Consider the following thought experiment: Suppose the electrical current flowing in the walls of a large auditorium is analogous to the Light of God. Now imagine yourself standing in the middle of this massive auditorium in complete darkness. It’s pitch black. Next, you begin praying to the electricity to bring a little light to the room. You’re sincere in your supplications. You’re pure of heart in your prayers.

But does it matter?

Will your heartfelt prayers turn on the lights?

Not a chance.

Suppose you try to strike a deal with the electricity. You promise to worship it. You will even erect a small temple inside the auditorium to honor and praise it? You will write scrolls of parchment whose words praise this unseen force and speak of it in story and parable?

Will these actions turn on the light?

Most definitely not.

The fact is, in order to generate an illumination, you must walk over to the light switch on the wall and flip it on. Only then can “let there be light” manifest throughout the auditorium.

Only then will the electrical current ignite light to banish the darkness.

Herein lies the secret to activating the prayers of humankind.

The Light of the Creator is a Divine Energy Current. It is always present and flowing and willing to fulfill our every need and desire.

Moreover, all the temples of the world, all the religions of human civilization, all the various prayers of mankind are akin to various lamps, lanterns, floodlights and spotlights that can illumine our world.

But we need to wire it all up, connect it to the supreme source of energy—the Divine Current— and then, switch it on!

According to the sages, the tools of Kabbalah are the wires that connect us to the spiritual Divine Current that flows throughout reality. Thus, the entire world can benefit from these universal “cables”.

But what about the actual switch?

Once we are plugged in, how do turn on the “Light”?

Your lamp at home might be plugged into the electrical current, but if the power switch is in the off position, darkness remains. No matter how hard you pray or plead for illumination.

The actual light switch in life is our own behavior. We might be plugged into the Divine Current that flows endlessly in higher dimensions, but if we do not flip the switch, darkness remains in our life.


Kabbalist Rav Berg teaches that the concept of Resistance is our power switch. The moment we apply the concept of Resistance in our lives, it’s akin to flipping on the Light.

How and what and where can we apply the concept of Resistance?

We must Resist our desire to blame others — no matter what they do to us.

We must Resist our urge to one-up and out-do our friends and foes so that we feel superior to them.

We must Resist our impulse to take it all for ourselves, and instead, share a fair-size portion with others.

We must Resist our doubts about the truth of the Creator—especially when no one is looking and we think we can get away with some negative behavior.

We must Resist the feelings that we are a victim of other people or external situations.

We must Resist the word “But”.

We must Resist our uncertainties about the results we seek from Kabbalah, when our worthy opponent (code name Satan or ego ) tosses in a bit of time into the process just to test us by delaying the Light and rewards that are ignited through the power of Resistance.

In other words, if time delays a reward, and we make the tragic mistake of saying, “Hey, it didn’t work!” then it means we truly did not resist and we are reacting to the delay caused by time.

Reacting to anything is how we unplug. Period.

Resistance is how we prevent reactions from controlling our lives. We are here to resist our reactions in every part of our life because that is how we turn on the Divine Lamp that can brighten our lives and remove disease, debt, depression and death itself when that Light shines bright enough.

Our Opponent—the negative force called ego, or Satan—has the power to inject a chunk of time into the processes of life to test u every single day. He does this to see if we react because of the delay.

If we react, we lose. We unplug.

The only winning move in life is Resistance. That’s the money play. No matter what.

That is how we turn on the “Light” switch.

This is how we—not God—answer our own prayers!

God is the source. The power. The raw naked Divine energy that manifests our blessings and good fortune. But Resistance is the switch that flips on the Light that becomes the very blessings that we so desperately seek from life.

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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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