Kabbalist Rav Berg shared his views on the true Jesus a few years back. I thought it would be nice to share it again as there is so much misinformation — some deliberate, some out of ignorance — about this subject.

I have been accused by a Rabbi of being a Christian Missionary in disguise as a Kabbalah Student for sharing truths about Jesus that I learned from the Rav and from the great Kabbalist Rabbi Moses David Valle.

Anyway, here is what the Rav has to say.

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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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24 Responses

  1. Zenaida Barro. Mohsenine says:

    I believe Jesus was a Kabbalist and taught Zohar and lived by it too!

  2. David says:

    Billy, I’ve read in some books from the Kabbalah Centre that Rabi Shimon Bar Yochai lived in the 2nd century after Christ. If it is so, how is it possible that Jesus studied the Zohar (which I deeply believe), if the Zohar wasn’t even revealed yet by Rav Shimon.

    • The dates are all wrong. The war has been fought in the history books. The Rav told me trust no dates, and trust no books that are published. The Rav told me go into the writings of the Kabbalists, the handwritten manuscripts because the enemies and opponents of Kabbalah changed the books, the dates, and censored and edited the texts. Wars are fought in the history books! No one knows the true dates associated with Jesus. I mean, they talk about Jesus dying on the cross yet the gospels are clear that he was hung on a tree. So i only follow what the Kabbalists have written. nothing more. and zero opinions from me. and the whole truth is still not known yet. i only share what we have so far.

    • David says:

      Okay, I got you. So the truth is that Jesus didn’t lived 2000 years ago, neither Rabi Shimon on the 2th century? You are saying that there is a specific date which we don’t know but in which Rabi Shimon and Jesus and Akiva coexisted?

    • i am saying we dont know the exact dates. both were around at the time of the second temple era, some 2000 years ago. but do we know if jesus was 100 years earlier or at the exact same time as Rabbi Shimon? Rav Berg believes they were together. Kabbalist and scholar Eli Benamozegh says the same. But do we have proof. No. Were books changed, edited, altered and censored. Absolutely and without question. is the Zohar wisdom the source of Jesus teachings. Absolutely, without question.

    • David says:

      Okay thank you!

  3. Lee Hale says:

    If you say, “Jesus was produced by the Zohar.” How can one (sorry for your loss) say he wouldn’t be tolerated today. That’s like saying the book of splendor would not be tolerated today!

    • The Book of Splendor is NOT tolerated today. The Kabbalists are no NOT tolerated today. Look around. the Hatred, slander, defamation of character and negativity towards Kabbalah, the Centre, and still the Zohar, is everywhere — EXCEPT the students who study Kabbalah and who have found the truth. The scholars desecrate the memory and power of Rabbi Shimon by saying he did not write the Zohar. Thats like the Israelites saying Moses is a murder back on Sinai, which they did, in the Torah. The scholars and many rabbis tell us the Zohar is a forgery created by Rabbi Moses De Leon. The media and the rabbis slander the Centre. Religious Orthodox Jews came to dig up Rav Berg’s grave a week after the Rav was buried.. There was a whole busload of them with shovels. Thankfully, we had security guards that prevented it from happening. If Jesus’ teachings and the Zohar’s teachings (which are one and the same) were tolerated, the Messiah would be here and world peace would dawn. We are working to fix this every day by eradicating the influences of our own ego each day, each hour, each minutes. That’s what we are supposed to do. Each time we resist ego, we bring forth Light into this world.

  4. Abril Maria Del Valle says:

    Dear Billy, I was in Girona and seing you live was amazing. BAH. I was with the Italian group and some of the students were asking: If Jesus was a Kabbalist how come the Centre quotes only Rabbi Akiva and others and not Jesus? Thank you in advance for your reply.

    • Great seeing you as well Abril and thanks for the kind words. We do quote Jesus. Every time we quote Zohar we are quoting the original teachings of Jesus. Every time we speak of Love Thy Neighbor, we are quoting Jesus, R. Akiva and Hillel. Now, the question might be, why do not accredit some of Jesus’ teachings to him. Thats because 99% of the world has no idea that all of Jesus’ teachings are derived from Kabbalah. This was by design. The secret of his Kabbalah connection is only supposed to come out at the end of days. So now its happening which is why the Kabbalah Centre asked me to share a lecture on this subject. When the whole truth comes out, and we reach a critical mass of people learning and living Kabbalah, the Messiah will arrive and it won’t be necessary to credit anyone at that point because all the world will be united in peace and will know the truth of truths.

  5. Abril Maria Del Valle says:

    BAH. Amazing. Thank you

    • says:

      Abril, it’s funny but do you know that there is I book by Italian Rabbi Valle who gives great incite into who Jesus really was (I think he was from Genoa)

  6. Celso M. Elemento says:

    Sir Billy I was really happy & felt of total freedom for being a longtime slave and deceived of the so called relegion which is not found in the Torah. Thank you very much for the wisdom you’ve shared to us Filipinos here in the Phillipines. We were formerly a member of Xristianity, messianic judaism then last noachide because we rely on Judaisms way of teaching. We pray and do hope that we can ask your assistance as our mentor and teacher. We dont know yet what to do particularly during our meeting since we feel that our system of praying , sharing is still in accordance of relegion which is useless. Thank you .

  7. George Molato says:

    Hi Billy,

    I just read this article and commentary on Jesus’s wife or not wife Mary the Magdalene ( Tower ). I find this to be really interesting. Please share your thoughts.

