Shimon Sarfatti was a beloved teacher at the Kabbalah Centre for over twenty five years. What follows is a reprint of an article I posted a few years ago about an incredible story that unfolded over many years.

I was in Paris quite a few years ago. In those days, the teachers used to go door to door in all the buildings talking about Kabbalah and trying to sell Zohars. One day someone says to me there is a shopping centre outside of Paris. People will want to buy Zohar there. They gave me directions. I got lost on the highway. I decided not to waste too much time so I took random exit.  When I got off the highway, I just parked my car and went to the first building I came across.

I start knocking on random doors. So one guy opens a door. I don’t know why, but I said to him, “Your father sent me to see you.”

Well, the guy almost fainted.

He screamed at me, “Who sent you?”

I realized he was a bit excited so I told him what happened; how I got lost. Except he didn’t believe me. He again demanded to know who sent me. I explained it again and finally after he questioned me some more, he realized that no one had sent me.

Then he told me: The night before he had a dream about his father who had passed on years ago. Today happened to be his father’s death anniversary.  Then he asked me, “What can I do for my father to help his soul?” I told him our Kabbalah Centre branch in Paris needed a new Torah scroll. I told him the donation for a complete Torah is $36,000 Euros. I offered him the opportunity to do a dedication. He was pleased to do so.

He then wrote me two checks for $18k and $18k. He cried and thanked me. He told me I was his messenger and was very appreciative.

Three days later he called me. He said, ” Shimon I want to meet with you. I want to give you cash instead of checks.” So I met him in his showroom in Paris. I came over to him and in front of my face he ripped up the checks. He then said, “Get the hell out of here.”

I asked what happened. He said, “I spoke  to some Rabbis. They said you and your organization are thieves.” Then he told me to get lost. Before I left I told him to his face, ” No problem, but you gave that money and it does not belong to you or to me—it belongs to Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and the Torah you dedicated.” And then I left.

Thirteen years later, I am now teaching in the Miami Kabbalah Centre. Every morning I would give lectures to the younger teachers on the importance of consciousness and some advanced Kabbalah lessons.On this one particular morning, I was sharing this story that happened thirteen years ago in Paris. I was explaining how we often become blind to the truth when we hear negative things; how we all forget the miracles when something challenges our certainty.

As soon as I finished this story, I get a call from the teacher in Paris, Eliyahu  Bouhanna. He asks me if I know a man named Moshe. He said this Moshe guy met me thirteen years ago and promised to donate money for a Torah scroll.  I knew right away – that was the guy.

Anyway, Moshe told Eliyahu that he was now broke. He had lost all the buildings that he owned and lost his business. And now he was almost homeless. He had two heart attacks as well. Moshe had said that he realized he needed to give the money back.

I called the Rav (Kabbalist Rav Berg) in New York and told the Rav the entire story.  The Rav said that this poor Moshe  wasted thirteen years of his life, but at least it’s good that he finally realized what he needs to do for his correction (tikun). Anyway, over the next few years, Moshe got back on his feet. Let me just say, he was not always doing the most honest labor. But he started coming to the Centre and learning Kabbalah and hopefully, he could turn around his life.

Anyway, one of the close students at the Centre in Paris was Terry Aboujedid. Terry and Moshe became friends. Terry had given Moshe a pocket Zohar and told him to always keep it with him, 24 hours a day. Soon, Moshe had some money. Terry told him to pay back for the Torah scroll.

Moshe said he couldn’t. He told Terry that he had borrowed a lot of money from some Arab mafia people in Paris. Loan sharks. He owed a tremendous amount of interest on the loan and the Arabs were asking for the money back. Moshe explained that he knew he had to pay the Centre but the Arabs had now threatened his family. And they wanted to meet Moshe that night around 11:00 pm in the Bois de Boulogne, the park just outside Paris. Moshe said he was afraid not to go because they might hurt his family.

Terry told Moshe that he could either give the money to the Light or give the money to the dark side and that Moshe should not go meet them in the park.

Moshe said, “I understand what you say, but the Arabs threatened my family. I will not pay them the money but I am going to see them tonight.” Terry offered to go with him, but Moshe said no. Terry said, “Make sure you have your Zohar and scan the 72 Names of God.” Moshe promised to do so.


I told Moshe to call me as soon as he is finished with the Arabs. I didn’t hear from him the entire night. In the morning I got a phone call. It was Moshe. He told me when he got to the Bois Boulogne there were 5 Arabs in the park waiting for him. Moshe said the boss of the group went over to him and said, “Where’s my money?”

Moshe said, “I cannot give it you. I don’t have it now. I promise to pay you when I get it.” Moshe was prepared to die right there instead of having his family hurt. The boss then gave Moshe a small slap.

“I was sure this was now the end of my life,” Moshe told me.

The boss then told Moshe he wants one thing from Moshe and only one thing.

“What is it?” Moshe asked him.

The guy says, “Just give me all my money back, principle only, and no interest.”

Moshe was stunned.

He asked him why?

The Arab boss said ” I just want to finish this business with you and then have you go away from my life.”  For Moshe, this was already a miracle because the interest payment was huge.  Again, Moshe asked, “Why are you doing this?

The Arab boss put his hand inside a case. “I was sure it was a gun,” Moshe told me.

So the Arab boss then says, “You’re lucky Moshe. I met a friend from when I was a kid in school. About  a week ago.” Suddenly the Arab pulls out the Zohar! He told Moshe he was not going to hurt him and just wanted to get his money back.

Moshe was amazed and said to him, “How the hell do you know this book —  I have the same one!” Moshe pulled out his Zohar and said, “Who is your friend?”  The Arab boss was now freaked out. He said, “My friend is Terry Aboujedid.”

It was me!

I knew this Arab guy when I was in school.

I had run into him a week before and I gave him a Zohar and told him all about the Light and energy and power. Now Moshe and the Arab are hugging each other like old friends. A Jew and an Arab hugging in the park. Both of them amazed.

The Arab told Moshe to pay him back the loan when ever he gets the money. No more time pressure. This was an unbelievable miracle. Unbelievable. And Moshe eventually paid back all the money to the Kabbalah Centre for the Torah from thirteen years ago.



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Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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2 Responses

  1. Robert says:

    This is a very encouraging piece of miracle for a new Kabbalah student like me. I will continue to keep the pocket size zohar with me all the time. Is there a version of a pocket size-Full Zohar aside from the Pinchas?

  2. Alina Navarro says:

    The tears freely flowed as I read this beautiful story of our Sacred Zohar. Nothing surprises me anymore about the power of miracles from the Zohar, I am simply Awed!

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