Regarding the current conflict in Gaza and Israel, let me get right to the Kabbalistic perspective: War or any kind of armed conflict is merely fighting darkness with more darkness. Even if you win. The result will be an even greater darkness that will eventually bring pain and tears and deep sorrow to both sides. The only way to bring true peace, where both sides truly win, is when you bring Light and unconditional love and care to your enemy.


Not at all.

It’s absolutely brilliant, once you grasp it.

It is the ego within us (the force called Adversary or Satan in the Torah) that ignites rational, logical, fear-based reasons why this would never work. Yes, there will be all kinds of brilliant, intellectual reasons why the idea of sharing with your enemy is insane.

But how stupid are we to keep falling to this deception of the human ego?

This has been the trick and methodology of the adversary within us for 2000 years, which is why we have failed to bring peace and an end to death in this world.

Make no mistake, the Kabbalistic solution to global peace is not — absolutely not — about morals and ethics or some kind of peace-activist philosophy. Not at all. The Kabbalistic solution to war is all about GREED. Now before you fall off your chair, let me explain what Kabbalist Rav Berg means by greed.

Pay attention:

There are two kinds of greed. First, there is self-interest for the ego, which Rav Berg calls stupid greed. Why is it stupid? Simple—it doesn’t last. We don’t wind up with more. We wind up with less in the long run.

Stupid. Not smart.

There is a second kind of greed called enlightened greed. Why is this form of greed enlightened? This is all about self-interest and greed for our soul. This kind of greed allows us to wind up with even more than we wanted! In other words, when we ignore the rantings and cravings of our stupid, ugly ego and we serve the desires of our soul instead, we receive even more goodness, blessings and practical good fortune than we even dared to dream about. Pretty soon  we begin to understand that it PAYS to offer unconditional Light to our enemies. All of a sudden greed is what motivates us to change and transform and to care for others, unconditionally.

Think about it: Who in their right mind is going to share and care for others if they wind up with less and they have to sacrifice their own happiness?

Kabbalah means to receive.

 Kabbalah’s wisdom and technology is ONLY about mastering the art of receiving unending goodness and pleasure and deep fulfillment from life.

Kabbalah says both sides of a conflict will wind up with more, more than they even bargained for, when unconditional care for the other is the motivation.


Follow this carefully: For the simple reason that  the source of all blessings, the source of all Light and good fortune is infinite. This is a great secret that has been concealed for millennia.

The reason for conflict in the world is our fear of having less. If there was more than enough for everyone, beyond what we desire, there is no more reason to wage war. We are living in a world of restricted and limited resources, both physically and spiritually. A deep, internal  fear of not getting what we want, not having enough to fulfill our needs, wants and cravings, is what leads us into battle igniting hatred towards others.

What a con job!

What trick pulled on humanity!

We think we are so smart and we think we are so greedy but in fact, we are stupid and not greedy enough!

We settle for less and we use useless techniques to fulfill our desires and this is why we are so unhappy and unfulfilled on every level of existence.

Here’s why  spiritual Light and sharing is the smartest bet on earth, and the shrewdest behavior of all.

True sharing (the unconditional kind where we truly consider and value the interest of our enemy) connects us to the 99% reality (read Power of Kabbalah immediately if you don’t know what the 99% reality is).

In a nutshell, the 99% reality is the infinite source of all blessings and good fortune that flows into our world. When things go right in our life, it means we are connected to it. When things go wrong, we have somehow disconnected ourselves from this source of Light. Every song, every invention, every positive idea that has ever benefited mankind, originates from this infinite, 99% reality that can best be described as a realm of Divine Consciousness.

Our world is merely a 1% reflection of this true reality.

When we share and put the interests of our friends and enemies ahead of our own, we derive the benefit because the act of resisting the ego and denying self-interest (of the ego) automatically connects us to this hidden 99% source of goodness and pleasure. That’s a secret that has been hidden for twenty centuries. Happiness has an actual source. Ideas and imagination and healing exist in another realm. When we connect to it, life changes miraculously for the better.

When we bring Light to a situation infested with hatred and darkness, the Light we share also removes all darkness and hatred in our enemy.

This is what we have failed to learn.

The ego scares the hell out of us at even the thought of sharing with our enemies.

99.999% of the time our peace treaties serve our own interest because we have zero concern for the benefit of our enemy. This means we DO NOT connect to the 99%. As a result any positive results achieved by a political peace treaty will be temporary. This kind of self-interest underlying the negotiating of a peace treaty eventually leads to darkness in our own lives. It wears off. It has to. It’s a law of nature. We disconnect from the 99% when we are motivated by ego and stupid greed.

