Easter and Passover are coming next month. This is a good time to cut to the heart of Torah and truth about the historical Jesus and their role in this world.

The power of Jesus  and his hold over such a large segment of humanity is traced to a Biblical verse in the book of the prophet Zechariah in which it says the gentile nations will hang onto the garment of a Judean and not let go of him because “God is with him.”

Kabbalist Rav Moses David Valle explains this verse refers to Jesus who was the Messiah, son of Joseph who came to bring the true secrets of Torah, the Zohar, to all the gentile nations because they were suffering deeply. Jesus was sent to “save them from their miseries.”

Of course, Kabbalah was not allowed to be spread to the masses because they could never grasp Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, Quantum Physics or even the idea of  round earth with seven continents. So Jesus shared the secrets of Zohar the same way the Torah does. Through stories and parables. This is why Jesus himself said that only to his close disciples would he speak the mysteries, but to the masses he would speak in parable.

There it is.  Jesus says his teachings are a parable. This includes the concepts of the Trinity, the Son of God, Golgotha and the Cross.


Imagine if Jesus’ name was Steve. Imagine believing Steve was God. Imagine saying things like, “Steve will save me.” “Believe in Steve, he is God incarnate.”  “Only Steve is the son of God.” “The only way to get to God is through Steve.” “Steve is my lord and savior.”

If this happened today, it would be viewed as blatant idol-worshipping and paganism. But because his name is Jesus, and we’ve been conditioned to associate this name (Joshua  is the proper name, by the way), with the Divine for over twenty centuries, we are unable to look at the historical Joshua/Jesus with objectivity. But if you just change his name to Steve or Gary or Jeffery, you begin to get a sense that there something more to the Jesus story than what Apostle Paul has given the world.

That story is Kabbalah.

The Zohar.

Like all the Kabbalists of history, up to Rav Berg and Karen Berg, the Kabbalists were slandered, defamed and murdered to keep the truths of Zohar from reaching the people. This is what took place on Mount Sinai with the building of the Golden Calf and the rebellion against Moses.CompositeJesus

Jesus was a Kabbalist. He was the Messiah, sent to bring salvation to all the pagan nations.

They will never let go of him — and they are not supposed to — according to Kabbalist Rav David Valle and the prophet Zechariah. The power that the gentile world feels in Jesus is the Zohar. This is the same reason why the Israelites, particularly the Sephardic people throughout history, never let go of Rav Shimon Bar Yochai. They revere Rav Shimon, the author of the Zohar, the way gentiles revere Jesus. Sephardic people seek the help of Rabbi Shimon to bring forth miracles, the way Christians turn to Jesus for their miracles.

This is the way it was supposed to be.

The secrets of Zohar were concealed inside Christianity because the Kabbalists knew that the Torah, the Temple and all the secret teachings were going to be destroyed by the anti-Kabbalists two thousand years ago. And it came close to happening.

The Temple was burned to the ground and Jerusalem became a sea of blood. By concealing the Zohar’s teachings in Christianity through the power of parable, this was how God fulfilled the decree that the Israelites must be exiled into the idol-worshipping nations for the sin of the Golden Calf and for their ego that led to the destruction of the Temple and Jerusalem.

Here’s how it works:

By taking the Zohar’s teachings LITERALLY, in the form of a parable, Christianity sounds like idol-worshipping and paganism with the idea of the Trinity and the Son of God who died on the cross.

But when you view it through the lens of Zohar, it is Torah. How?

Golgotha and the Cross are the Ten Sephirot, the ten higher dimensions we must access to resurrect everything that has died in our lives whether it be prosperity, happiness, a marriage, or own emotional state of mind. We must reach Golgotha, by killing the influence of the ego. Golgotha is the realm of the Sephirot — the higher dimensions, called the skull, which is the place also known as Atika Kadisha. This is the spiritual well-spring and realm from where ALL prayers are answered. This is how the Light we lost is resurrected. But you cannot teach an ancient people about multi-dimensions and energy flow and other advanced concepts literally. It’s hard to do that even in a high school physics classes.

Regarding the idea that God has a son, we now know that the Zohar is clear on this idea: Anyone who masters Kabbalah is called The Son of the Holy One. The Son of God.

And the Trinity is essentially, the Upper Triad of the Ten Sephirot, known as the Father (Abba), according to the Zohar. The middle six dimensions are called “the Son” (Zeir Anpin) and the physical reality, Malchut, is called the Holy Spirit.

There it is. Right there in the Zohar. Father, Son and Holy Spirit refer to the three different segments of the Tree of Life, the Ten Sephirot, the model of reality.Ten Sephirot

The Kabbalists tell us that this whole design of using Christianity as a parable was set up to give the Israelites who assimilated into Christianity, a life line, an umbilical cord back to the Torah during their 2000 year exile. This was done to make sure they would not be lost and disconnected from the truth. This whole set up was also for the benefit of the pagan nations, to give them a lifeline back to the truth, back to the Torah, so that when the Messiah does come when the truth of the Zohar is finally revealed to all nations, they will recognize the teachings of Jesus and come running back home to the Light of the Zohar, the essence and absolute source of Jesus’ true teachings.

Re-read that last long sentence a few times.

The Kabbalists even explain that the pagan elements in Christianity also served a positive purpose. It helped attract the pagans throughout history and gave them an umbilical cord to the truth.

For example, the Zohar says the force of death is what kills our happiness. The actual force of death is what kills a marriage. The death force is what kills financial prosperity. The death force is the singular cause of all chaos and pain. The death force enters into our life through our ego. Each time we react with ego, a drop of the death force enters into our lives. When it’s a few drops, life becomes a bit chaotic. As it increases, so does our chaos. When the death force reaches a critical mass, physical, emotional or any other kind of death then takes place.

The only way to cleanse the death force is to kill the influence of the ego. Either the ego’s influence  dies, or we die. When we finally kill the ego’s control over us, by climbing up the Sephirot, ascending to higher spiritual realms through our step-by-step transformation, we reach the top of the Tree of Life, (the ten Sephirot), Golgotha, and now we resurrect all the Light that we lost in our marriage, businesses, or our internal state of being.

When we remove enough ego influence from all mankind, then resurrection will include the immortal existence of the physical, biological body. This secret was hidden in the pagan idea of a Dying God.

God doesn’t die. An infinite Force cannot fit into a finite body. If God took human form and died, His death would be no greater than the death of any other man. Why? Because if God is God, He cannot die. If he takes mortal form to die for the sake of our sins, His death is no greater or worse than the death of any other mortal man. To die, you must be mortal. If you are Divine, you are immortal.

Bottom line? Every death on earth should be as earth-shattering as the death of Jesus. And this is why we do not value the death of an anonymous person and strangers.

When we do start valuing the death of every man the same way we value the death of Jesus, all killing would end on earth. THAT’S the secret of the story.

By the way, the idea of the Kabbalists dying to cleanse the sins of their generation is also found in the Zohar and it is a fundamental principle of Kabbalah. The righteous Kabbalist suffers pain to cleanse judgment from their fellow-man. Their death atones for the sins of a generation. This is where Christianity got the idea from.

Jesus was killed. He was hung on a  tree for trying to share Kabbalah and expose the corruption of the Second Temple. The New Testament tells us in five different locations that Jesus was hung on a tree. Golgotha and the cross are a parable for the Ten Sephirot. Period!

I recently asked a senior member of the clergy of the Church why the New Testament says Jesus was hung on a Tree. He told me it was a code and parable. I asked him why then does he accept the rest of the New Testament as a literal truth instead of parable with concepts such as Golgotha and Son of God? He had no answer. You cannot have it both ways. Either the Bible that reached the masses is a parable that must be decoded as both Jesus and Rabbi Shimon both say it is, or it’s all literal. You cannot pick and choose.Seder 2

Jesus dying on the cross is a parable of man’s ego dying on the Tree of Life — the Ten Sephirot — instead of the ego thriving on the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. 

The great Kabbalist Rabbi Akiva was also killed for teaching Kabbalah. So were other Kabbalists of this era including Rabbi Ishmael and Rabbi Yehuda ben Baba and Rabbi Gamalial. The killing of Kabbalists was the greatest slaughter in history, in terms of significance and impact. But the world was only familiar with the slaughter of one — Jesus.


Though an infinite Divine Being can never fit into a finite body, the rays of Light shining from the Infinite being can flow through a body forever.

When the ego is gone, the Light of the Creator will flow through each person, forever, giving us life, ingenuity, technology, peace of mind, all the pieces of the puzzle to build a world of paradise that will only increase in joy and fulfillment eternally.

That Light is waiting for us in Golgotha — the realm of the Ten Sephirot the Zohar calls The Father. For Christians, to reach the Father you need Jesus’ Zohar teachings and you need to reach the realm of the Sephirot called “the Son” otherwise known as Zeir Anpin, the six dimensions above our physical reality. This is the 99 Percent Reality we learn about in Kabbalah.


Let’s now look back at history. By exchanging Jesus’ name with Jeffery or Steve to expose the truth that Jesus was the Messiah, but not God Himself, we can now understand that it was the Divine Light of God FLOWING through Jesus that ignited the souls of pagans throughout history. It was this Light that gave the pagan nations a home until such time that the Israelites would transform and finally bring the Zohar to all the nations of the world.

Because that is what the Israelites were called upon to do; to become a Light Unto All the Nations!

The Sephardic people revered the power of Rav Shimon Bar Yochai and the Zohar for the same reason: The Divine Light flows through them.

A lamp is merely a vessel that allows electrical current to flow through it and produce light in a dark room. We do not credit the lamp has being the source of that power or being identical with the electricity. A lamp has no power on its own and no electrical current as part of its substance. It is the electrical current that flows through the lamp that is the power that brings forth light.

But you do need the vessel, the lamp, to make manifest that power in the physical world. Without the lamp, we will never see the light that electricity can bring forth.

Without the vessel of a refrigerator, we will never manifest the power of electrical current to bring forth coldness.

Without the vessel of a heater, we will never manifest the power of electrical current to bring us warmth during a cold winter’s night.

The Zohar actually calls Rabbi Shimon The Holy Lamp.

And that’s what Jesus is to billions of people.

A Holy Lamp.

He is the conduit that channels the Divine Light of Zohar — the God “current” — to all the nations of the world. He is their connection back to the Father. Back to the Zohar.

It’s time to let go of the parables and reveal the essence of truth for that is how we will bring our Redemption and the end of suffering.

Modern Day Science allows us to grasp the Zohar and the truth of existence, so that Christians can embrace the teachings of Jesus and Zohar, while the Israelites embrace the teachings of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai.

Rabbi Moses David Valle says, if these two groups would join together under the banner of truth, they would transform the world beyond all imagining and death will come to an end.

As Passover and Easter come upon us, let us share the truth of Zohar, the truth of Love Thy Neighbor and let us all reach Golgotha, Atika Kadisha, the place where all the prayers of mankind will be answered and resurrection will include resurrection of every cell in our body so that death is forever eradicated from the landscape of human existence.



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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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98 Responses

  1. Brian says:

    “Jesus was a Kabbalist. He was the Messiah, sent to bring salvation to all the pagan nations.”

