hebrew translation of the Zohar.

In the 1960s, Rav Ashlag’s beloved student and true successor, Kabbalist Yehuda Brandwein was persecuted by both family and fellow rabbis. He was banned from the bus transportation system in Israel so that he could not travel to meet his teacher Kabbalist Yehuda Ashlag. Rav Ashlag also told Rav Brandwein that he would one day have a student who would bring Kabbalah to the world. Again this is only a microscopic glimpse of the pain, scorn and hardships each of these Kabbalists endured.

All of these Kabbalists — and every other true Kabbalist of history — had to endure these kinds of obstacles simply for opening up the doors to Kabbalah a little wider in each generation. The interesting part is, all these Kabbalists had no complaints. Zero. None at all. They lived by the words of the Kabbalist Abraham Abulafia who said 1000 years ago:

“If God brought the Kabbalist to the point where rabbis and the whole community make up lies about him and call him crazy, and even children in the street scream out and call him evil, he should make himself strong as a lion and not seek revenge. He should do this for the sake of God and not for the sake of honor. Because God does this with all the true Kabbalistic sages of truth.”

Italian Kabbalist, Moses Chaim Luzzatto, who faced unimaginable harrassment, muckraking and persecution by the religious, legal authorities, was actually delighted that he was so violently persecuted. He wrote so in a manuscript some 300+ years ago.
So the Kabbalists have no issue with the lies, slander and persecutions.

But we should.

I do.

You see, today, these same persecuted Kabbalists are all revered as giants of the Torah and spirituality. Today they are considered masters of the Kabbalistic tradition, the true authorities and heirs of Moses, Rabbi Akiva and Rav Shimon Bar Yohai. Isn’t that a strange and funny thing? When they were alive, they were all the devil incarnate. When they died they were suddenly the giants of Kabbalah, masters of the Torah and beacons of spirituality. No one remembers the names of the folks who defamed and libeled the Kabbalists (though we will meet a few of them further on this article). But every single sage of spiritual renown and authority, from every single generation since, knew and remained in awe of the names of those Kabbalists once cursed and maligned by the establishment.

Such is the life of the true Kabbalists.

Out of the millions of people whose lives have been enriched and transformed by the Kabbalah Centre, only a tiny handful continue to spew out negativity. The public is unfamiliar with the truth that goes on behind the scenes. What truth? That only a few people out of a few million were simply too frightened to give up their ego and transform for the sake of their fellow man. It’s not easy. I know. Wasn’t easy for me to strive to give up my ego for the sake of my wife, and children and friends and put their needs ahead of my own. The sad part is that we only read about the negativity originating from a few disgruntled people and from those rabbis who refused to change instead of reading about the millions whose lives were authentically transformed.People simply cannot admit their own failure and inability to accept a message of change. Therefore, they must find fault and wrong in the messenger to justify their own failings.

Thats all that this is about. That’s what it has always been about.For how can anyone on earth, past or present, condemn Kabbalah or a Kabbalist when the sole message is Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself and share with others. Only two other possible reasons are left as to why: Such a person who slanders has never studied the wisdom or met the Kabbalist and spent time with him. Or two, such a person, inside, hates his neighbor and fellow man and thus wants to see Kabbalah fail for it represents the antithesis of his belief. That’s it. End of story. And we should finally come to realize that this is an old story. Read the history books. Read them carefully.

Read the handwritten manuscripts, not the published books. There truth lies there. It’s always only a few who spread the negativity and the lies. Those who had control of the “microphone” and pulpit.The Zohar says that in order to bring peace and paradise to this planet, we need to remove our doubts, our skepticism and most important our ego. That’s what the Kabbalists and the Torah calls us to do. Give it up. Let it go. And appreciate that we have the opportunity to fight the only battle on earth that matters—our own internal selfishness, cynicism and adversary — the human ego.

