Yesterday we went to Jerusalem to make the visual connection to the Temple Mount from Mount Scopus. Karen explained that Kabbalah teaches that an earthquake will strike the Temple area and open up the earth and flip the ground revealing the Third Temple and in that moment, death will leave this world forever.


Since we have arrived last Monday, it feels as though we are moving through the sacred scroll and ancient stories of the Torah, each moment, each event, each feeling that we experience having both a deeply personal and yet cosmic sense to it.


The word “surreal” was invented just for this week.


Nights were difficult for me just before bed the first few nights as my memories with The Rav overwhelmed me. 24 years felt like 24 minutes ago, literally. The events, miracles, laughs, tears, learning and all the “smashes” that I received from the Rav to break and then rebuild me into a human being, were all thick and close and fresh as they were years ago. Time is absolutely an illusion but I often wished that the illusion was stronger sometimes because it was all so raw and present in my mind. When the past feels “long ago” it didn’t hurt as bad. I understood why the Zohar says a 1000 lifetimes feels like a fleeting moment when we stand before the Creator after leaving this world.


The worst pain was when I thought of Karen, Yehuda and Michael.


And yet, amid all the pain, my certainty blazes and I know we are in store for historic changes that we do not even imagine yet. Make no mistake, there has not been a Kabbalist like Rav Berg in human history; so beloved by the people, so despised by the religious establishment, so full of miracles and wonders as attested to by students all over this globe.


I see the Rav smiling and winking at me day and night now, as The Rav did for 24 years, as the Rav showed me miracle after miracle after miracle.


I know what The Rav is capable of and therefore I know what I am praying for every day.


It’s funny, because I also understand why Rabbi Shimon says we should not cry or hurt when a loved one leaves.


I get it.


The Rav told me and warned me weeks before the stroke nine years ago that I must have certainty, no matter what I see! No matter what I see! Then the stroke hit. The doctors said the Rav’s frontal lobe of the brain was blown out and The Rav was going to be vegetable.


There is still no medical explanation for The Rav’s recovery those last nine precious years. I saw things in that hospital room when the Rav was still comatose during those first 24-48 hours that were mind blowing. Like the Rav suddenly doing Kabbalat Shabbat FROM the coma at 3:00 AM that Saturday morning. And walking up from the coma defying the laws of medical science to do Kiddush for third meal.


And so I have absolute trust in my teacher, most especially in the love that burns brighter than a billion galaxies between The Rav and Karen.


So get ready for epic changes and miracles in the world and let’s keep chasing those opportunities to “smash” our egos and ending our reactive behavior.


Let us let go.


Of everything.


And let’s prepare ourselves to receive everything!



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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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3 Responses

  1. Rachelle Kaufman says:

    Billy, Thank you for thinking of all of us in this time of grief and writing words that fill us with hope and appreciation for being part of something much bigger than ourselves. LOL

  2. Rajel says:

    Dear Billy, dear students of all over this planet… REading your words i just can say to you… I have certainty, i have hope… When i knew about my beloved Rav Berg did his pass to the Upper level of concience, i cried, i just could to be with him in Mexico City just a few times, but enough time to love him hugely! The first time i saw his face, i could’nt stop to cry, my heart and spirit was shocked, and just felt a great love inside of me!!! Years later i knew why… Kabbalah teachers revealed me i was in the execution of my beloved Rav Berg, i was present there, in the land called New Spain, and the connection with him, started in the very first moment i’ve had the book The wheels of a soul in my hands… I was shocked! I was receiving with that book all the answers i asked for to priests, teachers, and many other books… I just want to share with you, the night i was praying and doing Shemá, i heard his voice telling me.. ” I will stay with you till the end!!! Suddenly i opened my eyes and started to cry with bunches of love and Light inside of me, was so extreme experience that my chest was in pain feeling a deep strong sensation of love in it!!!I know, i have certainty we will see so many miracles, and things but with the help, knowledge and sharing atittude He was the example himself, I just can say, I HAVE CERTAINTY !!! My doubts are not more present about it!!! I know i will have the love of the Rav feeling so real inside of me!!! I have no more fears for the next to come, just ask to make what He taught us!!! Share love!!! Thnks for sharing your experiences i am convinced that many of us, had the opportunity He showed us how wonderful, amazing, stunning and big was his love for us!!!

  3. Ahuva Stadtlander says:

    Thank you for sharing such trying times for us all as we temper our days with happiness during the holidays and mourn when we are able. The Rav selected his day to leave this world with such amazing intention. It is clear he was telling us to get on with the job of availing the world of our Noah’s Ark….the Zohar.

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