    No, no he wasn’t. Why, because Jesus as a historical figure never existed. The concept of Jesus reflects the messianic teachings of preachers and the desire for political reform of the fist century Roman occupied Jerusalem and contiguous associated lands. This coupled with an updated version, if you with of Mythra and the Egyptian sky god Horus.

    Christianity, in it’s original conception, or that which we can intrinsically approximate (Coptic,etc.) was never meant to be a separate faith from Judaism, but was intended to be a reformation and comment on the abounding Temple politics of the day. Simply put, all of the rules and structure of present religion and state (yes, was intertwined) have come away from an essential teaching; that of the heart and compassion.

    “He is the conduit that channels the Divine Light of Zohar — the God “current” — to all the nations of the world. He is their connection back to the Father. Back to the Zohar.

    It’s time to let go of the parables and reveal the essence of truth for that is how we will bring our Redemption and the end of suffering.

    Modern Day Science allows us to grasp the Zohar and the truth of existence, so that Christians can embrace the teachings of Jesus and Zohar, while the Israelites embrace the teachings of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai.”

    Dear brother, extrapolate as you will, but a Jesus myth by any other name is merely a Jesus myth.

    Much love,


    • Thanks for commenting. But who told you your version of the historical Jesus? Who told you its an updated version of Horus? Who says Christianity was intended to be a reformation and comment on the abounding Temple politics? I will share with you the source of my points that I made in the article. First, please not that I am not making any claims in this post. I am sharing what the Kabbalists teach. These are the same wise sages who said the earth was round and had seven continents and different time zones 1500 years before Columbus. These are the people who said bad fats in the arteries cause heart disease; that the microscopic realm was without time and space and made up of energy waves; that the universe exists in ten dimensions and a big bang event birthed the physical universe. And most important, when you study Zohar for 25 years, as I have, it is the ONLY book that explains the underlying secrets and purpose of Torah and all the precepts and it makes perfect, stunning and profound sense of all the tenets of Christianity. the Zohar’s truths, when you study them, are self-evident and there are no opinions or acts of faith. Either 1=1=2 or it doesn’t. The world has bled for 2000 years because people propagate theories, speculations, insights, opinions about religion without ever having probed the Zohar, under the direction of a Kabbalist, so that the Zohar can be truly understood. They have not practiced the teachings of the Zohar to see, if indeed, it worked 1000 percent of the time, not 90 percent or 75 percent, but always, the same way 1=1 always =2.

      Only the Zohar reconciles all the faiths, including Islam and only the Zohar unites science with spirituality and resolves the paradoxes of physics. This is why Newton, and all the great physicists of the scientific revolution were up to their ears in the study of Zohar. Isaac Newton, Henry More (Newton’s teacher), Wilhelm Leibniz (inventor of calculus and father of modern day computer) and all the other key geniuses of the renaissance believed deeply that the Zohar explained science, Christianity and the Torah. So those are my sources. If it was good enough for all of the giant Kabbalists and the great minds of physics during the scientific revolution, i feel confident sharing these secrets on my blog. And most important, i have strived to live these teachings and the results were always and are always 1000 percent. And if you believe me, you are crazy. Because there is no belief in Zohar. You test it. You study it. You live it. You test it until you know, one way or the other. Knowing is the key. Belief creates false religions. The results must be there every time. Hope this makes sense and thank you for taking the time to share your views. I appreciate it.

  2. Rajel says:

    Absolutely agree Billy!!!!That’s exactly what i told some time to my beloved teacher Benny Ricardo!!!! Thnks a lot to share it!!!!!

  3. Michael Felsburg says:

    So at what level in the Catholic Church do most of the clergy understand the relation the Zohar has to Christianity (in your opinion )? Or is there a specific preacher etc that gets it in the Protestant community …i.e. Joyce Myers, Billy Grahm etc.

    • No clue. I don’t think anyone knows the connection which is why there are never any answers from organized religion. A few Popes in history understood a little.

  4. Uriel says:

    Hi Billy.
    Does the Zohar mention if Jesus and Rav Shimon Bar Yochai met anytime or had any contact with each other?

    • There are many many pages of Zohar that have gone missing over the last 1000 years when the Zohar first went public. In the Zohar we have so far there is no direct mention of them meeting. But sources that I have who had access to one of the oldest Zohar manuscripts in existence say they saw his name in the Zohar referring to the historical Jesus. However I have not seen it yet and cannot verify. But the Zohars insights into Golgotha, the trinity, son of God and other aspects are absolutely amazing!

  5. Reshma says:

    Dear Sir,
    In reference to the point that zohar to be spread on Pagan Nations regarding knowledge of Light. This knowledge has been deep rooted in India through the science of Kundalini Shakti. The Infinity the Power is within us and is awakened through meditation and the third eye opens up. I am just trying to connect the teachings of both cultures. so no offence on any one.

    • cecil norman says:

      Hi Reshma: I agree with your insight regarding Kundalini teachings, and have this wonderful little book entitled “How to Know God – The Yoga Aphorisms of Pantanjali” Translated by Swami Prabhav Vananda and Christopher Isherwood. I recommend this amazing little book which clearly elucidates these teachings,to any who are interested in further study.
      P.S. Just for the record; I am a life long, practicing Christian, a student of Kabbalah, and a convinced universalist when it comes to God’s revelations to humanity. How else could it be since God is Universal and we are all his children.

  6. Guillermo Del Solar says:

    The world needs to learn this amazing teachings from the Zohar

  7. cecil norman says:

    Daily I pay to God that “he will guide me in his truth and teach me”. (Ps. 25) Daily he responds and teaches me.

    • Brindusa Ses says:

      Hi Beverly,

      Here I have some delicious links for you regarding the Goddess’s history and much more:


      OR…another option…. You can download a digital copy to watch on your computer for $20 or buy the full DVD for $40 approx

      Here is the link:

      B) Watch You Tube: BBC SERIES: “Divine Women” part 1 (1hr total). The total is about 1 hour. Each segment is about 10 min.







      I understand your view about the Feminine being “covered up”, taken out, disregarded, misinterpreted, ignored, etc. It’s the same as Mary Magdalene who was a High Priestess and wife~Christ consort and later presented as a prostitute in the Gospels.

      Because this article deals with Jesus being a kabbalist and connections to the mysteries He gave to his close disciples (which Mary Magdalene by the way was kept by Joshua/Jesus in the high regard as the closest one!) you will not find too much about the Feminine exposed in here. This is not the focus of this article.

      I’ve been a student of the Kabbalah center for more then 6 years now (in this life time) and I can share with you some passages of the Zohar that speaks about the Shechina (Holy Spirit is called ~ for “the lower part of it, for the Malchut Sephirot~Kingdom realm ~)and also introduce you to the Mystical Tarot card deck in depth study where the Goddesses (including Shechina named as Cosmic Wisdom is present under the name of Sophia).

      Billy here wants to open the masses up to the wisdom of the Book of Spendor ~ The Zohar ~ that contains ALL MYSTERIES of the Universe and how the Zohar unifies all religions and science with all forms of life’s manifested events. It is so much wisdom and Christ Jesus (Joshua ben Joseph) being a kabbalsit brought the mysteries to the “pagain world” in an encapsulated form as parables and stories with deep meanings, covering the secrets of the Universe in them. A true kabbalsit!

      Watch the first link I gave you and there you’ll find deeper things. E-mail me or see you to Max Dashu presentation this coming Sunday March 23rd (2 to 5 pm) at the Goddesses Studio and I will reveal more insights and things I discovered myself.
      With the all respect for amazing work that Billy Phillips is doing in the world to bring the Zohar into the awareness of Christians, Muslims, “Jews” and all other who are interested to delve into its amazing secrets and codes, I must say he has no deep answers about the Feminine or Goddesses history.
      The irony of all times is that because of Karen Berg (the wife of our beloved teacher and kabbalist Rav Berg) the teachings of Kabbalah reached the masses in our times. Again a WOMAN is the corner stone of the Great Work and yet the only thing we see is the lineage of males Kabbalsit over all being propagated strongly.

      The Zohar talks about that one day when “the Moon will be in power again” and the Sun will not overpower it again. Until then e-mail me to show you amazing Zohar passages in which you’ll discover the description of the Shekina and HER protection over the people in historical times coming over then in different shapes and forms (clouds, dove, etc.).

      Also you will discover the importance of female Matriarchs in the Torah that played amazing important roles in shaping the outcome in human history (Sarah, Leah, Rachela,Rebecca,Miriam,queen ESTHER, Ruth, Deboarh,Bathia and so many more).

      One step at the time we will raise the Moon up!

      With all my love and appreciation for all people that bring mysteries to the Light of the modern day,
      Brindusa Ses

      A student of Kabbalah since before Christ times
      (with High Priestess energies a Goddess of Old Wisdom)

    • Thanks for sharing your comment Brindusa. You mentioned that I have no deep answers regarding the Feminine principle and role of women throughout history. The Zohar and the Kabbalists offer stunning, and provocative insights on this subject. I have simply not posted a full article on the subject. However, I have shared the importance and critical role that Karen Berg plays in our generation on many different posts on Facebook and this site. But thank you for pointing out that I have not presented an article that is similar to the articles i shared on the Kabbalah connection to Christianity, Islam and even science. I will do that next thanks to your kind effort of sharing your comments. It’s an amazing insight from Kabbalah but it’s also a longer story to share as it delves deeply into the inner truths of Adam and Eve, the metaphor of the bite of the apple and the fall of Adam. The role of women is directly related to consciousness known as The Desire to Receive for the Self Alone (receiving being the female polarity). As that receiving consciousness remains dominant within the male, the female is persecuted and subjugated by the male dominated world as a direct reflection of man’s inner state of consciousness.

      As the male embraces the path of Kabbalah/Torah to transform selfish receiving into a will to impart, the female rises in accordance. This is why the Zohar says when the moon shines as bright as the sun, the redemption will arrive. The moon is the consciousness of receiving, having no light of its own. But when it is fully resplendent as the sun, it means man has transformed his Desire to Receive for the Self Alone, into the Desire to Receive for the Sake of Sharing. Thus, the male is using his body and physical talents for the sole purpose of sharing with his fellow man. The female (body) is being used for the sake of sharing (soul) and thus the female is now considered male, meaning the moon is like the sun. Both are shining equally. This is the secret of the Gospel of Thomas when Jesus says when the woman becomes a man the redemption will come ( i am paraphrasing). Taken literally, this sounds discriminatory and sexist. In truth, its stunningly profound as every mention of a woman in the Bible refers go the consciousness of a Desire to Receive. When the gospel says the woman should become as a man, it means desire to receive should be used ONLY for the sake of sharing. it means the moon will shine as the sun.

      The fact is, male and female are two halves a one soul, and each soulmate union is merely a microcosm and “cell” in the one unified cosmic soul called Adam/Eve. We are here to correct our selfishness and as man is in exile until he does so, the desire to receive, the female polarity, is also in exile. This is the spiritual reason why women have been so tragically and horrendously persecuted and mistreated throughout history.

