Well, a day after an article about the so-called Super Earth, another article appears about science’s claim that we are close to achieving immortality. As I mentioned in yesterday’s Super Earth article, Kabbalists always tell us that science is a reflection of what is taking place in the spiritual realm. It is a guide post and feedback system that allows us to understand the progress we are making in the effort to unite, once and for all, the 99% realm with our 1% physical reality. In other words, how close are we in our quest to create a new world of endless happiness and immortal biological existence?

As I also mentioned yesterday, immortal physical life will actually be a one thousand-year long existence. After that, we revert to them more authentic state of pure consciousness.

This morning, science announced that they are close to achieving immortal existence. They are close to reversing the aging process and achieving the goal of living a thousand years or more.

In USA Today, scientist and best-selling author Aubry De Grey thinks he has found a key to immortal existence. And molecular geneticist Bill Andrews has discovered a supplement that will halt aging. Here’s an except from the USA Today article:

“I don’t think there’s any limit,” Aubrey de Grey, a leading longevity researcher, told TODAY’s Michelle Kosinski. “Certainly, there’s nothing that would stop people intrinsically from living thousands of years.” De Grey, a scientist at Cambridge University, believes he may have found the key to unlock our cells’ immortality. He has isolated an enzyme in bacteria that seems to keep them from getting clogged up with the gunk that eventually suffocates them. The hope is that the same strategy will work in human cells.

In America, molecular geneticist Bill Andrews has discovered a supplement that he believes will reprogram cells so that they will live forever. The supplement keeps telomeres from shortening as we age. Scientists believe that when telomeres – the strings of DNA that reside at the end of each chromosome – become shorter, we deteriorate. In theory, if you could stop telomeres from shortening, or better yet, get them to regrow, you would increase lifespan.

“The literature is, I would say, 95 percent certain or better that if we can find ways to lengthen the telomeres, we are going to reverse aging,” Andrews says.”

Once again, we must resist the temptation to get excited about developments in science looking for some external person or situation to come and save mankind. Science is the effect. The consciousness and nature of  you, me, people throughout the world, are the cause. All progress and development first takes place within the realm of human consciousness. It is our pain or our proactive transformation of ego that propels the evolution of mankind, leading us to the ultimate. It is Kabbalah that accelerates the transformation and the Zohar that will put us over the top. It is up to each of us to push the world over that final threshold of global transformation in terms of peace and in terms of extended lifespan and well-being.

The only enemy is the ego which uses doubt, skepticism and disbelief to make us believe that “it’s too good to be true.”

The Zohar says the spreading of Kabbalistic wisdom is the key. This is why Yehuda Berg and Karen Berg travel the globe. They are fighting a war on the 99% level, but of course the truth of what is happening on the 99% realm is concealed.

The Zohar says when the moon shines as bright as the sun (desire to receive transformed into a will to share), the Messiah and biological immortality will arrive. Why? The moon is the feminine. The sun is the  masculine. The moon is the desire to receive. The sun is the desire to share. The moon is the vessel. The sun is the Light. When our ego and our receiving is turned into actions of sharing with others, that is when the moon is equal to the sun. When females achieve true equality with males, that is when the moon is equal to the sun.

The real reason Kabbalist Rav Berg stepped back is to allow the female energy, Karen, the moon and Malchut, to spread her influence and Light so as to achieve equality with the sun. Never in human history has a woman spread Kabbalah the way Karen Berg has. Never.

If the Rav were in high gear on this physical plane, it would never have happened.

The work of the Kabbalist is always concealed. It must be concealed because if people truly saw what was happening on the 99% realm, they would lose all measure of free will. So we cannot and will not see the power and miraculous changes taking place on the spiritual plane. Instead, all we can do, is look to science to take measure of what we are achieving.

Last week, science spoke about finding a new Super Earth. This week they are talking about achieving immortality and a life span of a thousand years for people.

That is our sign.

But the work is up to you.

When you allow your ego to take a bit of a beating this week that propels you and this world forward. Especially, as you conquer doubt and skepticism along the way.

Each time men and women allow their ego to take a smack down, we empower the moon, the feminine, and our teacher, Karen Berg, and the Rav, to conquer the darkness engulfing the planet.

Each of us is a soldier.

Each of us is needed.

Just remember, the atom is already immortal. But the bonds between atoms are not. When bonds between atoms break apart, then the form that atoms create disappears. That is aging.

It is our consciousness that determines the strength of our atomic and molecular bonds. When we remove ALL space between people, then no more space will come between our atoms. Atoms are immortal and thus the form, you and I, will then become immortal.

It is only the ego that creates conflict and space between people. And thus it is only the ego that creates space between the immortal atoms that build us. Remove the ego, we resolve the problem of the breaking of atomic and molecular bonds.

There you have it. The secret to immortal existence, courtesy of Kabbalist Rav Berg and his book, Nano.


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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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4 Responses

  1. The revelation of the new planet like hearth, did disturbed me at first. Because I know ( through my Kabbalah teacher )that they is no other life in all the cosmos but earth.
    They’re is no other way that Kabbalah for me, it give sense to everything that did not make sense for me before. So l’explication for that planet came in good timing and satisfied me.
    Now I am thinking: if that planet is an illusion everything else in the universe is not also an illusion?
    Is it also a projection of the desire of our mind?
    And how do we see colors in the universe, the cosmos is so colorful trough the telescope, how is it possible? When we now that our eyes create the colors on this planet….
    What is it with everything around us? What about us? Is everything a creation of the mind?
    My mind is bubbling with questions, can you help me with answers?
    Thank you, love to all.


  2. Dear Mr. Andrews, I beleive you are on to something. I appreciate your work on this. I want to introduce you to ASEA. It is redox signaling molecules. Please check it out at http://www.suzirisken.teamasea,com This may help you with your project. Thanks for all you are doing. Danita ‘Suzi’ Risken

  3. Trelyncia Harris says:

    I’m an immortal!!

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