This is why war has never ceased in twenty centuries.

The only way to truly receive everything we want from this world is to truly give and share and bring Light to others motivated by enlightened greed.

THAT is the paradox! 

And THAT is the one lesson our adversary inside of us is determined not to let us grasp. He floods our consciousness with self-interest, fear, doubt, worry, hatred, rational arguments and all other intellectual and emotional weapons that make us feel smart and justified but it keeps the blood flowing on both sides.

The Adversary will even let you win a battle , as long as you are using his strategies, just to make sure you NEVER win the one real war — the war within! Because once we win the war within, Muslims, Israelites ,Christians and all people of ALL faiths will find true Light, Happiness and Eternity as we realize we have been fighting the wrong enemy all of this time. We fought each other — our true teammates and brothers — instead of fighting the one singular enemy of all mankind: The ego.

We once had paradise. We truly did, despite what your ego tells you now.
Before the Big Bang, we were conceived into a reality that flowed with endless joy, endless pleasure and unending fulfillment, beyond what we can imagine.

But we (yes, we)  asked the Creator for something even better than receiving infinite happiness. What could that possibly be?
We asked for the ability to become the very cause of the infinite happiness that we were receiving.

So this physical world was set up to give us the ability to become the cause of our joy.
How do we become the cause?
By learning the secret I just revealed in this article.

Here it is again:

Every man, woman and child on this earth is our brother and sister and teammate in the game of life.
The only enemy responsible for all death, pain, sorrow and hurt is the human ego. And there is a hidden realm, the 99% reality,  that contains the source of all ideas and healing and perfection that will allow us to create paradise if we only connect to it.

The ego was created on purpose, at OUR request, to challenge us, test us and deceive us, so that we could work hard at overcoming the ego to finally come to that great truth that the ego is NOT US. The ego makes us ignorant to the existence of the 99% and thus we disconnect from it each time we listen to the ego.

The ego is a separate force of consciousness that was implanted inside of us to test us by blinding us to the fact that we are all one soul, one body of humanity.

Israelis aren’t dying in this latest Middle East conflict. Arabs aren’t dying. It is human beings who are dying.

It is God’s children who are hurting.

All sorrow must end.

When an Arab is struck down, part of my own soul is struck down. When an Israeli becomes a casualty of war, a spark of the soul of the Arab world becomes a casualty of war. When a child goes hungry in Africa, our own souls are deprived of nourishment. The state of our world is a result of the indignities between one to another motivated by our own internal ego. When we take this war inward and fight our own self-interest, the entire world elevates to a whole new level of existence.

Each of us changes the entire planet when we change something inside of us.


All we need to do, as a people, is ask the Creator, ask the Light that radiates from the force we call God to help us truly feel just a little bit of the pain experienced by our enemies. When we feel their pain we will stop warring against them because their pain will be our pain.

Now follow this next point carefully because it is the absolute secret to world peace: The Kabbalists and Zohar teach us, emphatically and unquestionably, that when the Israelites, the true Children of Israel, feel the pain of their enemies, THEN our enemies will feel our pain and ALL WAR WILL STOP.

Hamas, Hezbollah, all Muslims, all Christians, all anti-semites of the world will feel our pain and then global brotherhood and sisterhood will arrive. The world has been waiting for us to achieve this spiritual transformation of consciousness for the last 2000 yeas. This is deep. This is provocative and profound. This is what the Zohar teaches. This is why we must share the Zohar, and as Israelites, take responsibility for all pain and chaos and war in the world.

We must change first, says the Zohar. Then the rest of the world will change. Guaranteed. Without question.

Once we discover this truth and begin letting go of our ego and self interest, and truly unite with our neighbors and enemies, paradise will return. Giving love to our enemies connects everyone to the 99%! Read this line 1000 times until it sinks in. Because there is no other reason on earth to share with friends or enemies, unless there is a miraculous benefit for all mankind, especially ourselves!

We have to battle the ego and defeat it in order to find the truth, find each other and thus, find paradise.

If an Israelite looked at an Arab and he truly saw this person as  a limb of his own body, he would find great joy in bringing happiness to his Arab brother. It would be easy. It would be second nature. And that’s a problem! Why?

Because then there would be no free will and thus the pleasure could not be earned.

So the ego was created to create a false sense of individualism and the illusion of separate interests and conflict and hatred towards someone else. Now we have to earn this truth and work hard to discover the path to paradise. And that truth and path is the understanding that my enemies interest is my own interest!