We will know with certainty the ego is gone for good when there is 100% tolerance, care and kindness taking place among all of mankind. Because inside of us, beneath the ugly ego, that is who we really are! That is our true identity. Each of us, even the most negative among us, are beautiful, radiant sparks of the Divine and we all have unconditional love in our soul for every other person on earth. We just don’t know it. Or feel it. Because the ego is the curtain that conceals it.

It is only the facade of ego that draws a line in the sand and separates me from others. Only the ego that causes me to find fault in others.
The people who spit out the most vile lies and vicious slander about Kabbalah also truly love Kabbalah, including the very people whom they curse. But this love exists within their soul and thus their souls cry out right now, because they have been duped by their own cloak of ego.
It is the ego that makes us spread falsehoods and gossip about others.The ego makes us cause the slander and libel. And then the ego  makes us believe it.

The conflicts of life are never about the things we argue over. Never. Only your ego will convince you of that. The wars are never about oil or land or resources or wealth. The wars globally and the wars in our personal lives are only about one thing — our ego. The ego gets upset and fights. That’s it. Nothing else.
The ego covets. The ego envies. The ego seethes anger. And the ego wages war. And it is the ego that can conjure up a negative movie in our mind so that if we believe it, we will then create that very same reality as a result of our ego. Truly, a brilliant strategy!

You see, life is only about self fulfilling prophecy. What does that mean? Through our consciousness and beliefs, by our words and through our subsequent actions, we create and re-create the world in every moment. We change its destiny every second of the day. If you want to believe something bad enough, it will happen and you will be right. We have no clue about the power of human consciousness because our ego has convinced us that there is no power of consciousness when it comes to true reality.
We would rather be right about our pain, our chaos and the lies told about others if it tickles our ego, than to be wrong and have our ego pricked. If you believe what your ego tells you, you will be right. You will wind up in that reality. Now you are free to suffer. Or we can battle the ego, battle those self destructive movies in our minds and the onslaught of negative thoughts in our heads that the ego conjures up and thus change our reality. In the end, that’s all life is about. The power to change our reality and make our dreams come true. Every moment!

Everyone searches for the meaning of life. Kabbalah revealed the meaning of human existence thousands of years ago. But the anti-Kabbalists have prevented that wisdom from reaching the public. Thanks to Rav Ashlag and the work of Rav Brandwein and Kabbalist Rav Berg, Karen Berg and the Kabbalah Centre, we now know why it is we are on this earth. Wanna know what you are doing here? Wanna know what the rabbis, priests and other authorities could never tell you?

The ultimate point of human existence is to give us the power to manifest our thoughts in the world simply by thinking them. To dream up our own personal paradise and have it manifest, practically, so that we can enjoy, delight and live out our dreams to their fullest. We are here to create our own personal story of life and live happily ever after! Beyond what we can even dare to imagine right now. But there is a caveat. And this caveat is the singular reason why your life is anything but a dream-come-true right now. This power of the mind, of consciousness, of human thought, will not and cannot be 100% unleashed within us, until the ego is banned from our being. Otherwise, this power could be dangerously abused. Duh.

So, instead, for now, we have the power of mind and consciousness only on a limited scale. It is so limited, we don’t believe for a second in the power of our mind and consciousness. But that is part of the game of life. Sadly, we have allowed our ego to control our limited consciousness and thus ego controls the reality of our world. And what has that gotten us? Look around. Twenty centuries of bloodshed, molestation, poverty, war, sickness; a world where only 1% of the people see a portion of their dreams come true—along with nasty side effects. And the remaining 99% of the world only experiences their worst nightmare.

We’ve been duped. We have no concept of how powerful are thoughts and beliefs are. And most important, we have no clue about that “second voice” that lives inside us. Yeap — now you know there is a second voice inside our head. The voice that says “do it” even though we know we shouldn’t. The voice that says “don’t do it” even though we know we should. We think that voice is our voice. It’s not. Its the opponent. The dark side. The human ego. And we pay the price every day for listening to it. The only way to weaken that small but powerfully negative influence globally is if our voice finally drowns out the voices of the few, the one or two, who seek to spread darkness. We need to shine Light and Love and Dignity on the darkness.

