Kabbalah and the Kabbalah Centre possess an extraordinary trait and unique feature that has the power to end all conflicts in the world the moment people grasp it.

You ready to grasp it?


All war and conflict between religions, between nations, between businesses and between people exist for one single solitary reason: limited resources. In other words, we war with each other because of a deep fear of not having enough.

Nations battle over land and natural resources in order to ensure their own security and wealth. Businesses compete for consumers and market share to secure the profits they need to endure. People battle over friends, honor and popularity to ensure a steady supply of high self-esteem.

Religions compete with other religions over bodies and “souls” in order to fill the seats in their houses of worship and to ensure their particular ideologies are the most dominant.

Kabbalah can have no enemies. None. Islam cannot reject Kabbalah. Christianity has no reason to compete with Kabbalah. No nation on earth, no terrorist organization, not even thieves and gangsters and drug cartels should have any reason to oppose the wisdom, tools and technology of Kabbalah. It’s impossible for any soul on earth, any group or organization to even consider opposing Kabbalah. And that goes for the handful of anti-Kabbalists of history who fought to keep Kabbalah from the masses.

There is only one force that should despise Kabbalah: the force of darkness.

The reason Kabbalah cannot have an enemy is because it has the power to solve the one reason why anyone fights in the first place: the fear of not having enough.

The whole purpose of Kabbalah is to plug all of humanity into an endless and infinite source of resources, wealth, happiness, and life — otherwise known as Light.

If Kabbalah can help a Muslim receive endless joy and blessing, a Buddhist receive unending elevations of enlightenment, Israelites never-ending wealth and peace of mind, and Christians an ever-expanding connection to Jesus and his true teachings, no one would waste one minute worrying about what someone else has.

People would be too busy delighting in their bliss to even think of doing anything else. Because bliss and happiness is what we are all chasing with an unrelenting vengeance.

If every nation had endless resources there could be no conflicts. We fight because of fear of not having what we want and not having enough of it.

And the only reason Kabbalah has not yet delivered the ultimate prize is because the force of darkness has duped us. This force has tricked us. It has deceived us. How? By keeping Kabbalah’s wisdom and technology from the people.

People like you.

Even the most negative anti-Kabbalists in history were tricked by the dark force. Why? Because mankind has no other enemy but this single force. No man can truly be another man’s enemy.  Terrorists are not our enemy. Corrupt religious leaders and politicians are not our enemy. Drug traffickers and all those people who robbed us blind, stole our girlfriends, our boyfriends, our husbands and our wives– they too are NOT our enemy. We have been tricked into killing and competing with each other so that we will not battle and kill the one true enemy of mankind: the dark force of ego.

The ego is not us. It only tricks you into believing it is us. But it’s not. It’s a separate force of darkness that was created to challenge us so that we can earn and become the cause of (follow this next idea carefully) the endless, infinite life, joy, resources and utter bliss that is our true and ultimate destiny. This force must even make you doubt and disbelieve this very truth.

It’s time to end all the wasted wars and worthless battles. Let’s call upon all people — the most corrupt, the most vile and the most kind and the most honest — and let us unite together through the power of Kabbalah and The Zohar.

Don’t worry: Muslims stay Muslims. Christians remain Christians. Hindus remain Hindus. Your personal desires for true fulfillment will absolutely remain intact. All we need to do is remove the darkness within — the ego. And then everybody will have all of their deepest longings fulfilled endlessly.

The Zohar was given to all mankind to remove the ego so that all the different and diverse — and even opposite branches of humanity — can unite as one. When that happens, the Zohar plugs all the world into the infinite Source so that everyone receives everything their heart desires forever.

The illusion of this chaotic world and the illusion of death will vanish. Just like that. Even all of our departed loved ones throughout history will reappear. The curtain hiding true reality will come down. The perfection that has always been here will finally be revealed.

This is the secret of resurrection of the dead. People will not start crawling out of graves. Rather, a curtain is pulled back and we will suddenly realize they never left! It was the ego that blinded us to true reality, the same way it tricks us into killing and fighting with one another.

The true Tree of Life is when all branches of human beings unite as one and immortal existence becomes the new reality.

Make no mistake: if anyone finds any fault with this article, any disagreement or doubt about its truth and power, please realize Kabbalah is not the enemy. It’s the dark force inside that is implanting all of this in your mind.

And the best part of Kabbalah, the part I fell in love with 22 years ago, is that we should not believe a word of what I just wrote. Instead, Kabbalah asks you to first test it in your life. It must work 100 percent. Only then, will you be inspired and motivated to wage the toughest battle on earth: the battle against our ego.

The only fight we should have with all of our teammates in this game of life is the fight to unite!

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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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3 Responses

  1. Mirella says:

    Incredible text!!
    In few words, Kabbalah’s purpose!! Simple, but very deep.
    thank you!
    shana tova

  2. Amazing words. Thank you

  3. Steven Radowitz says:

    Incredibly simple, that’s the challenge. The ego makes us all think it’s so complicated. Just a small shift in our consciousness, with the help of the Zohar, and all the endless happiness will flow down. Thanks Billy! Everyone should post this on their Facebook, google+, or whatever way you want to get this out.
    Shana Tova

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