      Every redemption in history was because of a woman, according to Kabbalah. Men are merely incapable of changing the world in a merciful manner. It takes the care and kindness and wisdom and sensitivity of a woman to ignite epic change in a manner that is merciful and bloodless.

      This is also what makes the appearance of Karen Berg in our world so impactful and momentous and significant. This is the sign and proof that the final redemption is here. There was no powerful woman hastening the dissemination of the Zohar (the Light of Redemption) with Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai or with the Baal Shem Tov or with Rabbi Isaac Luria, or Rav Ashlag or Rav Brandwein.

      Those profound Kabbalists were here to push us forward, but without a woman to bring that necessary critical balance and push for redemption, it was almost impossible to expect the Messiah. Rather, the appearance of these Kabbalists on the stage of history was merely to push us another step forward in preparation for the day a woman would come onto the scene and open the doors to this Light of Redemption for all mankind.

      Enter Karen Berg.

      The Rav would have never, ever, ever, opened the doors to Kabbalah to someone like me after the Rav received the blessing and ordination from his master to carry on as spiritual leader of the Kabbalah Centre founded by Rav Ashlag. It was only because of Karen, that the Rav was transformed into the giant that he became and that millions of people around the world are now cognizant of the Zohar and Kabbalah.

      Bottom line? We are almost at the finish line. Never in history has the Zohar been this well known in the world and never before has a woman been so instrumental in the Zohar’s revelation to people of all faiths.

      As each of us, male and female (male especially) eradicate the influence of our ego, we empower Karen, the moon and all women throughout the world. It goes hand in hand. If men drop the ball, women will fall again, and war and death will continue to remain a scourge upon this world, all due to the fault of the male.

      It’s up to the male to finally uproot his ugly ego which will allow woman to rise up in this world to equal status so that the moon will shine as the sun, our bodies will shine as our soul, and our redemption and global peace will become our new reality.

      Redemption comes through women.

      It’s up the male to get out of the way (removing his ego) so the woman can help us bring that redemption to the world. The male is incomplete, despite what his ego tells him, until his other female half of his soul, is able to enter into his life on an equal status.

      I only share what Kabbalists tell us, so I have not presented any information on Mary (Miriam) as the Rav taught me to never give my opinion.

      But the Rav told me Miriam was the wife of Jesus and its’ clear that her subjugation and designation as a prostitute is a direct reflection of exactly what I shared in this last post. She’s been called a prostitute because the male has been prostituting his own soul at the behest of his own ego for thousands of years.

      The truth about Mary/Miriam will finally come out when enough men have the courage and guts to lose the ego and become a true man. When a man is only taking and receiving, he is, in fact, behaving like the female (spiritually speaking as receiving is female principle and sharing is the male masculine principle).

      So society has it all backwards. A real man is one who diminishes his ego and shares and demonstrates true, genuine humility and dignity for all mankind. Because unconditional sharing is the ultimate masculine force. The male who wages war and allows his ego to run his life, he is, in the words of Saturday Night Live and the skit with Arnold Schwarzenegger, “a girly man.”

      Pretty profound if you ask me.

    • Maria says:

      Thank you Philip for allowing me to see my role as a woman, as a wife, and for appreciating deeply the role of Karen in the work of bringing the complete redemption. Now, I am committing to remove my judgment about my husband and strive to partner with him and be in our relationship as one who diminishes one’s ego and shares and demonstrates true, genuine humility and dignity for all mankind.

    • Michael says:

      I don’t understand why you say there is sexism in Hebrew. It is in beginning to study Hebrew scriptures that for the first time I saw the “female” nouns, etc. being used, which were eradicated in English translations. I was amazed to see how much has been lost in translation-it is truly sad. I’ve been “Christian” my whole life, but “Christianity” per say just was not working. I couldn’t achieve any of the goals-love, fruits of the spirit, and so on. Christianity has been paganized, masculanized and materialized. When I began studying the Hebrew words, I was astounded. Hebrew is the language YHWH used to create the universe. Of course, it too has gone through many changes, but it is the best place to start to begin the search for what the Word is truly saying. From modern Hebrew to ancient Hebrew, studying in that language reveals truth, not the English, Spanish, German, or countless other languages its been translated into. They are ok to start with if you know nothing, but it is very important to move on to Hebrew, and of course Zohar.

    • bob says:

      Billy, You mention “metaphor of the bite of the apple” in your response. Could you expound on the origins of the notion the fruit was an apple? The eating the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil in no way describes a physical tree. I know you understand that, but where does the tradition of an apple originate?

      I would also be interested in your ideas on the origins of Baptism. Most Christians would first think of John the Baptist. Certainly he didn’t invent the concept? I’ve read some accounts that it originate to Adam and Eve being cleansed by standing neck deep in cold rushing water for a period of time after their fall.

      As a Christian and student of the Bible I’ve understood my faith was an extension from mosaic teachings, a fulfillment of the Law. I recognizes Paul’s admonishment to the gentile Believers and understand we’ve been grafted in, to provoke the Israelite’ to return to God. I’ve never considered the origins if Mosaic teachings beyond that day before the burning bush, and am ignorant of Kabbalah. So excuse my ignorance for asking, but beyond believing Jesus was a source of light, a conduit of God, does the modern Kabbalah teach Jesus was a real man, who after being killed, rose from the dead and then walk among his followers for days? That he was seen by 100s in a physical body that could be touched and that he ascended through the sky into heaven, after saying he was going to his Father, and that same physical man promised to return and rule on earth?

      It seems to me this is where Christians separate from most other religions. We believe he wasn’t just another Holy Prophet. That his claims indicate he was either divine or a lunatic. That he Promised that though he go to his Father he would return as our Teacher and Comforter, That he was with them but that he had need to go to his Father that he may be IN THEM allway. We worship God through Christ in us.

    • Emmi says:

      I. Certainly agree. It is one thing to plant seed, but to nurture, it in the womb another. May our devine mother Mem be recognized. In MiriaMs womb , “Jesus” was nourished.

  8. Dear Billy, thank so much for sharing with all of us about your reseraching about Zohar and Jesus. As a Liberal Jew, I consider that your woirk is a great offering to establish peace in the world encouraging peace among religions.

    You’ve said, many things about the Kabbalistic status of Rabbi Yoshua Ben-Ioseph were deleted from the original Zohar HaKadosh in retaliation against Christian preaching. This was a pure reaction of HATE totaly opposited to the Spirit of the Torah. This is the time when we Jews can heal the wounds of 20 centuries of war among Jews and Christians. We must reconciliate and unite in TRUE LOVE. Zohar haKadosh offers to us the tips for it.

    I want to send to you a voice of encouraging, keep woirking, keep teaching to the Humanity. Keep doing Tikkun haOlam because KADOSH BARUCH HU, Who is the Source of every beings of the Universe, will rule with LIGHT, TRUE LOVE AND PEACE.

    Chazak! Chazak!

  9. kathy says:

    Thank you for being here on earth at this time Billy and willing to share with all of us.

  10. Brian says:

    Hi Billy,

    You wrote:
    “Thanks for commenting. But who told you your version of the historical Jesus? Who told you its an updated version of Horus? Who says Christianity was intended to be a reformation and comment on the abounding Temple politics?”

    My undergraduate college allowed me up to three focused disciplines of study. One of my majors was in world religious philosophy. Comparative religious studies have been an interest of mine until today. I make no claims to being an expert in Kabbalah or the Zohar, nor do I believe that any of the experts that I do collaborate and correspond with make any such claims either. As to the point of the Jesus myth being a compilation of earlier deities and myths, there is an abundant amount of source material on this subject. For simplicities sake I would refer you and the others that may be interested to look up D.M. Murdock’s writings on this subject. She is an expert on the subject. Dr. Murdock also condenses and unifies the theories and research of other noted experts, including first century and biblical archeologists. Not meaning to disparage the Kabbalists, but I never remember K.C. advocating the belief in or a historical representation of Jesus. Surely, the Kabbalists don’t advocate that Jesus was the messiah? This last point is essential to Christians whether or not he was or may have been a kabbalist.

    “I will share with you the source of my points that I made in the article. First, please not that I am not making any claims in this post. I am sharing what the Kabbalists teach.”

    I was introduced to Kabbalah Center, the Rav, Karen and others by my students (not religious studies) many years ago in the early nineties, who paid (as a gift) for me to attend an intro course at that time. I attended several Shabbat dinners at K.C. on Robertson and attended some religious services (Rosh Ha Shanna, Yom Kippur) as well. Eventually my employer moved me overseas in ’93-‘94.
    So, while I’m not an expert on the subject, I’m not a completely unacquainted with Rav Berg, the K.C. either, and the representation of Kabbalistic science from that time.

    “These are the same wise sages who said the earth was round and had seven continents and different time zones 1500 years before Columbus. These are the people who said bad fats in the arteries cause heart disease; that the microscopic realm was without time and space and made up of energy waves; that the universe exists in ten dimensions and a big bang event birthed the physical universe. And most important, when you study Zohar for 25 years, as I have, it is the ONLY book that explains the underlying secrets and purpose of Torah and all the precepts and it makes perfect, stunning and profound sense of all the tenets of Christianity. The Zohar’s truths, when you study them, are self-evident and there are no opinions or acts of faith.

    Either 1=1=2 or it doesn’t. The world has bled for 2000 years because people propagate theories, speculations, insights, opinions about religion without ever having probed the Zohar, under the direction of a Kabbalist, so that the Zohar can be truly understood. They have not practiced the teachings of the Zohar to see, if indeed, it worked 1000 percent of the time, not 90 percent or 75 percent, but always, the same way 1=1 always =2.

    Only the Zohar reconciles all the faiths, including Islam and only the Zohar unites science with spirituality and resolves the paradoxes of physics. This is why Newton, and all the great physicists of the scientific revolution were up to their ears in the study of Zohar. Isaac Newton, Henry More (Newton’s teacher), Wilhelm Leibniz (inventor of calculus and father of modern day computer) and all the other key geniuses of the renaissance believed deeply that the Zohar explained science, Christianity and the Torah.
    So those are my sources. If it was good enough for all of the giant Kabbalists and the great minds of physics during the scientific revolution, i feel confident sharing these secrets on my blog.”

    They weren’t alone. The presentation, Zohar, the compilation of data and its extrapolated teachings are unique unto itself.

    “And most important, i have strived to live these teachings and the results were always and are always 1000 percent. And if you believe me, you are crazy. Because there is no belief in Zohar. You test it. You study it. You live it. You test it until you know, one way or the other. Knowing is the key.”

    That’s is the definition of a science. I don’t believe that any of us are crazy. A little meshugah is okay, lol!

    “Belief creates false religions. The results must be there every time. Hope this makes sense and thank you for taking the time to share your views. I appreciate it.”

    Not sure if I agree. I would say that a didactic fervent belief system could become an unyielding , condescending philosophy. This is, (my opinion) what has crippled most of the well known so-called organized religions that we’re familiar with.
    I appreciate the discussion and exchange.