Here is how the Zohar describes those who will oppose and battle against Kabbalah and fight against the transformation of egocentric consciousness into love thy neighbor and tolerance. The Zohar states: “They build synagogues and yeshivas…it is done to make themselves a great name” The Zohar says Jews will also rise up against Kabbalah and the powers of the Messiah.

The Zohar states about them:

“If they notice a time of distress coming upon the children of Israel, they abandon them. Even if they have the power to save them, they do not want to do so. They abandon the Torah/Kabbalah and avoid those who study it. Instead, they do favors to those who worship idols.”

And the Zohar says it will be people in positions of power who will oppose and fight this transformation, people who “became the leaders and heads of the world, men of great power.”

Sadly, this has been the technique of the anti-Kabbalists throughout the ages. This is why the world has not yet found peace. Just take a look at history to learn the lessons of the past. As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, one of the greatest Kabbalists of history — Rav Moses Chaim Luzzatto — back in the 1700s, was slandered, persecuted, excommunicated and scorned by a handful of religious rabbis who despised Kabbalah. One Rabbi, Moses Hagiz, said he wanted to hang Luzzatto upon a stake and let him die a slow death. The rabbis and community leaders burned his books. They destroyed his name. They exiled him from his city of birth. And they buried many of his greatest written works in graves. One of those books that they destroyed was Luzzatto’s commentary and updating of the Zohar. All Kabbalists concur that the sharing of the Zohar is the work of re-revealing the Light that was lost on Mount Sinai. Imagine rabbis and community leaders burning the sacred Zohar. Now comes the irony and tragedy:

Today, this great 18th century Kabbalist Moses Chaim Luzzatto is one of the most studied and respected rabbis in religious schools around the world! The great spiritual leaders who came after him all hailed Luzzatto as the greatest thinker of the 18th century, perhaps all of history. Luzzatto’s books are now revered and studied the world over. When he was alive, he was an outcast and called an evil person. When he died, he became one of the greatest rabbis and kabbalists in history.

Let’s jump ahead to the 19th century. Scholar Henrich Graetz called another great Kabbalist, Moses De Leon, a charlatan and a fake. Who was Moses De Leon? He was the Kabbalist who dared to reveal and make public the original Zohar manuscripts to the world for the first time in history back in 1295. Writing in the 19th century Graetz said De Leon was an impostor. He said De Leon revealed the Zohar only to make money. He said De Leon was trying to capitalize on the popula rity of Kabbalah and make himself a fortune.Graetz also said:

“The question about Moses de Leon is only whether he was a selfish or a pious impostor.  His intention was certainly to deceive and lead astray. Moses Deleon made use of the Kabbalah which had come into fashion to procure for himself a rich source  of revenue.”

Graetz called De Leon a “despicable swindler”.

Graetz called the Zohar a “notorious forgery.”

Graetz wrote in his book, History of the Jews, that Kabbalah was “a monstrosity”.

These sad statements from a German Jewish scholar  — whose work became the definitive source for encyclopedic information about Kabbalah — helped create a black cloud over the Zohar. It took decades to correct his unconscionable remarks! His opinions prevented people from receiving the blessings and wisdom that Kabbalah offers. Today, we know that Graetz’s work was not scholarship. It was butchery. A hatchet job on the great Moses De Leon. Worse, it was a sly act of profanity upon the name of Rav Shimon Bar Yochai by denying him his authorship of the greatest spiritual revelation in history.

Why do people like Graetz oppose Kabbalah?
Because you need to give up the ego!

After the death of Graetz, scholars were finally forced to admit that Moses De Leon was a great Kabbalist and scholar of Kabbalah in his own right. All the Kabbalists of history had always held him in the highest regard. Graetz even had the gumption and arrogance to call the revered 16th century Kabbalist Rav Isaac Luria, “half an imbecile.” This comment by Graetz revealed his true intent which was not scholarship but rather the desire to blacken the teachings of Kabbalah.

