Israel, Hamas, Iran and the Palestinian Authority, Russia and the US, along with North Korea and the rest of the world have been amping up tensions and now catastrophic conflict and bloodshed is taking place.

 There is a way to protect ourselves from the ravages of evil and war and genocide or any other form of darkness.

Just look at the great darkness of the 20th century in which 50 million people died, including 6 million Jews.

World War ll.

Watch the video below and discover how the Sephardic people found protection during the greatest darkness of our era.

That protection is available to everyone. Right now.

To understand how to protect ourselves and our families during times of war and great darkness we must first acquire some background information.


We begin with the great misconception about the word “sephardic.”

Most people associate the term “sephardic” with people who came from Spain. Not true. A total misconception and mistake. The only reason why the word “sephardic” is connected to Spain is because the Zohar was revealed publicly in Spain in the 13th century, for the first time in history.

The Zohar is a book that embodies and radiates the spiritual energy and Light that once shined on Mount Sinai. This Light has the power to banish all darkness. Beyond what we can imagine.

Which leads to a question: What’s the connection between the Zohar and the term “sephardic”? The answer has been kept secret since biblical times. Literally. And most of the world suffered because of it. And anyone who tries to tell you different is only prolonging the suffering of the world.

So what follows is an ancient secret known only to the Kabbalists and now being made public for the first time ever.

Here we go:

There are four levels to grasping the meaning of the scroll of the Torah and Bible. In Hebrew, these four levels are known as:

1. P’shat (Literal meaning of the biblical stories)
2. Remes (Hints and subtle allusions in each story)
3. D’rush (An interpretation of the story, such as the Talmud)
4. Sod (The true mystical secrets of the Torah as revealed in the Zohar)

If you take the first letter from each Hebrew word (P. R. D. S.) it spells the word PARDES.

This means paradise or orchard.This is the traditional way of learning the bible amongst most Jews. In other words, you begin with the literal meaning and then slowly progress deeper.

Except that’s been a problem. Big time. And Rav Shimon bar Yohai, the author of the Zohar, says whoever reads the Bible literally is a fool and it would have been better if such a person had never been born. His words, not mine.

The Kabbalists, on the other hand, say we must begin with the inner soul, the secrets of the Bible, which is the Zohar, for this will bring regular people including, scoundrels, crooks, sinners, rascals, thieves and plain simple honest folks, back to the truth, back to the source of all Creation…the Light of the Creator!

Now watch this:

If we rearrange the order of the four levels and move the Hebrew word for secret (SOD) to the very top-level, the entire word of PARDES transforms into the word SEPHARAD in Hebrew.

Sephardics are those who embrace the Zohar FIRST!

They are people who do not limit themselves to a literal meaning of the Bible; people who have no time to sit in a religious school and study Biblical interpretation.

It’s for regular folks, who might be far away from the Creator because they have seen the corruption of religion; they have seen rites and rituals without any explanation and blind faith which has led to nothing but war and bloodshed throughout human history. It’s for people fed up with that same ignorant answer when they ask why we perform certain rituals and rites associated with a religion: “Because it’s written.”

Sephardic refers to people who have a desire to reconnect to truth and the hidden reality called the 99% (because 99% of reality exists there) which is the source of the human imagination and all joy, happiness, healing and life. The Zohar promises and guarantees and assures that those who embrace it with a pure heart and genuine dedication, they will receive blessings, protection, good fortune and the transformation of their soul.

It will be painful on the ego for a while. Sometimes real painful on the ego. And there will be obstacles and tests. Every step of the way. But the challenges will only provoke the ego within – the Adversary — as opposed to creating pain in one’s emotional, soul or family life. Not a bad trade-off. Especially in these dangerous times.

Now you know the secret: Anyone who embraces and welcomes the Zohar into their life is called Sephardic. The people of Spain, Morocco and Tunisia were examples of the people who embraced the Zohar. The Jews of eastern Europe, for the most part, spurned the Zohar.

In the 1930s, Kabbalist Rav Yehuda Ashlag sent a letter to the leading Rabbis of Europe warning them “That there is a black cloud hovering over European Jewry.” Those were his exact words. Rav Ashlag said this darkness was “Unlike any darkness in history.” He urged the Rabbis to distribute the Zohar all over Europe.

He was ridiculed. He was even beaten up on the steps of his synagogue for trying to share the Zohar.