Even more than that, it is the realization that we have no external enemies!

I repeat, we have no external enemies. The Zohar explains we are different from each other on purpose. We are like the human body where different organs such as the heart, liver, kidney and pancreas service different functions in order to create the one healthy unified body. We are not supposed to be the same. We are not supposed to change one another. We are supposed to unite as one body, using our differences to create a perfected world.

The fact that Kabbalah is now out in the open, and this truth is available to all people, means we are close to the end of pain and suffering.
All we need to do is diminish our own ego and self-interest in our day-to-day lives, and share this wisdom and truth with the rest of the world.

The sooner we realize that we have been duped and deceived by this internal enemy, the quicker we will experience the absolute removal of all pain and suffering and death from our world.

Miracles will become as normal as rain and air when a critical mass of people wake up to this profound, transformational truth.

The fastest way to disseminate this truth, to bring genuine metaphysical, spiritual Light to the darkness in this world, is by the study of Zohar and the sharing of the actual Zohar with people of all faiths.

This is not the article or the time to explain the profound origins and secrets of the Zohar. We are running out of time. Instead, ignore the doubts of ego, and share the Zohar, and scan it, read it, study it, and help donate Zohars to our Muslim and Christian brothers and then watch what happens.

Karen Berg said the following to those who have the English/Hebrew set of Zohars: “Please refer to Volume 10 in the English Zohar, any section in the portion of Yitro, and scan the letters with the intention of turning on the Light amidst the darkness.”

But first, do not believe a single word of this article. That’s right, believe nothing! Seriously.

Instead, test it. See if the wisdom brings forth authentic results.

You have to be motivated by greed for your soul, not ethics and morals.

You have to know miracles are attainable through the Zohar and inner transformation.
Then you will come to know the power of Kabbalah and you will know that all of this suffering, pain and death can be eradicated once and for all.

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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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25 Responses

  1. Luisa says:

    Billy everything u saíd is Very clearly but the Hamas, as i understood don’t want to receive nothing … They want war for no purpose. They don’t want Money , They don’t want LAND They want war .
    I believe extremely in the Zohar power , i believe this situation is in the Creator plans . I feel sorry about Then. If i could i personally give the Zohar to Hamas . The problem is They ( the Hamas , not palestines) don’t want light and They are becoming Danger to Jerusalém

    • Luisa, this is absolutely not true. You are addressing the situation on the 1% realm of this world, the part of the world ruled by the ego. Let it go. It’s not true. All we need to do, as a people, is ask the Creator, ask the Light that radiates from the force we call God to help us FEEL just a little bit of the pain experienced by our enemies. When we truly feel their pain, we will stop warring against them because their pain will be our pain. Now follow this next point carefully because it is the absolute secret to world peace. The Kabbalists and Zohar teach us, emphatically and unquestionably, that when the Israelites, the true Children of Israel feel the pain of their enemies, THEN our enemies will feel our pain and ALL WAR WILL STOP. Hamas, Hezbollah, all Muslims, all Christians, all anti-semites of the world will feel our pain and then global brotherhood and sisterhood will arrive. The world has been waiting for us to achieve this spiritual transformation of consciousness for the last 2000 yeas. This is deep. This is provocative and profound. This is what the Zohar teaches. This is why we must share the Zohar and as Israelites, take responsibility for all pain and chaos and war in the world. We must change first, says the Zohar. Then the rest of the world will change.

  2. Elana says:

    How can you achieve peace and harmony if one resist? Hamas wants one thing only and that is destruction of the land of Israel. So much do they have no regards to their own people and children. Syria is killing everyday their own people. No one is saying anything but Israel has the responsibility of protecting its citizens. I understand what the Kabbala is invoking but at the same token its the responsibility of humans to protect themsf from harm. Same true when you went to Nabuls you needed the protection of the Police from any harm. Unless I don’t understand what you are trying to convey .

    • Hi Elana, you are not understanding what I am saying. When we Israelites change, the rest of the Muslim world and Christian world will change. The Zohar and The Ari, Kabbalist Rav Isaac Luria, says the Muslims and Christians will persecute and destroy the Israelites until we pursue the path of Torah/Kabbalah/Zohar and truly change ourselves and share the Light of the Torah, the Zohar, with the rest of the world. When we do, they will cherish us. This is the key teaching of Kabbalah. Rav Isaac Luria explains that the reason the Israelites are exiled into these foreign nations for the last 2000 years is NOT for punishment. Its to give us a chance to change and bring the Light of Zohar to the other nations. If we fail to do so, The Ari explains, then the exile will be one filled with persecution and suffering. Its up to us. It has always been up to us. We are NOT victims. We are the cause of all darkness, says all the Kabbalists of history. And we can become the cause of ALL Light the moment we accept responsibility and change. Then the rest of the world will change.

