The word amen is, without question, one of the most popular and most recited words in human history.

It is interesting to note that the power, antiquity and universality of Kabbalah is proven, beyond doubt, through a long-held secret that concerns this ancient and enduring word. How does amen prove the antiquity of Kabbalah? I will explain shortly.

The Zohar tells us that those who utter the word amen after a prayer are profoundly more important than those who recite the prayers.

States the Zohar:

He who answers Amen is greater and more valuable than he who makes the blessings.

—ZOHAR VOL. 22 7:36


Why would a single word and utterance be far greater than someone who recites pages and pages of prayers?

We’ll answer this in a moment.

The Zohar also says those who utter amen and understand its true meaning, they will be blessed, saved and protected from their enemies who seek to crush them. People who know and utilize the power of Amen receive Light and blessings in this world and in the future paradise.


Why is this one word so powerful?

We’ll answer that in a moment.

The Zohar says that those who failed to understand and utter Amen, they cause the doors and gates to heaven to slam shut so that blessing cannot fall down upon them. The result is darkness. Look around.

States the Zohar:

“…Whoever heard a blessing someone made but did not meditate in his heart on the Amen……close the gates…no blessings are opened for him….Woe to him, woe to his soul.”.

—ZOHAR VOL. 22 7:36

How can a single word have the power to seal up the gates to heaven and stop the Light and energy radiating from the Creator from entering into our lives?

We’ll discover that answer shortly.


Amen is universal.

Christians, Muslims, Israelites have all used this word in prayer and meditation for millennia.

The oldest known use of the word amen is from the Old Testament, the Torah. For instance, in the book of Numbers, verse 22 it says: “and the woman shall say, “Amen, amen.”

Christianity adopted this word 2000 years ago, reciting it at the end of prayers and hymns. Today Christians around the world shout out Amen as often as they can.

Islam also uses the word to end their supplications known as dua. 

According to Wikipedia: Muslims use the word ʾĀmīn (Arabic: آمين‎) when concluding a prayer, and especially after reciting the first surah (Al Fatiha) of the Qur’an, with the same meaning as in Judaism and Christianity. Besides that, in Islam, Muslims say “Amiin” after hoping something good after being stated. For example: I wish all the people in this world could unite and live in peace, Amiin ya Allah or the same as Amen to That in Christianity.

Except no one knows what amen really means on a deeper level, or its true purpose and function in prayer, including lay people and even the religious authority from all the world’s religions.

Think about that.

No one knows the secret behind the word amen, yet the world has been using this word for centuries.

Could it be that the actual literal meaning of the word itself is magnetic and compelling?



Check Wikipedia or any other source and you will find a basic definition for amen. It can mean truly or verily. Or the definition is sometimes: So be it.

Now ask yourself a question: Is this literal definition of the word the reason why amen is so powerful, prevalent and universal? Is the term So be it so awesome, inspiring, moving and meaningful that it managed to enter the vernacular of the world’s great religions for thousands of years, and up to this very day?

Is this why it’s so popular and powerful and why it possessed such staying power that it has never left the consciousness of humankind for over three thousand years?

Think about it.

Amen is as pervasive and omnipresent in our world as the air we breathe. It has never left the tongue of humanity. It’s probably the most uttered word in human history. It is so ubiquitous, we take it for granted and never ask questions about it. Questions such as:

What does it really mean?

What is its purpose?

What function does it serve?

What attracts us to it?

What in our subconscious minds has magnetized this word to our lips, century after century?

Some claim the word originates from the Egyptian God Amen-Ra. But there is no explanation as to why or how this is so, nor does this shed any profound purpose behind its role and function.

Besides, the first usage of the exact word of amen in prayer, as mentioned above, is actually the Torah.


There are answers to every single one of the questions raised in this article. It’s found in the wisdom of Zohar. Only the Zohar explains the purpose and meaning of amen and, by doing so, proves that amen is a pure and authentic Kabbalistic term from the Zohar; a technology that underlies and empowers all the faiths of the world.

Amen makes no other sense except for the Zohar’s explanation. Which proves that Kabbalah is older than the Torah itself, as all Kabbalists already understood, since Abraham wrote one of the first books of Kabbalah many centuries before the Torah was revealed to Moses.

Let’s now unravel a long-held secret about amen, and in turn, we can learn to how altar and enrich our lives through prayer and meditation beyond what we might dare to imagine.


You cannot understand the technology underlying the word amen without understanding a few simple concepts of Zohar. So first, allow me to share some basic Kabbalah 101 insights before decoding the word and revealing the true purpose of amen.

