NASA has just announced that they have found a planet dubbed, Super Earth—or officially Kepler-22b—which NASA says is a likely candidate for the existence of life. The planet is about 2 1/2 times larger than our earth, which is why they call it Super Earth. NASA calculates that the temperature of this planet is a balmy 72 degrees.

So what’s really happening here?

Many students of Kabbalah ask about the possibility of life on another planets. And why now, after so many years of space exploration, have they suddenly found this amazing planet with the potential for life?

According to both physics (the Biocentric view) and Kabbalah, the entire universe is merely an illusion that exists inside of our minds. The entire cosmos is a phenomenon that is occurring in our own collective consciousness. Super Earth is really our earth. It’s a glimpse and reflection of our own planet representing the possibility of what our world will become when the so called “Messiah” arrives and the world is transformed into a reality of true fulfillment, peace and immortal existence. 

Scientists are merely tapping into the metaphysical state of existence, which is the impending arrival of immortal existence and the world of paradise—our destiny. Kabbalists tell us that science always offers us a physical reflection of that which is taking place in the spiritual realm.

We are close to achieving a world of paradise thanks to the spreading of the Zohar and this is why scientists “suddenly” found Super Earth.

It’s us.

The whole universe is us.

Inside our mind.

Existing within our own consciousness.

And make no mistake, as the ego is diminished, the whole idea of a super earth and a true paradise comes closer to becoming our new reality.

And despite what the ego tells us there is nothing really out there. The whole cosmos is a mental projection. All the planets and galaxies are a reflection of the dimensions of consciousness that Kabbalists call the Sephirot. The universe “out there” is a mirror of the inner dimensions, which is the secret of the Zohar’s statement, “as above, so below.”


Kabbalah explains that when the new reality arrives our planet will change its physical dimension, enlarging to accommodate the arrival of immortal existence. People will be as healthy and as young as the age of twenty one, forever.

The borders of the Land of Israel will extend to include the entire planet. However, the Messiah arrives only when individual people achieve a personal state of Messiah within themselves. Once a critical mass and specific threshold of people achieve this personal, individual state, only then will the global Messiah appear as a seal, not a savior. The Messiah is a seal that confirms that we, the  people, have achieved true transformation of our own nature, and in turn, our planet.

After this state of Messiah is achieved, there will be one thousand years of paradise on earth, according to Kabbalah. The reason for this is because the soul, our true self, could never have achieved transformation without the assistance of the body.


Opposites cannot co-exist in the spiritual reality. The Light is a sharing force. We, the vessel, the collective souls of humanity, are receiving force. Thus, we cannot co-exist with the Light in a world of consciousness and spiritual energy.

But in a physical reality, you can attach both the sharing positive force (+) and the negative receiving force (-) to a physical entity; the same way a battery and a magnet contain two opposite charges. The body, therefore, allows us to transform our negative charge (the ego) into a positive charge by our difficult actions of sharing and by diminishing the ego’s selfish desire and transforming it into a sharing power.

Once this transformation is complete, the ego becomes a sharing force, identical to the Light. Now both can co-exist in the spiritual realm, forever.

In other words, instead of living our lives dedicated to making our own dreams come true, we will use our bodies and ego and talents to make other people’s dreams come true. And the rest of the world will be dedicated to making our dreams come true.

That’s the secret. That is the true Super Earth.

It is a realm where everyone channels all the pleasure, knowledge and joys of life, which include the world of art, culture, technology etc., for the sake of sharing with others—instead of for personal selfish gain.

It is the body that allows us to achieve this dramatic and brilliant change and thus the body receives a reward of a thousand years of bliss beyond our imagining. If we’re greedy enough and astute, we can how understand that true sharing pays great dividends. Only the ego tricks us into believing that selfishness is a good thing. Selfishness, in fact, brings only temporary pleasure at the price of inevitable death. What a lousy proposition and business deal.

Endless sharing, on the other hand, and being the cause of another person’s happiness is what brings immortal existence and a new Super Earth that will overflow with delight and pleasure beyond our current understanding.

After this period of one thousand years, all souls will then return to the realm of the Endless, a state of pure consciousness that is far more real and authentic then this physical reality. Of course, we cannot envision or imagine that right now. Nonetheless, that’s what’s in store for mankind, according to the Zohar.

NASA finding a Super Earth is a sign that we have moved that much closer.

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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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10 Responses

  1. Guillermo Del Solar says:

    Billy as usual , I can only say the most common word in the Center, after “light” and “Zohar”…AMAZING.
    Could you please elaborate though, as far as to the solar system and the planets ? …with man walking on the moon and the Rover landing on Mars etc, that also part of the Malchut ? of this physical “reality” ?
    Also, I know of Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn the sun and the moon controling the astrological signs,… so what does that mean exactly? is it their internal energy intelligence doing it ? so cna we consider them “living entitites “? and what about the rest of planets ?
    (I guess I am pushing it here with so many questions, but the subject just fascinates me, sorry.)
    Thanks !