Kabbalist Isaac Luria was recognized by Isaac Newton, Muslim scholars, Christian scholars, Jewish scholars, and every great Kabbalist and Rabbi who lived after him, as the greatest Kabbalistic thinker in all of human history. All the great physicists of the scientific revolution studied the writings of Isaac Luria. Renowned physicists like Leibniz, Newton, Henry More (Newton’s teacher) and dozens of others! Scholars even ascribed the explosion of scientific knowledge in the renaissance to Isaac Luria. But to the anti-Kabbalist Graetz, the great Luria was an imbecile.

So why did people like Sir Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz (the man who invented calculus) study Luria and the Zohar so intently?

Luria described the Big Bang 500 years before modern physics.

The Zohar said heart disease was caused by blockages in the artery 2000 years before medical science.

The Zohar said the world was round 1500 years before Columbus.

The Zohar described liver function, cholesterol and good and bad fats twenty centuries before medical science.

The Zohar said white light contains all the seven colors of the rainbow. It’s not a coincidence that this discovery was credited to Isaac Newton who shone white light through a prism to discover the seven colors inside white light. This secret is written in Newton’s personal copy of the Zohar! Newton’s Zohar is still archived in Trinity College in Cambridge.

So why do people like Graetz oppose Kabbalah?
Because you need to give up the ego!

In the 19th century another German Jewish scholar and anti kabbalist, Salomon Reinach wrote that the Zohar was “one of the worst aberrations of the human mind.”
His brother Theodore Reinach wrote:

“The Zohar is a subtle poison which enters into the veins of Judaism and wholly infests it.”

Why do people like the Reinach brothers oppose Kabbalah?

Because you need to give up the ego!

And now it happens again in our generation. Why? Because the most profound and prolific effort to open up the doors to Kabbalah happened in the 20th century. It happened because one woman dared to do the unthinkable. Karen Berg asked her husband, Kabbalist Rav Berg to share the teachings given to him by his master, Kabbalist Yehuda Brandwein, to the world. To teach it to ordinary folks like me. To people who despise religion. To people who see the hypocrosy of the establishment.

The first thing Rav Berg said to Karen was “They are going to kill us!” It was true. Karen was struck down by a swung baseball bat in the hand of one religious zealot for encouraging Rav Berg to open up Kabbalah. She suffered a brain concussion. Nevertheless, undaunted, and courageous beyond what we might even dare to imagine, Rav Berg and Karen persisted. They were libeled and maligned for doing the unthinkable.

Once again rabbis spew out negative, nasty remarks about Rav Berg using the exact same words as Graetz, and Reinach. And when they slander the teachings of Rav Berg make no mistake: They are slandering and desecrating the teachings and soul of Rav Brandwein, Rav Ashlag and Rav Shimon Bar Yochai.

Rav Berg always told me to never engage such people in actual battle. The negative force called, The Adversary, (Satan, in Hebrew) will even let you win and defeat these people just to get you dirty. Instead, take the high road, Rav Berg told me. He said, allow the Light of the Creator to shine on the darkness. Our only job in this world is to remove our own ego, and for this reason, the Kabbalists embraced and even welcomed the slander. In fact, the Rav used to worry when a negative article didnt’ come out for a while. “Perhaps we are not sharing enough Light to distrub the dark forces,” the Rav would say.

Unfortunately, I am not as spiritual or elevated as the Rav and I feel it’s time for students to share the truth. I am not advocating battling the darkness in others. The Rav is right about that. But it is time to share the simple but harsh truth — no matter how hard it is to hear. Because truth is also a ray of Light and if we share the truth of our own experiences, that will battle the darkness in the world and give people a chance to discover true Light.