2000 years before modern-day science and superstring theory, the Zohar said true reality exists in Ten Dimensions. These dimensions are broken down as follows:THE TEN DIMENSIONS

There are nine dimensions that are hidden from us, which we call the 99% reality. It’s called the 99% because 99% of true reality is hidden there. This 99% realm is the actual source of all blessings, wisdom, pleasure, good fortune and life itself. It is a realm of pure supernal energy. This is where we find true Divinity and miracles.

The tenth dimension is our world. The physical reality. Here we only find 1% of reality because of the limitations of our five senses. This is a world of darkness and chaos and pain and death. There is Light in our world in the form of progress, happiness, technological advancements, peace and prosperity only when our world is connected to the source, this hidden 99% reality.

If we unplug a lamp from the source of its power — the wall socket — the lamp suddenly goes dark. Life works the same way. We must plug ourselves, and this world, into the 99% reality in order to harness the spiritual Light, the supernal Energy that animates our universe and everything in it, including every atom in existence.

Imagine running cables of electricity into a building. All the wiring, all the current, all the generators are in place, ready to operate. The only way to experience and manifest that power is by flipping on a power switch.

If the switch remains in the “off” position, there will be no light, no heat, no air conditioning no TV, nothing in that building.

That is the role and function of amen.

All the prayers that we utter are simply the cables and wires through which we draw down the current of Light into this physical reality. Amen is the on-off switch that we must flip on so that Light shines in our life.

How do we know this?

What is the proof?

Where’s the evidence and the design and engineering behind this word that illustrates this function?


God doesn’t have a literal name. Name is a code for a formula or particular trait and attribute that God emanates.

Put another way, a Name of God is a code and a symbol and a technology that brings a flow of energy current into our physical reality. Different Names of God serve different functions, the same way different appliances use electricity in different ways. Ovens create heat. Fridges create cold. Opposite results from the one same energy source. So different Names of God bring different forces of energy, sometimes opposite in their purpose, into our world. Sometimes we need to awaken mercy. Sometimes we need to arouse judgment. Sometimes we need healing. Sometimes prosperity.


According to the Zohar (Volume called Pinchas), The Name of God that refers to the entire 99% reality is called the Tetragrammaton. It is our cable and conduit to the 99% realm where an infinite unending flow of spiritual current resides. It is made up of four letters and is spelled out from right to left.

Those Hebrew letters are called Yod, Hei, Vav and Hei and they are written out from right to left (see diagram below).


We never pronounce this sacred Name of God. We only scan it with our eyes each time we come across this Name during a prayer-connection. The reason for this is simple: This Name is above our physical reality. It is in a realm of pure consciousness and energy.

For instance, in our physical world, we do not know the thought of another person unless that person expresses their thought throughspeech. The mouth. The mouth is therefore associated with our physical world. For that reason speech is considered to be a lower level than mind, thought and consciousness. And so to enhance our connection to the realm of consciousness and of Divine Thought, the 99% reality,  we only make a visual connection to this particular Name of God. Now pay close attention to this next idea.

eye connection

There is another Name of God that is also built of four letters. This particular Name of God is called Adonai and it represents our physical reality, or the 1% realm. Remember, this is the realm of speech.


For thousands of years, Jews (Israelites) were taught to utter the Name of God Adonai when reading another Name of God known as the Tetragrammaton. Why? No one knew why and no one bothered to ask the question. For thousands of years, and up to this very day, practically every Israelite and Rabbi (unless he was a Kabbalist) had no clue why we did that. Yet, the answer was in the Zohar for two thousand years.

Again, why do we see and read one particular Name of God in a prayer book but we recite aloud a completely different Name of God? The usual answer that was given is that God’s Name known as the Tetragrammaton is simply too Holy and Sacred to pronounce.

This is only partly true and it’s only a literal interpretation.

The fact is, it’s all really based on high technology. Plain and simple.

The eyes correspond to the 99% realm. So when we look at the Name of God called the Tetragrammaton, we are connecting our body and soul to the 99% realm. We are plugging in, so to speak. This is no different from plugging a lamp into the wall socket to connect to the unseen invisible electrical current.


The human mouth corresponds to the realm of speech, our physical world called the 1%, where our consciousness, mind and thoughts become manifest though the power of our speech and words. Letters and words are the garment, the clothing that our thoughts wear so that our invisible brainwaves and thoughts can be conveyed and transmitted to another human being.

Now follow closely: when our eyes see the Tetragrammaton, we are plugging into the current of energy in the 99%. When our mouths speak, we are bringing that energy current into this physical world, by expressing it through speech. Therefore, we utter the Name of God Adonai to draw down this current into our physical dimension because this unique Name of God represents and embodies the physical world.


Pretty simple right?

Using our eyes and mouth and the two Names of God, we unify the two realms.

So, imagine the Name of God known as the Tetragrammaton as being the Nuclear Power station generating electricity. Now imagine the Name of God known as Adonai as the cables that run from the Power station to our house.

