#1. Why was the first-ever black hole captured in a picture?

The ancient Kabbalists tell us that we are not here to search for the Light. We are here to search out our inner adversary, the opponent, the dark side of our nature, which is the curtain that hides the Light that is always shining. In other words, you are not going to find the sun on a cloudy overcast day. You need to part the clouds to reveal the sun.

The wisdom of Zohar is being spread for the first time ever, awakening people to the greatest secret in history — the existence of the Opponent, the force inside of us that distorts our view of reality, warps the words and intention of others so that we get upset and often here the opposite of what is being conveyed to us. In other words, other people trigger rash responses within us ONLY because of our ego.

We will never change the world until we identify the only enemy humankind has — the enemy within. The Black Hole in the cosmos is a reflection of the state of consciousness of humanity. It means we are closer to OUTING the Dark Side, the Adversary. Once we truly know that this negative force is pulling our strings, we will no longer react to its influence and the world will change. We will no longer blame others and others will no longer blame us. We will realize we are teammates in this game of life.

Capturing the first-ever black hole on film is a powerful sign that we are opening our eyes to the existence of the Adversary.

#2. Why are people suddenly claiming female is not a fixed gender and a female can be a male if a person so chooses?

We are there to transform. To transform the ego, AKA the Desire to Receive for the Self Alone into a Desire to Receive for the Sake of Sharing with Others.

I’ll be simpler: Instead of using our ego to fulfill ourselves at the expense of others, we are here to learn to fulfill the needs of others at the expense of our ego. You see, we did not come here to make our dreams come true. We came to make other people’s dreams come true. And now you will have 6 billion people working to make all your dreams come true!

The ego, AKA, the desire to receive for the self alone, is known by the code word female; just like in electricity where the minus is a receiving force. Just like the minus or negative charge on a battery. The positive charge on a battery is known as male. It has ZERO to do with gender but rather consciousness — receiving versus emanating.

We want to use the drive and endless ambition of ego to help make the world a better place instead of using our ego to just satiate and indulge our own selfish desires. So, the language of metaphor and consciousness, we will use the “female” in order to become like the “male” force.

This is why water is the most mysterious and miraculous substance in the cosmos (You should google the unexplainable mysterious properties of water).

Anyway, in water, atoms share electrons. This is deep. The negative force of the electron is being used in a positive way. This is a female becoming a male. The electron does NOT lose its identity, it merely uses its existence in a sharing fashion. This is called a covalent bond.

The reason Free Radicals cause sickness, aging and death is because a Free Radical is an atom that lost an electron and therefore it robs the electron from another atom. Now this second atoms robs another atom of its electron setting off a chain reaction. This causes aging and disease.

An antioxidant is an atom that loses an electron but DOES NOT steal another atom’s electron. Get the picture? Electrons can be used selfishly or positively, like in a covalent bond where TWO ATOMS share ONE ELECTRON thus creating the magic and liquid nature of water.

We are all here to learn to behave like water. Use our ego to benefit the lives of others, even if only a little bit. 🙂

This ancient truth is now spreading with the spread of Zohar and the teaching of this ancient Kabbalistic wisdom. However, we have NOT YET reached a critical mass of people who have this wisdom in their mind and soul, but nevertheless, these truths are out in the cosmos.

This is being picked up by people around the world who are thirsting for connection, for truth, for Light and they are expressing the above truths literally when it comes to gender. The message for us? We need to respect and demonstrate unconditional dignity for all people, regardless of gender, sexual preferences, religion and race. And we do that by acquiring control over our own ego and recognizing it is our inner Adversary (Black Hole) that causes us to discriminate and judge others. Now, because we are not there yet, these deep spiritual truths about transformation where our desire to receive selfishly (code named female) is transformed into a positive sharing force, it is manifesting as pain and confusion among people in the form of gender-based issues. Those of us who are not changing are causing this pain in others.

However, the positive side to all of this, is that we are getting closer and these debates are 1% reflections of what is taking place on the 99% level of reality — human consciousness.

#3. Why did Israel attempt to land on the moon?