    Much love to you all,


  11. Catherine says:

    What all should see here is the underlying understanding that all is One. God exists within and above everything in existence.. it could not exist for an instance without the Divine breathe that creates every moment. Jesus or Jews or Christians or good and evil were put here for us to find Him in everything. Our paths were planned way before we existed. Our only true freedom exists in our choice to search for Him and serve Him with all our hearts minds and body. We can find His will in the Torah and Bible. The kaballah does show us the underlying reasons why God is here for us and allows us to.understand the true underpinnings of the working of our universe. Another reason to believe God is there in everything around us.Evil is powerless if we can understand that goodness trumps all.

  12. Rachel says:

    Kabbalah and Christianity have much in common. Both are invented, idolatrous perversions of Judaism. Both involve tenets strictly and absolutely condemned in Torah.

    Interestingly, Kabbalay was invented by an ex-Christian Jew.

    Devarim 30:11-14
    “For this commandment that I command you today is not too hard for you, neither is it far off. It is not in heaven, that you should say, ‘Who will ascend to heaven for us and bring it to us, that we may hear it and do it?’ Neither is it beyond the sea, that you should say, ‘Who will go over the sea for us and bring it to us, that we may hear it and do it?’ But the word is very near you. It is in your mouth and in your heart, so that you can do it.

    • Kabbalah was revealed to Moses on Sinai. Moses was not into idol worshipping. This is why the Torah says Moses received the Torah (Received being the root of Kabbalah). Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai revealed the Zohar in written form, bringing the secret oral tradition to book form as a way to bring the Light of Mount Sinai that was lost, closer to this reality. We lost the Light on Sinai because of the negativity of the Jews building the Golden Calf and losing certainty in Moses. All Kabbalists, who are the great sages of the Talmud during the second era, and all the great Kabbalists since that time, up to modern day, agree that those who talk negative of Kabbalah bring darkness, hatred towards the Israelites, war, pain, suffering, and all natural disasters to the world. these are NOT my words. These are the words of Ramchal (Rabbi Moses Chaim Luzzatto), Ramak (Rabbi Moses Cordevero) and the great Kabbalists, including the Zohar itself. Torah has no life without the soul of Zohar. This is why there has been nothing but death and persecution for the world and for the Israelites. Because we took the soul of the Torah. Rav Isaac Luria says, and the Zohar says, when we bring the soul of Torah, the Zohar, to all the nations of the world, we elevate them out of the negativity of this physical existence and we will ignite the Redemption and the arrival of Messiah. ONLY through the soul of Torah, the Zohar, will this happen. All the anti-Kabbalists who denounced the Zohar were in Germany prior to World War ll. They called the Zohar poison and a fraud and an aberration of the human mind. Disgusting, vile, evil words about the soul of the holy Torah. And then the Nazis came from Germany, the capital of the anti-Kabbalists. And yet the Jews in Morocco, the sephardics, who read Zohar 24 hours a day in relay teams during the war, they were not touched by the Holocaust. They were protected as the Zohar promised. Those who have and love and embrace the Zohar will experience the Tree of Life and mercy instead of death and judgment in the final days. The final days are here. Look around. The world is bleeding. The Zohar is the Light that banishes darkness.

      Read the details here:

      and here

  13. John Welch says:

    Fascinating essay. I know almost nothing about Kabalah, but I will look for resources.

    I believe Jesus of Nazareth lived. Why?

    – the Gospel writers are careful to mention people we know from other sources. Pontius Pilate was real enough that Roman historians mention him. I remember (too lazy to look it up) that Philo of Alexandria sent a letter to Rome complaining about Pilate’s mistreatment

    – Ananias was high priest in Jerusalem

    – Flavius Josephus mentions John the Baptist, who was, as the Gospels indicate, very popular.

    – one of the disciples is nick-named “The Zealot”. When know that several groups were called Zealots. They hoped to expel the Romans in the same way that the Maccabees drive out the “Greek” occupiers.

  14. Will Flanders says:

    I am a Harvard Graduate. I am a scientist. I speak 5 languages. I have been to 95/. Sacred places on Earth traveling. I study relion since I was 8 years old. I visited more museums, synagogues, churches, I could ever imagine existed.

    Who ever says Jesus of Nazare never existed needs to do more research.
    Jesus was actually the son of Mary with a Roman soldier. She was raped.
    Jose took her anyway, as Romans used to rape women frequently. Jesus knew and was angry abiut that. The tumb of the general who raped her has been found.
    He was a Rabi, and got married, and did not aggree with the high taxation to
    The Romans, to the $ that the temole prists were chrging and with a lot of things. Back then there were a lot of men and women like him. By hos sumynagogue there is a female synagogue in Israel. Go there and check.
    Real historians go to the place they are talking about and research scientifically.
    He didnt die, he was taken down before, his mother taken to France and the Turkey.
    Rabis HAD to study old and secret texts, like Catholic Prists of hig rank do.

    Yes, Jesus had powers like Moses, Budha, the Brazilian Mediû Xico Xavier.

    I have read, visited, explired, and quenstioned. Jesus was real. The tree had a T form like the letter Tav. The Catholic churches have a T forn too. The “boat upside down@ of the architeture is actually a T.

    I don’t own the truth, i just share what I saw and the prooves.
    But to say that Jesus never existed, sounds a little too much. So May be Socrates, Columbus, etc never existed either.

    • Michael says:

      I think what was meant I that there was never a person by the name Jesua who existed…because Jeses was the closest to Joshua…The person referred to as Jesus existed but his real name was Joahua Ben Joseph in English…

      It would be like someone writing a book about you and calling you Tommy.

    • Rocky says:

      Hey Rich White Will

      You must have skipped the part on the EGO

  15. Fred says:

    Billy, why is it then that we don’t commemorate Jesus´s hilulah?

  16. Fred says:

    You mean the end of times?

  17. Guillermo Del Solar says:

    Billy the thing that does not click with me is why Rabbi Yoshua kept saying he was the Light and no one will get to the Father if not through him..
    I get and totally support the concepts in here, but the way he says it ,,,,, it sounds like some ego there , can you please elaborate ? it is one thing to say through the “teachings” or through achieving unity with the Light, etc, but saying only through “ME” ? it sounds a bit misplaced
    The other thing is during teh Seder he breaks “bread” and bread will be the last thing we would want to eat on a Passover seder, could that be a bad translation or have a different meaning ?


    • The are many inconsistencies in the four gospels. Remember, there were another 80 gospels that were not included. This was all edited, censored, changed, mistranslated etc. They don’t even know what Golgotha is. There are two different genealogies for Joseph and a host of other contradictions. The NT was written by men. The Torah was dictated to Moses by God. Big difference. And men chose 4 gospels out of 80+. And lots of paganism was added to it. So the Rav taught me that the history books cannot be trusted. We only quote the Kabbalists in their original writings, wherever possible. So all i can tell you is what Kabbalists and what Moses say. Don’t get caught up in details. they are not important. Whats important is the big picture. The Big picture is that the Zohar is the origins of Jesus’ teachings and the Light that as lost on Mount Sinai. Bringing the Zohar to the world is what will remove death and reveal the truths that were hidden for millennia.

      I suggest reading The Mythmaker: Paul and the Invention of Christianity
      by Hyam Maccoby

      Here is an excerpt:

      1 Paul was never a Pharisee rabbi, but was an adventurer of undistinguished background. He was attached to the Sadducees, as a police officer under the authority of the High Priest, before his conversion to belief in Jesus. His mastery of the kind of learning associated with the Pharisees was not great. He deliberately misrepresented his own biography in order to increase the effectiveness of missionary activities.

      2 Jesus and his immediate followers were Pharisees. Jesus had no intention of founding a new religion. He regarded himself as the Messiah in the normal Jewish sense of the term, i.e. a human leader who would restore the Jewish monarchy, drive out the Roman invaders, set up an independent Jewish state, and inaugurate an era of peace, justice and prosperity (known as ‘the kingdom of God,) for the whole world. Jesus believed himself to be the figure prophesied in the Hebrew Bible who would do all these things. He was not a militarist and did not build up an army to fight the Romans, since he believed that God would perform a great miracle to break the power of Rome. This miracle would take place on the Mount of Olives, as prophesied in the book of Zechariah. When this miracle did not occur, his mission had failed. He had no intention of being crucified in order to save mankind from eternal damnation by his sacrifice. He never regarded himself as a divine being, and would have regarded such an idea as pagan and idolatrous, an infringement of the first of the Ten Commandments.

      3 The first followers of Jesus, under James and Peter, founded the Jerusalem Church after Jesus’s death. They were called the Nazarenes, and in all their beliefs they were indistinguishable from the Pharisees, except that they believed in the resurrection of Jesus, and that Jesus was still the promised Messiah. They did not believe that Jesus was a divine person, but that, by a miracle from God, he had been brought back to life after his death on the cross, and would soon come back to complete his mission of overthrowing the Romans and setting up the Messianic kingdom. The Nazarenes did not believe that Jesus had abrogated the Jewish religion, or Torah. Having known Jesus personally, they were aware that he had observed the Jewish religious law all his life and had never rebelled against it. His sabbath cures were not against Pharisee law. The Nazarenes were themselves very observant of Jewish religious law. They practiced circumcision, did not eat the forbidden foods and showed great respect to the Temple. The Nazarenes did not regard themselves as belonging to a new religion; their religion was Judaism. They set up synagogues of their own, but they also attended non-Nazarene synagogues on occasion, and performed the same kind of worship in their own synagogues as was practiced by all observant Jews. The Nazarenes became suspicious of Paul when they heard that he was preaching that Jesus was the founder of a new religion and that he had abrogated the Torah. After an attempt to reach an understanding with Paul, the Nazarenes (i.e. the Jerusalem Church under James and Peter) broke irrevocably with Paul and disowned him.

      4 Paul, not Jesus, was the founder of Christianity as a new religion which developed away from both normal Judaism and the Nazarene variety of Judaism. In this new religion, the Torah was abrogated as having had only temporary validity. The central myth of the new religion was that of an atoning death of a divine being. Belief in this sacrifice, and a mystical sharing of the death of the deity, formed the only path to salvation. Paul derived this religion from Hellenistic sources, chiefly by a fusion of concepts taken from Gnosticism and concepts taken from the mystery religions, particularly from that of Attis. The combination of these elements with features derived from Judaism, particularly the incorporation of the Jewish scriptures, reinterpreted to provide a background of sacred history for the new myth, was unique; and Paul alone was the creator of this amalgam. Jesus himself had no idea of it, and would have been amazed and shocked at the role assigned to him by Paul as a suffering deity. Nor did Paul have any predecessors among the Nazarenes though later mythography tried to assign this role to Stephen, and modern scholars have discovered equally mythical predecessors for Paul in a group called the ‘Hellenists’. Paul, as the personal begetter of the Christian myth, has never been given sufficient credit for his originality. The reverence paid through the centuries to the great Saint Paul has quite obscured the more colourful features of his personality. Like many evangelical leaders, he was a compound of sincerity and charlatanry. Evangelical leaders of his kind were common at this time in the Greco-Roman world (e.g. Simon Magus, Apollonius of Tyana).