    Thank you.

  8. Grannyrose says:

    The Rav said the exact date-during the destruction of the second Temple In Jerusalem, when the blood of Jews ran knee deep in the streets of Jerusalem. While Rabbi Akiva’s 24 thousand Rabbinical Students in His Sacred School were being arrested, tortured and murdered under Roman Occupation. The Rav taught that at this, the darkest of times, the obvious key to ending the assault was overlooked by The Priest Class, despite the teachings of Rabbi Akiva-who was, after all 24k of his students, skinned alive and then burned 4 refusing to worship Zeus, and The Helenist Dualistic Mind based ‘ideal’.
    The key to the Zohar and to all the problems wh ever plagued the Jewish people has been overlooked, time and time again. That, in itself is ‘The Matrix’. The Ghost in The Machine, the Virus of the Beast of Numbers inbedded w/in the Jewish Soul when it clothed itself in human garb: Doubt that we r whom we say we R.

  9. Grannyrose says:

    The Rav taught that all the rest is commentary but this one thing, the virus which will be cured by study of Zohar: certainty, the removal of doubt, of gravity, of the division of time and space, of dualism of all that causes separatism and hatred in the world: The hatred of one Jew for another -especially the hatred of the learned ones for one another-the desire to collaborate against one’s own people 2 curry favor from Pharaohs. (Moses and David were the living reversal and blueprint for us to learn this very important and most healing of lessons).

    Happy Hanukkah, everybody-to u too Billy-thank u for all of the wonderful opinions u express here-they indeed open the mind to desire more wisdom new thought, enlightenment.

  10. Grannyrose says:

    i will write more on esp about why the worship of Zeus is abhorent to the Jewish mind.

  11. sanford horowitz says:

    Thank you Billy. I feel so blessed to a part of this.

  12. Barnash says:

    Hallo Dear Billy
    it’s me again .
    There’s something i really would like to know if it doesn’t bither you
    why is it impossible that Yehoshua Ha Mashiah could have received the knowledge himself without having to be a disciple of RSBY ?
    it seems that you’re saying that without Rav Shimon Bar yohai he could not have known it by himself ?
    you say that you’re not giving your opinion about the subjet and that you’re just quoting some Kabbalists .
    But what is the authority of these kabbalists ? should we believe them just because they say it ?

    • I don’t give my opinions. My teacher, Kabbalist Rav Berg, taught me to only quote what the Kabbalists wrote and teach. So i am just sharing what the Kabbalists say and what the Zohar says. If you read the Zohar, it is self-evident that this is the root of all wisdom, including the teachings of Jesus. 🙂

  13. John Paul Patton says:

    David is correct, most people do not know what year Jesus was born or died. Nor do they know what year Julius Caesar died. Why is this important, because we us the Caesarian Calendar. What is truly important is that Jewdism, Christianity and Islam I hate to admit, are all based on the same foundation. It surprises people to find out Jesus is mentioned in the Koran 5 or 6 times. Not to mention that it is the same arch angels whom Mohamed claims spoke to him as those that spoke to Ezekiel and John the Badptist. Let us not be misled by the fools and rules of the game. We all subscribe to the same creator, whom I cannot say his name, and we all place our faith in the same angels and demons. I have traveled my whole life, and I have read many bibles of many religions. Is it so hard to believe the creator sent angels to speak to Buddha? Why is it so many infdividauls still believes eve the world is the center of the universe, and that the creator only loves those whom live in Asian Minor or the western world. If we open our minds to the possibility that Micheal and Gabriel have help others besides those in our world, we are able to learn from the lessons that have been brought to us globally. If you do not belIeve me, look up how many Greek gods and titans are mentioned in the Old Testament. That will tell you all you need to know.

  14. Amberlin says:

    Kaballah is interesting to me, and yet as a devout Christian, I can’t accept a connection. Kaballah was a Jewish response after Jesus, rejecting who Jesus said He was. Why would God give anyone any more revelations, like the ideas about emanations and creation that were solidified in 1500 ce, after sending us Jesus? He was the fulfillment of the law and prophecy. Why would God send any revelations to anyone outside of that truth, or in a response of rejection to that truth? How can anyone truly be a Christian Kaballaist, knowing Kabbalah was Judaism’s response to a rejected Jesus as divine Savior? Its a buffet take on religion and truth, one that ignores the many times Jesus was persecuted for saying that He was in fact, divine. ****Why would Jews reject Jesus if He was saying the divine simply lived within His consciousness and that all men carry that powerful presence – why would Hebe crucified in one instance (assuming He spoke in only parables about secret knowledge) and yet that same mystical ideology be a whole new face of Judaism not soon after? What made it unacceptable to Jews then, but a whole new practice is based on the Zohar now? If Moses and Abraham were Kabbalists, then wouldn’t some of the Rabbis understand that Jesus was teaching sacred knowledge, and thereforehave prevented His death instead of claiming that He was blasphemous? Its like there is a whole part of Jesus’ story that is being totally ignored. He was tried for BLASPHEMY! If there were Rabbi’s who had been handed down truths from the ancient Kabbalists, why the would He even have caused such problems or for the Rabbi’s or Jewish traditions that He lived among? The connections made here are stretches that ignore that Jesus was sold as a blasphemer of the Jewish faith because He claimed He was God – not just because He taught that God is within all of us. If that were the case, the rabbi’s with the oral traditions of Kaballah, would have not had a problem with His teachings.

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