Frederick the Great once said, “Diplomacy without arms is like music without instruments.” Recently, US Secretary of Defense James Mattis, shared this principle with US Troops at Fort Bragg. General Mattis’ point was that a strong and mighty military is what will make diplomacy work best.

The truth is, if you need a strong military and a show of force to back up your diplomatic efforts, it’s really more of a threat and an act of coercion as opposed to true diplomacy in the truest sense of the word.

In our world, the way it operates now, General Mattis is spot on. However, our world, the way it is now, is also world of pain, suffering, chaos and unspeakable despair. And it does have to be that way. It was never meant to be that way. Really? Pay attention…

This now leads us to the concept of negotiation and a deep secret that Kabbalist Rav Berg taught me many years ago.

First, some context: We know that all is consciousness. Even physicists are coming to the conclusion that this world is fundamentally the sum and substance of consciousness at its very essence. To quote some of the greatest physicists in history:

“The stuff of the world is mind-stuff.”
—Sir Arthur Eddington

“I regard matter as derivative from consciousness.”
—Physicist Max Planck

These are powerful statements from some of the greatest scientific minds that helped invent quantum physics. They are saying that consciousness is what creates the very physical reality that we inhabit. Deep. Heady. Trippy.

Kabbalists said the same thing 2000 years ago.

This universe was created by consciousness. And our own personal consciousness has the power—and gift—of being able to alter reality, in our own personal life, every second of every day. Kabbalah says each of us is our own universe, and we alter it through our own minds. There are parallel universe operating right now, according to Kabbalah, for each individual. Is it any wonder the ancients called Kabbalah mysticism?

Okay, let’s now get back to the art of negotiation. Kabbalist Rav Berg told me the problem with negotiation is that very act itself. Why? Because negotiation, by its very nature, is rooted in a consciousness known as Desire to Receive for the Self Alone. In other words, it’s all about Me. It’s a state of consciousness grounded in selfishness and self interest and it takes no prisoners.

So what’s wrong with that?

If you like death and chaos, nothing. But if you want to create a world of biological immortality and authentic peace (beyond imagining) and pleasure (beyond belief) it’s the wrong avenue to take.

Here’s why:

The consciousness of the Light of the Creator, like the sun, is one idea: Sharing. Unconditionally.
Included in this divine conscious energy called Light is the very energy that animates all reality, including all the pleasure, happiness and fulfillment that all of humankind is looking for. Pleasure is the essence of this Light.

This Light, which is pure consciousness, dreamed up a world of paradise and perfection because the Light only shares and it wants to impart its essence of pleasure.

And that is why humanity was created. Here’s the problem:

Our consciousness is the precise opposite of the Light. We only take. We only seek to fill ourselves with pleasure. That is our essence. Taking. Not sharing. Receiving. Not giving.

And because consciousness creates reality, and our consciousness is the exact opposite of the Light, we have conjured up a reality that is the precise opposite of the paradise that the Light continues to manifest.

Paradise is here. Right now. All the answers to your prayers are here. This instant. Everything you are looking for is all around you. The problem is that we have flipped the “image” and reversed true reality into an opposite virtual reality of pain, by virtue of our opposite consciousness.

Yes, it is that simple.

So when we negotiate with someone, we are putting our consciousness into an opposite state of the Light because it’s all about what we can get for ourselves with out any concern or regard for what the other person requires.

And so, by taking advantage of someone else, we, in effect, create our own chaotic world. We win the battle, but we lose the war.

Does that mean we just surrender and give it all away when negotiating?

Of course not. Put your ego aside and open your heart and read on…

If we can stop ourselves, just for a moment, and feel some genuine concern for the other party, shoving aside any fear that we will be taken for a ride, we will then ignite the Light and true essence within the other person in front of us. Guaranteed. But our concern and care has to be genuine. We cannot trick the system. The world is consciousness and it knows our consciousness every second, even if we are blind to it ourselves.

How we vibrate in our consciousness is how others vibrate in return. In simple terms, when our ego is dictating the terms, this ignites the ego inside the other person. Now you have two egos negotiating terms and battling one another. And the result is lose-lose in the long run, despite what your ego might tell you. You keep the opposite virtual reality humming along, concealing the perfected true reality from your life.

When you truly ignite your own soul, you automatically kindle the soul in the other person and now both parties are genuinely trying to make a fair deal that will create a win win.


That is the key.

Then we all get what we truly want and need to become immortal beings who are living in a world of unending pleasure and fulfillment.

But of course, the ego, our adversary and Opponent, will do everything in its power to convince you otherwise.

Our only free will is to reject the ego, or embrace it.

When we reach a critical mass of people who master this consciousness, the world will flip from chaos to miracles, from death to immortal existence, from war to never ending peace.

And so the only true enemy is our own egocentric consciousness. So don’t negotiate with it. Win that battle and take no prisoners. And then you will know paradise.

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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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