      5 A source of information about Paul that has never been taken seriously enough is a group called the Ebionites. Their writings were suppressed by the Church, but some of their views and traditions were preserved in the writings of their opponents, particularly in the huge treatise on Heresies by Epiphanius. From this it appears that the Ebionites had a very different account to give of Paul’s background and early life from that found in the New Testament and fostered by Paul himself. The Ebionites testified that Paul had no Pharisaic background or training; he was the son of Gentiles, converted to Judaism in Tarsus, came to Jerusalem when an adult, and attached himself to the High Priest as a henchman. Disappointed in his hopes of advancement, he broke with the High Priest and sought fame by founding a new religion. This account, while not reliable in all its details, is substantially correct. It makes far more sense of all the puzzling and contradictory features of the story of Paul than the account of the official documents of the Church.

      6 The Ebionites were stigmatized by the Church as heretics who failed to understand that Jesus was a divine person and asserted instead that he was a human being who came to inaugurate a new earthly age, as prophesied by the Jewish prophets of the Bible. Moreover, the Ebionites refused to accept the Church doctrine, derived from Paul, that Jesus abolished or abrogated the Torah, the Jewish law. Instead, the Ebionites observed the Jewish law and regarded themselves as Jews. The Ebionites were not heretics, as the Church asserted, nor ‘re-Judaizers’, as modern scholars call them, but the authentic successors of the immediate disciples and followers of Jesus, whose views and doctrines they faithfully transmitted, believing correctly that they were derived from Jesus himself. They were the same group that had earlier been called the Nazarenes, who were led by James and Peter, who had known Jesus during his lifetime, and were in a far better position to know his aims than Paul, who met Jesus only in dreams and visions. Thus the opinion held by the Ebionites about Paul is of extraordinary interest and deserves respectful consideration, instead of dismissal as ‘scurrilous’ propaganda — the reaction of Christian scholars from ancient to modern times.

      All thiS HAD to happen as part of the divine plan to exile the Israelites out of Torah and send them into an idol worshipping nation. However, so as not to abandon the Israelites who assimilated into Christianity, the secrets of Torah, Kabbalah, were put into Christianity as literal understandings. Son of God. Trinity. Golgotha. the Cross. Repentance. Dying to cleanse the sins of a generation etc. This would give the pagans and Israelites who were exiled into Christianity an umbilical cord back to Torah. See my lecture for the details.

  18. Rajel says:

    Well, i just can ask… Someone of those who are participating could tell me the origin of the name “Jesus”? I’ve found a link in youtube which some persons are showing the name is a roman one. It has lot of sense with some aspect which is talking about Will Flanders and the probability that Myriam was raped by a roman. The use of romans who the highest status was to be named “roman citizens” was to choose the name of the “non legal” sons, mainly if they were males. They couldn’t be understand like “legal sons” until the father recongnizes before the roman authorities they were recognizing the son they could have in a non married circumstance. But just the males, most of the times the girls were abandoned by the roman citizen. What i understand perfectly is the kind of icon represents Jesus, cause if he was borned by a jew woman, he was a jew. The gospels talk just a few words about the pregnacy of Mary (Lucas and Mathew) but just the gospel of Mathew makes a kind of study of the genealogy of Jesus putting him in the chain of descendants of the King David, in the latin gospels the name of Jesus is that, but in some others the name is Emmanuel. So Jesus is latin, the second one is hebrew. Now i´ve found a link which explains the connotations of the name of Jesus, why is important for this forum? Just because in kabbalah teachings the name is absolutely important. If it is so, Yeoshua Ben Yosef is the messiah to all the non jewish people, who else could accept in that time such a kind of challenge? Why the messiah for them? Cause the jews were so closed misunderstanding the “role” of the chosen people, that were absolutely closed to teach the non jewish people the reality of the true spirituality of the life, and the paths how to live the life in accordance and alingment with the Torah as a technology of the soul… What is for sure is that Yeoshua is man and he didn’t create a new religion. What he wanted to taught is just the hisghest spirituality of Zohar in relationship with Toráh.

  19. Steve says:

    Anyone know if Jesus/Yeshua was from a certain Sect that practiced Kabbalah? I heard he was, but have not found too many sources on it. Anyone read the book about the years from Childhood to Preaching that he went missing? Forgot the name of that one too…. Sad. I’m in a messianic jewish group that thinks kabbalah is witchcraft… so I’m trying to help show them that spirituality was from G-d, not pagans. Very interesting article though! Thank you!

  20. It’s great to behold the imminent enlightment of the world.
    Please keep up your good work!
    JC Wandemberg Ph.D.

  21. jacek says:

    If you mean we must find the golgotha etc..the holy spirit chakra zohar teaching..

    what really you mean about ? whay i must do to reach this goal in you opinion ??

    • Golgotha is the place our prayers go to. Its the 99% percent reality in Kabbalah, the source of the answers we seek. We reach it as we transform our negative nature, egocentric trait, by egocentric trait.

  22. Celso M. Elemento says:

    Sir Billy, I watched the video on your lecture of Kabbalah & Christianity and its a very clear that Jesus Christ really a Kabbalist which most of the jewish (judaism) opposed it. For this I would like to ask you where can I print the whole of your lecture since it is very useful for us when we share it to our christian friends. Thank you.

  23. Joanne Owens says:

    Thanks for the discussion.

  24. Christina says:

    So much information, so many connections that have been lost…l’ve been studying deeply for 3 years now, on my own because of circumstances, and one thing led to another. Grew up “Christian”, and as I started studying deeply I saw so many things that were taught in churches that did not line up with scripture, “Old” or “New” testament. So first, to get through that layer of confusion/misrepresentation. Then I saw clearly that Yehoshua made it plain that He was not here to abolish the Law, or to change it at all, but to fulfill it. Well, if He was teaching the Law, seemed I had to understand the Law, so time to really study “Old Testament” (Chumash/Tanakh). This is very difficult, not having any Jewish or Hebrew background, but I start to see again that much has been misrepresented/misunderstood. I pray for a Rabbi to help me learn from original Hebrew-go to the source, right? The Father is gracious and brings many Orthodox Jews into my life who begin sharing with me, giving me materials, and inviting me to classes. As my eyes are opened and I keep studying, I come across the Zohar (on my own). I can’t help but see so far that what is called “kabbalah” is what Yehosua taught, what Chumash actually teaches, what the CREATOR of this universe is always teaching us. Whether you can grasp quantum physics, the chaining down of the worlds, Yehoshua HaMassiach (which means “My YAH Who saves, Anointed One-His whole name only points to salvation from the CREATOR), the ONE-ness of everything, there remains one constant throughout all bona fide messages to us from above: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. The love of YAH, which is not ego based, which is unconditional, which is not for self (death) but for all (life). No matter what you read, study, hear, do…the question must always be: Does this promote LOVE, or does it promote division? Not all writings of the renowned “sages” are truth-they are not about supporting unity or LOVE. But unfortunately, in the absence of the Temple and in the exile, many Jews have clung to their own leaders to survive, instead of clinging to YAH, and hence there is confusion and division propogated by some, not all, of the sages. Many Jews are afraid to admit this, afraid it will destroy the frail fabric of their identity, so it causes many problems. By embracing what is LOVE, and turning from what divides, there will be growth and strength. I am excited about the message I’ve seen so far in kabbalah-it resonates with what Yehoshua taught, it resonates with what is taught in Chumash, it resonates with what is logical and beyond logic-that yearning for unity and peace. Following what teaches LOVE, and what LOVE is, and learning how to LOVE is the answer to everything. Halleluyah, praise HaShem forever!

  25. Ricardo says:

    Very good, Billy!!!
    And i would like to add to your already brilliant article that Paul, too, was aware of and a master of the Kabbalisitic laws of reality. It’s all ONE.
    Thank you!

    • Actually, Paul as an anti-kabbalist though he was familiar with Kabbalah. Paul actually accuses Moses of lying to the world about the light that shined on his face, after Moses received the second tablets. That Light was called Zohar, and Paul says Moses wore a veil to hide that the fact that there was no light shining even though the Torah and Zohar says there was. That is Biblical scripture. Yet Paul completely denies the truth of Torah, the Old Testament, the word of God, and the teachings of all the Kabbalists. As the noted scholar and professor, Robert Eisenman points out, Paul is calling Moses a charlatan which is absolutely insane and something that no founder of one religion has ever called a founder of another religion.

  26. Perry Calton says:

    Einstein perceived the human idea of time and furthered the misconception by weaving time with space into a fabric that warps in order to explain gravity. When Albert stuck his tongue out he was making fun of human naïveté buying into such a ridiculious theory. Making ideas into form is magical thinking and can only reside in the so called, “1%.” Actually, 1% is a gross over-estimation if physical form exists at all.
    Microscopes, telescopes, are magic-glass extensions of human perceptions which only lunatics base facts upon body-sensory devises delivering distorted and filtered data to an organic blob within a human skull for processing perceptions.
    Anything seen or heard, read or spoke at any time during the illusion of time has absolutely nothing to do with reality. Any thing that put into words, levels, steps, dimensions are nothing more than symbols being further distanced from Truth by more symbols.
    Quantum particles and mechanics reveal no Truth, any understanding and or misunderstanding of the infestismal is further veiling Truth.
    Experiential Knowledge beyond time, space, and form, the 99%, more likely the 100%, is the only Reality and it can only be communicated in regards to very specifics Laws, non of which can be detailed by sciences, histories, numbers, or words.

  27. Michael says:

    What are you opinions based on?

    • the book, “James, the Brother of Jesus” by Professor Robert Eisenmann, the book “The Problem with Paul” by Hyam Maccoby, the teachings of Kabbalist Rav Berg, the Zohar and 15 years of research on this topic.

    • Michael says:

      Thank you…

    • Perry Calton says:

      Experiences of Devine Revelations and Miracles of Conscious-shifting are Knowleges from the only True Source. Rather than investigate my qualifications and researches let me Light any darknesses.

    • Michael says:

      Hi Perry,
      I was just curious because I was reading what u said about putting things into words, levels, dimensions etc furthers us from the truth (paraphrased) ….as directed to the 10 Siferot… So I was just curious …and forgive me if I just didn’t correctly understand…hence my question on source…no biggie

    • Perry Calton says:

      Micael, thanks for the reply.
      “I was just curious because I was reading what u said about putting things into words, levels, dimensions etc furthers us from the truth (paraphrased) ….as directed to the 10 Siferot… So I was just curious …and forgive me if I just didn’t correctly understand…hence my question on source…no biggie”

      Not just the 10 Siferot but I do find structured methods, maps, diagrams, images and symbols as having a useful purpose as aids in specific methods; however, I observe those aids potential of idolatry as well as being a costume.

      The many tongues, histories, religions, philosophies, technologies, politics, races, traditions, and causes of the world further the separations rooted in the idea of separateness from The Infinite and Eternal.

      It is my desire to overcome all perceived separations, to remove the prism effect entirely, being a lamp for all, to fan the sparks to Know all as One.

  28. Michael says:

    I’m sorry .. I thought that reply was from Perry in response to my question to him or her…not Billy… Regarding her post….either way I will check out the books…

  29. Perry Calton says:

    Billy, was your comment for me?

