The world is literally upside down and inside out. What do I mean?  Modern science likes to tell us that spiritual wisdom or “religion” is all hocus pocus and supernatural nonsense. If you really stop and think about it (provided you are a student of Kabbalah) you will see that it’s totally the other way around. Science is the one that espouses outlandish supernatural phenomena and ideas.

I am not talking about the truths that science has discovered. Those truths are profound and enlightening. I am referring to life and consciousness and science’s natural aversion to the idea of consciousness being part of the fabric of reality.

Let me make it simple. Science says that life and consciousness appeared one day in our evolutionary history, billions of years ago, arising out of dead and mindless molecules. Think about that. How can the same lifeless, unconscious molecules that create rocks and sand also create a living, breathing, thinking, moral human being?

If that’s not hocus pocus and a supernatural phenomenon, I don’t know what is. A peach NEVER just spontaneously appears on a branch. If it did, it would be a miracle. Imagine if a shoe suddenly appeared on the branch of tree, growing out of a leaf? It would be a miracle! Fruit on trees is not a miracle. The fruit was already encoded in the seed. The trunk of the tree, the bark, branch and leaf was also contained and encoded into the very DNA of the seed. They didn’t just magically appear because some wizard conjured them up.

If ain’t in the seed, it ain’t in the tree. The suggestion that a fruit can appear on a branch of a tree from out of nowhere would be viewed as hocus pocus, supernatural nonsense. Science would wholeheartedly agree.

Well, the world works the same way.

Consciousness and life do not magically emerge from lifeless, mindless molecules. Not at all. What a ridiculous, supernatural, crackpot notion. Molecules are the very substance and essence of both consciousness and life. So are atoms. So are electrons, protons and neutrons. As you probe deeper into the subatomic realm, finding quarks and leptons and other exotic subatomic particles, you are merely getting closer to the seed of all, which is pure consciousness and life. All of these exotic particles are merely consciousness in different stages of development and different types.There are no magical emergent properties of life and mind that somehow arise out of their own lifeless, mindless constituent parts.

Kabbalah is the only wisdom that makes profound sense when you truly stop and think about it. Why?

There is zero hocus pocus in Kabbalah’s teachings. If you really grasp Kabbalah, you will see there  is not even “Divine Intervention” and miracles. This is why Kabbalist Rav Berg teaches us to never say “wow” or “amazing” when we experience a so-called miracle. It means we are not perceiving true reality and are still caught up in the illusion of chaos.

A miracle only seems “miraculous” because we are existing in an illusionary reality that is the opposite of true reality. When the curtain concealing true reality is pulled back a ray of that authentic reality shines into our world. This feels like a miracle to us. But the miraculous and the wondrous are actually the norm and chaos and disorder is what is truly rare when you consider all of absolute reality.

There is only one realm of absolute reality where everything already exists, where everything has always existed. And because there is absolutely nothing new and everything already exists,nothing new can just magically appear out of nowhere or by accident or by some spooky supernatural divine force.

Life was not created by accident out of some primordial soup as science likes to tell us. Consciousness did not arise as an emergent property of the cosmos just after the Big Bang or even billions of years later. Mindless matter and unconsciousness building blocks cannot and do not give birth to structures of  life and forms of mind. That kind of thinking is utter hocus pocus.  I cannot believe that science is not ashamed or embarrassed to offer up such supernatural and “religious” sounding notions to explain human life and consciousness. The entire world is consciousness and life in different forms and frequencies.

Life, consciousness and all of mankind’s inventions throughout history only seem to magically appear out of complex arrangement of molecules because absolute reality and the true substance of our material world, including molecules, are hidden behind a curtain.

That true substance is consciousness.

When you truly grasp Kabbalah, you see there is zero room for magic and zero space for new, supernatural phenomenon to occur.

Why? Everything already exists. Everything!  In its complete perfection. Further, it always has existed. There is no time, no beginning and no end in true reality. Everything always was, is and will be. So nothing or magical or new can take place. Nothing!

When we human beings do “discover” something new, after channeling it into our world from the realm of absolute reality, it does feel like innovation and like a novel invention to us. It does appear as though something out of the ordinary has taken place.

But that’s only because our five senses prevent us from seeing behind the curtain. We don’t know that it’s always been there. Mozart’s symphonies, Einsteins theories, the first wheel invented, chocolate chip cookies, the novel Gone with the Wind, and all the diverse  cultures from around the world, throughout the millennia — all of it already exists.

All we were — and are doing — over these last few thousand years is tapping into various aspects of true reality, slowly, gradually, bringing this perfected consciousness into our world, generation after generation.

If we truly reflect on the idea that the 99% is the source of everything and that everything was always here and always will be, you begin to see with profound clarity that there is zero opportunity for magic, supernatural phenomenon, or even accidents that give birth to life, or for magical Gods to create life.

It has always existed. The Creator always existed. Everything we want and will want has always existed.

There is, according to Kabbalah, only one thing within the realm of true reality that came into existence from out of nothingness by the hand of the Creator.

