Mind over matter is here now. It’s always been here. We  have always had this power. We were born with it.  The ability to achieve mind over matter is as natural as our breathing.

So what’s the problem?

We were also born with a force of consciousness called “the opponent” or ego, imbedded into our very brain cells. The ego tells us that mind and matter are separate; that there is a space between us and the chair in front of us. And so, with our innate power of mind over matter, we believe what our ego tells us, and now this inborn power literally hands over all control to matter and the external world around us. This happens only because we believe that matter and the external world are more powerful than our mind! Good job ego! You tricked us. You deceived us. You used our very power against us.

Our belief that matter is more powerful becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy as our consciousness creates that very reality.


We already have perfect certainty. The problem is we have certainty in our doubts. As a result, we empower our doubts and worries and they become our reality. So the real problem is not an inability to unleash the power of our minds. The only problem is the power of our ego to seduce our minds into manufacturing a reality that our ego wants, not the reality that we want.

We are controlled by ego and thus we have a world manufactured by the human ego.


There are, in essence, three stages of consciousness that we all came to this world to achieve:

1. Mind and Matter

2. Mind over Matter

3. Mind is Matter.

Mind and Matter is a state of consciousness where we perceive space between our minds and the physical world around us. We view the mind and the material world as separate and distinct entities. Within this space comes darkness and chaos and random events. As we’ve just learned, this occurs only through the influence of ego which constantly tells us this lie about the external world being separate and more powerful.

The stage called Mind over Matter emerges as we learn the wisdom of Kabbalah and use Kabbalistic tools to elevate our consciousness out of the realm of ego. We then begin to experience moments of control over the physical reality. We experience a minor or major miracle every once in a while. We witness moments of synchronicity that reveal to us an underlying order beneath the chaos. We realize that our minds can often take control over the world and events that unfold around us. In effect, we have reduced the ego so we have reduced the space between mind and matter. We have forged a link between mind and matter giving us a small measure of control.

The third stage called Mind is Matter is the state of consciousness that a master Kabbalist has achieved, a level that all mankind is destined to achieve. There is zero space between the mind and the physical world. In fact, the mind is the manufacturer of the physical world and thus there is 100% control over all events and situations. This is why a Kabbalist is able to help his or her students experience extraordinary blessings and miracles and wonders.

Once again, it is the ego that creates the illusion of Mind and Matter. The bigger the ego, the greater the space between the two.

We can achieve a measure of mind over matter in direct proportion to the amount of ego that we are prepared to surrender. However, be forewarned: This is not an easy task as the ego is the most powerful, dominant and formidable force on earth.

The complete eradication of the ego is how we achieve the ultimate control over the physical reality. That’s when our minds will be able to manufacture a universe of perfect peace and lasting paradise as it becomes free of all ego thus removing all space between our thoughts and the physical reality.

We won’t need quantum computers. The greatest quantum computer in the universe is the human mind, free of ego. But while we have our ego in control, we are convinced that the external world, including a quantum supercomputer, is the answer to our problems and the ultimate power of mankind.


All this leads us to this week’s Torah portion which includes The Building of the Golden Calf.

When revelation took place at Mount Sinai, the entire world experienced paradise and immortal existence.

So what happened? Where is it?

Moses went back up the mountain and didn’t return when the Israelites expected him.

The Israelites were now convinced that a Golden Calf, an external, physical technology, was needed to connect to the Light of the Creator, the 99% reality, where all wisdom, knowledge, solutions, happiness and blessings radiate from.

The Israelites believed they needed to build the Golden Calf because they saw that Moses was actually dead!

That’s right!

The force called “Satan” or The Opponent, was allowed to test the certainty of the Israelites! The Israelites merely had to demonstrate certainty in Sinai and the immortal existence and bliss that they were experiencing.

The Opponent (ego) then conjured up an image of Mose dead!  All 600,000 Israelites were witness to this. And because the Israelites believed what they saw, because they had certainty in the illusion that the Opponent fabricated, they empowered the external physical world and death was reborn at Sinai. The Israelites built the Golden Calf because they were convinced Moses was dead.

This was the birth of religion.

This was the moment when we surrendered all control to the world around us — a golden calf, a rabbi, a priest, or any type of organized religion that would work on our behalf — instead of us achieving our own direct and personal connection to the Light of the Creator through our own transformation of character.

For the last two thousand years, we have allowed our ego to rule, and thus organized religion has continued to rule and wreak havoc all over the globe, despite the powerful teachings of Moses, Jesus and Prophet Muhammad.

Everything has been distorted. The wars that the Torah, New Testament and Koran speak about are really a war against the ego. It’s a war against “golden calf consciousness.”

But when you read these sacred texts literally, you read that the war is about an external enemy.


Do we really fall into the illusion that my enemy is out there? Do we really accept that the external world can control us and affect our life? Or do we pass the test and realize only my own ego needs to be defeated and this is how I build a bridge to my neighbor and a bridge to give me access and control over the world around me.

How do we get this power back?


Love Thy Neighbor means zero space between people.
Love Thy Neighbor is what removes the space between mind and matter.

Defeating the negative influence of ego is how we achieve Love Thy Neighbor. It’s only the ego that creates space between people.

Space between people creates space between mind and matter in our minds. And that is the source of all chaos.

Love Thy Neighbor is not a moral. It is not an ethic or some noble “spiritual” ideal.

It is technology. Pure and simple. It is nano technology, it is quantum computing technology that gives us absolute control over the physical reality, removing chaos, darkness, poverty, pain, famine, pollution, fear, worry and lack from the landscape of the material world.

Simply through our thoughts and the power of human consciousness we can transform the world. But only when the ego is gone.

It is only our ego that denies the power of consciousness and makes us cynical and skeptical of this profound, but simple truth.

This is a deadly and near impossible war to win.

But the Torah and Zohar give us the power to win this war once and for all.

This coming Shabbat, we have the opportunity to capture this power and we will capture this power! We will transform our world, personally and globally, as never before in history.

Please share so that we can finally end the chaos!

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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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