I am Trump. I am Hillary. I am Netanyahu. I am Kim Jong-Un. I am the right wing extremist. I am the left wing extremist. I am the maniac driving the van mowing down people. I am the cold-blooded killer who shoots up people in houses of worship!
I am the cause, to one degree or another, of all that I perceive to be wrong in the world.
I am the racist. I am intolerant. I am the embezzler. I am the source, to one degree or another, of all that I perceive as being corrupt and dangerous in this insane world.
I am aware that some part of myself—large, small, minute, or microscopic—is contributing to the darkness that I see with my eyes.
I am aware that my judgment upon others is not only futile, but that it contributes to the darkness. I am aware that I strengthen all that is wrong in others in the moment that I judge them.
I am aware that when I withhold my judgment and look for the good in the person, and take responsibility for the wrongdoing that I saw in that other person, I am contributing a warm candle of light into this world.
I am aware that I would not be in this world if i were as righteous and non racist, and peaceful as I think I am.
That’s because I am ONLY this world if I have something to correct, to repair, and to elevate in my own nature. Not someone else’s!
If I am the pious person that I think I am, I would not be in this world.
Therefore I am accountable, to whatever degree, for all that is wrong.
I am not going to lay blame on Trump, on terrorists, on Nazis, on the crazy people on the right, on the crazy people on the left.
I am responsible for contributing to any darkness that I think I perceive because it means that I still have not repaired similar flaws in myself, flaws that are connected directly—or indirectly—to the garbage that I see in others.
I am accepting the truth that if I find the negative character flaw in myself, if I find and admit my own intolerance towards my spouse, partner, friend or enemy, I am changing the world.
I am accountable to my fellow human beings for repairing myself, for repairing my consciousness, for freeing myself from narrow-mindedness and the reactive nature that enslaves me in my life. 
I am not here to point out what is wrong in others in order to prove a political, spiritual or moral point.
I am aware that the opinions I must let go of are the ones I hold onto the tightest. Not because I am not allowed to have an opinion. But because a true human being who is tolerant and kind is able to see both sides of an argument and never claims to be the sole holder of truth.
When I am reacting to anything, I am contributing darkness.
When I am resisting reactions born of ego, I am contributing Light to the world.
I am not concerned who is right and wrong because then I am only deflecting responsibility and denying the power of my consciousness to alter the world.
I am only concerned about fixing myself when I think I see wrong in the other person, and the wrong in this world. Unconditionally. No but’s.
I am aware that everything—and that means EVERYTHING—is made up of consciousness and that ONLY a major overhaul and transformation of my own consciousness will contribute to authentic change in the world.
All is consciousness. All.
When I am blaming, when I am pointing the finger at others, when I am engaging in debate about what is wrong with this person or that person, and what is wrong in this world, I am robbing myself of the time and opportunity to let go of judgment and turn INWARD and repair in my own being. I am here to fix that which incited my judgment and anger in the first place!
And now comes a life changing secret from Kabbalah:

THIS IS WHY God’s Name, is also known as: “I am that I am.”

Because I am the only one who can change my own personal world and the world around me. I inherited the DNA of God, which is the power of consciousness.

And so, if “I am” responsible for all that is wrong, if I am accountable for all the crap that I see in this world, and all that I personally believe is morally repugnant in others—TRUMP INCLUDED— I will have the God-like power to change my own reality. And THAT is how I AM going to truly change the world.

 If I cannot let go of complaining about Trump, I am not helping myself or the world, despite what my ego tells me. If cannot let go of my anger against the anti-Trump people, I am not helping myself or the world, regardless of what my ego whispers in my head.
America is divided and pointing the blame at one another.
Half the people are blaming Trump.
Half the people are supporting Trump.
Both sides are wrong.
Only I AM responsible for changing this world.
The dark side—aka human ego— wants to remove the I AM from your consciousness so that you only say “It’s his fault.” “It’s her fault.”
Like an angry stubborn person jumping up and down screaming, “I am not angry and I am not stubborn!”
The moment I blame and judge—even if justified— and I say it’s for the sake of peace and helping others, I have just been blinded by my own slippery ego.
When I am in a state of consciousness of 100% accountability, willing to accept the pain on my ego, I am able to change my life and that will change the world.
But only if I AM accountable for everything.
No buts. We cannot be half pregnant. I am either accountable for everything, or I am not.
Now, please say “I am going to share this with others”
…And then follow through.
And so, who of us are now willing to join this revolution of Light so that we change the world through mercy as opposed to judgment?
I am.

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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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