About tweny years ago, I was in Kabbalah for a few years. There was a horrific article written about the Kabbalah Centre. There were slanderous, vile comments about Rav Berg and Karen Berg from a rabbi in Paris that were published in a Toronto newspaper. I blew a fuse. I lost it. I was on the warpath. The Rav just smiled at me. I said to the Rav, “Lets fight back! Let me write up a letter of response and slam this rabbi!” The Rav happened to be in Toronto at the time, at my office. So the Rav said, “Okay, Billy go ahead. Write up the letter.”

The Rav and I sat for two hours carefully composing the most biting, hard hitting, and scathing letter imaginable. The content of this letter righted every wrong. It lambasted the rabbi for every falsehood and provided all the evidence necessary to disprove the inaccuracies and show the ugliness of his comments. The Rav then helped me carefully edit it. Word by word. Meticulously. After it was finally done, The Rav leaned back in his chair, looked me in the eye and said, “Now erase it from your computer.” Wow! My jaw dropped to the floor. What a lesson. From that point, I understood, just a little bit, the power of the Kabbalist. No need to take revenge or wish ill will on anyone. No reason to dignify the lies and dirt. Simply shine Light and Light will eradicate darkness. I needed to remove my own ego, to get rid of the intolerance in my own nature which only nourishes and gives power to those who oppose the Light.

As an aside, I was stunned and frightened when I learned that the rabbi was struck down with stomach cancer literally a few months later. I was stunned when a rabbi who slandered the Centre dropped dead in an airport in South Africa choking on food. How tragic and sad that they did not get the chance to recant their words and make reparations for the damage they had done. I saw lots of stories like that. I saw an ex-student who lied and libeled the Centre and ran to the government with a bagful of lies. Of course, nothing ever happened and all was cleared up 100% without a single incident. But of course, no one heard about the positive outcome of that slanderous episode. I saw this person then lose his entire family, his livelihood and watch him endure heart breaking and tragic adversity over the next 15 years of his life. He still calls the Centre to this day, begging and pleading for forgiveness. Of course, he was forgiven years ago by the Centre. His only problem remains the karmic debt that he still has to pay off.

We all have karmic debt, says Kabbalah. Any chaos in our life, is Karmic debt. But our ego likes to point the finger at others instead of taking 100% responsibility. I know. I battle that ugly consciousness every day. Make no mistake: I would not and will not wish anyone, not even my worst enemy, ill will. Not because I am righteous or nice or moral. I am none of these. No one is. My ego is as bad as the next person’s. I wish no ill will because i choose not  to dirty myself for only I will suffer. I have accepted Kabbalah’s teaching to strive to not allow my ego to control my life.

I write this article to let people know that there was and is a campaign to discredit Kabbalists of history. There are two sides to this. There always has been. And only one side has been told for twenty centuries. This is why the word Kabbalah was unknown to the world at large until only few decades ago. And even then it wasn’t global. Only in the last 10-15 years did Kabbalah spread. This age old bitterness from the religious establishment and from those who refuse to change their ego, according to Kabbalah, is the only reason why pain continues in the world. Why? Because Kabbalah empowers Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, and even atheists with the tools and wisdom to change their lives and this world for the better. So lies and slander about Kabbalah delay our redemption. Period. That is why I write this today.