    • Every time we say, “But Hamas hates Israel” or some other comment about the 1% reality of effects, we are surrendering control and listening to the Adversary, and therefore not becoming the CAUSE of global change. So i will repeat again what Kabbalah and Zohar teach. When the Children of Israel change and share the Zohar, the rest of the world will change in return. When we give love unconditionally, Hamas and all Muslims and Christians will give love. This is a fundamental teaching of Rav Isaac Luria, The Ari. The reason we suffer in the exile is not because of punishment. It’s because we failed to change internally and bring Light to the nations that we are exiled in. We change first, the rest of the world will follow. We are NOT victims. This goes back to the Golden Calf and is the essence of Kabbalah. Responsibility for all the ills of the world. Period. There is no “yes, but what about….” There is no BUT. There is only accountability and responsibility for all the world’s darkness — IF you are a student of Kabbalah, the true essence of Torah.

    • Absolutely not Malkahs23. The Rav never, but never, condoned killing on the 1%. Its all a code, says the Zohar and The Rav and the Zohar says who ever takes the Torah literally, it would be better if they had never been born. Any killing in the Torah is a code for killing our own ego. Period. Its about slaughtering our own evil inclination no matter what. Yes, if there is someone evil who is trying to kill someone on the 1%, a person has the right to defend themselves. Totally. But Kabbalah goes one step further ask, “Why were you in this situation to begin with?” Kabbalah asks, “Why did you attract such negativity into your life?” Kabbalah says YOU are responsible for attracting this killer into your life in the first place.” So along with the right to defend, comes the responsibility and accountability that YOU alone are the cause of your bad situation and you are not a victim. Now, Kabbalists NEVER focus on the 1% as they constantly wage war on the 99% of their own ego. That is their function and role. Yes, there must be soldiers in the 1% reality fighting and defending and soldiers are valued and receive a special place in in the Upper Worlds for their service. But a Kabbalist works day and night to remove the need for soldiers. A Kabbalist works 24 hours to finally end war once and for all so that a soldier is no longer needed. So yes we do battle on both fronts, physical and spiritual, but the Kabbalists only only only focus on the 99%. Finally, the Kabbalists tell us that any enemies of the Israelites are the fault of the Israelites for not finishing the work of bringing the Messiah by transforming themselves. So kabbalists like Rabbi Moses Cordevero, and Rav Ashlag and Rav Isaac Luria remove the whole idea of being a victim and place all the problems of the world at the doorstep of the Israelites. Yes, this is a harsh and hard truth to accept, but nonetheless, THIS is what they teach.

    • Malkah says:

      I will find the recording and let you know. Yes our sages say that whoever only takes the Torah literally…… Etc , however, they emphasise that we have to live in both worlds at once that is embrace the mitzvot fully on this world while seeking to perform the mitzvot on a spiritual level too ie with the correct intention.
      Israel has no choice but to defend itself. And Yes the spiritual reason for antisemitism and conspiracy theories against the Jews is that at a deep
      Level even those purporting to hate Jews
      Know that everything is reliant on Jewish conscoianess.
      I don’t get the feeling of victim consciousness coming out of Israel at all people are all quite upbeat and b”h uniting.
      We know that when the Jews don’t fulfil their spiritual obligation Hashem uses the nations of the world against us, the thing is they always carry it too far and Hashem then has to put an end to it.

    • I am not referring to the Israelis when i say Israelites. I am referring to me. You. The Children of Israel, the descendants of Jacob (Yisrael) all over the world. I am saying we, me, have to fight my ego and take responsibility for the bloodshed in Israel. Yes, Israelis (Citizens of Israel) must defend themselves. I am saying as students of Kabbalah, we must fight proactively, while soldiers fight in the real world, in reaction to the events of life, and our effort as students is to battle Kabbalistically, internally so that Israel and all countries of the world, NEVER have to defend themselves again, because war is abolished from our world. I am not talking about victim consciousness of the people of Israel.I am referring to me. You. And all the Israelites (descendants of Jacob) who are not victims and we are responsible for whatever goes wrong in the Land of Israel. Hope this makes sense, as it’s hard to explain in text.

