What’s really one of the reasons behind the 2000 year old opposition to the spreading of Kabbalah? Why were Rabbis throughout history adamant about keeping the Zohar out of the hands of regular people? And why has the Zohar been censored throughout history? There are actual texts from this great book that were edited out. Censored. For instance, below is the most famous English translation of the Zohar. It was published by the Soncino Press. There is a portion of Zohar that they deliberately left out.

The censored section of Zohar comes from the portion relating to the Torah section called “Behar.” Thanks to the esteemed Kabbalist, Rav Yehuda Ashlag, who translated the Zohar from it’s original Aramaic into Hebrew,  and upon the merit of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg who published and disseminated the sacred Zohar all over this world, we now can peek at the missing text and discover why so many people in the religious establishment feared the Zohar.

The text is self-explanatory. It defines the meaning of the phrase “Son of God”. It explains why a “Son of God” is considered the “only” Son of God. And it reveals the origin of Christianity’s belief that Jesus was the Son of God and that Jesus and God were as one.

Well, of course Jesus was known as the Son of God. He was a Kabbalist! All the Kabbalists had achieved this rank. Because as the Zohar explains below, the one who masters Kabbalah attains a level of spirituality that is designated, “The Son of the Holy One.” This section of Zohar is called “The Secret of the Servant and the Secret of The Son.”

Read the long lost missing Zohar yourself and discover how it explains and resolves all these mysteries. Read it a few times. Contemplate it. There are curtains in the world and in our very own consciousness that try to prevent us from grasping with perfect clarity the secret that is right in front of noses the whole time.

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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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26 Responses

  1. Yonathan says:

    I’m always asking me : “Why did he have to die ?” “Why and how should his death redeam humanity ?”

    • Great question Yonathan. And we should also ask why did Rabbi Akiva die? And Rabbi Gamaliel. And Rabbi Ishmael. And Rabbi Yehuda Ben Baba. They were all cut down by the Romans for teaching Kabbalah after they were ratted out by Jews who were against Kabbalah. And the Zohar is clear: Any Kabbalist who is killed cleanses the sins of his generation. This is the origin of the Christian concept of Jesus dying to atone for the sins of Man. All Kabbalistic deaths atone for the sins of man. The origin and source for this idea IS the Zohar.

    • :) says:

      I believe he never died; someone with such an elevated soul can´t die, even if trying.

  2. Guillermo Del Solar says:

    I can believe we have the merit to be here when these secrets are being revealed ..Let’s all spread it as much as possible .I just pray that the rest of the world looks at this and reads it.

  3. John Anderson says:

    “This is the origin of the Christian concept of Jesus dying to atone for the sins of Man”

    Jesus dying to atone for the sins of man is not the only reason for the Christian faith. It is the resurrection that Christians believe that Jesus is the Son of G-D.

    I believe that there is a spiritual death and resurrection when one is “dead” to the ways of the world and resurrects/elevates himself to complete ways the light/Kabbalah.

  4. Rajel says:

    The Zohar has revealed so much about what we need to learn in the Toráh. Jesus just use so many teachings of the Zohar and the words of this sacred book, to try to teach how to live the life according with the teachings of Toráh… He always declared about himself, and he called him as the son of the man…

  5. Todd Peterson says:

    What is the best or most accurate translation of each text: Torah, Talmud, Mishnah and Zohar.

    i am a believer in Messiah, who came already and will return.

    I have always believed everyone (christians, catholics, jews, you name it) are all a little wrong.

    How could I comprehend the creator? ONly by his Grace and Mercy what he reveals to me.

    I also believe we have been lied to, all of us and I would like to analyze this for myself using the Spirit God has given me.

    Any resources you could recommend would be appreciated.

    i suspect no text is void of human impurity that is why HE gave us our spirit to communicate with His spirit so we would know the truth, which will set us free.

