Kabbalist Rav Berg once shared something deeply insightful with me as we sat in the conference room in the Los Angeles Centre; The Rav said that we know someone’s true character only when the pressure is cranked up on an individual. Just as the insides of a fruit—the pulp and juice—rise to the surface when you squeeze the fruit, when people are squeezed, their true character rises to the surface. When life is not putting the squeeze on us, everyone hides behind false fronts, politically correct viewpoints and manipulated and carefully constructed personas.

But the moment that metaphorical noose is tight around our neck, our essence and inner core are revealed.


The Kabbalists are all in total agreement regarding a simple and profound situation that brings out the “insides” of a person.

It’s when we subconsciously see ourselves in a mirror reflection in the external world!


Because our subconscious—or conscious—guilt and shame become just like a vice that squeezes us tight.

Trump is the mirror, Trump is the global vice that is squeezing us tightly.

Please note that what I’m sharing is a Kabbalistic insight into a metaphysical phenomenon that is taking place. I’m not referring to literal politics or the literal, physical personage of Donald Trump.

In other words, the Light, the supernal Force that ultimately underlies all events and processes—from swirling galaxies and the behavior of ants and bees working diligently on their anthills and beehives, to the insane chaos and splendid order that manifest among all the various civilizations on planet earth—this Force is propelling us to our final stage of evolution. Therefore, there is a reason why the world is in it’s current state. This current state IS the state we need to be in, as part of our evolutionary process.

We can deny it. We can reject it. But it is what it is. If you believe the Force runs the universe, than this is what that Light Force Energy wants at this juncture in history.

Which leads to Trump.

There is a reason why the universe, why the Light Force emanating from the hidden 99% reality, has deemed it necessary to have Trump elected to the most powerful office on earth.

Trump is the messenger. Trump is the channel. Trump is the pawn, used by the Force, to create a situation that will move us forward from a spiritual and physical evolutionary perspective.

It’s not about Trump, even though his detractors are trying to make it about Trump.


Trump is only the mirror.

And what is the net effect of Trump upon our world?

He brings out our insides and lays it bare on the surface.

Trump’s personality—all his flaws and his attributes—are the precise raw materials necessary to build the vice that squeezes us. His personality is the reflective coating necessary to construct the mirror that we must look into in order to see and know ourselves—if we dare.

People’s true colors come dripping out like juice and pulp from a squashed peach every time Trump speaks or tweets.

This is why he is like a magnet that demands the attention of the media and the world.

And this is the reason why two people can have totally opposite opinions about Trump, and in both cases, as I will explain, it has zero to do with Trump the man.


Truth is finally rising to the surface like never before in history. Sexual harassment, the bias and corruption and hypocrisy of the self-righteous media, the corruption of the entertainment industry, which has kept pedophilia and sexual harassment under wraps for decades. The corruption and unbridled ego of politicians—Democrats and Republicans—who (pay attention to this) put party before country and put themselves before party. For centuries, they hid their narcissistic craving for personal power and profit behind the false persona of serving their constituents and putting the country first.

But Kabbalistically speaking, even they are not the problem.

I am the problem. You are the problem. Our collective selfish actions and reactive ego-drive behavior accumulates and empowers the dark side of the global establishment. Period.

But now we are beginning to witness various truths rising to the surface, and it’s freaking out people.

When sunlight shines through the window blinds, you see the dust particles swirling in the air. Before the sunlight came in, you thought the air was clean.

There is now an abundance of spiritual Light shining into our world and that is why we are seeing all the dust particles all over the place — in politics, mass killings, the environment, etc.

Nothing you are witnessing in the news is new. The difference is that now there is a spotlight shining on it.

And it’s shining upon us as well.

I remember I was in Israel the night that Trump won the election. I ran into a friend from a Kabbalah Centre in another city,who was also in Israel, on the morning after the election. He is a “spiritual” person and long time student of the Centre. He always attends the Israel trips, the trips to Poland, Ukraine and he attends all the Kabbalistic events throughout the year. He prays three times a day and he always presents himself as a dedicated student.