    • Polat Alemdar says:

      I dont buy your crap of accusing Hamas. Israel is an illegal entity. You read the history of formation of Israel and you will know they have established this nation on nothing but terrorist acts and mass exile of Arabs from their homes. The Arabs have always saved the Jews and even in 1946 they were prepared to give the Jews some share of Palestine. But for a population of 5% the UN gave away 56% land to Jews and now the Jews have stoles 85% of Palestine from the native Arabs who have been rotting in refugee camps for decades and Jew, as eternally, do not want to come down from a state of arrogance of power. And history is a witness to this fact that Jews have been dragged down from a position of arrogance of power into a state of humiliating submission by all the creatures of Earth. Why would Arabs be any different now?

  3. Abbey says:

    It seems that the only way to make the Arabs/Gaza happy is to give up the land of Israel. Do you think feeling their pain and scanning the Zohar will change their minds and let go of their desire to have life/boarders back the way it was prior to 1948?

    • Abbey, are you saying the Zohar, Rav Ashlag, Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai and the Ari are all wrong? Are you falling to the strategies and consciousness of the adversary? Do you ever wonder why the Sephardic Jews who scanned Zohar 24 hours a day in Morocco were not touched in the Holocaust, the greatest genocide of the last few hundred years? did the moroccans and the tunisian and algerian jews doubt the zohar during world war ll? No! There were literally 5 locations in Casablanca where Jews scanned the zohar in relay teams 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Do you know how many miracles stories that have taken place in the Kabbalah Centre with Muslims around the world over the last 40 years? Perhaps we need to share more stories of history to see how the Zohar IS the LIght of protection and immortality. If the ZOhar these teachings cannot create miracles of peace and transformation, why study Kabbalah? Why spend one second on this path?

    • Abbey says:

      Thank you for the answer. I have been seeing way too much propaganda lately. I hope soon there will be more people scanning 24/7 in places like Iran and Gaza. All the best.

    • As the Rav told me over and over again, Abbey, the dark side works 24 hours and never sleeps. It is so easy to fall to the negative influences that bombard us day and night. Thanks for your courage.

  4. David says:

    You are “Right On!” as usual Billy! I really love it when you shout it from the high places! Keep it going!

  5. Danny says:

    just curious if other faiths have the zohar in their possession and they never use it; will they still benefit? If they could only get a few volumes or even just 1 which one would be best?

  6. idanewyork says:

    Hello Billy, Thank you so much for this amazing consciousness!

    Is there any chance to have that post translated to Hebrew?

    Thank you!

  7. Bob Dorfman says:

    Very useful article for me, Billy, thank you. I received a deep cut into how Kabbalists work on peace. Question, why do you put peace activists in negative light. Aren’t you and I peace activists?

    • A peace activist, by traditional definition blames some external enemy or an external outside party and protests against them. In Kabbalah, i am solely responsible for any pain, chaos or conflict i see in the world. The fight is always inward.

    • Bob Dorfman says:

      Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela are peace activists in your traditional definition. They helped overcome tremendous oppression and changed the course of history. Let’s not be hard on them. In the course of their work I am sure they faced their internal opponent and found the strength to persevere. In this way tree fight was inward. Thank you, Billy.

    • I wasn’t referring to any specific person. I was talking about the Kabbalistic perspective which says the only fight is the fight within for the Israelites. that does not mean we do not work on the 1% level as well. But any change that finally manifests on the 1% is a result of changes that took place in the 99% realm of consciousness. We either change through suffering and pain or through proactive pain on the ego. Either way, when there is a threshold of inner change in human consciousness as a result of pain or inner change, it manifests as change in the physical world. The physical, as Rav Berg says, is ALWAYS an effect, and never the cause.

    • Bob Dorfman says:

      Thanks for your response Billy. Moses is a peace activist as well. I think you’d say the Passover story, Exodus, happens on the 1% level and is sourced on the 99% level. Isn’t that true for other peace activists?

    • Moses was not a peace activist. Moses was a Kabbalist. The entire Torah story is a code. The real slavery, says Rav Berg and Zohar was our own slavery to our ego (Pharaoh) and the material world (code name Egypt).

  8. Le says:

    Israel takes, gaza victims and israeli victims in the same hospital, side by side..this is not felling the pain of others…agreed about conscious level, but we leave in material world and must defend ourselves in this level as well, remmember the torah as well Zohar…saws there are evil people must be defected , there are levels of understanding and even those like guemara , talmud etc are not literally levels od understanding..the path of torah and mitsvot include them all ….even the literaly level has his value,

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