A few months ago, I received a question on my Facebook page from Brazil from Hannah Bendavid. She asked me if I knew anything about the 12th century Rabbi and Kabbalist Abraham Ben David, also known as The Rabad.

I asked her why she wanted to know, because not many people know about him.

Hannah told me that her family were direct descendants of this great Rabbi who lived around one thousand years ago.

Well, as it happens, I knew something very special about this medieval Kabbalist. About 12-13 years ago, Rav Berg told me privately that he was The Rabad, the Rav was Abraham ben David in a previous life. The details and significance of that connection is a whole other story that I will share another time.

Anyway, that happened a few months ago.

Today, I received a call from Meir Yeshurun, one of the teachers at the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles. He asked me what I knew about The Rabad.


Because tonight we were going to learn all about The Rabad with Kabbalist Rav Berg at the Rav’s house. I shared a few amazing things with Meir that connected Rav Berg and The Rabad (I will tell this another time) and then I hung up the phone.

Literally, one minute before I was about to shut down my computer to go to the Rav’s house I received a message on Facebook.

It was from Hannah Bendavid in Brazil.

She asked me if there was any chance that I was going to see the Rav in the near future. I was going to see the Rav in about thirty seconds! In her text she asked me if I could ask the Rav for a new Hebrew name for her mother, Marie Ben David, because Hannah thought it would be amazing to get a new name “from The Rabad directly.”

Hannah was lovingly referring to Rav Berg in his previous incarnation as The Rabad. This was a nice comment from Hannah but she had no idea whatsoever that tonight I was going to have a class at the Rav’s house ALL ABOUT the Rabad, Abraham Ben David!

That was an amazing connection.

So, I went to the Rav’s house and told Meir Yeshurun the story. We were all amazed by the coincidence and the Rav had a sly smile on the Rav’s face the whole time.

I then asked the Rav if the Rav would give a new Hebrew name for Hannah’s mother. Then we began to study.

As we learned about The Rabad, we found out that Rabbi Isaac Luria, Chaim Vital and other great Kabbalists throughout history all said The Rabad was the absolute greatest of them all. He was responsible for opening up the doors of Kabbalah in the Middle Ages. He was the first!

Anyway, Meir Yeshurun was reading a document about The Rabad and then it gave the date of his death.

The Rabad, Abraham ben David died in the year 1198 on November 27.

We all looked at our iPhones and watches.

Our eyes widened in shock!

Today was November 27th!

We were learning all about the Rabad on his English death anniversary without even knowing it, on the very same day his direct descendent Hannah Bendavid texted me after many months to ask the “Rabad”, Rav Berg, to give a new Hebrew name for her mother.

We were thrilled with all of these connections and the energy in the Rav’s house was captivating. The Rav sat their with the most amazing knowing smile and a twinkle in the Rav’s eye.

When the learning was over, no one wanted to leave. We sat there basking in the glow of the Rav’s smile. Meir said he was tingling with energy.

Truly, an amazing, enlightening and magical evening.



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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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6 Responses

  1. :) says:

    Wow! This is Amazing!

  2. Dally johnson says:

    I was wondering if the 27 nov 1198 is the same Hebrew date as 27 Nov 2012 as that would surely be really significant. I’m sure the 27 Nov is a very significant day for the Rav and if it also coincides with the Hebrew date it is the very day that a lecture connects us to that energy. I’m sure the date is significant to Hannah also. It must be very interesting to know one’s previous reincarnations.
    Great !

  3. Rajel Alonso says:

    All what i feel inside of my heart is absolutely love for my beloved Rav Berg…And think about what a privilage in my life was to find his way with my beloved teacher Yigal Kutnovsky in México City… Because each history of the Rav inspires me and have a relationship with my life… I just can say to H’shem thnks, and ask every day, let me be honorable with this Light and love you have gave me!!! And yes, my name was chosen by the Rav Berg… Since that very first moment i was borned to a new life… All my life i was a secret desire, i thaught it was so silly but at the time i was learning kabbalah i knew it wasn’t… It was to be a Sagitarium…. When Benny Ricardo asked to the Rav for give me a name, i was absolutely anxious to know when would be my shabbat ceremony of changing name… Benny just told me in the same weeek of the First of Kislev!!!My little secret, safed very deep inside of me, was fullfiled!!! My heart just bumped like a cray!!! Benny asked to me if i would like to know my name, the name which was gaved to me for the Rav Berg, and i told him, no…. Nobody knows the name before to be borned, so i will wait ’till the shabbat…. When all was doing as wonderful as it is in shabbat and in the reading of Yesod, i standed up, and happened all what u know is necessary to happen, and when Benny pronounced my name i was dazzling!!! RAJEL!!! I just can say i cried, and cried, and the people who was with me told me… This name is perfect for you!!! Now i know all is possible with Rav Berg… Billy, please tell him how much i love him… Thnks a lot… Rajel

  4. Moshe Oliveira says:

    Simply amazing!!!!!!

  5. Amazing! its olso Reuven son of Yakov Avinu
    and my doughter married

  6. Batsheva Buchberg says:

    Nothing will surprise me any more from our Beloved Rav. With LOVE.

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