I ran into him at a store across from my hotel in Tel Aviv the morning after the election. I asked him what he thought about the utterly shocking and surprising victory of Trump. I expected him to be excited, because from a Kabbalistic viewpoint, any change in the status quo is a good thing. Even if it looks crazy on the surface, drastic changes are a good sign in the long run. Always.

At least, that is what we have been taught.

If things just continue as usual, then we know that authentic change is not in the cards in the foreseeable future. So Trump, being a distant outsider to Washington, and being the first ever non-politician voted into office, this must be a good sign, from a Kabbalistic 99% spiritual perspective.

And then my friend blurted out the words and my jaw dropped. He said, “I pray he is assassinated.”


In one second, my friend threw out all the wisdom and consciousness of Kabbalah.

Imagine a Kabbalah student wishing death upon another human being, a fellow countryman, without any regard to his wife, children, friends and family, and as if we know better what the Light has in store for our world.

On the surface, it’s so easy to present ourselves as spiritual beings. “Hey, look at me, I am praying three times a day. I travel to all the holy grave sights of the great and revered Kabbalists, which fills me with Light and divine energy. I meditate for peace in the world using the 72 Names of God. I know all the facts about how the prayers work and I am wise in the ways of Kabbalah.”

But as soon as we are squeezed, the truth comes out. All spirituality is thrown out the window.

Look around.

All good journalism has been thrown out the window.

All honesty and integrity has been flushed down the toilet.

People would rather see Trump assassinated or fail, at the expense of hurting the country, then see him succeed because of their vile hatred for him. It’s illogical.


Trump is a mirror.

He is us. Period. Deal with it. Or let your ego deny it.

Every leader is a mirror. The establishment is always a reflection.

We all have the EXACT same faults as Trump—to one degree or another. We all talk rude. We all talk filthy at one point in our life. We all harbor negative thoughts. We all behave uncivilly, to one degree or another.

We all are bombarded with dark and often disgusting thoughts, and that is the way we were designed on purpose, according to Kabbalah.


We came to battle the dark side! And you have to have a dark side in order to defeat the dark side. Simple. If you want to win the heavyweight boxing championship, you need to step into the ring and fight an opponent.

The boxing ring is our mind. And the opponent is our own ego and it’s dark, narcissistic and negative machinations.

So people who claim they are pure, righteous and good are in self denial! And they are behaving in total opposite of the meaning and purpose of life, which is to identify our dark traits and transform them. Our dark traits actually become assets and blessings WHEN we authentically transform them to positive. That is how the game of life works, according to Kabbalah. You do not have to accept this teaching. But if you are a Kabbalah student, then this is how the game operates.


We all have negative traits, to one degree or another, but make no mistake—the root of all of our dark traits is the same. The Opponent. The Dark Force. The Adversary. So whether you give the finger to someone who cuts you off on the road, or whether you sexually harass a colleague at work, the ROOT is the same source. Some people exhibit extremely dark and selfish behavior called crimes, and others commit lesser offenses we can call misdemeanors. But the root is the same.

And so we are all equally responsible for eradicating the dark side within us, in order to diminish the power of the root, and source of all Darkness.

And so, we all contribute either Light or darkness to the collective consciousness and state of the world. No person is better, no person is worse, we are all part of one body of humanity with specific tasks of transformation that we must accomplish in this world if we are to improve the world and bring about the betterment and positive evolution of humankind in a way that embodies mercy, as opposed to judgment.

Either way, we will evolve. Our free will is to choose if we evolve through pain or through mercy.

Democrats, under “normal” circumstances, would love the policies of Trump. For instance, Trump is for big spending on infrastructure. Wow. Trump is probably, in truth, more liberal than conservative. So he should be a dream come true for the liberal left. But no. Instead of working with the “President” and his policies, they judge the negative traits of the individual because this mirror has ignited great shame and subconscious guilt in those who rabidly oppose him.

This is not my view.

This is the view of the Zohar. You are free to reject it.

But the Zohar teaches us that we only react to what we see if what we are seeing is ALSO inside of us. If it is NOT inside of us, we would have no reaction to it. Period.

