Last week’s Torah portion of Vayigash, and this week’s portion of Vayechi, have ZERO space between them on the parchment of the Torah Scroll. This is unique. As Kabbalist Rav Berg explains, the portions of the Torah have a space between them. Like chapters in a book. But not this one. Not this week. Not this Shabbat.

This is profound.  Why?

Because this spaceless section of parchment holds within it the secret to immortality and world peace. Let’s find out how.

Atoms are immortal.

That’s a fact of science.

The atoms that form you and I and the world are as old as the universe, which is 13.7 billion years old.

So why do we die if atoms never die?

Only one reason: The forms that atoms create are not immortal. The forms can be taken apart, even though the individual pieces “live” forever.

When space comes between atoms, the form created by the atom disappears, the  exact same way that space between the pieces of a puzzle creates chaos.

If we remove all the space between random puzzle pieces, a puzzle suddenly comes together and becomes perfectly ordered.

Likewise, when humanity finally removes all the space between people, by removing the blockage of ego, our atoms will come back together to create the perfected puzzle that is You.

And that’s when we all become immortal.

Resurrection of the Dead really means all the various arrangements of atoms that “formed” all the people of history, come back together again, like a picture puzzle.

You see, there is really no such thing as an atom. Atoms are really particles of consciousness. Atoms are really sparks of the shattered Vessel, the one soul of humanity that was created by the Light. 2000 years ago the Zohar said each individual spark of the shattered Vessel contains a positive pole, a negative pole and a neutral pole. The positive is the consciousness of sharing. The negative is the consciousness and urge to receive. And the neutral is the consciousness of free will to choose selfish receiving versus selfless sharing. Physicists simply chose to call each individual spark of the Vessel and an atom. Physicists simply chose to call the three forces of consciousness a proton, an electron and a neutron. The language has confused us. And them. But this was on purpose. We need to merit and earn the simple truth that our universe is made up of the shattered Vessel which is pure consciousness.

Now, thanks to Rav Berg and Kabbalah, we know the truth.

This week’s Torah portion helps to ignite the removal of all space from our minds, between people, between this 1% reality and the 99% reality.

This is why Moses did not include any space between last week and this week’s Torah portion.

And this is how we remove the space between our immortal atoms.

This is what we achieve simply by hearing the reading of the Torah and, most important, knowing what is available to us.

If we don’t know what is available, the Kabbalists say we do not ignite the power of the Torah.

To help us further understand the power and danger of space, I present the following video.

Understanding this will enrich and empower this week’s Shabbat in ways we could never imagine.

Please share with others. The more people who become enlightened about the danger of ego and space, the quicker we being order to our lives and the puzzle that is our physical reality.

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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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2 Responses

  1. Reshma Arora says:

    When ‘saints’ complete their work, they move to another Dimension , and that Dimension is where Perfection/God is; however, they also continue to be along , in that, you’ re connected with ‘God’, where there is no time-space. Jesus is said to ‘appear and vanish’ after resurrection in earth, and His physiological substance was now, different-it was also variant from what occurred in Transfiguration mount or with ‘translation’ case or where there is Biblical ref. of Paul being caught to Heaven . Since ‘biological immortality’ has already been accomplished via Purity of Christ Jesus, it is possible for others.

  2. Reshma Arora says:

    Since in a loving-relationship [which is what all of Life is about ] , there is sharing [no Demarcations that restrict sharing of Info {all of Life is about Wisdom/info. that leads towards Love}], Resurrection -substance results, and is about Sharing, Unity [ability of Messiah consciousness to move through opaque solid barriers of body, stones, dust, wood etc.] and ability to be Along [takes away ‘deathness’ in relationships {morally, emotionally, physically} due to separation caused by materialistic/selfish-factors. Jesus is said to have had a Resurrection existence that was sustained from non-earthly power and yet could be on earth and commune as He did prior crucifixtion. An embryo in a being also demonstrates how a being can exist within a being as one and yet separate-the umbilical cord is supposed to be life-connection. Water flows through a muslin cloth, and rays pass through thin-paper: resurrection-substances have and create frequencies/ Material that is supra . Those who love the Eternal Life-giver can never be severed from Life, and continue to live with Him and their loved ones .

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