When someone on the right makes a bad mistake, the left amplifies the negativity, and spins it deeper into darkness. And vice versa. The media has lost all objectivity.
Both sides are embellishing and laser focusing on the negative and avoiding pointing out the positive.
Both sides are being sucker punched by the Opponent inside of us. The human ego. The human ego was created by design to test us, to make us darken our world through the power of our consciousness.
Unity does not mean agreeing with one another.
Unity is agreeing OR disagreeing but having human dignity and forgiveness for the other side. The dignity and forgiveness must be the unifying force underlying our interactions.
Unity and a high level of consciousness means that we understand that looking for the good and positive in the other side strengthens their positiveness. Likewise, finding the negative in the other side only serves to strengthen their negativity. So pointing out the bad and harping on it, does nothing but fight darkness with more darkness.
This world is about evolving human consciousness and developing an understanding that our consciousness is what not only influences our reality, but actually creates it, for each and every one of us.
An evolved state of consciousness is when we realize the above points; when we realize that when we find our own garbage instead of focusing on other people’s garbage, we actually change the world at a seed, DNA and cause level.
When we find someone else’s garbage, we only contribute more garbage to the situation. That is the power of human consciousness. But we relinquish that power or we scoff at it, or disbelieve it, all because the human ego was designed to make us doubt this very power of the human mind.
It is the human ego pulling the strings on both sides of an argument.
Unity does not mean agreeing with one side or another about the NFL’s “taking a knee” protest. Or that we all agree on a single viewpoint.
For instance, some might argue that this latest protest by NFL players is disingenuous because it’s not so much about racism and inequality as it is about being anti-Trump. They might ask, where were the NFL players when police brutality against people of color was on the evening news? Why didn’t they protest then? Therefore, this is proof that it’s more about Trump.
And how did American soldiers feel, who are stationed in war zones risking their lives for the flag, as they watched American football players take a knee in London, on foreign soil, and then stand for God Save the Queen?
Others will have equally compelling arguments against this view and for the right of the NFL players to take a knee. They will speak about the insensitivity of the words spoken and that the time has come to finally stand up for others.
And how do the families of slain black people feel when people are more concerned about the flag being disrespected than the lives of young black people?
The two sides of the argument that I just shared are intellectual debates.
Guess what folks? If you want to change the world, it doesn’t matter which side you are on, intellectually.
To change the world, we need to transform our consciousness, not win intellectual debates.
Intellect is not consciousness. A serial killer could possess a high IQ and be intellectually brilliant. But he still murders people.
The way the world works is as follows: Judgment can never come from the force that we tend to call the Creator. Judgment can only befall us if we judge others. That’s how its designed. When we judge others, any decrees of judgment that are due to us from previous negative behavior, are then executed against us.
We pull the trigger on our own chaos and karma.
Likewise, if we show mercy, if we forgive others and look for the good, the universe MUST respond likewise to us and therefore we attract forgiveness and any negative karma due to us becomes null and void.
THIS IS WHY we should forgive. Not for morals. But because it pays. Both sides win. How stupid are we to listen to our ego, listen to our brilliant intellect and judge someone, when all it does is cause negative karma to bounce back in our lives.
Both sides are being duped, deceived and sucker punched by the force called the Opponent, or the human ego.
Intellect will never change the world. Only consciousness can.
Consciousness is about one’s ability to care and treat others with dignity, forgiveness and unconditional mercy, and to transform from innately selfish people into selfless people. Consciousness is about overlooking the negative and finding the good in others and then with dignity, working together to find the truth and at worst, agreeing to disagree about an issue with mutual respect and care and dignity.
It’s a process. It takes lifetimes. But that is the purpose of life. And our negative impulses and thoughts and anger and tightly held viewpoints are merely tests for us to pass and to overcome and to start living the simple principles mentioned above. Simple, but not easy.
Unity is when we finally realize that the world is a mirror of my own being, my own consciousness. And what the world shows me is what I need to fix in myself to make that transformation.
No person out there will ever change until we change first.
That’s how it works. Whether we believe it or not.
I told you the ego is powerful.

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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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5 Responses

  1. Ruth Engler says:

    Hi Billy
    I like your posts.
    I’m just worried that if people are too passive during this presidency ( not speaking out for injustice ). the presidident could turn into full dictator like the one from Germany .
    What’s our solution?

    • Ruth, I gave you the solution from the Zohar in the very article. Read it again. The opponent puts a curtain in our mind and blinds us to the solution that is right in front of our faces. Read all my Trump articles on this site and you will see. 🙂

    • Tziporah says:

      Like Monica Berg’s new book says…fear is not an option. I know I’ve been struggling with various fears and because of Monica’s shared wisdom, chose not to react or give thought to those fears. It’s hard but once you see that it’s the opponent is planting those fears in hopes that you’ll end up wasting your energy to combat them, you’re free. This is just my take based on personal experiences I’ve handled the past few days. I hope that helped maybe a bit!

  2. Ruth Engler says:

    Thanks Billy !
    On another note, have you seen Joel osteen’S posts on twitter.
    His messages are very kabbalistic.
    And he has many Christian / catholic followers .
    He even hosted a Rosh hashana event at his Lakewood church on Rosh hashana.
    He’s uniting people of all faiths

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