Our cells our programmed to die. So we die. It’s that simple. Remarkably, not all of our cells are preprogrammed for death. The germinal cells found in the reproductive organs are immortal. But the cells that make up the rest of our body, known as somatic cells, they actually commit suicide as we grow older.

Kabbalists teach us that the 42 Letter Name of God, known as the Ana B’coach prayer, are the very energy forces that brought about the creation of the universe. The 42 Letter Name of God consists of seven lines, where each one infuses us and the world with a particular spiritual energy force.

The third line of the 42 Letter connection, according to Kabbalist Rav Berg, contains the power to ignite “spiritual” stem cells so that cells can begin to proliferate and continue dividing so that we can regenerate our body parts and organs. When Kabbalists and students utter and meditate upon this third line, it empowers the rest of the world both spiritually and physically with the ability to bring about regeneration.

When we cut our nails, our nails grow back. When we cut our hair, our hair grows back. The same should happen with every single body part and organ. But it doesn’t. The reason is because of our negative behavior and ego which disconnects us from the 99% reality. This unseen 99% realm is the source of all life, wisdom, happiness and prosperity. The 99 % is true reality.

As we know, our work on earth is to reestablish a complete connection to this hidden luminous realm. Whatever part of our life is blessed, it means that particular aspect is already connected to the 99%.

Where ever we are experiencing chaos, darkness and pain, it means we have severed our connection by virtue of our behavior.

The 99% percent is a cosmic “stem cell.” It regenerates and continues to provide endless life force, sustenance and Light to every single aspect of human existence. The ego of mankind is the only stumbling block preventing us from making a complete connection to this realm. But as we spread the Zohar and use tools like the 42 Letter Name of God, we build new pipelines and establish new connections to this glowing reality bringing forth nothing less than the Light of the Creator.

Kabbalists tell us that science will reflect what is happening on the spiritual plane through their discoveries and breakthroughs on the physical plane.

Today on MSNBC News, one such announcement came forth, revealing how close we are to ending aging, decay and death.

See below:

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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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2 Responses

  1. erin says:

    this is a really exciting year in science i love Ana B coach when i got to the third line the first time i heard this prayer i was crying like a big baby lol.i was at sukkot in toronto at the center it was really amazing!

  2. David Magen says:

    Yud Chaf Sheen, how underestimated we value this incredible tool.
    Amazing, thanks again Billy!

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