There are ten dimensions to reality. So says Kabbalah, so says String Theory in modern-day physics. The highest dimension is called Keter, in Hebrew. It means Crown. Keter is considered both an emanation or radiance of the Light of the Creator, and also a receiver or vessel. It has a dual nature. In Kabbalistic terms Keter is both Light and Vessel, a kind of quasi-hyper dual reality. Ancient sages of Judaism debated whether Keter is Light or Vessel for centuries

Pluto corresponds to Keter. The scientific debate about whether Pluto is a planet or not, is merely a reflection of the debate among the Kabbalists of history if Keter is the Light itself or the Vessel.

#4. Why are the secret teachings of Jesus suddenly coming to light after 2000 years of secrecy?

It was written in the Zohar 2000 years ago that the secret of the Son as concealed in Genesis in the Torah, will be revealed in the End of Days. As we can see from the previous answers, we are in the End of Days now. All these signs are a reflection that we are on the verge of positive, powerful global transformation. To know more about these secrets, I recommend my course Unredacting Jesus where we go deep into these concepts.

#5. Why does the Zohar say the secret of the Son will revealed at the time of our redemption and the arrival of the Messiah?

Both Christians and Jews believe the Messiah will arrive riding on a Donkey. This is a code. The Hebrew word for Donkey is profoundly similar to the Hebrew word for matter or the material world. The Messiah riding a donkey is a code for mind over matter. We are now in an age where mind is ruling over matter. Computers have shrunk from the side of a house to the size of a phone. Less matter means more power. There is more computer processing power in your smart phone than there was for the Apollo 11 NASA computers that landed man on the moon.

Large, fat telephone cables have given way to fiber optic beams of light to carry billions of phone calls whereas fat cables could only carry a few dozen. Less is more. The secret of the Son reveals these ideas because the Son refers to the 99% reality of zero materiality, zero physicality. The code word Son refers to an infinite endless realm of Divine Consciousness, which is the root and source of all wisdom, pleasure, knowledge and blessing. Beyond human comprehension. As we increase our connection to this hidden realm, we bring more innovation, truth and positive change to our world. The darkness diminishes in direct relation to the amount of Light we draw down from this 99% reality, code name Son.

Jesus is called the Son because his secret teachings contain the technology for connecting to this hidden realm called the 99% reality or in the coded word of Kabbalah, The Son. This is only a glimpse into the full answer, which is available in my course Unredacting Jesus.

#6. Why does the Gospel of Thomas say the redemption will happen when a woman becomes a man?

By now you should have the answer. If not, please read the answer to question #2 above.

#7. Why are billionaires in Silicon Valley suddenly investing money and researching the subject of biological immortality?

Atoms are immortal. They never die. The very atoms that make you were actually born some 13. 7 billion years ago during the Big Bang. Which means the raw materials of your body are 13.7 billion years old. Think about that.

If atoms are immortal and we are made of atoms, why do we die? Because of Free Radicals. The bonds between the atoms are broken as atoms rob other atoms of electrons. The forms that atoms create now come apart. But the atoms live on. As the form comes apart when atomic bonds are broken, this is called aging.

Atoms MIRROR our consciousness and behavior. Period. When we are selfish, our atoms become selfish and they rob other atoms of electrons, creating more Free Radicals. When we stop holding other people’s hands to lend assistance, our atoms stop holding hands and the form comes apart.

When we are on the verge of redemption, which is the transformation of human consciousness so that we share instead of take, and thus, our immortal atoms will share and the bonds will remain. This means our bodies will remain forever. Okay, it’s a tiny bit more complicated than that but that’s the absolute authentic concept behind how we will transform into immortal beings. It’s all based on our consciousness and the immortal state of atoms, electrons, protons, neutrons, leptons, quarks etc. The fundamental building blocks of the cosmos are immortal. And thus, so are we. We just want to keep our present atomic structure and form immortal as well. I know, this requires repeated reading.

#8. Why does the world seem to be running right off the rails? How come today no longer has any resemblance to the world just five years ago?

As we get closer to the positive, powerful transformation of our world from darkness and death to Light and eternal biological immortality, the dark side will raise hell and mayhem as it dies out for good. It’s the last flickering flame. It also gives humankind free will. We can get to the glorious end through suffering and pain, by hanging onto our egos, or we can get there by proactively transforming the influence of the ego to help make a few other lives happier. We are close to immortality. We are on the verge. This is reflected in the business world and the world of medical science where people are picking up the signals in the cosmos, knowing that something as inconceivable as immortality was thought to be throughout history, is now a tangible and realistic goal and destiny of humanity.

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