Black Lives Matter? All Lives Matter? Which Is It?

From the Kabbalistic perspective, true and authentic change in the world, for all people, of all races, religions and color, will occur when ONE life matters most — the transformation of my own INNER LIFE.

I am responsible for all that is wrong in the world.


And all people must realize this truth as well.

Allow me to explain:

My life matters most because the world is counting on me to contribute rays of Light instead of clouds of darkness.

I need to fix myself in order to experience and witness the positive change in the lives of others.

Each of us is a hologram of the entire whole. Each of us contains the whole and each of us helps create reality. We either contribute Light or Darkness to the collective whole and the collective reality.

Fixing anyone else is merely treating the symptom and not the cause and thus, we remain trapped in the same chaotic reality.

This is the one secret that humanity has failed to grasp, according to ancient Kabbalistic wisdom.

Kabbalistic wisdom said 2000 years ago that the world was round with seven continents. It said good and bad fats are found in our arteries. It said sunlight contains the seven colors of the rainbow. It said sound traveled in waves.

And it said our consciousness creates reality. Full stop.

Therefore and without question the most difficult task of all is this: learning to uproot my own negative character traits instead of pointing out the wrongdoing in others.

You see, our own moments—large or small— of rudeness, indignity, anger, and impatience, nourishes the dark forces in our world. Until I become fully accountable, change will only be temporary, and the real cause and truth will be swept under the rug.

When a critical mass of people in this world achieve a state of consciousness of accountability and genuine transformation, then the entire world will miraculously transform before our own eyes.


There is a negative force within us called the Adversary, or Opponent, and it is an opposite state of consciousness that makes us treat others with indignity and cruelty instead of love and kindness, which is our true soul and self.

It makes us react. And it blinds us to its very existence.

We all have it, to one degree or another. All of us.

That inner adversary makes us blame others instead of looking within and rooting the adversary’s influence from our own nature.


We all came into this world with negative traits by design, be it racism, anger issues, extreme narcissism, narrow mindedness, envy, fear, anxiety, etc. All of these negative traits fall under the umbrella called Darkness or the Opponent.

We were given these negative traits to transform, to uproot and eradicate so that WE, through our own efforts, can turn this world from darkness into Light. We asked the Creator to give us this chaotic world and our chaotic nature so that we can become the cause of our paradise instead of having it handed to us like a free lunch.


To become fully accountable for all that I see wrong in this world, is to finally understand the fastest route to authentic change in the world, and my very own life; to become a candle that shines light into the lives of others. Each time i defeat my ego, and look within instead of outside, i light another candle.

However, I can light my own internal wick. I cannot light the candle wick in others. But our ego always makes us try to change others.

That cunning Adversary within has one mission: to make us doubt everything I have just pointed out in this article.

And THAT is why we need the Zohar and other Kabbalistic technologies, because they open our eyes, they shine a Light onto these hidden truths so that we can finally begin winning this game of life. If we don’t see the true enemy, we will never defeat the enemy.

When two people argue, they do not realize that it is the Opponent, pulling the strings of both people, and pushing their buttons to ignite conflict between them. The Opponent remains hidden and the two people beginning throwing punches, hurling insults and debating beyond boundaries of human dignity.

This is why my teacher, Kabbalist Rav Berg, called the Opponent the Master Magician.

He has vanished from the rational consciousness of humanity, inciting us to fight one another instead of turning that fight inward to both “out” his existence and eradicate his influence.

We have no enemies in this world among humanity. We have been deceived by this adversarial consciousness inside our heads.

What we don’t yet get, is that true reality contains infinite, unending resources, blessings, pleasure and eternal life itself. Literally biogolical immortality. Granted, we cannot fully grasp that notion yet, but we could not grasp the Internet, Computers and quantum physics 200 years ago, let alone 1000 years ago.

True reality has no death, has no lack, has no chaos, no fear and zero pain. So everyone on earth receives endless Light and Life and Joy beyond our current comprehension.

So there is no reason to battle against others. It’s a trick by the hidden enemy within.

The Opponent inside makes us believe in this one chaotic reality ONLY, and he makes us doubt the existence and possibility of a perfected hidden reality just waiting for us to reveal it.

We reveal it each time we stop blaming others and start changing ourselves, step by step, trait by trait.

Each time we hold our tongue, resist our anger towards our friends and family and foes, and truly let go of reactive responses, we tear down a layer of curtain that hides a luminous world of delight and perfection.

For true change to occur, one life matters.

And when a critical mass of people realize this and accept this state of consciousness, a perfected world filling all the desires of all people endlessly, will materialize

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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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