For instance, Trump’s bold move to relocate the US embassy to Jerusalem is squeezing the world. Leaders who projected politically correct positions on Israel, or spoke words of compromise, are now showing their true colors when speaking ill will towards Israel. Anti-semitism that was once hidden is now rising to the surface. I MUST note here again, that I am NOT expressing a political viewpoint about the embassy move to Jerusalem or even commentating upon the origin of anti-semitism. I am not smart enough or wise enough to understand why this is happening on the metaphysical 99% level. I am merely using the today’s headlines for the singular purpose of demonstrating how Trump’s policies and statements and moves put the squeeze on people so that their true traits and feelings rise to the surface.

If you are a genuine Kabbalah student, you know that ultimately, the Divine force set up things this way because that is what is in the best interest of our evolution towards the end game.

There is a saying by author and historian Vine Deloria Jr: Religion is for people afraid of going to hell. Spirituality is for people who have already been to hell.

General speaking, people who have been to hell, have no problem with Trump. They don’t judge the individual man. They judge his policy and his position as President. They are happy that someone totally different has been elected because it represents a chance for change.

They are not electing a Pope. They are not electing a savior or a moral judge. They are electing a president to help the economy and help with crime and health care and taxes and other policies. That’s it.

People who elect a moral savior are really denying their own role in saving themselves by finding and admitting their own dark traits and negative behaviors that must be addressed and transformed. Self-righteousness is a dangerous state of mind according to Kabbalist Rav Berg. Greatness is finding our dark side and admitting it and overriding the near impossible influence of the human ego.

How people react to the squeeze is the clue to identifying where someone is coming from.

People who have not been to hell and back, they judge the person. They see traits in Trump that they are either too afraid to admit that they also have, and so they project their fears and insecurities onto Trump, onto the mirror.

It’s always about fear. Fear I won’t be respected if people find out the ugly traits inside of me, or perhaps some of the negative actions that I have done. So they project onto Trump. People have fear of losing what they accomplished. People have fear of losing power.

A religious person performs rites and rituals on the literal level thinking the prayer and the ritual will win him or her a ticket into heaven. And then they have to rationalize why their own life is already hell on earth. And they never do and never can.

A spiritual person learns to transform the hell they are in, into a heaven, by admitting, confronting and then transforming their dark and negative traits so that they are no longer ruled by their influence.

This is why they do not judge others. They have a built in sensitivity about the dual nature of humanity and they understand we are here to transform ourselves—not others. They have learned the hard way, from pain, from living in hell, because that purges the ego and narcissism from the core of their being.

People who do not want to change, who refuse to do the painful work of inner transformation, they try to change others instead! They project the traits that they themselves need to fix onto leaders who share similar traits. And they try to fix the leaders by their activism.

I know. It hurts to read this. And do not blame me for any of this because I am not the author of these insights. I am merely sharing what the ancient Kabbalists teach. Blame Kabbalah.

And the sad part is, both sides are being duped and misled by the dark force known as The Opponent. Both sides of the Trump debate are trying to win, instead of realizing unity and compromise and dignity is the pathway to a world of peace, discovery, innovation and scientific and spiritual breakthroughs through a process of mercy, instead of judgment.

Again, we will get to the end game regardless. But why get there through pain and suffering when we can allow our egos to suffer instead, and we can create a world of biological immortality and peace and paradise through mercy.

For thousands of years, we have evolved through a process of unspeakable war, genocide, pain and hurt.

We don’t have to hurt any more.

We just have to allow the ego to be diminished and trust that miracles will happen in the world, and in our personal lives, in direct measure to the diminishing of our ego’s influence over our lives.

Accepting these hard truths is a first and giant step.


Trump is the vehicle for us to unite by letting go of our selfish, power hungry, egocentric impulses that want us to be right, to be in the spotlight and to ensure our own agenda is achieved. What a sucker’s bet.

It’s funny. Science is trying to create artificial intelligence. Newsflash: It’s already created. Our rational mind and ego is the greatest example of artificial intelligence. It’s not us. Its not real human consciousness. It’s the dark force. The Opponent. A temporary operating system. And it makes us doubt and disbelieve this very truth.

How ironic.

We are all under the influence and program of artificial intelligence, which is only about pure selfishness, insecurity and egocentric desires. Our true consciousness—aka the human soul—is our true essence. The soul is not some abstract ghostly form of light. The soul is our true consciousness; our true identify that lies hidden beneath the artificial intelligence that is the human ego.