    • Billy Nutron says:

      This my friend, although, we know not of one another personally, is the crux of my stance and has always been. No man of any sect or book or doctrine can tell me his ideology is the only way, the right way, meat and potatoes 😉

      Seeing as though you never got a response, with all due respect for Billy and his noble cause, my suggestion would be broad on text. Study all religion at its core (Catholic, Islamic, Judaic, Asiatic etc.) then find the core string that connects them meaning their root origin. Then study cultural Mythology and do the same by linking the core strings. Don’t forget the Occult aspects (definitely don’t forget that. This is the Kaballah page)

      Then after categorizing all you have found above you come to the conclusion that I had, that all of them including the mythology was adopted rather stolen from one place(physical,) in history then manipulated either for mans moral/political/economical control over ‘mind’kind – ‘man’kind – ‘hu’man beings -god beings – sons and daughters and you ‘let go’ and illuminate yourself by going within (meditate.)

      Be well and Love to all seekers of knowledge,
      As above so below, As above so within,(sorry if that offends anyone)
      We are all one!

  6. nick says:

    Jesus was physically resurrected. He had the power to take his life and to resurrect himself. No one could kill him without his will. And he died NOT just for the sins of his generation, but for the whole world. Plus, he wasnt just a human. He was a physical menifistation of a half God, half man. As much as I wish to learn kabbalah, much of what is talked here is simply misleading…

    • Reb Zusha says:

      Based on what you just said you already mislead,why not shut up and learn from someone who has something to say like billy instead of the parrots you and others have been hearing for 2000 years!

    • Reb Zusha says:

      Listen to Reb Zusha

    • J.J says:

      No need of ZOHAR….ask the father knowledge and he will give it to you in abundance by the HOLY SPIRIT.
      REB ZUSHA is lost in what he thinks he has got as knowledge….

  7. Luisa says:

    Billy i understand but , and what about “the child” on Balak ?
    Nobody knows what Jesus Did from 5 to thirth years Old , for sure , for me he was studding Kabbalah with Rabbi Shimon , is it possíble ?
    And what is a servent of God ? Maybe souls that are in the path?

  8. Deana says:

    Most Christians are actually Christians, they’re Paulean or followers of the apostle Paul. It his doctrine that is taught and studied for the most part because the majority of the new testament is authored by him. In fact Paul was the person charged with converting the Gentiles not the Jews. These would have been people who knew nothing of the kabbalah or it’s wisdom.
    As a Christian I’m starting to believe Christianity has turned into a sham. Most Christians know nothing on or about judiaism which were the exact roots of Jesus himself. Me I have studied and the more I learn the more I understand who Jesus was and what he was trying to tell us.
    I once read a quote of a certain rabbi, I cannot recall his name, that said if Jesus did not have the stigma placed on him and allowed to live what a great rabbi he would have become.

  9. Romela says:

    …like an only child whose Father gave him authority over all his secrets.

  10. Yvonne says:

    still there is another level of understanding one comes to when one has actually experienced the New Testament and that is the missing link: Christ is the light of “MAN” and the “Man” in whom christ (Messiah) is ‘risen’ is given the name Jesus, hence baptized into Jesus name. Since David is the one who brings forth the Christ it is the level of David from Judah that must reach this level to receive the ‘key of David’ (read Rev 2, Philadelphia Church): Jesus then is not a person but the Messiah that makes the person having the experience of Christ rise in him, to give him the ‘first resurrection’ thereby making him MAN, this is baptism into Jesus name: every eye shall see him and every tongue shall confess him to the glory of the FATHER because guess what, God is in Christ, reconcilling the world to himself and baptizing Israel into Jesus name, hence he is the “KING of Israel, he is haShem within us, or Emmanuel God with us, or Wonderful, Counselor, Almighty God, everlasting FATHER, prince of peace; BOTH Christians and Judaism when having the experience of the Christ or the Messiah will realize that it is a new thing in the earth, it is the new covenant; reading the new testament is not being in the new covenant; believing in Jesus doesn’t mean he is risen in you yet; It is written ‘every man in his own order’; Purim is the feast of lots, and Jew is made by a lot when his time comes. My time came 21 years ago, yom kippur 1992: Only father know the next son who will return through bringing forth the yechida, the ONLY begotten Son of GOD: Christ is begotten through the heart (mary) of David/Judah; all who are Judah will experience this or they are not Judah:

  11. Yvonne says:

    Jesus is the name of all those who become “ONE” with the SON (yechida) also called the ‘ONLY Son’ in Zecharia 12 where David would be the fist to look upon him and mourn as a mother mourns her “ONLY SON’;

