What is the “spacetime continuum” and why is it called by that name? Einstein showed that time and space are really two sides of one coin — spacetime. Wikipedia says: In cosmology, the concept of spacetime combines space and time to a single abstract universe. Wikipedia further states: spacetime is any mathematical model that combines space and time into a single interwoven continuum. 

Kabbalistically, how does this relate to our lives? I mean, who really cares about some abstract mathematical model that links time and space when I am having an anxiety attack and shallow breathing from all the stress and problems staring me in the face?

How does the idea that time and space are interrelated and connected benefit my life when I cannot get along with or connect with my partner, wife, husband, customer, boss, friend, foe  and anyone else who is annoying me in life?

Very simple.

Einstein also showed that time is an illusion. Tomorrow is here right now. But the illusion of time “delays” tomorrow, creating space between ourselves and tomorrow.

So the only reason the redemption, the Messiah, world peace, and our destined fulfilled future where death does not exist is not yet here, is only because the illusion of time creates the illusion of a future. If, however, we can remove time, we will bring the blessed future into the now.

How do we remove time?

Kabbalist Rav Berg explains that the answer is found in the spacetime continuum.

When we remove SPACE between people (the secret technology called love thy neighbor) we then remove the TIME delaying our redemption.

That’s it.

Nothing more.

Conflict between people is what creates space between people and thus enhances and upholds the continued illusion of time because space and time are connected as one — the spacetime continuum. As long as Jews, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Atheists and other engage in conflict with one another, and within their own circles, we delay the goodness and wonder and peace that is our destiny.

The redemption is already here. Paradise is here. A world without pain and death already exists. But, again, the illusion of time “delays” it.  Removing space between people is how we eradicate time from the universe.

Now, one last simple point: What causes conflict and thus, space, between people?

The ego.


Therefore, it is the ego that is creating the illusion of time. Remove ego, which removes space between people, and suddenly the future comes into the present.

When the world eradicates a critical mass of ego from the landscape of human existence, the illusion and mirage of time will crumble and paradise will appear in the present moment.

Ego creates time. Ego creates space. Ego is the sole and singular cause of our imprisonment in the present moment of chaos, darkness, pain and death.


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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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16 Responses

  1. Sue says:

    Dear Billy,
    Yesterday I watched a lecture by Prof.Brian Greene on Einstein’s theory of spacetime. How interesting that today, you have written about the very same subject !! Synchronicity !!
    Thank you xx
    p.s.I have ordered the single volume Zohar. Thank you again.

  2. Desmond says:

    sounds like a losing battle…the combined ego of this world is the population of 7 billion humans…what can tip that scale in time???

    • We dont have to change the world. only ourselves. the Zohar says chaos and order, troubles and blessings will co-exist near the end of time. its up to us to create our own reality of blessings by taking the fight within.

  3. Desmond says:

    you said:” As long as Jews, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Atheists and other engage in conflict with one another, and within their own circles, we delay the goodness and wonder and peace that is our destiny” so if we multiply these egos, then time and space will never end

    • Yes. Except, the Light of the Creator has set a time limit. 6000 years. We are in the Hebrew calendar year of 5775 so there are only a few hundred years left. We either uproot the ego through proactive change, which is why we have Kabbalah, Torah, etc. Or judgment in the world via disease, poverty, war, bloodshed, etc., will eradicate the ego’s influence for us. Our only free will is to choose how we transform. Proactively, or by the judgments of this world. Its up to us. If we reach a critcal mass of people who proactively change, we don’t have to wait till the end. We can achieve it in the next five minutes. Its up to us.

  4. Desmond says:

    so we got 225 years to try and tip the scales of humanity(7 billion) as it(humanity) was practically held back from reading the Zohar for so long…and even now it is very hard to share the Light…so that is why I’m saying it is a lost battle…

    • As i said earlier,its about saving your loved ones, yourself and the more you change yourself to help your family, the more Light is shared with the world. What i said is very deep. The only way you can share with the world is to change yourself. And if you change yourself, you will get to the redemption through mercy and blessings. Thats the promise of Kabbalah.

  5. Desmond says:

    humanity was practically held back from reading the Zohar for so long and it has been released very late in the game of redemption…it’s like springing it on humanity at the 11th hour when there is 7 billion of egoists…again it will just be a boatload who make it

  6. Suji says:

    Dear Billy,
    Why not form a group or a forum where we can gather online at a specific time and work on this, so we increase the numbers, the more the number the more the tilt toward the positive.

  7. Nadia says:

    It seems the point Billy is making is about us as an individual. Forget what time of day or year you received the Zohar. Its a blessing you did. If we are busy spending our time worrying about what other people are doing with their lives or in this world then we are not doing what we need to be. Changing ourselves, Our thought process, our consciousness, our internal dialogue. Looking at your own garbage that you came into this world with, the conflicts you have with others is a tell of what issues you need to work on for example. Looking at your relationships with other people. Are you seeing things happening to you and not for you? Good, bad or indifferent? If you look out and cuss the person that cut you off, or even get angry that someone cut in line. Those are just some ways the Light is saying “Hey wake up and see that its YOU that needs to see this behavior. And to change it, to have more certainty that even though you cannot see the big picture of why that situation occured, you know there is a reason. And look deeper to see why it bothered you so much anyway.” The change must take place internally. Are you sad, depressed, lonely? Those are other ways that you have an opportunity to make changes. How? By finding ways to share with others. Volunteer, donate money, your time. Step outside of yourself. Are you angry at your parents, siblings for what they didn’t do for you? Maybe a boss passed you over for promotion. etc Again, always the Light is saying, “Hey I did this for you. To make you stronger, to help your souls process.” We cannot spend our time deflecting our issues by focusing on what others said about us, what they did to us. We must look at our ego, just as BIlly was saying, that manifests in different forms so we do deflect our issues. Ego can be in many forms, Sadness, Anger, Anxiety, Fears, Depression, Guilt, Money hording, etc. Love and Light and Blessings to you all, May we merit the Light to continue to show us the root of our issues so we may transform them into Light.

  8. Bonnie MacDougall says:

    Where can I purchase a copy of the Zohar?

  9. Peter Oginni says:

    I want to know more about this love thy neighbour.

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