The only thing that never existed and that was brought forth brand new and unique was you. Specifically, your particular desire. Your particular yearning for pleasure and fulfillment and love and wisdom and for the chance to contribute something to this world that represents your soul and essence.

But the pleasure itself, the fulfillment you’d receive, be it from music, art, architecture, serenity, the joy of food, or from making your mark upon the world, all of this was always there and always will be!

We call it Light.

The same way the light of the sun contains all the colors of the spectrum, this spiritual Light contains all the “colors’ of fulfillment. This Light is infinite and so the pleasures contained within the Light are also infinite. You were created new (as were all the souls of humanity before the Big Bang) because the Creator wanted to share endlessly  the infinite pleasure that has always existed, the infinite contentment, joy and happiness that is the very essence, stuff and substance of the Light Itself.

But because you and I are a new creation, we “naturally” believe everything else was created anew as well.


Because we exist right at this present moment and only know (for the time being) the concept of time, we assume and think everything must have a beginning and end.


Once you know there is no such thing as beginning, you no longer have to figure out how life began or how consciousness evolved into existence. You realize everything has always been here. And it will be eternally.

King Solomon, a wise Kabbalist once said, There is nothing new under the sun.

Now you know what he really meant.

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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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8 Responses

  1. Ramiro says:

    Thank You Billy! Revealing concepts!

  2. 1] a ‘sadhuswami-scientist’ once told me that “light-sound&thought-waves” merged together, & human & all other forms of existence came into being- according to Kabbalah, is sound&thought incorporated into Light?
    2] Light is always associated with “positivity”- in Genesis, G_d pre-existed Light-cause its written that G_d said “Let there be Light”..- so how are G_d&Light separate?
    3] In the egg is contained the chicken-potential, in the seed is the fruit-potential- so did human&other creation come together with Light [incorporated in it]?

  3. Reshma A. Samuel says:

    it sums up i suppose what is in 2nd commandment in Torah, & what is in Vedas about ‘living&let live in complete consciousness’……….

    on having no ego {as is in your teaching often- a sadhu-scientist in India once stated to me that one must have a minimal-ego or else one could cease to even exist[others could exploit, trample over & even wound irreparably]…………- thus I suppose, Solomon’s wisdom is very handy……

    [Many times what is in good-book/s is not what even the preacher/s live/attempt to live with knowledgeable-understanding- thus, its always a privilige&pleasure to meet those who do!]

  4. Simon. says:

    Science has never stated that things happened ‘miraculously’, they talk about an ongoing process that has taken billions of years called ‘evolution’. Which, by the way, has been proven more and more with a substantial amount of facts.

    Kabbalah, on the other hand, does include a lot of ‘hocus pocus’, such as the story of Rav Elazar (Rav Shimon’s son) giving answers to people for five years AFTER his death (among many other stories.)

    I truly believe in Kabbalah’s tools to make our lives better, to create unity and peace in the world — and even to provide scientific answers to humanity’s mysteries throughout the centuries. But there are certain things that seem like ‘magic’ to me. Or maybe I’m just very limited.

    • Science has no explanation as to why consciousness appeared. Their explanation about emergent phenomena is absolutely magical sounding. How can dead molecules create a living creature as if life happens through some unique arrangement. Life and consciousness is the only reality. Anything that sounds magical in Kabbalah is because we do not understand true reality and the Zohar itself speaks in parable and code. The point of Rav Elazar is that there is no real death. Only from our perspective do we think something has died. But on the other side of the curtain, true reality exists and there everyone is always present and the “dead” are still alive. if i hang up a curtain the blocks out the Light and the room goes black, we might say the LIght died. Well, it “died” or disappeared in the room, but behind the curtain, nothing changed. The Light still shines. When someone leaves this world (Death) what is really happening is that a curtain goes up and to us, to our five senses and limited consciousness, it appears as death.

  5. Sue says:

    Thank you once again Billy for a clear and all embracing article. You sum up EXACTLY what I believe to be true. When I was a very little girl I remember listening to my mother and a friend discuss someone’s death. Now I was certainly less than ten years old at the time, but I remember so clearly the words just coming into my head “there’s no such thing as death” and that has been my firm belief ever since. And how could anything just appear out of nothing ?(well, unless G-d wanted it to – but He doesn’t do “tricks”) Everything MUST be in the seed. The acorn really does contain the oak tree. Why are scientists so seemingly afraid of G-d, I wonder.
    Love and Light to you Billy and again, thank you.

  6. arora says:

    Due to random processes, chemicals got formulated into a 1. Constant that is round/spherical, electromagnetic continuous Intelligence free from time-space & causation , bliss entity with spiritual/glowing aetheric warmth (as in a living being with breath) and devoid of pain\sensory temporariness and 2. a Material world, the opposite of 1., and as descents of 1.

  7. Reshma says:

    Since cause-effect is a reality [seed harvest], ‘the Constant/Eternal/God consciousness’ is a system of Laws of correct-untrue and always pre-existent [in latent and revealed forms depending upon volition] ;[cause the cause-effect laws never change, the Eternal is a Continuum/Constant]

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