Got that? Good. So now we have a complete connection to the source of energy established, and we have successfully brought this power and energy into our personal home.

But there is still no light in our house. There is still no operating power. Why?

This is where amen comes in.

Amen is the on-off switch on the wall. Amen is the power button on the heating system. Amen is the remote that turns on your TV and on the knob that switches on your air conditioner allowing you to express all of this diverse power in practical ways, generating heat or cold, or entertainment.

Amen is the power switch and on-off button of life.

This is why the Zohar says, those who recite the word amen are greater than those who utter and recite the prayers. Wow. Profound. Amen is even more important than all the prayers.

After all, what good are all the prayers (electricity) if we do not have any appliances in our home and power switches to turn them on and enrich our lives? The prayers are useless, practically speaking, without amen to flip on the switch.

And these secrets behind the word amen are found in a simple but deeply profound piece of evidence.


The ancient Zohar explains that the Tetragrammaton Name of God has a numerical value of 26. Therefore, the number 26 represents the spiritual 99% reality.

The Name of God known as Adonai has a numerical value of 65. Therefore, the number 65 is a code for our entire physical world.

Make sure this is implanted firmly in your mind and that you understand it clearly. Let’s repeat it, just in case.

26 is the numerical value of the Name of God that connects to the 99%. The source of all Light and blessings.

65 is the numerical value of our physical world of chaos.The world that desperately needs the Light and blessings that reside in the 99%.

The whole purpose of prayer is to connect and unite the 99% and the 1%. You see, God does not answer our prayers. We answer our prayers by connecting ourselves to the 99% reality,  the realm of Divine Energy and God’s Light, where all the answers to our prayers reside. God is the source of miracles and blessings, but not the maker of miracles and blessings. That job was given to us.

God never says No to our prayers.

We say No when we disconnect ourselves from the source of all Divine Energy. You cannot blame electricity for not lighting up your pitch black house if you forgot to plug your lamp into the wall socket or if you forgot to flip on the power switch.

This is why the Zohar says “whoever heard a blessing someone made but did not meditate in his heart on the Amen……no blessings are opened for him….Woe to him, woe to his soul.”

God is not punishing such a person. The individual is simply cutting himself off from the Light.

This secret is found in simple arithmetic.

If we unite the 99% and 1% — the spiritual source with the physical reality — we get the number 91.


Because 26 (The spiritual realm) plus 65 (the physical realm) totals 91.



By the way, the number 91 can also be summed by adding 9+1 (from 91) which equals 10. This corresponds to the unification of the 10 dimensions.

So, now that we have all ten dimensions aligned and connected and united as one, there is still something missing.

Now we need that simple switch to flip on the power.

Enter Amen.

Amen has the numerical value of 91!

That’s right! The Hebrew letters that form the ancient word Amen add up to the number 91.

It was designed this way on purpose by the Kabbalists when the Hebrew language came into existence in this world at the dawn of civilization!

When we utter Amen (speech and the mouth represents our physical world) we unite the two realities and flip on the switch.

THIS is why we say Amen  and why  Amen = 91.

AMEN 91Here’s a simple analogy to help us understand: The prayers that we recite are the cables and wires that connect us into the ten dimensions and the 99% reality. But we need to flip on the switch after we have constructed our network of cables. That network are all the prayers given to us by the Kabbalists. And it’s the prayers recited by people of all religions.

However, if we do not know what is happening, if we are reciting amen blindly, without any understanding of the network of divine energy flowing in these dimensions and trying to unite and connect everything, it’s like sitting in a dark room and not flipping on the switch to the lamp. We can pray day and night for the light to go on. But it won’t happen. We need to turn on that switch.

Amen is not some random word or term that means so be it. It’s the ancient switch that allows so be it to take place.

These Names of God all have purposeful design behind them as we just saw. It’s all based on the Ten Sephirot of Kabbalah, the ten dimensional structure of our universe, also known as the Tree of Life.

This proves that the technology revealed only by the Zohar underlies the word amen and thus underlies all the prayers of all the great religions. The Zohar’s technology has the power to help Israelites, Christians and Muslims  bring forth authentic prayers of Light and blessings  into this world.

And we don’t have to worry about negative Jews, wicked Christians or radical militant Muslims. Their prayers do not connect to the 99% and so no Light is given to them by their actions. On the contrary, all their actions bring forth darkness. The only prayers that are answered are those that bring forth Light to all the world, especially when we pray for others.

So it’s up to us and Kabbalah to bring forth Light into this world by understanding Kabbalistic technology,  such as the knowledge underlying Amen.

This is how we generate Light to banish the darkness!

There is darkness in our world only because we have failed to switch on the Light. Not because God said “no” or because there is no Divine source of Light. It’s because we have not understood how to use Amen and the Names of God to bring forth Light.