Meanwhile, in Morocco, in Casablanca, there were at least five locations where the Sephardics scanned and chanted Zohar 24 hours a day in relay teams. This was prior to the outbreak of war.


As Kabbalist Rav Berg once said “There is a final solution for chaos. It’s the Zohar.

All Kabbalists in history tell us, if we do not use this final solution, then a Final Solution will be used against us.

To protect the Middle East from darkness and war we must unleash the power of the Zohar. We can do that at home, by scanning or meditating upon the Zohar and sending that Light to the middle east with our minds and consciousness. We can send Zohars to our family and friends who live in the Middle East. The more Zohars that shine, the quicker peace will be achieved.

Let’s now turn back the clock and catch glimpse of a profound, stunning miracle that took place in Morocco through the power of the Zohar during the darkest days of the 20th century—World War II.

Let us learn from history so we can protect the people of the Middle East today.

Watch this carefully. And please share.

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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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5 Responses

  1. Susan Vitale says:

    Thank you Billy Phillips for some of the most profound information I have encountered…including my recent Kabbalah studies. This one article and your captivating slide show has left me breathless with excitement for wonderful possibilities for the world and especially the very troubled Middle East. Wow!! Now I understand the impetus behind the Zohar Project.

  2. Bonnie Lill says:

    This was also known as the “Hitler Purim.” Great article Billy, thank you!

  3. Andy says:

    Dear Billy,

    There are things under our control, and there are things, that become the result of mens actions, which in one point cannot be controled anymore by individuals.
    The only thing one can do, is help survive the light we carry!
    The world is exploding with humans, who need to live and in order to do so, they become slaves to modern technology, that is provided from the natural sources of the earth, that will in some point run out, unstable the earths natural state, and it will bring destruction on all humanity. Even people fighting people over believe, soil, oil, gold, diamands, money and that is on a global scale. On a personal scale, people fight each other over actually everything.
    The Zohar gives us tools in individual basis, we learn through it what we have to do to change our present, and to influence our future, personally.
    Yes it effects us also on our surroundings!
    But there are things that are already out of control in global basis.
    I can keep on concentrating on my self, through it I can pray for the world to change for the good.
    But as we learned Kabbalah teaches us that results take time, and untill we achieve our goal, bad things still are active on a global scale, and the way I see it, it only becomes worse, not better.
    I know, Keren Berg has a famous saying that before the revelation of light, there is first the deepest darkness.
    The deepest darkness is taking lifes, no matter if it comes from the instability of the earth, because of our greeding appetite for its natural resources, or if it comes of the wars we fight for believe, ratings, money, soil, oil, gold, diamonds.
    I am no prophet, but after carefully observing the world for many years, peoples behavior, global warming and its effect on our life (Did you know that a lot of the reason of global warming comes from humans? It is us who inhale clean oxigen for life, and exhale CO2 that needs to be absorbed by the trees we are cutting down)
    We produce a lot, and I mean a whole lot of toxins, that flow in the water, that was ones clean enouth to drink from.
    My point is: people will die, and yes they always do at the end, but we will come to a point, in which so many people will die, there will only be a few left of us. Only so the earth will have a chance to restore it self, and its nature.
    The only ones, who respected the earth and its nature, including all living things and saw the connection, the spiritual and the physical, were the Native American Indians, who have been the last nation on earth to keep the earth safe.
    We should listen to them more often. They didn’t have a Zohar, no Torah, no written book as instruction to life. But they lived by it’s rules, and there are resurches that claim a deep connection between them and the jews.
    That is in my oppinion something to think about.
    And we as jews should more connect to these people, and do anything in our power to keep them safe, and to help them preserve their culture, so more people will see the alternative, not as a story in books, but a way of life.

    Thank you

    • elise menne says:

      Oh, Andy,
      out of my deepest heart and soul, I cannot agree more .
      Those blessed and wise people lived in true contact with Nature and The Creator — and let us all believe that they indeed did bring some understanding, awe and love, true understanding to even just a few people on this earth.

  4. elise menne says:

    Thanks, Billie!!!
    That is exactly what I needed to hear!!!!!
    I spent years with a Sufi Group who did not ever have agood word to say about any Jew — and here we had King Muhammad who might have believed the Quran protected his people — but in the process The Zohar’s protection lead him to say just what he said to stupid Rommel, who turned right around through the that great Light of Zohar blocking him!! All praise indeed to God!!

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