A few years back I was working on a Kabbalah documentary film. I conducted filmed interviews with former US President Bill Clinton, physicists Michio Kaku, Nobel Prize winner Arno Penzias, exploring the incredible synergies between Kabbalah and physics and Kabbalah’s congruencies with the spiritual aspects of Christianity and Islam. Part of the film was to address the historic campaign of hatred towards the Kabbalists. I filmed an interview with some rabbis who opposed the Kabbalah Centre.
There was one particular rabbi and self proclaimed Kabbalist who had claimed that Rav Berg was not the true disciple of Rav Brandwein. He claimed Rav Berg never received rabbinical ordination and was not an authentic rabbi. I pulled out the documents, the originals, that proved otherwise and presented them to him, including the handwritten ordination by Rav Brandwein from 1969. His face went white. I showed him a book of handwritten letters by Rav Brandwein that displayed the profound love and depth of intimacy between the student and the master. (Anyone can see these letters by calling the Kabbalah Centre. They have been published as a book by scholar, rabbi, Kabbalist and spiritual giant, Michael Berg). I then asked this rabbi  about his credentials as a Kabbalist. I specifically inquired as to who his master was. Why? Because for 2000 years, the single test of a true Kabbalist was his teacher and his teacher’s teacher, and the supporting documentation to prove it. It’s all about the lineage. Not a self proclaimed lineage. But a real one. The rabbi told me it was his grandmother who was his teacher and that she once taught him some kabbalah teachings from a book. Once. The rest he learned on his own.

I was not mad. I tried my best not to laugh.I just stared at him sadly. Because it was so tragic. And ridiculous. I was simply stunned that the media quoted individuals like these when looking for ugly remarks about the Centre. Guess what happened to the documentary? Rav Berg told me to pack it in. The Rav told me it was not about me proving people wrong, or making people look foolish. The Rav said my own ego was out of control and that the only person I needed to fix in this world was myself. I listened. Wasnt’ easy! But I saw first hand that Rav Berg and Karen Berg did not care one iota about what was said about them publicly. It is truly hard to grasp it when you see it first hand. All they cared about in this instance was to help me lose my ego, my anger, my self-righteousness and help me find the true treasure in life — my wife and kids.I have never seen that kind of unconditional tough love and gentle love without any regard to oneself. Looking back, it was breathtaking. When I was in it my ego wanted to scream, rant and rave.

This documentary contained explosive material about the origins of Kabbalah, the literature of the Holy Grail, the truth about the lies levied against the Kabbalists throughout history, and the Kabbalah connection to Jesus and Christianity. On one level, it just wasn’t time to reveal these secrets. But on the most important level, the Berg family only cared about one thing and one thing only — would Billy Phillip’s wife say that her husband had changed and that he treated her with dignity, love and respect. That was the only test. And the Rav didn’t stop pounding my ego until my wife could attest to the fact that I was a loving husband and father to my children.

Most men do not have the guts or courage to do it. Most men lack respect and dignity for women, especially their wives. The real hatred towards the Kabbalah Centre is because a woman dared to do what no man in history was able to do, not even the great Kabbalists — to bring Kabbalah to someone in South Central LA and make their life a little bit better. To bring Kabbalah to Brazil, to Arabs in the Middle East, to Christians throughout the globe, to everyone regardless of race, gender, faith or any other criteria. The only criteria was being a member of the human race. And the goal was not conversion but rather empower a Christian to become a better Christian, a Muslim to become a better Muslim. Because this is what Kabbalah teaches. Karen Berg did the unthinkable. And the tears that Karen shed over the last four decades were only spilled on behalf of others.

Making the transformation from selfish to selfless, from egomaniac to someone partly decent is not easy. I, for one, wanted to quit. I wanted to pack it in. I am still transforming and battling every day. Giving up ego and all my brilliant opinions about life was the most difficult task on earth. Men would rather die (and do die) just to prevent their ego from being slaughtered. I saw close friends (two of whom are now responsible for the dirt being spread) refuse to let go of their egos and embrace the difficult change that all Israelites are required to do. You see this is what the phrase “Chosen People” really means. It means the Jew must transform into an Israelite. How? By losing the ego. That is how we become a Light unto all the nations of the world. Because when we Jews lose our ego and we automatically allow our soul to shine forth. Pretty darn simple, isn’t it? But not easy.

Kabbalists of history say all anti-semitism is a result of our lack of Light that we bring to the world by our refusal to change. The Kabbalists lay all the blame at their own doorstep, the doorstep of the Jews, specifically those who defame the Kabbalists and the Zohar. Think about it. Try getting rid of your jealousy when your best friend or competitor beats you in life. Try admitting to them that you are green with envy. Try trading away fame, praise, and the defeat of your competitor and the overthrow of your enemy for the love of your wife and kids. Sadly, most men do not have the strength to do so and they trade away everything money cannot buy for all the things money can buy.