I will post another article on the topic of Amen soon. This next article will further reveal stunning secrets about Amen that Kabbalist Rav Berg revealed. These secrets are nothing less than world-changing and epic in their raw power.

Armed with these additional insights from Rav Berg about Amen, we can literally banish all darkness and negative influences from this world.

For good.

Now, this video reveals the secret meditation that activates and unleashes the full raw power of the word amen. It’s a combination of the two Names of God. Meditating upon this sequence, while uttering amen removes all space from our lives, and thus all chaos and all influences of the dark negative force of consciousness known by the code name “satan.”

Click below to discover the secret meditation:

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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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18 Responses

  1. Sue says:

    Good morning Billy and thank you. I always thought that Amen meant something like “I agree” or “so be it” so I am very grateful that I can now say it, fully understanding the deeper meaning. xx.

  2. Very very GOOD article Billy! GO ON with this articles because are very practical and effective! THANK YOU again!

  3. Amen truly is the key,to open and close ,congratulations Philip,let us know this month of the Passover,
    how to prepare and connect kabbalisticaly

  4. Clara says:

    Dear Billy, I know that it is only the person listening to the prayer that says “Amen” and not the person that is praying. What happens when we are alone during our morning prayers or blessings before we eat? There is no one there to say Amen and bring the blessings down to our 1% reality. Thank you for enriching our lives day by day.

    • The Zohar is referring to public connections with a minimum of ten men. We need ten, one for each of the ten dimensions. One of the things important to Kabbalist Rav Berg was having a minion in as many cities in the world as possible. each of the 10 men channel a specific Ray of light from one of the 10 dimensions. In this situation it’s critical to employ the word amen as part of the technology in order to bring light to this world

  5. Perry Calton says:

    Great teaching!

    I would like some clarification about bringing the light into darkness, which makes sense; however, I am being taught that the darkness must be brought to the light. This reversal seems more than sumantic as I have learned it.
    The so called, “1%” (darkness/physical), is too infestismal too involuntarily be exposed to Infinite Light and Power, it would blow a fuse using the electric current analogy. My experiences of bringing Light to darkness is kin to putting new wine in old wine skins so to speak. Likewise, casting pearls out to be trampled by swine.
    The reverse, bringing darkness-to-light voluntarily is the, “Amen,” as you described, required for the Current to Light the dark. The will in the 1%, so infitesimal, yet so necessary, must ask, flip the switch.
    I hope I conformed to your analogy. I’ve struggled with the Light-dark process for awhile. An analogy I’ve used to keep it in the order I understand:

    In the movie, Bruce Allmighty, Bruce brought the Moon (light) to Earth (darkness) causing storms and tidle waves. Now it seems to flip flop… Inquiring mind wants to know.

  6. Juan Petlacalco says:


    Thank you very much for spreading this knowledge.

    Thank you very much..!!

    Best regards.

    Juan Petlacalco. Mexico City

  7. cecil says:

    Mind blowing stuff Billy. Left with nothing more to say than Amen. Looking forward to your future post on this topic.
    Have a question? Where can one obtain a copy of the Zohar you referenced in this post. God’s blessings and peace to you. – Cecil

  8. Amazing lesson Billy ! I didn’t know about that ! Kabbalah surprises me each day of my life, thanks for share ! 🙂

  9. Billy am with you 100%
    May the divine master,s of the cosmic continue to inspire you
    remain blessed
    my brother
    clement Fon

  10. Sherinna says:

    Hi Billy, thanks so much for your blogs and articles. I learn so much from them and enrich my Kabbalah studies! Referring back to Clara’s comment above, so when we recite prayers alone and there is no one around to say Amen, do we lose the chane to switch the ON button? Or can we say Amenat the end of our on prayer to manifest the Light and complete that connection? Please clarify. Thank you.

    • The Zohar’s insights refer to a minion of men praying, which is ten men, corresponding to the Ten Dimensions, the Ten Sephirot. Each man channels a particular dimension. The amen is needed because all the ten dimensions are being activated. When you pray alone, its not necessary. 🙂

  11. Michael Cawthorne says:

    What is the meaning of Amen? Rabbi Hanina said “God The Faithful King” “El Melech Neeman” First letters which compose the word Amen

    • Thats the literal meaning. I just shared the Kabbalistic inner meaning, the practical technological meaning of it. the meaning that can bring us change in our lives.

    • Michael Cawthorne says:

      Thanks, Mr Phillips!
      May the light and peace of the Creator pass to you, and through you. AMEN!

  12. Mario Eli Martinovic says:

    FROM ZOHAR: Amen is union male and female ascpect …Zair Anpin and Malcuth .Jhvh and Adonai …

  13. marcel says:

    thank you.

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