We find our humanity, our true desire and happiness, and our true self when we override the artificial intelligence operating system that controls our rational mind.

We do that by resisting those thoughts.

Activism must be tuned and turned inward. The resistance must be internalized so that we are resisting the fraudulent, deceptive impulses of our own ego. Especially our doubts about it.

The solution is never on the political right or the political left. The world has been set up, according to Kabbalah, where both sides of have truths and both sides of corruption and falsehoods. The key to creating Light in the world is finding the central column, the middle path, that incorporates the best from both sides, and discards the corruption.

We must find the middle.

We do that each time we resist our ego and admit our own garbage instead of pointing the finger at someone else, right or wrong.

That is the hardest task we have.

A light bulb only illuminates if a filament is in the middle of the positive and negative poles. The right and left must be united by the filament, which resists the current, and by doing so, causes the filament to glow and create light.

If there is no middle, the right and left cause a short circuit and darkness. Right and left never work. The middle is where miracles are found. Look around. The world is short-circuiting. We need to add resistance!

If we can resist pointing the finger at Trump and find the good, resist pointing the finger at Hillary, and finding the good, knowing that their dark side is just the Opponent and not their true selves, this act of resistance will make the world shine.

We will all begin to shine once we resist our hidden agendas and our egocentric responses to everything we see around us.

And the Zohar promises us that biological immortal existence will be the result.


Hopefully, you figured out a great secret, if you managed to read this entire article. Our positive traits do not advance our evolution and lead us to immortality. It is our negative traits that hold the secret to paradise. Because our negative traits give us the opportunity to behave like a filament in a light bulb. When we admit and resist our dark side, we shine Light.

And the more dark traits we find, the brighter the Light shines. This is why the awesome Force of the Light often packages change and positive evolution in an garment that, on the surface, freaks everyone out. It’s hard to change the world. You often have to outsmart the dark force, the Opponent, who works 24 hours a day. Trump is the garment at this stage of our evolution.

This garment is igniting a lot of negative reactions. Great! That’s the money play. We can resist our rash responses and anger, we can go deeper below the surface to mine nuggets of goodness in the opposite side. We can resist our urge to judge the opposite view and, instead, connect to the opposite opinion, and this action will generate Light! Resistance. That is the key.

When we reach a critical mass of self-introspection, of finding our darkest, most selfish qualities, of resisting for the sake of uniting, the Light will shine so bright, all the inventions will be discovered for healing the world, ending aging and bringing forth the perfected world of biological immortality.

Light through darkness.

That is the fast track to end chaos forever.

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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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7 Responses

  1. Lezlie says:

    Just read your blog. It was great. Very interesting and certainly meaningful when trying to understand what we r all seeing now in the world with the layers all being peeled away. But I’m having trouble with one concept. Do we overlook criminal behaviour in our leaders while we look for the good they are doing for the country? Don’t look at the man /woman under any scenario? Just look at the office of the president? Not through a moral lens. So if they found out Trump had raped someone or that Hilary did steal millions then what? I don’t know how to apply what you wrote in that circumstance.

    • of course we do not overlook anything. but instead of reaping joy and happiness by judging that person, and feeling morally superior, the Kabbalists say that we must reflect internally and realize that we contributed to that negative situation because leaders are only a mirror and reflection of the people and our individual behavior. So that moment of reflection and becoming accountable for contributing to the darkness in the world, THAT is what i mean by not judging. But that justice will be done, of course, we all want to see justice. But with the consciousness that I helped contribute to that injustice otherwise, the Light of the Creator wouldn’t have let me see that injustice with my own eyes.

  2. Romela says:

    Can you please tell me what is the meaning of a president in a dream?
    Thank you Billy Phillips .

  3. Tziporah says:

    Powerful article, Billy. Very good!

  4. Connie says:

    Excellant article!

  5. GJ van Vorst says:

    Thank you for helping me really look more closely into my mirror and resist not looking only on the outside, but seriously on the inside. Indeed shocking at times, but very enligthening. Moving forward in gratitude and wondering!

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