    David is his mother hence Jesus is born of this woman,David’s heart and the good point in the heart (MARK 4) the good ground that enables the NEW MAN to be raised 30, 60, 100 fold; The NT is only valid after Israel gives birth to Jesus hence Jesus is not a person but the ‘yechida’ the ONLY SON of God from his own heart, the WORD made flesh in our heart when we are able to receive the ‘seed (Messiah or Christ the light of MAN”) into our deepest heart that turns it back (teshuvah/repentance) to God:

  12. Michael says:

    @ Nick,
    What are all of us if not half God and Half man…our soul or spirit is a spark of God…the eternal part that can’t be destroyed…but carries on…in this way We are like Jesus. Our bodies rot in the grave…
    Also…Jesus said himself that there will come others after him that will perform greater deeds…how could this be possible if we don’t have the ability to grow and transform to reach the same level as Jesus Christ?
    Elijah the prophet raised people from the dead And defeated death as well….as documented in the Old Testament….yet people are no saying he is the one and only Son of God…
    Remember it was Rome 100’s of years after Christ was crucified that decided what books were and were not included in the New Testament….(80 different versions or books in all I believe)
    Remember Emporer Constantine who declared Christianity as the official Religion of Rome was a politicians politician and didn’t even get baptized or convert himself until on his death bed…years after seeing the cross in the sky and hearing a voice…he also moved the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday to jive with the major religion of Sun Worshipers in Rome….who all went to the. Temple on Sunday….not exactly a stickler for Gods truth….it helps to understand what is influenced by man and what is influenced by God in the writings of the New Testament

  13. Michael says:

    It’s John 14:12 the New Testament Verse I’m referring to…

  14. Celso Elemento says:

    Shallom sir Billy,
    Where can we find a portion in the Zohar that were deleted? also the word Golgota?
    Thank you.

    • The portion is deleted so how can you find it? the sections in the blue Hebrew Zohar and Red English Zohar where Rav Ashlag writes in all Capital letters is some of the missing Zohar. but the Zohar that is still missing, is still missing so we cannot find it. You can read about Golgotha in the Idra Rabba section of Zohar called THE SKULL (GOLGOTHA) OF ZEIR ANPIN and all in Ha’zinu called The Three Heads of Atika and many places in Safra Dat’zniuta.

  15. 23 years ago, on yom kippur of 1992 I a Christian from age 14 (I turned 40 in 92) had an encounter with the God of the Jews and this experience transformed everything in me (worm to butterfly): I have been writing about it for 22 years + but it seems impossible to explain Jesus to anyone who has not experienced Messiah/Christ for themselves: I include Christians since being a Christian doesn’t mean you experienced Messiah yet: Only during the ‘visitation’ talked about in the whole Bible (Jeremiah 27 for this purpose) takes the son of God which is “ISRAEL” into the presence of God the Father through their experience with the “ONLY SON” Yechida: Isaac is called the yechida and it is written in Zechariah that David would look at him as a mother (David is his mother) beholds her ONLY SON (Yechida) and mourn for him: Listen, Kaballists are made sons who return to the father but Jesus Christ is the FATHER who came to take them back to himself, the prodigals come home. NO BODY understands this stone (Christ) that stumbles the whole world till they experience him because he is the stone the builders (egos) rejected but the one the father builds his house, OUR HEART upon and that house will never fall again- hence Israel will come out of exile for good:

  16. Celso M. Elemento says:

    Thank you very much sir of your reply.

  17. Angela says:

    I was studying ‘tabernacle’ earlier and have arrived here immediately after remembering that in my childhood a word would come to my mind when I was praying. It wasn’t familiar and didn’t fit with anything I’d been taught thusfar of “Jesus, Mary and Joseph” and “G-d”. I wasn’t sure the spelling, but I knew how to repeat the word I ‘heard’ from my mind. Even though I assumed I made it up, I associated it with, as it were, a “transformer”. I’ve been reminded of this memory times throughout my life. Today, again. So I decided to use google to see what I could find. I passed through the Czek word for Zohar to get here. Now, I’ve decided to keep going. How/where can one attain a printed Zohar, one with nothing omitted? Are you able to share: What does “Zohar” mean? What does “Kaballah” mean? – as words, not as identifiers.

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