  30. Billy this is real secret doctrine,
    keep up, I wouldn’t miss any of your posts of a true student who took time to listen from his teacher and master
    Thanks alot for sharing
    clement Fon

  31. Beautiful inspirational quotes
    thanks once more Billy

  32. Laura says:

    I love what you have to say. Until the last few days I had no knowledge of Kabballah or Zohar per say.but I have known the light of immortality and have owned the revelation of no more dying for mankind, for many years; here I refer to no more grave my friend! The Good News!! You are beautiful in saying “when you are cause you have attained immortality” Last year I was compelled to produce a manuscript to drive this point home to the “Christian world”. Though yet unpublished I would like to share this writing with you.I feel the revelation is actually Zohar for it was and is without a doubt The Light of Immortality , the light of life.Title of the manuscript :The Life Idea . You say “Torah has no life without the soul of Zohar” I say “The soul of Zohar” is the Life Idea. Men must give up dying.Stop the attack on the son of God. Love you Billy, Love and appreciate your teaching of truth.

  33. Ricardo says:

    Hi Billy,
    I’ve been continuing to watch your Kabbalah/Christianity videos. They are compelling. I’m not able to reconcile the fact that many sources say that Rabbi Shimom Bar Yochai lived at least 100 years after the Christ. How can it be that the ‘INRI” was referring to him if he wasn’t even born till a century later?
    Thank you!

    • Thanks for writing. Kabbalist Rav Berg told me never, never, never trust the history books or the timelines of history because they have pretty much been corrupted, censored, edited and altered. The Rav said the war, the real war, was fought in the history books. The Rav said i should always make every attempt to find the original hand written manuscripts of the Kabbalists when quoting them. Second, INRI and all the stories about Jesus came hundreds of years later. No one knows the true history. The point is, nothing but nothing makes sense in Christianity without the Zohar. The connections are staring us right in the face. So it was left to the anti-Kabbalists of history to edit the truth out of the books. I found this myself. Manuscripts from Kabbalists that i asked for from Universities in Israel had pages torn out when it came to the subject of Jesus. So lets not be naive. So much blood has been spilled trying to get people to believe what those in power want them to believe. If they were always prepared to commit murder and genocide, is it such a stretch to believe that they would censor the true history? Duh.

    • Ricardo says:

      Thank you for your quick response. I do appreciate it. I also do not doubt the corruption and cover up of what was not convenient . My first thought is that the mainstream church (who would have covered up) were probably NEVER in the know of the Kabbalah roots so why cover up what they never knew. I know the Constantine Church condemned the gnostics and many other groups publicly but never a mention of the Kabbalist.
      Thank you again!

  34. Ricardo says:

    Hi again, Billy,
    The more I read the more I am perplexed. I’ve seen over and over from different sources that the Zohar was written around the year 1250. As you can guess I’ve come up against another chronogical roadblock seeing it couldn’t have been the source of either Christianiy or Judaism. I know I’m not getting a bigger picture. Can you help???
    Thank you again,

    • You touched on the heart of the matter. The key to keeping Jesus and Kabbalah apart was to date the Zohar to the 13th century. this way, kabbalah could copy Jesus’ teachings and Christianity, as many scholars now tell us. Now think about that. That was the key move. Because if Kabbalah goes back to Moses and the Zohar was revealed to Rabbi Shimon, it means Jesus’s teachings and Christianity are rooted in Torah and Zohar. Because that means the Zohar is the source. The whole campaign to discredit the Zohar was initiated by the scholars and rabbinical authorities, the same souls who had Jesus and Rabbi Akiva and Rabbi Ishmael and Rabbi Gamalial murdered and slaughtered 2000 years ago for trying to bring Kabbalah and Zohar to the masses. Its a long lecture, and its too complicated to go into here. Come to my Q&A next monday at Google Hangout and i will share some of the insights.

    • Ricardo says:

      Hi Billy,
      When i was talking about chronology i was referring to dates of Zohar as from this discussion. It’s hard (very) to believe that Jesus’ teacher was born 1250 after him. There are so many things that one can claim if chronologies are fiction. Thank you, Ricardo

    • The Zohar revelation was 2000 years ago. Dating it later was a ploy because of the direct connection to Jesus teachings. This is why the religious establishment hated kabbalah. The Zohar says it’s the same souls who intimated the building of the golden calf. I have a lecture that shows all the irrefutable truths. But we are free to believe what we want.

  35. Ricardo says:

    Hi Billy,
    very intriguing ideas here. I loved it until you suggest that historical timelines are fabricated. If one swallows that then one can be fed ANYTHING. It’s a hinge pin that immediately renders all the rest fiction, unfortunately. It’s way too much to ask people to not believe timelines in order to sell an idea or prove something. In fact it’s basic cult behaviour. Been there done that.

    • steve says:

      What in the Torah our new testament depends on a timeline? Nothing, because the time line itself is fabricated. The scriptures work in cycles only, and that’s hard for our Gregorian minds to contemplate. But we have a 24hr cycle, a monthly cycle, an annual cycle, shmita cycle, life cycle, excetra. there is no timeline our anything new under the sun because There is no time, only cycles. A good question to ask is how many cycles do I need to perfect my soul before I have to restart a bigger cycle to do so, or you are wasting your cycles here. The exact time anything happened is irrelevant to the period in our cycles that they happened to connect to the energy. For instance, you have to know the astrological time pesach accured in our annual cycle to know when to celebrate it and connect to the energy left for us on that moment in the annual cycle. We doing know when the first Shabbat occured, but we have to know when to connect too it during our weekly cycle. Doesn’t really,matter how long ago it exactly happened…. It matters that we use it to help oneselves, our loved ones, and the local and greater community around us. Bringing more heaven to earth in all of our cycles. 🙂 Shalom

  36. steve says:

    Might have missed the discussion on the last comment, but still stand behind it. I would say, a religious person would argue night and day over a 6 day, 600 thousand, 6 billion 1yr earth, but… Where were you? Might have been there, but we all don’t remember it …. So why fight about it so much? The story is there to help us find our purpose of being here, not to fight about dates. Do we know when the oral Torah or oral Zohar began? No. But mysticism was very well known based off of the book of formantion written by Abraham the patriarch; the first of the Hebrew nation. And let’s not forget the cool stuff Moses did and the prophets did as well. So moral of the story, use it or don’t, that’s your choice, but always be careful of blasphemy of the spirit on something you do not know. Judging is generally always bad for your soul to do to others; but if you do, base it on individual fruits to better a person, not there dogmatic beliefs. All have access to Hashem, and nobody is 100% right. That’s why loving your neighbor is far more important then what you believe according to Yashua.

    • Christina says:

      Steve, what you say makes so much sense. I get so tired of the endless dogmatic arguments…people terrified that what they were conditioned to believe, to pin their hopes of self-righteousness on, may be wrong… It is that ego getting in the way again, the craving to be “right”, to be ultimately somehow “superior”, to try and make everyone just like you, to excuse oneself from having to deal graciously with others who are different from you. Truth is truth, it is timeless, as is love. If we just take the basic message of loving the Almighty with all our might, and loving our neighbor as ourself, it will keep us well occupied for the rest of our lives if we never knew another single thing about Yehoshua, Torah, Zohar, etc. All those people and things were meant to point us in the direction of the “greatest commandments”, not be used to create divisions among people. As soon as you create a division over “knowledge” or “facts”, you have missed the whole point. Others may want nothing to do with you, that is on them, but to create division yourself is very bad. “Be at peace with all, as much as it is up to you”; “the world will know they are my disciples by the love they have for one another.” Love has gotten a bad rap as some kind of free-for-all hippie by-product, but true love is LIFE, STRENGTH, LIGHT…and THE WAY to the ONE FATHER of us all. We should diligently seek and study Torah, to improve and correct our own faults, not to find ways that others are “wrong”.

  37. Marie says:

    So, I have a few questions…
    Was Jesus God incarnate?
    How the followers of Jesus could heal people in HIS name? ( still happens in our time)
    Why Jesus told us to pray the Father in HIS name?

    • From the perspective of Kabbalah, an infinite, unending Divine Force cannot fit into a finite space. Think about that. How can infinity fit into finite. How can “endless”fit into a space that has an end? So no man or being is God incarnate from the Kabbalistic point of view. Can we contain sparks of the Divine within us. Yes. Can some souls contain a larger spark of Godliness within? Yes. Are some beings higher channels of the Divine, channeling this energy into our world to create miracles? Yes. Can we connect to ancient Kabbalists like Rabbi Shimon and receive miracles, as they channel the Divine energy to us? Yes. The Kabbalists said that Jesus definitely channeled the Divine Light of God to work his miracles. It’s like a lamp. A lamp is a channel of the electricity that helps to create light in a room. But the lamp is NOT electricity itself? It is only a vessel. But the lamp is needed to manifest this light into the room. Without a light bulb and its filament to perform resistance, that electrical current CANNOT manifest as light in a dark room. So the lamp gets the credit for bringing light into the room but the lamp is not the electrical force. It is a channel and vessel. So the Kabbalists say of course it was God, the Divine “Electrical Force” channeling through Jesus to bring forth miracles. But Jesus is not the infinite Divine Force. And other Kabbalists like Rabbi Shimon and The Baal Shem Tov and of course, Kabbalist Rav Berg all have brought forth insanely powerful miracles. And so, the gentile nations connect to this Force via Jesus. The Israelites connect via Rabbi Shimon and Moses. It’s all part of the same system designed to connect to each type of soul on earth. Hope this makes sense for you.

      Regarding the idea of a Son of God, the Zohar is clear. The realm called Yesod or Zeir Anpin, in Kabbalah is called “The Son.” The spiritual realm above Yesod or Zeir Anpin is Chockhmah, which is called Abba or Father. So the only way to reach Chokhmah is by way of connecting to the Son, the spiritual realm directly above us. The whole story of Jesus is a code for the teachings of Kabbalah and the structure and framework of the spiritual dimensions known as the Tree of Life or the Ten Sephirot.

  38. Marie says:

    Thank you so much for answering to all of my questions! I did get the point!
    As a cristian these questions are very, very important to me and I have always been hungry for the deeper knowledge.. Thank you for clearing things up from the kabbalistic perspective.

  39. Aurelio says:

    Hello Billy,

    Above (March 17, 2014 at 10:11 pm) you mention that there are missing pages of the Zohar that possibly contain the mention of Jesus. Can you also comment on the censored Talmud that also has been altered to remove the mention of Jesus. I am asking since I can only find Christian sources I wanted to see if you had other sources other than Christian that talk about the censorship. Thanks.

    • The Talmud has been censored and altered, fake texts have been generated throughout history, the extent of which is incredible. Rav Berg told me to just quote the Kabbalists and when possible, go to their handwritten mansucripts, not the published books. Censoring and altering of texts and the generating of fake texts were common throughout history.