    • Physics tells us that the chair in your house does not “exist” if you are not looking at it. Only when human consciousness makes an observation do the “waves” that exist in the quantum microscopic reality collapse and turn into actual “particles” of “matter.” So it is human consciousness that brings forth physical existence. Man walking on the moon, which is malchut was the physical manifestation of Rav Berg taking over the Kabbalah Centre as per the instructions of his teacher, Kabbalist Rav Brandwein. This happened in 1969. Rav Brandwein officially made the Rav the spiritual and physical leader of the Centre. Man walked on the moon in 1969, indicating our greater control over the realm of Malchut. Woodstock happened in 1969, close to 600,000 people (same as Sinai) gathering together for peace, music and love. The world was tapping into the potential that Rav Berg represented by Karen Berg’s decision (moon/malchut) to bring Kabbalah to the masses. The internet was invented in 1969, also a reflection of the unity and interconnectedness of mankind where are all the world’s wisdom, knowledge, creativity etc is in a non physical, digital realm, emulating the 99% reality. The seven planets are just the manifestation of what Rav Berg calls “energy intelligences” different aspects of the Ten Sephirot made manifest in our world. They are channels of energy that imprint each person with a specific “astrological” karmic profile and DNA necessary to allow the person to achieve his or her own spiritual transformation. The planets are not the cause. The planets are the effect of a person’s karmic debt and spiritual profile. Our karma dictates which of the signs we will be born under to allow us to inherit the character traits we need for growth. The planets are merely the mechanism by which these traits are infused into us.

  2. Guillermo Del Solar says:

    Thanks Billy appreciate the detailed response

  3. Carol Urtiaga Leahy says:

    When everyone is speaking about Oneness and Manefesting our desires into the physical world, and wanting to heal the earth and all relationships. When we prefer another persons needs over our own, how odd the pull from something unseen, inside, above and all around Us! Drawing our Eternal Spark to it’s Origin! What an exciting Experience to be Human, for this short time.

  4. Guillermo Del Solar says:

    Billy the Zohar (vayeshev) says the moon is also the Nukva, so what is the difference between the Nukva and Malchut ? Is it Malchut’s female aspect ?

  5. Dirk says:

    Hi Billy,

    My compliments for your refreshing and personal tone of voice on Kabbalah and more. You’re ‘about me’ video is especially inspiring.

    I’m curious to know what you make of the Higgs boson proof/discovery aka the God particle. In my experience, these kinds of discoveries – Super Earth, Higgs particle – open up our collective consciousness to new layers of creation/reality. As the Higgs particle is supposed to be responsable for mass, or rather, resistance in the Universe, the relationship with Kabbalah is apparent. It might be that this discovery is a clear indicator that finally Kabbalistic concepts can ‘land’ in our collectiveness. What’s your take on this?
    Best regards from The Netherlands,

    • Rav Berg’s Nano book explains it well. Science is looking for the fundamental particles of existence and they are trying to find out what gives particles mass. The Rav explains that there are two realities — The 99% and the 1%. The raw material of creation is not material or particle. It’s consciousness. However, the 1% reality is like living in a mirror. It is the opposite of true reality. Totally opposite. Therefore, true reality is timeless. The opposite of timeless is time. So this is why time exists in our world. Its an illusion of the mirror. Consciousness is true reality. The Vessel was pure consciousness. The vessel shattered into countless microscopic particles of energy. But In the mirror a particle of “desire to receive” consciousness looks like an “electron” in the mirror. What gives particles mass is the mirror effect of creating the opposite reverse image of reality. True reality has zero mass, thus in the mirror opposite world you get mass. And it is our negative ego consciousness that transports us into the mirror because OPPOSITES REPEL. The Light shares. The ego/Vessel receives. Complete polar opposites. So repulsion kicked in and jettisoned us into an opposite reality. The Mirror. Where the opposite spacelessness gave birth to space. Zero mass gave birth to mass. Wave gave birth to particle. Immortality gave birth to death. By the way, the Zohar says the microscopic realm is made up of “heaps of waves” of energy. Hope this makes sense.

  6. Peter Soby says:

    Man oh man, Billy, I thought that you couldn’t blow my mind anymore after your discoveries and lectures regarding Christianity/Jesus and how it relates to Kabbalah… But you did it with this article and also with the subsequent article about the potential discovery of immortality. I am now waiting heartily to hear the Kabbalistic take on the potential discovery of the “God Particle”. I’m also very, very curious about your thoughts on the fact that these 3 totally major notions of consciousness and immortality and creation and such were all announced within a week of each other. Can’t be a coincidence. Thank you, Billy, for all of your insights and discoveries and knowledge and for sharing it with us. I truly can’t get enough of it.
    All my best from right here in Los Angeles,
    Peter Soby

  7. Dirk says:

    Thanks for your explanation/response Billy. And a good incentive to read Nano again!

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