Rav Berg, Karen Berg, Yehuda Berg and Michael Berg literally saved me from my own ego and self-destructive ways in spite of myself. It says in the Talmud, if you save one person, you save a universe. The effect that the Bergs had on my life, my wife and kids, saved not only a universe, but every parallel universe that also exists. Now multiply that by millions of other people whom they touched and you begin to recognize the power of the Zohar and Kabbalah and the oppportunity Karen Berg’s couragous, unfathomable action brought to people everywhere. Suddenly, you begin to see why Muslims, like the King of Moroccco, sat on the floor with Rav Berg and Karen to study Zohar; why a Grand Mufti from the Islamic world came to Rav Berg to ask for blessings for his own family. Why Sheiks and leaders of Arab groups in Israel attended Kabbalah Centre Rosh Hashanah events, calling the Rav “the Moses of our generation. Why Christians and Bhuddhists and people from all faiths embrace the Bergs and the teachers of the Centre. But all of this never makes the newspapers because the ego loves to gravitate towards the negative.

None of this was ever publicized. There are hundreds and thousands of miracle stories, stories that would bend you at the knee in humility and spill tears from your eyes if you heard it from the mouths of the people who experienced them. I could share my own miracle stories for hours, days and weeks. But i am not here to convince. It breaks my heart to see a few people fail the test and sink into the pit because they refuse to become a Light unto all the nations. Look, If Kabbalah is not for you, walk away, head up high and go pursue life and the answers you seek with positivity and joy. Why go into the mud and dirt and hurt those who gave you a taste of life? It makes no sense. Unless you know and recognize the power of the ego and its ability to make us do foolish things which we regret later on.

The battle of Kabbalah is the oldest battle on earth. It is the battle of the ego. This is why Rabbi Shimon, the Zohar, Moses and all Kabbalists of history say, the only reason Adam sinned was because he did not master the teachings of Kabbalah. What does that mean? It means mankind (code name Adam) experiences pain and suffering because he does not use the power of Kabbalah, given to Moses on Mount Sinai, to remove the ego from his nature.

The Zohar says the war against Kabbalah and the lies against the Kabbalists are part of the process to reaching the Messiah and the change of our world. Kabbalists know this and so they do not complain about the persecution and slander that happens to them. But the Zohar also says that when the final redemption is about to be revealed, those who embrace the Zohar will NOT have to suffer the judgments and the chaos that will be prevalent in the world. Only ignorance will prevent people from getting the protection they deserve from the chaos of life. The ignorance concerns the power of Kabbalah, the power of the Zohar and the power of change that people like me have been able to accomplish because of spiritual giants like Karen Berg and Rav Berg and Yehuda Berg and Michael Berg.

I write this article so those with goodness in their hearts will see the truth. Those who love their ego will still find fault and ugliness in Rav Berg and Karen Berg even if they had just won the Nobel Peace prize. People see what they want to see and what they merit to see. We cannot change anyone and we have no right to change anyone. We are only here to share. And when our light shines, those who have the merit will see the Light and come forth.

There was a wonderful line I never forgot in a movie called The Verdict. It was a courtroom drama and a character says to one of the lawyers (i am paraphrasing), “People have a wonderful capacity to see the truth if you allow them.”

So those of you who find that this article resonates, grab yourself a Zohar, work hard at fighting your ego, share the wisdom, share the truth, share the love and set the record straight where ever possible. Share this article!Not because we need to dignify dirt. But because the truth will help others find this path so they can rid themselves of fear, pain, hurt and sadness.


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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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10 Responses

  1. Joan Darco says:

    This is what you call ‘student comments’??? You are liars and tricksters, very rich as well. Bet I won’t see at Occupy LA!

