Most people associate the term “sephardic” with people who came from Spain. Not true. A total misconception and mistake. The only reason why the word “sephardic” is connected to Spain is because the Zohar was revealed publicly in Spain in the 13th century, for the first time in history.

Which leads to a question: What’s the connection between the Zohar and the term “sephardic”? The answer has been kept secret since biblical times. Literally. And most of the world suffered because of it. And anyone who tries to tell you different is only prolonging the suffering of the world. So what follows is an ancient secret known only to the Kabbalists and now being made public for the first time ever. No longer will the opponents of Kabbalah be allowed to prevent these truths from being revealed publicly. You ready? Here we go:

There are four levels to grasping the meaning of the scroll of the Torah and Bible. In Hebrew, these four levels are known as:

1. P’shat (Literal meaning of the biblical stories)
2. Remes (Hints and subtle allusions in each story)
3. D’rush (An interpretation of the story, such as the Talmud)
4. Sod (The true mystical secrets of the Torah as revealed in the Zohar)

If you take the first letter from each Hebrew word (P. R. D. S.) it spells the word PARDES.

This means paradise or orchard.This is the traditional way of learning the bible amongst most Jews. In other words, you begin with the literal meaning and then slowly progress deeper.

Except that’s been a problem. Big time. And Rav Shimon bar Yohai, the author of the Zohar, says whoever reads the Bible literally is a fool and it would have been better if such a person had never been born. His words, not mine.

The Kabbalists, on the other hand, say we must begin with the inner soul, the secrets of the Bible, which is the Zohar, for this will bring regular people including, scoundrels, crooks, sinners, rascals, thieves and plain simple honest folks, back to the truth, back to the source of all Creation…the Light of the Creator!

Now watch this:

If we rearrange the order of the four levels and move the Hebrew word for secret (SOD) to the very top level, the entire word of PARDES transforms into the word SEPHARAD in Hebrew. Sephardics are those who embrace the Zohar FIRST! They are people who do not limit themselves to a literal meaning of the Bible; people who have no time to sit in a religious school and study Biblical interpretation.

It’s for regular folks, who might be far away from the Creator because they have seen the corruption of religion; they have seen rites and rituals without any explanation and blind faith which has led to nothing but war and bloodshed throughout human history. It’s for people fed up with that same ignorant answer when they ask why we perform certain rituals and rites associated with a religion: “Because it’s written.”

Sephardic refers to people who have a desire to reconnect to truth and the hidden reality called the 99% (because 99% of reality exists there) which is the source of the human imagination and all joy, happiness, healing and life. The Zohar promises and guarantees and assures that those who embrace it with a pure heart and genuine dedication, they will receive blessings, protection, good fortune and the transformation of their soul.

It will be painful on the ego for a while. Sometimes real painful on the ego. And there will be obstacles and tests. Every step of the way. But the challenges will only provoke the ego within — the Adversary — as opposed to creating pain in one’s emotional, soul or family life. Not a bad trade off. Especially in these dangerous times.

Now you know the secret: Anyone who embraces and welcomes the Zohar into their life is called Sephardic. The people of Spain, Morocco and Tunisia were examples of the people who embraced the Zohar. The Jews of eastern Europe, for the most part, spurned the Zohar. In the 1930s, Kabbalist Rav Yehuda Ashlag sent a letter to the leading Rabbis of Europe warning them “That there is a black cloud hovering over European Jewry.” Those were his exact words. Rav Ashlag said this darkness was “Unlike any darkness in history.” He urged the Rabbis to distribute the Zohar all over Europe. He was ridiculed. Meanwhile, in Morocco, in Casablanca, there were at least five locations where the Sephardics scanned and chanted Zohar 24 hours a day in relay teams. This was prior to the outbreak of war.

Let’s now turn back the clock and catch glimpse of a miracle that took place in Morocco through the power of the Zohar during the darkest days of the 20th century—World War II:

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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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8 Responses

  1. Michael Lerner says:

    Nothing more important than this story. This message is a strong one that we need to relay to the modern states of Israel and others around the middle east.

  2. Rachel Yesenia says:

    what an amazing revelation!

  3. Guillermo Del Solar says:

    Billy please keep this coming my admiration and love for the Zohar can only keep growing !

  4. erin gray says:

    if this is our ark thank you! for all your doing its amazing work im sure i dont even understand how important all this work really is but thank you for everything

  5. Guillermo says:

    Billy are the druze somehow related to the acronym as well ? I can’t help but notice the similarity with the third level Drush and I know the druze people have been friends with the israelites

  6. Guillermo Del Solar says:

    Thank you Billy, since we ar eon the subject, I read an article yesterday in a newspaper about the sons of Israel. The author identified them as the 10 tribes from the north being the “sons of Israel”, that always stayed int he Holy Land (he used Palestine). HE said their descendants were the samaritans and did not recognize the leadership of King David, but yet were zealous in obeying Torah (only Torah), keeping Shabbat and holidays and prayed towards Mount Gerizim… Can you shed some light on this subject from a Kabbalistic perspective ? are these also the descendansts of Leah’s sons? Thanks

    • I know of the Sons of Israel and their claim to be descendants of the Samaritans. But thats about it. This is not my areas of interest or learning. I can tell you that no one, but no one, knows who is a true descendant of the 600,000 Israelites who stood at Sinai, except for Elijah the Prophet and the Messiah. So instead of searching for the ten tribes and trying to figure out who and who is not an Israelite, I strive to focus on finding my own true spark of soul hiding behind my own ugly ego. That is how I can hasten the arrival of the Redemption and the true gathering of the Ten Tribes. I did read from one Kabbalist years ago that we will all be surprised to learn that all of mankind is really part of the Twelve Tribes of Israel.

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