  40. octinomos says:

    i’m hearing that Christianity because of its pagan elements, is like a lifeline for pagans, who will be saying that Jesus is God–and that’s what attracts them, but that’s not important, just that they’re connected somehow… then seconds later the author goes on to put down the pagan ideas of Jesus’ deity or that that the parables are historic, Funny how he does not say the parables in the Old Testament are pure parables and non-historic. That would mean there is no literal Israel and the so-called country of Israel is a total fabrication….But my point is, he wants pagans to be attracted, but also he tells them that their ideas are incorrect… so that would leave that pagan not wanting to join up if he’s just going to be told he’s a moron… does that make sense? so which is it, do you want the pagans connected or not, even if they’re morons but don’t tell them to their face… tell them that everything they think is right is what should be done i think…

    • You didn’t understand the lecture. I suggest watching again. Second, this is not my opinion. This is what the Kabbalists say and its stunning and profound when you understand it.

  41. octinomos says:

    maybe what the kabbalists say but not one Christian is gonna go for the idea that Jesus is not God. so you can be right and isolate every Christian, or just humor them and tell them they’re right and so now they’re connected, even if what they think is wrong, that’s not important…

    • The Kabbalists say the same thing. Kabbalist Rav Moses David Valle (the potential Messiah son of David in his generation) says its not an issue if a Christian calls Jesus God. He explains how the Israelites called Honi The Circle Drawer “Father” as if he were God, when they asked him to bring forth rain during a drought. Valle says, after all, it IS God that is flowing through Jesus or Honi or any Kabbalist or person who is connecting and channeling the Light that radiates from the Creator. As i explain, if electricity is akin to God’s Light, and a person says the lamp in the den is electricity that is creating lamp light, in a way, its correct. However, on a deeper level, the lamp is just a vessel, a channel that transmits the electricity. So Valle says calling Jesus God is not an issue and there is precedent for this in “Judaism”.

    • Michael says:

      When you say “in a way, Jesus is the light”, I understand your point. However, the Creator knew we’d have this weakness for wanting to worship the created instead of the Creator. It may seem subtle, but it is very important to remember the One True Master. This is why “Jesus” said, “call no one on earth father, for you have one Father, Who is in heaven”. I know why people want to give a pass when Christians insist “Jesus” is “God”-it is because it is the level they are at. However, it is a level we need to lovingly correct whenever there is opportunity. First, it leads to worshipping the created instead of the Creator. How many religious “leaders” have led people down paths of destruction because their followers became so enamored of him/her? While we give all respect and support to those who teach us the truth, we never must put them on a pedestal. And that leads to the second problem-people put on a pedestal will become corrupted. Any incorruptable teacher or leader will not ALLOW themselves to be raised on high. “Jesus” (Yehoshua, really) pointed to the Father again and again and again, especially when anyone tried to “look up” to him. “There is none good but the Father” is one example. Yes, we are on a journey to truth, each according to his ability, but we mustn’t sit back for the sake of comfortableness and allow others to be misguided. I am a “Christian” (I call myself a follower now because Christianity has gone so off track as a whole), so I have seen these problems all my life. We must never stop trying, as opportunity is given, to gently guide others toward truth. Even Jesus did NOT want people looking up to him or worshiping him-scriptures have been misrepresented and taken out of context. He wanted them to obey what he taught-which was TORAH! He was walking, talking, living, breathing TORAH in a flesh suit, an emanation of the salvation given by the Most High to express love in a way we could really understand. Allowing Christians to continue call “Jesus” “God” and approve it just supports the erroneous mindset they have that 1)They have a superior “god” who washed them with his blood and all they have to do is “accept him in their hearts” (erroneous teachings from “NT”) 2) Gives them this sense of superiority that has let them justify hundreds of years of persecution, violence, oppression and scorn of others 3) Created a situation where, by and large,they have become ignorant of the actual spiritual path because they are taught and believe that the “OT” Law is inferior and was done away with, and all that’s left is the “NT”. They don’t even know that Yehoshua simply taught Torah, that he didn’t teach anything “new”. Which is why they demand you “accept Jesus as your lord and savior”-if you say “I believe in the One Almighty, I study and obey His commands, I love my neighbor, I believe Jesus taught the truth” they will still say, “those are WORKS, you’re still going to hell if you don’t accept Jesus as god”. Its this weird litmus test with them. I do not exaggerate. They turned Jesus into their own special god who is better than anyone else’s, so there’s no need of the “OT” God, and they have been giving themselves the right to dominate others while being blinded themselves. Just wanted to share this information from the “Christian” perspective. If you love them, you will help open their eyes. Calling “Jesus” “God” is more to them than meets the eye-for them it really means exchanging the Creator of the Law for a new god who only requires that you “accept him in your heart”. No commands, no accountability-because you’re “covered by the blood”. Who needs an old mean god and a bunch of rules to learn holiness and love when we have our superior, groovy Jesus to wash our sins away? Correct them when you can.

  42. octinomos says:

    OK, thank you. I will keep an open mind as I read more of your material. I admit this is like a knee-jerk reaction to the text only on this page–not having viewed any videos or anything else… and also only reading it once, and coming from a high stress situation trying to balance both Jewish and Christian ideas so that there’s harmony rather than discord… Shalom…

  43. Michael says:

    This is a very, very helpful article! I have been struggling, like many others, to harmonize “Christianity” with “Judaism”. If you see them both in their TRUE form, that is when you see how they are both the same! “Christianity” is really just a very paganized version of Torah, and traditional Judaism is a “rabbinicalized” version of Torah. They both start in Torah, but with agendas and ignorance that have corrupted it . Before this article, I had found my way to the point where I realized Yahoshua (“Jesus”) is not “God” per say, but the saving emanation/manifestation of the Creator. The whole universe is the Almighty’s emanation and He has manifested Himself in many ways to reach out to us and teach us. That is why He has been given so many names-nothing exists without Him. Just as His Shekinah (“Holy Spirit”) emanates from Him, so does salvation emanate from Him, but they are both EMANATIONS of Him, not separate entities. This article is really helping me get closer to grasping this truth, and the “Chochma” and “Bina” aspect, which illustrates something LOST in “Christianity”, is truly beautiful. The acknowledgment of the male and female aspects of the Creator brings it into greater focus, and helps to illustrate again that YHWH is ONE, with many aspects-including a masculine and feminine aspect. He repeatedly has manifested His Shekinah (female), why wouldn’t He manifest a Son (male)? This is where “Christianity” has made one of its gravest errors, and I think wherever it is possible we should teach Christians this. Their “Holy Trinity” doctrine and insistence that others accept “Jesus as God” has done great harm to the most important fundamental truth of the ONENESS of the Creator. Without this central Oneness, corruption runs amok. The Creator knew we would do this-worship the sun, trees, anything He created. Why else would His first priority with us always be to acknowledge ONE Creator, and worship Him alone? In “Christianity”, the “Jesus is god” concept is like someone giving you a magnificent gift, and you thank the gift and worship the gift instead of the one who gave it to you-as pagans do. Most Christians I’ve known will tell you it is not enough to believe in One Creator or even obey His commands-that is almost irrelevant to them. They will demand that you claim “Jesus as your savior” or you’re going to “hell” (teaching in most Christian churches is often wildly haphazard and agenda driven-I’ve been to all kinds for decades). I’m not exaggerating. Yet, just simply paying attention to what the name “Jesus” really is can begin to clarify the truth: The correct name is “YAHOSHUA”, and in the Word of the Almighty, names MEAN SOMETHING, they are a message! Every time you use the correct name of Yahoshua, you are saying “My YAH Who Saves” or some version of that-you are referring to the ONE, and only ONE, Who has the power to save you! You are not referring to a separate entity named “Jesus” who is part of a “godhead”.
    I have been “Christian” all my life, but I don’t call myself that anymore-I call myself a follower of the way, the way that Yahoshua-the Almighty’s manifested saving aspect- came to teach us. And He taught Torah-no new doctrines, even to the point of death, so we would see the Almighty’s great love and willingness to cover our sin. I don’t harangue others or demand they say certain words and phrases to “get saved”, I do this for my search and because I need it. If others have questions, I answer, but as a former “Christian”,I don’t want to repeat the “Christian” habit. I think I can say that Christians were taught to become proud of their “special god” who “replaced the Law because it was flawed”, who “washed us in his blood” and “saves” us so we can go to “heaven” by “just inviting him into our hearts”. Their paganized version of Yahoshua’s teaching (which doesn’t even follow Gospel scriptures) has allowed them to dominate, punish, commit all manner of violence “for their Lord”. That’s how pagans behave. Of course there are many Christians who “get” the message that it’s about love, so they won’t do those things, but they usually insist you can’t be “saved” until you accept that “Jesus is god”. Jews, it seems, without a temple, turned the rabbinical position into a sort of “demi-god” office, and some rabbis ran with it and many Jews follow their rabbis without question. I think they meant well, but just as Yahoshua said even in His time, they warped the Law, and then put traditions ahead of the Law’s intent. Judaism has become such a labyrinthian constellation of observances that I find even from one house to the next, the most observant Jews still cannot agree on many things and fulfills the commands in very divergent ways. It is so easy to get lost in trying to get it “right” that there seems little time and energy left for reflection and getting to that all-important understanding of the reason for all the commands. Historically, however, I have to say they just don’t have the dominating, competitive and violent mindset of “Christianity”, which is why I’ve learned so much from them. It is exciting and encouraging to see the layers being pulled back to see the light of truth underneath in this dark world. May the Most Holy One, blessed be His Name, have mercy on us all and continue to help us all find the way to Him!

  44. Raphael says:

    If you want to match the QaBaLaH (gematria value 137) to modern science i.e. entanglement (spooky action at a distance) the FSC (fine structure constant) 1/137 and its reciprocal 137, than look no further than the idea capable of bending or polarizing light.

    Recall that Hebrew is a ‘language of light’ and 1/137 is the strength of the force called electro-magnetism (the light spectrum) IF the force called nuclear strong is assigned a value of 1.
    ^^^ Here is a crash course on ‘gravity waves’ and ‘polarization’ or the ‘bending’ of light …

    Now how difficult would it be to show profound links between the geometry of the (two) swastikas, its gift is polarizing light, to both the B-mode and E-mode gravity waves?
    I t is rather simple, and Shakespeare said it best …

    ‘to BE or not to BE, which B or E mode gravity wave shall I BE?’
    ‘B or E?’

    ‘all the world is a stage’ … ‘enter on the right, exit on the left’
    Billy did you know that Shakespeare wrote ’37’ plays and the sacrifice of Isaac happened when Isaac was ’37’?
    I know you would be familiar with 37 x 73 = 2701.
    ^^^ If you place the archetype called Jesus between the two B-mode gravity waves, red (pos) and blue (neg) guess what you have done?
    ^^^ You have recreated the eastern wall of Bet Maryam (Church of Mary) the oldest of 11 (1+3+7) churches in the Lalibela complex, Ethiopia, rumored to have been built by angELs who knew about angLEs clearly.

    However what is interesting is that the two swastika windows in Bet Maryam are indicating the ‘same’ direction.
    Something to remember for later.
    ^^^ Maybe that is why this ‘idea’ keeps getting passed forward?
    The ‘one’ the ‘man in the middle’ placed between the two was so common Flinders Petrie cataloged hundreds of various depictions.
    ^^^ scroll down to see 6 Plates by the Egyptologist Flinders Petrie.