  2. Shimon says:

    I’m a student of Kabbalah, and I will be at Occupy LA tomorrow. What’s your point?

  3. I’m from Rio de Janeiro, the 2016 Olympic City, and student of the Kabbalah Centre for over 10 years. What can I say to those who do not know, that the teachings of the Center transformed my physical and spiritual life. I understand that the opposition SACRED KABBALAH originated in what is the maestro of mayhem. Before you speak, participate in their courses, look closely at the sublime purpose of the KC, and then draw their conclusions. Do not “eat food chewed.” And the Light of the Creator be with you!

    • alex antwi says:

      hello sir , thank yu for your information how can i get the sohar spill am in dispriece in my life i ned your help your teaching and to commiand it to apiell in vication , i will like your teaching and the book yours help thank yu .

  4. Once again great blog post! Minor correction: Rav Ashlag was not the first to translate the Zohar into Hebrew. Before him Rav Yudel Rosenberg translated portions in a five volume edition called Zohar Torah (Montreal, 1927, see here: http://thenutgarden.wordpress.com/2012/10/28/rav-yudel-rosenberg/). There were others too although Rav Ashlag was the first to translate the entire work, except for the the Tikkunim which were left to Rav Brandwein to finish.

  5. Being unrecognized is one quality of Messiah Son of Joseph whom Rav Berg resembles. As is written, ‘And Joseph recognized his brothers but they did not recognize him’ (Genesis 42:8). This is as Schopenhauer wrote “all truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” Therefore Joseph was ridiculed by his brothers when he told them his dreams. He was then violently opposed, tossed in a well and later sold as a slave. Finally the truth of Joseph’s dreams were realized when his brothers and his parents, who sent gifts, bowed down to him in Egypt.

  6. Guillermo Del Solar says:

    I am a student of Kabbalah and had my own doubts and fears about the Center when I started. Of course my ego had to take over .
    Throughout the years, I saw my fears and doubts beaten to a a pulp when confronted with the sincerity and love for others of the Rav and Karen…., of course you are sometimes battling doubt about one concept or another – otherwise you wouldn’t be doing your work because as you progress the satan (ego/adversary) will challenge you more-, but I am happy and grateful today that I get to see the Rav and Karen as they really are: the pillars of our generation. God bless them.

  7. Alina Navarro says:

    This will be the second time I share this writting. My eyes welled up with tears, yet again at reading about your Desire to defend those you Love Billy, namely the KC and the Berg Family. At hope you’ve struggled with your Ego and learned to Let Go, YES the hardest thing ever!!! Many Blessings to You, the KC and mostly the Rav & Berg Family for their undying Selfless Desire to reach the Nations one person at a time. Karma as most call it, is a very adept Boomerang. One can not raise his hand, nor speech Against the Light of God without reprecussions.
    Thank you Billy, for your selfless sharing always.

    I myself have experienced a Total Life change once I became involved with The Zohar Project. Right after the Texas event, my Life in the 1% totallly changed as the Light prepared me & set my course for the path I am on now. My 10 engagement (yeah, I know) ended, friends I’ve had for years were cleared from my life path, my sports car has been replaced ( by the Light with confirmation) for a family car, my 5 year old pet dog passed away of a heart attack to make room for the 2 adopted ones I have now, which are the Main Key to where my life is headed. Crazy, but True. I catch myself at all moments that My Ego over runs me, which is quite often. I recognise the correction in Consciousness I need to make & battle negative thoughts all day when I never used to have any at all. So I think I am pissing off the Opponent to some degree. (forgive my french but that’s what I beleive) In the 99% I connect nightly with Zohar scanning, for the removal of Pain & suffering in the World. And I can feel the Love within my spirit now from my whole community of Kabbalah Students world wide, Well mostly from my Center. 🙂
    I am Home.
    I’d like to Thank Zev Aurbach for his “29 Amazing Minutes”
    Yes, that Intro brought me HOME.

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