    Now what if Jesus instead of being crucified between the two thieves, POSitive and NEGative, was crucified between Yang (POS) and (NEG) Yin?

    And that would be interesting, because then we could introduce the building blocks of math, the prime numbers 2 (yin) and 3 (yang).



  45. alex says:

    So, if Jesus was the Christ (and I believe he was/is) and Paul a form of anti-Christ, we should be able to identify the modern anti-Christ and the Beast of our day, correct? Sounds like the Pope and Catholic church to me. How does Islam fit into the picture?

  46. Mitch says:

    Hello Billy. I was wondering if you could give an explanation about Jesus making up the middle six spheres of the kabbalistic tree of life. I’ve read that the top three sephirot are the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I’ve also read a theory that the top sphere (crown) is the Holy Spirit, the two below the crown being the Father and Mary (Jesus’s mother), with the lower seven representing Jesus. But this sounds like idolatry making Mary divine. Now the view you’ve presented here seems more sensible to me. We know that the book of Revelation is very kabbalistic and as I was reading a couple passages I started wondering. Revelation 4:5 speaks of seven lamps of fire sitting before the throne of God. So I’ve speculated that perhaps these are the lower seven sephirot. But chapter five verse six says “And I looked, and behold, in the midst of the throne and of the four living creatures, and in the midst of the elders, stood a Lamb as though it had been slain, having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven spirits of God sent out into all the earth.” Now I think we can all agree that the Lamb is Jesus. But the problem is that this passage attributes seven spirits/sephirot to him and you said that Jesus makes up the middle six. I was just wondering how that works. Now upon viewing several diagrams of the kabbalistic tree of life, I’ve come to notice that some of them have an eleventh sphere or “sephirot.” It’s the sphere of knowledge and is located just beneath the uppermost three, in the center. Do you think that perhaps this is the other sephirot in addition to the other six that you’ve attributed to Jesus; in total making up the seven spirits associated with him in Revelation? I really enjoyed reading the information that you’ve presented here as it has been more sensible than other ideaologies of Christian Kabbalism that I’ve read. Your input would most certainly be appreciated. Thanks!

    • Mitch says:

      And also, how would any of this fit in with Christ being “seated at the right hand of the Father?” Thanks again.

  47. Tom says:

    Hi Billy,
    Thanks for hosting such an informative web-site. The information that you are sharing is an awesome public service.
    I’d like to ask feedback from you and your teachers on an insight that may help explain the role of Christianity in God’s plan. So please do forward this comment to those with the Wisdom to reply.

    In an earlier post you described the importance of Israel functioning on the Center Pillar of the Tree of Life working to reconcile the cultural forces of Islam and Christianity on respectively the Left and Right Pillars. But is it possible that Israel’s role on the Center Pillar will not be realized until the nations of Judah and Ephraim are again reconciled in a harmonious relation of their own? So please consider the following:

    The Great Wisdom found within the Jewish Tradition (i.e. Kabbalah and Zohar) shows Judah to powerfully embody the Sephirot of Hokmah on the Masculine Plllar. Is it possible that the tremendous loyalty of the Jewish people for God and tremendous service of the Jewish people for humanity has made Judah the first Male Nation on our planet deserving of a Bride?

    Is it possible that the lost Nation of Ephraim was exiled in the Christian Faith as a means for this Nation to be refashioned into a Truly Fertile Female Nation? Is it further possible that a large number of people may soon exit the Christian Faith in the Restoration of Ephraim as a force that powerfully embodies the Understanding of Binah on the Feminine Pillar?

    Is it possible that The Zohar is the Seed by which She could become spiritually, emotionally, and physically Pregnant with the Millennial Nation of Israel on the Central Pillar of the Tree of Life? And that by this means the Healing of our World can truly occur before humanity destroys itself?

    If you and your teachers feel that this is True, than I feel confident that we will live to Witness to Zohar bring a Healing to our World far beyond what almost anyone on our planet foresees. Please do let me know.

    Much Gratitude,

    • Thanks for writing Tom. I do not share my opinions. I only share what the Kabbalists teach, which I make clear in my lecture as it relates to Kabbalist Moses David Valle and his secrets about Jesus and his role in the world. Regarding Christianity, the Kabbalists teach that it was created to conceal the wisdom of Kabbalah in a way that when taken literally, it appears to be Idol worshipping, but when you view it through the lens of Kabbalah, its really Torah. This was God’s way to ensure the Israelites, who were forced to endure existence among idol worshipping nations for the sin of the Golden Calf, would have a lifeline back to Torah when their exile ended and the redemption was ready to occur. This was also the way that Gentile nations would find it easier to come back to Torah via Kabbalah because of its teachings being encoded inside Christianity. Millions of Israelites not only were forced to live in a Christian world, but millions converted and assimilated into Christianity over the last twenty centuries, and so the Kabbalistic truths about Son of God, Trinity, Golgotha etc, were all told in a literal way in the New Testament to conceal the try secrets of the Zohar. But again, this also provide an umbilical cord to the Torah. Hope this makes sense.

  48. Emunah says:

    My rabbi, a Sephardi rabbi, a student of the great rabbi kaduri, always says, when you read in the zohar about rabbi shimeon, you know you are reading about Yeshua. What are your thoughts on that?

  49. Antonio says:

    To be honest, I suspect that Billy over eggs the pudding a bit! I certainly would be careful buying a car from him but I suspect that he is right but for the wrong reason – he is conflating apples and oranges and getting a pear. The original sayings of the Jewish Yeshua were kept as sayings – much like Koans and they are entirely Kabbalistic in nature but the idea of the “Christ” was added by Greeks and Romans a long time after the historical Jewish teacher died. There is a parellel between Nazarene Jewish thought and Lurianic Kabbalah and that link is worthy of study but the ideas of Paulinian Christianity are entirely pagan and just like Einstein’s theory of Gravity, incorrect. It is not wise to quote theories which you don’t understand to validate those theories which you do! I have also noticed how aggressive Billy’s relies are? Is this the product American culture or is it a failing in practice?

    • Steve says:

      Actually most of the new testament is from “pagan” ideas (at least what Christians mistakenly call”pagan”). Paul is someone I don’t really know what to do with all the time, but actually the further you go down the rabbit holes, the more sense his letters make. but for the record, the new testament is the worlds most misinterpreted book ever, and very few people know what it’s all talking about… Because they’re all afraid to look else where because their pastor told them everyone else except their little cult is “satan worshipers and going to hell”. retention tactic, but typically a very dangerous and retarding way of thinking. If G-d made everything, and is in everyone, and you know the Shema… G-d has to be in every person and religion. Whether you are looking for G-d or for selfish/egotistical reason’s is the typical difference. Here’s some interesting stuff to get you searching: Jesus was 33 yrs old, there are 33 vertebrae in you spine, He was killed “At the place of the skulls”. This has to do with the ‘snake that must be raised on a pole’ or it WILL bite your heals. unfortunately… if you want to learn more about this snake that’s all throughout the bible, both good and bad, and symbolic of the most powerful force we have access too.. you have to look at different sources to have it all make some sort of sense. Taking someones word for it or guessing is for quitters. Good luck

  50. peter says:

    Billy, then, about all the preaching of the cross and resurrection of Jesus, made by the witnesses, the apostles choosen by Jesus, is it all a lie? did the body of Jesus die? or not? did the body of Jesus resurrect? or not? did Jesus choose liar apostles and sent them to lie all over the world? I do not believe it…

    • Thanks for your comment Peter. I do not give my opinion so I cannot answer your questions. I only share what the Kabbalists teach and what the Zohar says. You will have to draw your own conclusions. Perhaps you can find more answers in my online video lectures about this subject. It’s also on the site.

    • Steve says:

      Best book I’ve read regarding this is “The Gnostic Gospels” by Elaine Pagels. There’s probably better ones out by now, but it informed me quite a bit on this topic.

    • Cecil says:

      Response to Peter’s comment – Like you Peter I too am a Christian studying Kabbalah. In my early years of study I had many questions for Kabbalist teachings, similar to yours. There are couple of incites I have gained over the years that I would like to share with you, in the hope that they will help in your understanding of these matters. I share them not as teacher (which I am not) but as a fellow student, a traveler on the path such as yourself. Buddha {another enlightended Kabbalist/universalist spiritual teacher} once said to his students “you should never believe anything that does not make sense to you, not even if I am the one teaching it”. Kabbalah has a very similar teaching “taste and see for yourself”. The Bible teachings something similar as well, “and thine own soul shall teach thee”. It seems to me that all of these teachings are telling us as students to only believe what we know for ourselves to be true. Baal HaSulam, Buddha and Jesus all teach us that it is essential that we continue in our studies and put aside our doubts and questions until such time as the answers are revealed to us. All the sages tell us the answers will come when we are ready and developed to the point where we can properly understand them. So please don’t be disheartened and please keep on with your studies. Again as Buddha said, “There are only two mistakes we can make on the path to spiritual enlightenment, one is never starting and the other is quitting before we reach the end of the path”. I would also ask you to look inside and ask yourself (as we should all do); am I seaching for literal, theological (i.e. churchly/religious), or spiritual insight and understanding. Only you will know or need to know the answer to that question as it is entirely personal. Good luck with it all and God Bless. – Cecil

  51. Raphael says:

    One year ago I posted a wonderful response on this topic, nobody replied.

    Okay let us try again.
    I will make it simple for the simpletons who cling to outdated nonsense about the LIE called jesus who walks on water.

    Religion made the IDEA called 137 important long long ago, long BEFORE the SS jeSuS showed up to lead the blind.
    It is clear that the numbers 137 were linked to measurement.

    Ask Einstein how important measurement is.
    Physics is the science of measurement.
    ^^^ This brief pdf. clearly makes that obvious, how important the idea called 1-3-7 was to the folks who built Arks and Great Pyramids.
    137 metre Great Pyramid rotated 90 degrees becomes a 137 meter Noah’s Ark.
    Or maybe the Ark idea inspired the Great Pyramid?
    Or maybe a triangle is at the root of all evil?

    Add the fact the word QaBaLaH has a value of 137 and it is obvious a statement about reality was being made long ago.
    And the fact is that most of ‘we the sheeple’ are not listening.

    So it is a FACT that religion made the numbers 137 or 137/1 very very important, linked to ideas worth preserving and passing forward, the many various significant monuments left for us to admire today prove that.

    It is also a fact that science came along, said religion was nonsense, turned religion upside down, and lo and behold what irony.

    137/1 is the reciprocal of 1/137

    So let us discuss why RELIGION identified ‘137’ thousands of years ago as part of the ‘science’ of the day, long long BEFORE 20th century science declared the number 1/137 mysterious?


    Most of ye sheeple just don’t get it…and never will in this lifetime.

    137 is a meaningful coincidence, a meaningful coincidence is synchronicity.

    selah V

    137 SSS RS Mezine Mystic

  52. Doriel says:

    Interesting why were kabbalists killed and by whom?

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